A Solitary God In A Dark Multiverse

A Solitary God In A Dark Multiverse

by LucianoWrites

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Eons ago a devastating and apocalyptic battle took place that rocked every dark and loathsome corner of the multiverse. In the aftermath of the battle, deities, demon-lords, old ones, arch-devils, angel kings and archon queens, not to mention other cosmically powerful entities were totally obliterated. Despite this history-changing occurrence, life found a way and life went on in a godless multiverse for an unimaginable length of time. And in time, even the mightiest and most popular gods were nearly forgotten.

But one day, in a universe unlike our own, an altogether fantastic and magical universe, a deity is born. A new deity. A deity of a nebulous morality. Join the aforementioned morally unbound deity as he embarks on a quest to gain power, worshippers, and glory. 

This story features a deity as its protagonist, but it's a deity who starts off alone in a dark and harsh multiverse. He needs worshippers to grow in power and has to earn his victories intelligently. He seeks to gain worshippers, discover the truth behind his genesis, and become the deity he is meant to be. He is a protagonist who will hurt others, and he's unafraid to kill and destroy what he can't control. This is his story. 

If lore intrigues you, consider dropping by the World Anvil! It is chock full of juicy lore, and history, and it is slowly expanding as I add new articles to it. It is a place for me to write out the major details and introduce readers to the grander complexities that the story doesn't always let me write out in detail. If that is neat to you, here's a link: https://www.worldanvil.com/w/the-multiverse-lucianowrites

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Table of Contents
245 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Open Your Eyes ago
Chapter 1: Awakening ago
Chapter 2: Making Friends, Accepting Quests ago
Chapter 3: The First Power ago
Chapter 4: Prognosis ago
Chapter 5: Escalation ago
Chapter 6: Magical Maladies ago
Chapter 7: The Domain Of Dreams ago
Chapter 8: The First Dream ago
Chapter 9: The Art Of The Heal ago
Chapter 10: Goal Established ago
Chapter 11: Practicing Magic ago
Chapter 12: Swarm Study ago
Chapter 13: Meeting Mawby ago
Chapter 14: The Bizarre Alchemist ago
Chapter 15: Introduction To Alchemy ago
Chapter 16: Purity ago
Chapter 17: Deathly Deal-Making ago
Chapter 18: Undead Companions ago
Chapter 19: Expanded Powers ago
Chapter 20: Two Subdomains And A Domain ago
Chapter 21: The Ogresses (Slightly NSFW) ago
Chapter 22: Schemes & Payoff ago
Chapter 23: What Was Rewarded ago
Chapter 24: Balance ago
Chapter 25: Chaos And Conversations ago
Chapter 26: A Miracle ago
Chapter 27: The End Of The Tutorial ago
Chapter 28: Swarm Redux ago
Chapter 29: Meeting Gnorl ago
Chapter 30: Ghouls, Ants, & Powers ago
Chapter 31: Contemplation ago
Chapter 32: Explanations ago
Chapter 33: Miracles ago
Chapter 34: Goal-Setting ago
Chapter 35: The Dawn Of The Fourth Day ago
Chapter 36: Advanced Agriculture ago
Chapter 37: The Elves ago
Chapter 38: Cosechian Teachings ago
Chapter 39: More Than Meets The Eye ago
Chapter 40: Unfettered Divinity ago
Chapter 41: Confronting Shadows ago
Chapter 42: Knowledge And Darkness ago
Chapter 43: The City of Aronms ago
Chapter 44: The Historians ago
Chapter 45: First Demonstration ago
Chapter 46: Gaining Servants ago
Chapter 47: Powers On Display ago
Chapter 48: Completing Quests And Making Friends ago
Chapter 49: Alien Dreams ago
Chapter 50: In Dreams ago
Chapter 51: Potions & Poisons ago
Chapter 52: Sisters and prayer ago
Chapter 53: Into The Fray ago
Chapter 54: Pride ago
Chapter 55: Victory ago
Chapter 56: Unexpected Truths ago
Chapter 57: Aftermath ago
Chapter 58: Aronms Revisited ago
Chapter 59: Transformations ago
Chapter 60: Transformational Negotiations ago
Chapter 61: The Stars ago
Chapter 62: Palatial Plots & Swarms In Motion ago
Chapter 63: Angels And Conjuration ago
Chapter 64: Beginning ago
Chapter 65: Apotheosis ago
Chapter 66: Dragon in the depths ago
Chapter 67: Confrontations In The Dark ago
Chapter 68: A Fitting Punishment ago
Chapter 69: The Symbols of the Past ago
Chapter 70: Sin (NSFW) ago
Chapter 71: Machinations & Ambition ago
Chapter 72: Cosmic Ambitions ago
Chapter 73: Moral Relativism ago
Chapter 74: Undead Unleashed ago
Chapter 75: Subdomain On Display ago
Chapter 76: Spore Stuff ago
Interlude: Awareness ago
Chapter 77: The Order of the Heated Blade ago
Chapter 78: Manipulations ago
Chapter 79: Illusions And Unlife ago
Chapter 80: Life And Darkness ago
Chapter 81: Equipment and Minions ago
Chapter 82: Preparation ago
Chapter 83: The Wheels of Destiny ago
Chapter 84: Confrontations And Executions ago
Chapter 85: The Aftermath ago
Chapter 86: Elemental Wrath ago
Chapter 87: A Moment of Introspection ago
Chapter 88: Activity and Action ago
Chapter 89: The God Of Freedom ago
Chapter 90: The Angel Of Deception ago
Chapter 91: Parasitism ago
Chapter 92: Return To Nature ago
Chapter 93: Destruction And Construction ago
Chapter 94: Freedom ago
Chapter 95: The Quiet Demon ago
Chapter 96: Mental Prowess ago
Chapter 97: Debates ago
Chapter 98: Rewards ago
Chapter 99: Awakened Elemental Powers ago
Chapter 100: In The Frozen Wastes ago
Chapter 101: The Dark God Of Disease ago
Chapter 102: Mortal And Immortal Combat ago
Chapter 103: Dragons And Demons ago
Chapter 104: A Conversation With The Enemy ago
Chapter 105: Dastardly Deal-Making ago
Chapter 106: Chaotic Surprises ago
Chapter 107: A Whole New World ago
Chapter 108: The Face Of A God ago
Chapter 109: Learning About Htrae ago
Chapter 110: Killing Time ago
Chapter 111: Bureaucracies And Mischief ago
Chapter 112: A Darkened Forest ago
Chapter 113: Demon Lords And Demon Armies ago
Chapter 114: Civilization, Faith, And Darkness ago
Chapter 115: Holy ago
Chapter 116: A God Of Disease Enters A Hospital ago
Chapter 117: Rosebuds and Spells ago
Chapter 118: Fantastic Fungal Powers ago
Chapter 119: Fungal Friendship And Decisions ago
Chapter 120: A God Of Change ago
Chapter 121: Day Two ago
Chapter 122: Dreams And Nightmares ago
Chapter 123: A God At Work ago
Chapter 124: A God Among Humans ago
Chapter 125: Burgeoning Religions ago
Chapter 126: Demons And Dragons ago
Chapter 127: Demonic Pain ago
Chapter 128: Divine Realms ago
Chapter 129: Dreams Of Death & Walls Of Flesh ago
Chapter 130: Foul Fungi & Sinister Scientists ago
Chapter 131: Whispers And Greed ago
Chapter 132: God Of Memories And God Of Destruction ago
Chapter 133: A Natural State ago
Interlude: A Cult Of Life ago
Chapter 134: Categorizing ago
Chapter 135: Curiosity, Experimentation, And Empire Building ago
Chapter 136: The Althonite Empire ago
Chapter 137: God Of Memories ago
Chapter 138: A Casual Hunt ago
Chapter 139: Cosmic Power ago
Chapter 140: Dimensional Knowledge ago
Chapter 141: Education ago
Chapter 142: Senses And Seals ago
Chapter 143: Order And Magic ago
Chapter 144: Declaration Of War ago
Chapter 145: Clash Of The Hordes ago
Chapter 146: Acquisition ago
Chapter 147: Technology And Darkness ago
Chapter 148: Technological Experimentation ago
Chapter 149: Amusements And Diversions ago
Chapter 150: Dungeons And Robots ago
Chapter 151: A God's Impatience ago
Chapter 152: Lesser Matters ago
Chapter 153: Learning And Power Creation ago
Chapter 154: Resurrections Aplenty ago
Chapter 155: Devilish ago
Chapter 156: Experiments And Parasitism ago
Chapter 157: Plagues, Pain, And Parasites ago
Chapter 158: Verminous Friends ago
Chapter 159: Genesis ago
Chapter 160: Life ago
Chapter 161: Power ago
Chapter 162: Temples And Sacrifices ago
Interlude: Cities And Shortcuts ago
Chapter 163: God Of Might And Magic ago
Chapter 164: Sloth And Poison ago
Chapter 165: Necromancy ago
Chapter 166: Knowledge And Intuition ago
Chapter 167: Relaxation, Strategizing, & Chaos ago
Chapter 168: The Passage Of Time & Creation Of Chaos ago
Chapter 169: New Perspectives ago
Chapter 170: Expanding Influence ago
Not A Chapter: Virtues, Law, & Magic ago
Chapter 171: Birth Of A Cult ago
Chapter 172: The Beginning Of The Final Day ago
Chapter 173: Power Of Technology ago
Chapter 174: Moments Of Peace ago
Chapter 175: Back To The Blacked Boscage ago
Chapter 176: The Lightless Temple ago
Chapter 177: Old Faces New Powers ago
Chapter 178: The God Of Darkness ago
Chapter 179: Cities & Confrontations ago
Chapter 180: Destroying Pride ago
Chapter 181: Foes, Fires, & Forests ago
Chapter 182: The Demon Lord ago
Chapter 183: Desires & Deals ago
Chapter 184: Mixing And Matching ago
Chapter 185: Trial Completion ago
Chapter 186: Updates ago
Chapter 187: Voices ago
Chapter 188: Empire Building ago
Chapter 189: Onwards Towards Technos ago
Chapter 190: Rampages & Robots ago
Chapter 191: Godly Gauntlets & Dark Shortcuts ago
Chapter 192: Bombs & Portals ago
Chapter 193: God On God Violence ago
Chapter 194: God Of Nature ago
Chapter 195: The King Of Spring and Summer ago
Chapter 196: Vast Empire ago
Chapter 197: Archdevil Of Pride ago
Chapter 198: College Life ago
Chapter 199: Necroscience ago
Chapter 200: Power Of An Outer God ago
Chapter 201: Abominations And Electronics ago
Chapter 202: God Of Schemes ago
Chapter 203: Palaces & Pleasures (NSFW Chapter) ago
Chapter 204: Infernal Strategies ago
Chapter 205: Decision Making ago
Chapter 206: War God ago
Chapter 207: Chi, Civilization, And Nature ago
Chapter 208: A New Day ago
Chapter 209: Mysteries and Histories ago
Chapter 210: The Eternal Mausoleum ago
Chapter 211: The Power Of Death ago
Chapter 212: Encounter in the Hallway ago
Chapter 213: Unexpected Obstacle ago
Chapter 214: Unexpected Intruders ago
Interlude: Ryths In Ruins ago
Chapter 215: Facing The Dragon ago
Chapter 216: Freedom And Power ago
Chapter 217: The Enemy ago
Chapter 218: Attacking Akamal ago
Chapter 219: Actions And Consequences ago
Chapter 220: True Power ago
Chapter 221: The Aftermath ago
Chapter 222: Exponential Power ago
Chapter 223: Vengeance ago
Chapter 224: Ta Hendo And Infernius ago
Interlude: A Flash Of Light ago
Chapter 225: Power, Unending ago
Chapter 226: Worlds Away ago
Chapter 227: Unholy Reunion ago
Chapter 228: Outer Gods ago
Chapter 229: Molds & Magic ago
Chapter 230: Terror And Defeat ago
Chapter 231: Universal Expansion ago
Side Story: Spirit Lords And Strange Towers ago
Chapter 232: Exploration & Reunions ago
Chapter 233: Corruption ago
Chapter 234: Joy And Love ago
Temporary Update: Disruptive Month ago
Chapter 235: Onwards Towards The Unseelie ago
Chapter 236: Beginning A Dark Apotheosis ago

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drakan_glasses BE NICE! Fair critique is fair, but be respectful & follow the review rules. There will be no mercy.
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I really do enjoy the CONCEPT of this story. There are lots of brilliant and unique ideas being explored here, and it can be very enjoyable to read. But there are a few glaring flaws that prevent me from giving this story a higher score than 4 stars.

First, the notifications. The endless, endless, notifications. Sometimes they're repeats of notificatons we've already seen! I understand that a huge part of this story is Althos gaining new powers and new domains. But my god, the notifications are so huge even after 50 chapters. It's an endless info dump. Althos does not even use 80% of the powers in those notifications. So why tell us about them? If they are necessary for the story, sure, but the VAST majority are never ever used. I'm pretty confident that if you removed all of the notifications of Althos gaining power, your chapters would shrink to 10% of their original size.

Next, what is the story? Yes, we've been told there's a goal to become an omnipotent god. But, how? 80% of the story so far has just been Althos talking to himself or the system about his powers. What about his interactions with mortals? I've yet to see the alchemist again. The only recurring characters, the goblins and the inn owner, are so one dimensional that I can't even remember their names. Althos has either threatened or awed most characters, before throwing them to the wayside never to be seen again. You keep introducing new concepts without ever finishing with older concepts. You never progress the story, you just add new questions. What is anyone's goal? What is their plan? How will they be threatened on the way to that goal? Where is the conflict? Where is the character?

I want to reiterate that I do like the concept of this story. I love all of the ideas that are present here, like a god evolving a civilization of ants. Or laws of the universe being sentient creatures you can converse with. Or a system put in place to teach baby gods. A domain of demons, the idea of other higher powers similar to gods but as different life forms, being able to bless and curse people based on domains, necromancy and druidity in a single entity. So many great ideas that I'd love to see fleshed out. I just feel that you're rushing things, and not fully developing any of the great ideas presented here, which turns a potentially great story, into a rather lackluster fantasy encyclopedia from the view of a detatched robot. I hope that you can improve your writing and turn this into the story I know it can be.


Urgh I think am ready to drop this now, I really like the concept and what you're going for with the story but the implementation is just poor, the dialogue is really stiff and your MC and some of your support characters are not believable and poorly written. 

Firstly  Your is supposedly a chaotic neutral but his actions and thought process says otherwise 40 or so chapters in and the most significant thing his done is heal people and monsters. The only "chaotic" thing his done is made undead creatures which his done nothing with, no his not released them in wild so that he can cause "chaos". 

Secondly the system in the story is really not doing the story its self or the MC any favours by being in the story, it's really really really not. All its doing is dumping info and being like an over protective grand parent to the MC. At this point it feels like it's a writing crouth to help move the story along but it's just pulling it down, there's a lot of telling and no showing, for example the MC would see something and wonder oh what's that? Then the system just dump shit load of info about who or what it is plus their entire life history thats not really relevant to the story and doesn't serve to move it forward. 

To end my review I would like to say again that I really like the concept and this really has the potential to be a really great story but so far in my opinion it's not fulfilling that potential. 


All powerful god awakens. Having dominion over many thjngs just after birth. Born with knowledge and instinctive drive to become powerful.

Then the 'system' arrives. Not the emotionless being programed to maintain the balance of the multiverse. But sentient overly chatty, and have questionable ability type of system. Displaying ignorance of simple things, and generally being unreliable. It may as well be just a voice in your head that knows a little bit more than others.

For the suppose god. He appears to not have any control at all. So much for his overwhelming powers that was sealed without his consent, and he couldn't care less. His skills talk to him and tells him what to do. So yeah, knowing words and not even knowing what the words meant apparently qualify you as god with dominion over knowledge.



So this story initially caught my eye because of its concept, a newborn god, likely the last of it's kind being thrust into the world with the goal of finding out more about its powers as a deity.

The concept sounds good but the execution is honestly lacklustre, the first issue of many is the system.

It's supposed to function as essentially training wheels for baby gods, nothing wrong with that but- (say it with me) show don't tell. 

This is something the story severely lacks, to the point where a large majority of chapters are info dumps, all the mystery of the main character finding out about the world and learning along with the reader is just gone.

When I discovered this story I assumed it would be about the curiosity of a baby god, since one of his domains is quite literally knowledge.

He is shown to be innately curious too, but when you have the system acting as a nanny to the main character telling him what everything is, taking over the main characters chance to figure things out for himself and improvise.

The system is there to lock the main character's power away and spew info, it holds the story back more than the author knows.

Second issue, stilted dialogue. If you look up the definition of stilted you will understand what I mean.

It FEELS clunky and awkward, it honestly makes it hard to continue reading when what should be one of the main aspects of the story, dialogue, feels like two robots trying to hold a conversation.

The third issue, the supposed intelligence of creatures, the main character is given the ability to talk to animals as a druid and god, we're told that these creatures, especially the goblin Triok or whatever his name was, is below average intelligence.

So, pray tell, why can he hold a cheerful conversation with a near-perfect vocabulary without seeming confused by any of the words or concepts the main character brings out?

I can understand if it's a goblin, they're similar enough to humans that I suppose it should be possible, but what about the caimon (lizard) the main character fights and befriends early on?

It calls the main character a bastard and seems highly intelligent and ponders the actions of the main character when it heals and helps him, most importantly, the main character can REASON with it.

I don't know about you but being able to reason with an animal using language makes it seem a lot less like an animal and more like an intelligent sentient creature, and here's the kicker, the main character explains later that the creature isn't very smart.

It creates a large disconnect between what is happening and the main character's perspective and leads to being confused rather than immersed in the world.

The fourth issue, unbelievable happenings, what do I mean by this? So, early on the main character decides to feed ants some of his food that gives him influence over creatures.

he gets a unique title for it and apparently it has never been done before by any god, why? because no one would want insects to be under their control apparently? 

are you telling me when there were many many gods that not a single one was considered the god of insects or even TRIED to have some influence over insects at all? clearly, some have because the system told you there was a DOMAIN of insects, how does one get the domain of insects without having at least some influence over insects? it just makes no logical sense.

That's all for now, having said all this. Author, if you're reading this you have a TON of potential.

your ideas are great, and you have some aspects of writing nailed down and your own unique style of writing that I can appreciate, Don't take this review as me telling you to stop writing, in the end, my opinion is just the words of one man.


The story is very entertaining and the first in a while i've enjoyed as much as i have. Recommended for annyone that likes god stories actually exploring faith, religion and "dao" or domains in this story. 



 Very exciting and entertaining story, and from the first chapters I knew this was for me! I love it, but there's some problems which I just can't explain, so I'll give it a four and a half stars! Don't stop!


A story that deserves more Recognition

Reviewed at: Chapter 69: The Symbols of the Past

A great story that is unique in its delivery. Rarely any grammatical mistakes and the characters are excellent. The style is a beautiful blend between formal and informal that makes it easy to read yet also challenge you to think. Overall great story.