Phantom Ddraig

by Redchaos1

The fall of the multiverse has reshaped reality under the hands of the primordial guardian Sophia, creating the new world of Jord. Join Christian Ddraig, the prince of the re-emerging nation of Avalon that now finds itself in the middle of a war between its new neighbors that threatens to spill over into his kingdom as he works with his companions to stop the possible total war and the many dark forces emerging from the shadows.

Nexus Arc Volume 1(ch1-24)

Anjin Arc Volume 2(ch26-69)

Unknown Tides Arc Volume 3(ch 70-)

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
The Breach part 1 ago
The Breach part 2 ago
Team Phantom ago
The WormHole ago
Facing The Zodiac ago
The Story Of A Disgraced Knight ago
Attack On Prime ago
Beyond ago
Welcome to the Light ago
The Fall ago
Matters Of Britannia ago
The Tale Of Lady Ursa Of House Falcon ago
The First Quest ago
The Meeting Of King And Lady ago
Battle Of Camlann #1 ago
Battle Of Camlann #2 ago
Battle Of Camlann #3 ago
Battle Of Camlann #4 ago
Battle Of Camlann #5 ago
The Reunion Of Phantoms ago
The Birth Of The Archtype-king ago
The Death Of The King ago
Epilogue ago
The Fort-v2 ago
A Knight's Morning-v2 ago
A Knight's Training-v2 ago
Knights At Sea-v2 ago
Knights Vs Dullahans-v2 ago
The Invitation 1 -v2 ago
The Invitation 2-v2 ago
A Mission To The Red Fields-v2 ago
Going To Hunt A Vampyr- V2 ago
The Vampyr-v2 ago
Lightning And Fire-v2 ago
A Knights Duty-v2 ago
Blood Moon-v2 ago
Back To The Fortress-v2 ago
Meet The Family-v2 ago
Let The Games Begin-v2 ago
Day One-v2 ago
Let's Have Some Tea-V2 ago
One Bedridden Ddraig-V2 ago
Cursed Bear-V2 ago
The Land Of Light- V2 ago
Awakening-V2 ago
A Day With Thunder-V2 ago
A Prince And His Brats-V2 ago
Mark Upon The Arm-V2 ago
Blackened Sails-V2 ago
Ulster Clash-V2 ago
I Am Going To Make An Animus Out Of You-V2 ago
A Prince And A Knight-V2 ago
Here There Be Monster's-V2 ago
Things Fall Apart (1)-V2 ago
Things Fall Apart (2)-V2 ago
Caged Bird-V2 ago
To Be A King-V2 ago
Calm Before The Storm-V2 ago
Two Souls One Cell-V2 ago
Attack Of Iron-V2 ago
Invasion Of Iron-V2 ago
Binding Of Iron-V2 ago
Defenders Of Iron-V2 ago
Thundering Iron-V2 ago
Winters Knight-V2 ago
Things Of Shadows-V2 ago
What Is A Lion-V2 ago
Into The Great Beyond-V2 ago
A New World-V3 ago
New Friends-V3 ago
A House Divided-V3 ago
Burning Water-V3 ago
The Broken Lion-V3 ago
Are You a Hero-V3 ago
Fear The Dragons-V3 ago
Do You Feel Like a Hero-V3
Escape From Potamia-V3 ago
Birth Of The Warband-V3 ago
Are You A Friend-V3 ago
Amongst The Ocean-V3 ago
House Of Night-V3 ago
Amongst The Warband-V3 ago

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Great Fantasy With Great Elements

Reviewed at: Beyond

The story is a fantasy with great elements. The writing style is very interesting. The characters are also quite cool. Grammar is also pretty good. Overall, it's a story that fantasy lovers can read and enjoy. 

Hyper Suda

I've not been massively deep into the fantasy genre, but this story may just change my mind. Thanks to a combination of both high-fantasy and non-fatanasy elements, this story is incredibly profcient with it's world building, which is rendered on the page with adept prose. The explicit avalonian overtones extend to it's characters and world with grace as well. The magic system is incredibly interesting, it's patterns and versitatility combined with the reverence for ancient cultures reminding me of something out of the Fate series. Characters are also very well written. Chris, despite having all the set-up to be a generic powerwank fantasy lead, is a well-written lead, who's failings are neither overt to the point of parody or non-existent in the first place. His relationship with his family members, especially Pyrrah, is what builds the bedrock of the story in my opinion. With those characters comes the backdrop of the geopolitical landscape of this story. I have not read far enough to see this explored to what I expect will be it's fullest, it's undoutebly a touch of maturity and depth not found in most fantasy stories.

It is not without a few negatvies though, namely that grammer and punctuation can sometimes find itself jumbled into the writing, which hurts the reading experience, but overall, this is undotubley one of the best pieces of fantasy writing I've seen on this site. Almost every trope that I've come to distain with modern fantasy fiction is either flipped on it's head, non-existent or written to it's fullest. Absoloutley read this if you are at all intersed in the genre.

Mitsuaki Seiji

I've read a couple of chapters and Phantom Ddraig is what you usually call "hidden gem". Simply, it's a story that doesn't get enough praise. Firstly, it's really well written except for some minor typos (you're/your). It has a gripping narrative and a large cast of characters, I personally found Pyrrha the most entertaining out of them.

Trust me, there are a lot of Fantasy books but not enough with the quality of this one. Certainly a must-read!


The world of this novel is great and well-developped, and the influence of arthurian legends is pretty clear.

The large cast of characters is unique and well written, they all have their personalities and their actions are described pretty vividly. The story is rather quick-paced, but not too much that it becomes hard to follow. There's a small amount of issues regard capitalization and punctuation, but other than that the grammar is spot on.

To conclude, I would recommend this story to any fantasy fan!


I am impressed with the way you shaped this character and conveyed their personality on paper. It is realistic, I feel like I am watching this story unfold with the descriptive elements you have implemented.

The pacing is quick, but I have never minded a quick story. It keeps me interested, and for a web novel, keeping readers on their toes is the secret art form that not many authors can master (myself included). This story will continue to be a success if they keep this up, I am impressed!


Unique blend of fantasy and non-fantasy

Reviewed at: The Fall

Over all, this stroy is a must-read for anyone interested in fantasy, thought I'd just get that said beforehand.


The story progresses pretty fast, it follows the journey of a group of shall-I-say unique characters.

Of the bunch I have to say I assosiate well with the maybe-mad-scientist.


The entire plot of the dragons and the interesting world the story is set in, where there are both king and queen, but also collectable cards.


Very early on, the story shows that it is competend when writing emotional scenes, that's something most authors wouldn't put in this early on, so its a nice breath of fresh air.


Grammar is a 5/5, no much to add about that.


I do like the style, no major characters seem 100% bad or 100% good, they usually are a fair mix between the two.


The jumps in perspective near the start can be pretty jarring, but the story gets over them fast and its smooth sailing from there on! 

Like I said before, definitely a must-read if you're a fan of fantasy, the story is interesting, funny and at times even a bit sad!




A fiction very fun to enjoy!

Reviewed at: The Breach part 2

This is an amazing fiction! It would make an amazing anime or video game adaptation. The author build his world with care to detail as good as the action scenes. All characters are unique. Lots of action and lots of tension waiting in every chapter. You will never feel lost reading, for the author will take his time to describe the amazing details of Avalon and other places, actions, emotions and the diverse characters of this great fiction!


This is a well-written story set in a futuristic magical world.  Things happen quickly and the characters are interesting.  The only suggestion to the author is to fix up the dialogue formating, often the function of a quotation will be outside of the quotation, move it inside the quotation.  This is a very minor issue that doesn't impede the reading process.  I enjoyed reading this, and I recommend it, especially if you enjoy fantasy.  


Avalon - a truly magical kingdom with knight, quests and weapons of Arthurian legend. Story is enchanting and alluring with a visionary creation story thats sets the backdrop for the adventures of Chris Ddraig and the geopolitical struggles of a kingdom on the brink of open war. Keep up the good work!