A long time ago Ursa had sworn never to let alcohol touch her lips, and yet here she was in some dingy Hephatantian bar, her throat burning from some whisky and it still wouldn't warm whatever was cold within her.

" Yet another thing for the younger me to hate me over" she muttered with a hollow chuckle.

She had to hold back the bitter bile within her from escaping upwards as the bitter liquid almost made her sick with how it churned her stomach. Frankly she had been forcing the liqueur down her throat and unwelcoming stomach even though it tasted absolutely horrible.

"Why do people drink this junk and why am I still drinking it?" She cursed as her body burned from the heat caused by the alcohol as it flowed her throat and into her unfortunate stomach.

She had always thought that beer, wine or whiskey would have a sweet taste to it, not bitter and sour enough to add upon the bitterness she was already feeling.

Everywhere in the bar she could see her fellow crew mates having the time of their life. No matter how she tried, she could not muster up the joy to join them as they chugged down their drinks in merriment. Many had tried to get her to join their revealing, but she had turned them down.

"I don't belong here " she thought in disgust as she looked at the half finished bottle with shame wondering what her parents would think after seeing her in this state.

"They have no reason to think that there is anything good about you, remember what you did " a dark part of her minded bitterly whispered into her ear.

She would dream about her rampage in the Anjin city. About the consequences that the Ashikage were facing after her grandaunt Kairis actions about how she had added to the besmirching of the families reputation.

"Look what you did you fool " her thought's chastised her and while tempted to down some more alcohol, her stomach could not bare it for now.

She looked out the window to the great skyscraper that stood at the center of the city. That's were she should have been, alongside her friends, alongside her family... But she could not, the shame was too much. She had almost slain them, she could not stand besides them as if nothing had happened.

"Hey there stranger " she heard a familiar voice and she looked upwards to see William Redret standing above her with a smile.

She couldn't help but smile as well from the genuine warmth that William now radiated. It had taken him weeks since the battle of little Geneva to smile again, they had both left Avalon with ghosts and his were greater.

"Hey stranger, shouldn't you be partying it up with your friends?" She said, remembering that she had left him enjoying a dance around the streets with hundreds of other party revelers.

They had asked her to join them but truth be told these days she preferred her own company, than that of strangers, even though they were her crew mates.

"I was, but i am burnt out. A man can only dance and brink for so long, so i called it out for the night. i am not interested in having a big hangover" he sat down besides her and raised his eyebrow as he looked at the drink that was resting upon her table " Never took you as the drinking type Ursa ".

" Everyone never took me as the darkness drinking type either, but i am full of unlikeable surprises " she answered as she forced the bitter drink down her throat again which burned from the liquid and almost caused her to uncontrollably cough.

" Well, like with that drink you clearly didn't enjoy it. I am sure that they could understand" William replied, once again trying to excuse her actions but Ursa wouldn't let him, she wouldn't let anyone try to absolve her out of simple pity.

"I don't belong with them after what i did, i can't in good conscious do that William" she had told him that a lot of times before, but William, Chris, Mulengu, Thor and even Pyrrha never gave up.

They were true friends, none of them had tried to murder each other. But her, she still had dreams about Chris, Pyrrha and Benkei beaten bloody beneath her and deep down a sick part of her felt joy from it, a sick sense of satisfaction always erupted out without her consent like a volcano. Just thinking about it made her want to puke but also a part of her wanted to shiver from pleasure.

"Are you sure that you truly believe that?" He asked her and she couldn't help but feel the need to roll her eyes at his statement.

"Of course i do. They don't need my damn baggage. I am no longer the friend that they knew" She knew her own heart and it wasn't good.

" Well I don't believe... " Williams voice was cut off by a shockwave that flew through both the building and out of it followed by the windows and glasses within the bar all shattering near simultaneously, sending out thousands upon thousands of shards of glass as the earth shook as if it had been struck by an earthquake.

"What the hell!?" Ursa shouted to William as loud panicked screaming had erupted both in the bar and outside of it.

"I have no damn idea!" William shouted back in equal confusion as he pulled glass shards out of his hair.

Ursa arose from her seat and she ran out of the room with William following closely behind as well as their fellow crew mates.

Outside the streets of the city of Vant were in chaos. This time it wasn't the chaos of mad party revelers and musicians, but the chaos of panicked men and women running around in fear. One of the buildings had crumbled across the streets as it had been knocked down by a giant.

Fires were spreading like waves upon the sea and with it came thick blankets of smoke that with the tight packed people in the streets made breathing even harder and seeing harder as the smoke was as thick as a fog.

"What's going on!?" Ursa shouted to the screaming people who were all running around in a panic like headless birds, ignoring her in their fear.

A civilian bumped into her before crumbling onto the ground. Ursa grabbed the screaming and panicked young elf who she helped onto his trembling feet.

"What the hell is going on?!" She demanded from the young elf who she violently shook.

"Ursa calm down!" William shouted as he pulled her off the young elf who stumbled backwards upon his backside.

"The Lunar empire is coming!" the trembling and tearful elf answered her.

Ursa looked up as she felt the artillery shell soaring above her and into a building that collapsed within a second of contact with the shell.

From as far as she could see into the ocean, sixteen pale stone Lunar empire ships could be seen. Hovering above them were a squadron of airships engaging the Hephatantian military aircraft's in heavenly duels.



Chris grunted as he slammed his elbow into the jaw of his attacker as hard as he possibly could knocking out some teeth and sending his foe sprawling onto the ground a fate many other foes before him had suffered.


The entire meeting room had erupted into one giant brawl the moment council Gela had given the order to his treasonous allies. Hundreds of bodies were involved within an ever twisting dance of death. At it's center were high council Hanno Magnus and Ishtar who had stolen weapons from some defeated foes that they used to cut a bloody path through the Helmp troops.


Chris was impressed by glimpses he got of the high council as he not only expertly handled himself well with a sword but the fire spells that he would occasionally use burnt many foe.


Further into the mess he could see Utica standing shoulder to shoulder with Siegfried as they fought to reach Ishtar and the high council with such a mad fury that all Helmp attempts to stop them were crushed beneath sword and axe near instantly.


A streak of pale silver flames drew his attention to the right where Asi, though he might have been a new born dragon bade but his training under Ishtar and her team had given him enough skill for him to be standing over a pile of unconscious Helmp warriors as he breathed out pale flames.


Chris looked around in panic as he push kicked another Helmp warrior back into the a pile of other Helmp warriors who all fell over like bolling pins from the speed that launched their comrade.


" Where are they ? " he thought as he wondered about the locations of Mulengu, Thor and Pyrrha who had vanished into the turbulent sea of battle near as soon as it has started.


Chris yelled out in searing hot pain as a blade slashed across his back opening his flesh and let his warm life liquid soak his back. The pain only served to anger him and he turned fast enough to side step the blade before it cut deeper than it already had.


He grabbed the hand of the Helmp warrior who he flipped onto the ground before Chris savagely stomped his foot onto his for face as hard as he could. The hands grip of the sword loosened and Chris took it for his own. It wasn't Lucius-aurora but it would do well for him.


He swung it and thrust it into the waves of Helmp troops who coloured the gray blade with their crimson life liquid. He was at that moment a cyclone of death like his sister was in this battle.


Unfortunately Chris made the mistake of being momentarily distracted as a orange lightning bolt flew across the room and thunder drummed, all the hallmarks of Thor, one of the people he was looking for.


Seeing an opening in his slight inaction three Helmp troops collided into him from the right side as hard as they could sending him flying onto the ground upon his wounded back which caused his body to lose all control for a few seconds of intense pain.


Acting on instinct alone he quickly thrust his sword forward into the face of a Helmp warrior upon his left side and his right fist collided with the second ones throat so hard that they stumbled backwards wheezing from a crushed throat.


Unfortunately Chris wasn't fast enough to overpower or even knock back the final Helmp warrior who kicked him across the jaw so hard that whatever coherent thoughts Christian Ddraig had were thrown into a jumbled mess from the pain and the fact that his brain was shaken in his skull from the blow.


His vision was blurred but he could see the Helmp warrior raising his war hammer that possessed a hammerhead the size of a child's skull. Chris could only raise his arms in a worthless gesture at attempted self-defense.


But the lump of metal never crushed his chest in as a spear made of flames tore into the Helmp warriors throat drawing forth boiling blood and burning the area around the wound from third degree burns. The spear was withdrawn as Chris's would be killer crumbled to the floor dead.


The spear was in the hand of Pyrrha who helped Chris back to his feet. He looked confused at the spear as too much magical energy to create and keep strong such a construct until he saw the rune stone embedded at it's center.


"Thanks" he said to her as he regained his bearings and any feeling in his fingers that had gone limp from the pain.


"Don't mention it" she replied as she used the spear once more to send a for from this world of the living with very quick reflexes.


"Enough!" high council Hanno Magnus roared stopping all the combat as all attention turned to the giant who's hair had become a raging inferno and who possessed in his hands the whimpering council Gela who had a swollen right eye no doubt received from the man he had just betrayed " Stand down, now all of you, that's an order! ".


Looks of fear and concern passed what Chris could tell were Helmp warriors. Nervous glances were cast and weapons that were once proudly held were now slightly lowered. Though many simply glared at the high council with a murderous anger boiling underneath.


" No don't, we have to defeat him or else our island will suffer a Call of Balor. He must be stopped from dragging this nation into the dark ages from which the Lunar empire saved us my brothers and sister's, please i implore to keep fighting for the good of Hephatan" Chris would give council Gela his due credit, even beaten and facing death the man would not yield his beliefs.


"A such conviction went to the likes of him " he thought as he prayed that the troops around them had the good sense to pay heed to the high council's words.


"Are you all mad?" The high council demanded as he looked at the Helmp who didn't move a muscle yet " Have you all forgotten the injustices upon this state by the Lunar empire. Have the forced imprisonment, tortures, secret executions and stealing of our resources been so easy to forget at the simple chance of some political power. How could you all forget four hundred years of suffering, have you no shame!? ".


And alas some shame could be seen amongst the gathered. Too many were incapable of facing their head of state as he chastised them with a righteous fury.


" Lies!" Council Gela barked trying to breakout of the high council's grip but the larger man proved his better in strength.


"Lies?!" Utica snapped at Gela with anger burning in her eyes " You have all seen the records, witness testimonies, mass graves, as well as what remains of Helbay forest and the Coral mines. What do we have to show for it Gela, please explain to me why we should have continued with a empire leading us to financial ruin while treating us like this wasn't even our country. How many innocent men and women do you want to step over out of your simple greed!?".


Chris could not have believed his eyes but he could see the doubt increasing upon the Helmp troops who looked around at each other nervously. Whispers passed around and Chris wondered how many of them truly wanted the Lunar empire in control of Hephatan once more out of personal reasons as the conviction before him broke easier than it ought to have.


"The Lunar empire will make things better, they promised to help make us as grand as they did before. Do you think that the primitive dung heap that was our kingdom four hundred years ago would become the sprawling great country that it is now without the Lunar empire, do you think that any of us would have the gift of the moon that made our people more long lived and stronger without the Lunar empire. Look at how much they have done for us out of the love of their hearts my brothers and sister's, tell me what has Magus built apart of his corrupt government funded by the stolen goods of loyal men and women to Hephatan" council Gela stood steadfast in his words never wavering in his blistering tirade.


"All of that was built upon the backs and corpse's of our people" the high council answered in disgust as he looked down at his captive who he continued to berate " You would have your own people become second class citizens upon their own land all simply so that you could continue living comfortably because your forebears were born of the old gold blood of the Lunar empire. Mine were the same as yours Gela, but i will not turn from our peoples suffering simply because i am comfortable. Nor would i still defend the force opening fire upon civilians ".


Gela went silent and Chris prayed to deus above that both Utica and the high council's words had reached to the hearts of the Helmp in the room.


" I will not yield! " Gela suddenly shouted at the high council before turning to his men and almost like a man possessed bellowed " KILL THEM, SAVE OUR PEOPLE FROM THIS TYRANT AND THE CALL OF BALOR, DO YOU'RE DUTY!".


Before the inevitable battle continued the world around them exploded. Chris might not have known it, but an artillery shell had struck the building and he was sent flying through bodies and debris. Focusing upon his back he felt a warm trickle as his fae wings sprung to life and were once gravity had held mastery over him, he defied it.


Rather than descending slowly with his new defilement of gravity thanks to the wings, he propelled himself upwards to the rest of the bodies and debris that were still descending.


Chris left a shockwave as his two wings allowed him to easily surpass the speed of sound as flew upwards faster than the large building chunks being pulled down by gravity.


Around him many other Fae had taken to flying into the sky along side him, all wings flapping accept for a pair of white and golden wings upon the backs of a young humanoid. Unlike fae wings these were bigger than the creature that considered itself his son.


The wings flapped over and over again but Asi plummeted to the ground as he screamed in terror. Chris focused upon Asi and he pushed himself forward before he grabbed the young dragon who even after being caught was still screaming in fear.


"Dad!" The young dragon said in excitement as he looked at Chris " You can fly".

"Yeah" Chris confirmed as he looked around for his friends.

That is until he a piece of debris the size of a car flew past him and riding upon it like it was a mount were Mulengu, Thor, Pyrrha and Sun Wukong who cheered in excitement as the giant block collided with the street that was torn apart.

"Dad... " Asi began to say but Chris wouldn't be having it today.

"We are not doing that" he sharply said stopping the young dragons thoughts.

"Brother, to me" Ishtar who had also taken to flight with her own wings as she carried the high council in hand ordered him.

The two siblings took off like rockets for the docks which was crowded with fearful men and women boarding the docked battleships to join the battle against the invading Lunar empire vessels.

"What have you fools done" the high council whispered as he watched the Lunar empire vessels that were advancing closer and closer " We have evacuate the city, we can't stop them from landing ".

" Yes we can " all eyes turned to Asi who stood tall with his chin held high " I can, i just need to get above them".

"You can't fly" Chris didn't know why he sounded and felt anger at Asi's proposal.

"But we can" Ishtar jumped as her wings flapped and Chris could still feel his own upon his back.

"You want the two of us to fly Asi over an active battle with airships above and hope we don't get knocked out of the sky " the idea sounded insane.

"You won't go alone" the high council said with a look of determination upon his face as two fae wings sprouted from his back.

"Three half faes and a dragon, sounds like the start of a bad joke" Chris cursed mentally.


Mugan Elwind admiral of the hangman ship deviation was feeling pleased. It had been days of planning with the Hephatantian men who sympathized with the empire for this one moment to avenge his humiliation five years ago when he had been driven from these waters.

All opposition from the Hephatantian forts had proven ineffective as he had not lost a ship and the port city of Vant was getting closer and closer.

From the bridge he saw it, the glistering pale creature that was like a second smaller moon in the sky.

"Dia be good, a moon dra... " he never finished as the pale flames rained down so hot that the waters boiled, the waters evaporated, the ships rank and the enemy was broken.


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