The misty ocean. A dark expanse of water that stretched forward for thousands of kilometers before one reached the closest island known as the whales tail.

Tover Magill stood upon the prow of his ship overlooking one of the many little islands that had served as a outpost for the Lunar empire in recent years until three weeks ago when it went completely silent.

All attempts at communicate with the outpost were met with nothing. Lord Magill had been sent from the capital with ten ships in order to recover the base.

From where the ships were stationed, he could not see the island properly. That the large amounts of mist that added to this ocean's name didn't make it any better.

"Do you see anything, Var-Tarli?" He asked his subordinates who were still inside the ships bridge.

"No Har-Magill, all sonic, electromagnetic and mana scanners can't pick up anything. It's completely silent" Var-Tarli answered him and Trover felt a chill run down his spine.

He wasn't sure if it was from the cold, nights air that always blew around. Or rather if it was the unnatural feeling of the lifeless island not too far from him.

" This is bad, i had hoped that it would be a simple technical error but now it is either an attack from the ocean lords or the rebels " Trover thought with a sigh as he stretched his arms that had gone stiff.

"Send a eyesky above. I want an areal overview of the island" he ordered them as he returned to the bridge.

Within a few seconds, one of his subordinates pulled out a circular silver disk the size of a small child from armoury of the ship.

The disk took off and flew over the island. From the screens within the ship they could see a clear overhead view of the outpost.

The outpost was covered in scorched soot from fires that must have burned for hours before they arrived. Many parts of the buildings were caved in and across the streets were the bodies of their former comrades in various states of decay.

"Dia above we are too late" he thought as he looked at the dead Fae who must have been left out here for hours.

"Sir, what must we do?" someone asked him because he had stood in silence for too long.

"Order a full steam ahead upon the island. Also send out five ships on the hunt, i want to find the bustards who did this. Two ships shall dock while the other three stand guard in case the enemy is still in the area. Even a trace of who ever did this will do!" He ordered them seething as he looked at the corpses.

Seeing the corpses upon the screen was different to seeing them in real life. The smell hit him hard as he walked into the outpost. From the gate he was met with the remains of three of his comrades who had fallen in flight by the way they lay upon their stomachs with large wounds upon their backs.

The smell and the sight of the dead wasn't something that he was new to. Tover Magill was an survivor of many battles, he had fought within the northern islands campaign for an entire decade. The specter of death was not a new thing to him.

Though he loathed to see it now more than ever. He had seen his fill of death and was hoping for a much better job in the capital, away from the battlefield while he still could.

"Maybe i could actually run for the high council " he thought with a small grin, trying to distract himself from the grim sight as he always did in hard times.

He looked around at the buildings that were covered in the scars of battle. Behind him a small army of his troops followed closely with their weapons held tightly and their eyes darting around for any potentially remaining enemies.

"Do you think that it's pirates sir. That could explain how the outpost wasn't taken over" someone asked as they leaned near a corpse that had been decapitated, its head rolled away from the body.

"No, it can't be. Look at their bodies and the room around us, they are still freshly stocked. I have seen the after affect of pirates before, they are scavengers, they pick the flesh off of everything. They would have taken everything from the deads armor to even their underwear if they could" he answered as he looked around, hoping to see some sort of clue.

"What if they didn't have a big enough space in their ships to load all the goods. There could be something they took but we haven't seen it yet" another soldier said.

"Not enough space, kid this outpost is was created as a first line of defense against an attacking ocean lord. If pirates took it, they would need to be in the thousands. Probably more than fifty high class ships and they'd plunder this place to recover the losses that they would suffer from such an undertaking" he explained, though he doubted that it was pirates even more as he saw a lack of enemy bodies.

" Soldiers of the enemy or rebels would take their dead for honourable burials. Pirates would have left them to rot " he thought.

"Well if they didn't do it, then it has to be the Ocean Lords from Pontus. They have the closet fleet to this outpost on the speartips island" someone said but he shook his head, still sceptical about it being any of the Ocean lord kingdoms.

"It can't be them, if they attacked this outpost then they would have occupied it. It's strategic value is too much for them to have potentially lost men and resources to clear it and just leave it. It means as much to us as it does to them" he explained as he pocked a body with the tip of his axe.

"A unknown party then. The rebels maybe?" Another soldier asked and that was honestly the most plausible answer for him.

" Could be, but then they would have raided this place. Striping the corpses naked would be the most common thing that we could see and also this place would be totally leveled. The Seadogs aren't the kind to leave our bases still standing " he answered, shivering a bit as even in his clothing, the chill of the cold winds made him shudder.

"Seadogs, traitorous bastards " a solider cursed at the mention of the most infamous aquatic based rebel group.

Trover had fought them once, when they had plundered the small vassal state of East Nitola. The so called freedom fighters had proven themselves no better than pirate's in his opinion.

"Alright, i want this place properly..." As he spoke he heard it, a loud sound that almost felt like knives driven into his eardrums.

"We are under attack" he thought before shouting " We Are Under Attack! ".

Rushing outside he could see all five of the ships that he had brought to the islands were raging infernos that were being bombarded by artillery fire from something in the mist.

" Leave them, leave them!" He orders his troops who had been running to the ships in some foolish attempt to save them, but Trover knew a lost cause when he saw it.

From the mist four large ships that dwarfed his own big ships by a considerable amount appeared. From their decks he could see the artillery leaving from many great guns.

In time his ships were reduced to pieces of scrap all scattered alongside the beach and waters as the bombardment had been more than they could handle.

As the ships got closer he could see their symbol proudly displayed upon their sides and flags. He knew that symbol, that coat of arms and he dread it.

"Avalon, it can't be" the words left his mouth as he realized that he had just walked into a trap.

"Sir, what do we do?" One of his men shouted to him.

"Retreat to the outpost. It has it's own long ranged weapons that we can use to sink their ships. And should they try to take the outpost in melee it will serve as a good force multiplier for us" he ordered them as he watched the ships sliding towards them with their fire now focused on the Lunar empire troops on the beach.

The battle that followed had been hell made manifest for Trover. While the outposts heavy artillery guns were good, the Avalonian ships force fields proved more than strong enough to shrug them off.

It had taken no more than twenty minutes of continuous fire, for the Avalonian ships to completely pulverize the front walls of the outpost as well as knock down other high buildings that housed the outposts defense weapons.

In that time more than a thousand of his men had been lost and many more would be joining them in the kingdom beyond death from their wounds.

Trevor Magill had pride as a military man. But he also had sense to know when he was beat, he looked at the freighted faces of most of the young men and women fighting besides him who were watching death bearing down upon them.

Most of them would want to die fighting but what would such a death gain them. He ran into the communication tower of the outpost that had yet to torn to pieces. By some miracle he found a frequency to speak to the Avalonians through and offer his surrender.

The guns had stopped firing and Trover found himself not more than three hours later, being marched with his troops behind into one of those ships, no longer free men and women but rather prisoners of war.

He looked back to the outpost, which the Avalonians leveled with their artillery once everyone was cleared. A simple message to the world. Avalon had joined the war, it was clear who their prime enemy was.

"Dia help us" he whispered as he prayed for his home.


The Avalonian throne room had changed. More activity was going through it and at it's center was a large holographic image of the world showing all military activity from all parties.

Natalia Ddraig could see different reactions from the people present. Some of the war hungry ones were joyful and others were grim.

She was amongst the grim. War was no easy thing but the attack on little Geneva wasn't something that could be ignored.

The Lunar empire had antagonised them and they had to answer. The holographic images of the battles that had been fought in the last six weeks showed how much successes hey had.

"Is there any word from the Charter?" One of the generals asked the question that been asked for the passed four weeks since the Charter vanished.

All attempts to communicate with the ship for the first two weeks since it vanished had been failures. But then during the third week, the first amount of communication was made and it had improved ever since.

Aro arose to answer " They are deep east, our estimations are that they could reach the shore of Hephatan" Aro said as he pointed to the island that had declared itself a free nation allied to the old Sun empire that it had once been a part of before the civil war began.

"Is everyone fine upon it. The dragon egg?" A minister asked a bit nervously.

"It is fine... It... It hatched" Aro said and still the news had left Natalia shocked.

"How, did we have an elemental stone upon the ship?" An Imparetor asked confused at the news as were everyone else.

"No, it was Prince Christian who somehow unintentionally hatched it during the battle upon little Geneva. We don't know how he did it, but he did it" Aro replied.

"What about the the sun empire. The whole point of our alliance was to use the stone to hatch the egg?" the Imparetor asked.

"No, our alliance is based on a pact of mutual protection. Even if we can't get them to hatch the egg, a moon dragon will still be an important moral gift for them. Our Armada will soon start upon it's way and that is all that matters" she said ending that train of talk.

"The grey lands are going to be where the worst fighting on our lands will be, let us focus upon them for now" Roland said as he pointed to the land that shared a border with the lands of their enemy.

"Why not the shadow lands your grace. Those lands don't have a broad military presence" someone asked him.

" The shadow lands are infected with darkness. They can't teleport through it, it has night terrors in it that would make it difficult if not impossible for any land army and that is without mentioning the gateway's to the realm of darkness within it that would cost them many troops. I don't think that the Lunar kingdom is so desperate yet" he answered as he pointed to the black area upon the continent.

"We can send a Paladin or Imparetor to the border. They can help turn the tide" Morigan advised them and while she was thankful for the advise, but Natalia had another idea that she was sure Roland would love.

"Yes, we must send two Paladins" she finally said with a cheeky smile and Roland understood that she was up to something, though he didn't know what it was.

"Which ones your grace?" asked Apollo Almina an old elf with a long thick beard, he was the current prime minister asked.

"Us" she said rising from her throne and as expected the room arose in an uproar of protest.

"Your grace you can't, you are too valuable!" Apollo shouted leaping off his chair.

"My friends, the northern strip is going to be a great front of battle. Should me and Roland go there and completely crush the Lunar empires troops in such a horrifying defeat, they won't dare try again until the wound is fully healed. It shall give the grey lands the breathing room that it will need" she said seeing defeat in their eyes as they understood her words " Now, to deal with the Naga ".


Chris had taken to a routine since his six week stay upon the great ship called the Charter began. He woke up early in the morning before the sun had even risen and cast its rays in his cabin.

A lot of the ships original crew had left it during the battle of little Geneva. Only a few had returned before the ship went into hyper mode and even with the addition of those knights who had arrived upon the ship they were still not enough.

The big disadvantage of this was that they were understaffed but an advantage was that there was enough space for everyone to have a private room to themselves and they had a lot of supplies.

He first left for the ships training facility that while lacking when compared to both the royal one and the Iron fortress, was adequate enough.

So early in the morning, there weren't many knight's or soldiers around and as such he could work out without much interface. He enjoyed using the treadmill set to mach twelve speeds in order to truly push himself for thirty minutest without rest.

When that was done and he had built up a good sweat, he spared with whatever free opponent he found. After finding out about his routine, Theseus had become a regular and Chris had fought him more times than anyone else.

Though Chris had yet to taste defeat at Theseus's hands it didn't mean that fae didn't push him like he did today. The two of them had a sparing match as always and Chris managed to win by locking him into a submission lock.

After that he left for the showers, a public showering area after a good morning work out did wonders for his nerves. He spent more time here than he needed to let the waters smooth his tight muscles that needed to relax.

After the showers he returned to his bedroom in order to change into different clothes. He enjoyed having a room all to himself, because while he missed the others he didn't mind some privacy.

But to say that this was his room alone would be a total lie. Sleeping on the top of his bunk bed was a little human looking boy who appeared no more than thirteen of fourteen. He had soft brown skin and long silver hair.

The boy had insisted on sleeping in his room and much to Chris's protests Ishtar had allowed it. Having one Theseus was bad enough, he didn't need another who looked to him as a parental figure.

He changed into his military uniform which was a light blue body suite with a bronze breastplate, a iron helmet and their names as well as ranks were written upon the shoulder. His old armour had been busted from the fight and all technical workers were too busy fixing the ship to fix any broken armour.

He opened the small window allowing a fresh wave of air into the room that felt good in his lungs.

Upon the top bunk bed the boy yawned as if awoken by the fresh air. He stretched and open his silver eyes that were lizard like slits.

"Good morning dad" the half asleep dragon in boys form said.

Chris rubbed the side of his head " I am not... Forget it. Good morning Asi" he said.



The dinning hall was getting filled by officers who had just awakened when Chris arrived with Asi in tow. He would have come sooner but Asi had insisted on going with him and while the boy hadn't taken too long in bathing or dressing, no it was his long hair that he braided into a pony tail.

Across the dinning hall very few people looked to him in awe as they had done before. The sight of him and Asi had become a sight very much used to them.

He found his usual table where his team and team Argonauts had sat. Though his team was lacking Ursa who had been very distance from them all.

"Asi, good morning kid" Mulengu said to the young dragon who he had a friendly relationship with.

"Am fine uncle Mulengu" Asi said with a grin.

"Hey, take a seat and i going to get something to eat" Chris said to Asi who followed his instructions as Chris walked to the cook.

"Two bowls of porridge for you and the dragon kid. The usual right kid" the cook a big man said with a smile.

"You at least get me Franklin" he said with a smile as he got the bowls that Franklin the cook gave him.

"I know how hard it is to be a parent, kid" Franklin said with a smile and Chris felt anger bubbling up in his head.

"I am not his parent" Chris hissed back lowering his voice.

"Take that up with him kid" Franklin answered him and Chris sighed before returned to the table and handing the bowl to Asi.

"Thanks dad" Asi said with a grin before he began to gulp up the porridge.

You might be wondering how the dragon now thought him it's father. The truth is that he had somehow found a way to hatch Asi's egg, he didn't know how but he did it and while Asi had hatched into his draconic form. But somehow he took the human shape they all now knew and he claimed that Chris was his father because his energies had hatched him.

As for why he had been named Asi, well that had a simple name amongst many that were offered to name the dragon. He had liked Asi and had been using since.

"What are your plans for today?" Chris asked the others.

"Working on fixing things as always" Thor said and as none of the others answered Chris could surmise that the others had similar duties.

"Same old, same old" Jason said with a smile and the others laughed.

They spent no more than ten minutes in the dinning hall before they all parted way. Chris managed to leave Asi with Ishtar who had taken the duty of training the dragon.

Though the dragon wasn't happy about it. But it was nice to have some time to himself without someone constantly following him.

He had been assigned to help in helping technicians in aiding fixing the ship. The attacks from the battle caused by the Lunar empire and the Lich had left the ship in a terrible state.

Had they not been quick the ship would have sunk. Walking down the ships hall until he reached the technicians work shop that was always filled with sound of machine's and he found the person he meant to find.

"Ursa" he said with a smile to his teammate who appeared to working on some kind of device.

Ursa looked to him, but she didn't smile to see her friend. Mulengu, Thor and even Pyrrha had their chances to see if they could pull her out of her shell but they hadn't succeeded and now it was his turn.

"Christian, what are you doing here?" she said before returning to her device.

"Here to see a friend who has been ducking me for an entire month now" he said surprised that she would be confused by such a visit from him.

"Chris.... please i am working, so why don't leave me for now and we can talk later" she said and he felt a tint of irritation through him.

"Funny, that's what you told the others and you still dodged them" he said to her unwilling to fall for such a trick.

"Chris, please!" She said in much higher voice and he saw within her eyes a flash of dark purple and she shut her eyes as if it hurt them " Just leave, please ".

" Alright " he said deciding that it was best not to push her buttons now.

"But before i go i want to remind you that we are your friends, your family. It doesn't matter how much you wish to push us away but you never will and so no matter how alone you fill, we shall be here" he said with a slim amount of hope that those words would change her, but Ursa remained the same and unmoved.

He walked out of the room and outside he found many troops moving around more excitedly than normal and chartering some new gossip around them.

"Hey you, what is going on?" He asked a man who seemed startled that Chris had directed his question to him.

"Sir, landed has been sighted a couple thousands kilometres away. We can collect some supplies and we can learn about the enemy" the man said and Chris raised his eyebrow in confusion.

"Find out about the enemy?" He asked seeking better clarification.

"Its friendly land sir, the island nation of Hephatan" the man answered and Chris instantly took a beeline back to Ishtar.


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