A Lich, a person who had given up there very being by embracing the shadows, contaminating their very light and darkness until they were a mangled abomination that lacked their true essence.

Even those dark beings like the other shadow half of his mother had more to them than the wretched existence Christian Ddraig had seen Kairi Ashikage Anjin turn into.

He had tried attacking her but the Lich's many limbs had been difficult to avoid and he had been sent crashing into a building from a paw striking to his helmet, so powerful that he almost felt as if his brain shook within his skull.

He cursed from underneath the tons of rubble above him as he forcefully pushed himself out of the dirt.

"I miss having a single blade" he thought as he remembered how more difficult trying to duel wield against a Lich was.

He might have been better with two weapons in a fight than most, but a single blade was his speciality and two minimized him more than anything. He could have ripped off the crown, taking the changes it gave him away, but that could take the strength it gave him away and he still needed it.

The Lich in question was bellowing as the knights he had passed by after it had struck him, attacked it from every side breaking every bone and slicing through it's flesh, but no matter what they did, the Lich's flesh reattached itself and it's bones grew anew.

He watched Antoku easily knocking back it's tail with his Katana. Above Thor unleashed lightning bolts that burnt the creatures flesh.

Beneath it was a group of knights he didn't know attacked it. One of them though he knew, the great lion faced helm and the large thorned spines that erupted from their blade and cut into it's flesh with a merciless fury.

" Leo, what is she doing here " he thought as he tightened the grip he had around the hilts of his blades.

He held back his instincts that made him want to rush her and cut her down, but she was helping them fight the Lich and they would need serious help to kill the beast.

"I will deal with her after i deal with this Lich" he said before he propelled himself forward with his wings flapping upon his back propelling him against the pull of gravity.

He had never flown as much in the past as he did now and his wings were starting to feel swollen like limbs that had been over exercised.

One of the Lich's many eyes turned towards him and it's limb shot forward. Chris swung his swords that sliced through the putrid flesh like a hot knife through butter.

Unlike wounds caused by the others which would close shut a few seconds from when the wound was created, his remained still open and festering letting out large globs of dark purple blood that boiled so hot, they were more akin to magma.

"Brother" he heard Venus shout from beneath but he couldn't look down towards her as to lose any focus upon the creature would be a possible fetal error from the hundreds of limbs that flew around towards him and that he only dodged through his skill, speed and unimaginable luck.

More limbs shot forth from the Lich, but this time they had flesh puppet mockerys of the creatures that had composed the creature pulling themselves out of the flesh and some leaped off to attack the knights or to defend those foul limbs.

He made quick work of some of the monsters, both Shadow Walkers and Myrmecoleon were cut in two by his blades whenever they met in battle. From each limb he leaped upon he was met with opposition but he was like a whirlwind of death who's blades were coated in a thick layer of dark muddy blood.

When he landed upon the largest of it's limbs he let the winters storm within him and that the scaly lump of flesh was soon frozen to the bone in mere seconds. The Lich screamed from it's many mouths and all he felt was pity.

But new limbs emerged from it's flesh just as he shattered the frozen limb into a thousand tiny pieces. One limb came and he cut it half, while another was frozen but the third a paw struck him.

The paw that struck him square in the face morphed into a pair of mighty mandibles that a Myrmecoleon would have and they gripped themselves around his helmet.

The two exoskeleto mandibles applied enough pressure to begin crushing the helmet and Chris's skull on the inside. He screamed as the feeling of intense pain applied upon his skull and brain was like a hot flame being driven into his brain.

He tried to cut the limb with the both of his blades but two other limbs erupted from its flesh and it manage to wrestle both of his hands from fighting out of the mandibles tight grasp.

The pressure continued to increase and though the helmet held on, it would not forever and Chris's head would be like a crushed egg, only it wouldn't be yoke that he would be leaking out.

In a final act of desperation he thrust his foot forward as he hoped that his ice magic would be enough to freeze the monster's limbs. But as soon as a freezing mist materialized, the creatures limbs were engulfed in dark purple flames that fought his ice.

The two elements clashed covering the top of the creature in a thick layer of steamed mist that blinded Chris from seeing much. Though that was the least of his worries as he was being crushed within his helmet.

" Damn it, light powers. Now might be a good time to do something and save me " he frantically thought as the pain his head increased. The sides of his helmet that were being caved in felt like they were digging into his flesh.

"I... i... am... m... am... no... ot... D... ing... like... like... ke... tis... this" he managed to grant out in between the screaming as he dug into what was left of his strength in order to draw out some final resistance.

But it was all for naught as the Lich proved too strong and it's limbs still bound him even as he tried desperately to escape with his ever reducing strength.

The pain constantly being applied to his skull took it's toll. Black spots began to appear in his vision even the world of the steam and mandibles became a haze impossible to focus upon. His finger's began to lose their strength and his legs went limp as his eyelids grew heavier and heavier.

As his heavy eyelids finally fell he saw a bronze figure descending and colliding into the Lich like a missile from the heaven's. He felt a powerful shockwave collide with his body and send him flying out of the Lich's three grip's and down until him landed upon the earth with a great thud.

He wanted to open his eyes but his eyelids were too heavy and his mind was slowly drifting to sleep. A pity then that he was awakened when he felt his helm being forcefully ripped off and a quick slap to the side of his face jolted him from the realm unconsciousness.

Standing above him were Venus, Thor, Tomoe and strangely enough his sister Ishtar with her red stone spear Ebih.

"This brings back memories" he said as he was reminded of the Nexus.

"Oh, you think so little brother" Ishtar said and he could only smile as he placed his palm upon his forehead spreading out a small sheet of ice to alleviate him of the headache attacking his head.

"My head is a bitty loopy guys, cause i think that i am seeing Ishtar here" he said unsure of what he was seeing or even saying.

"Big brother, don't tell me that your head is all clunked up. Don't worry, i will fix the way aunty Morigan taught us to heal all injuries" Venus said in fear as she leaned down and began to shake his body rather violently.

The violent shaking was like a bucket if cold water to the face and it fully awoke him.

"Get her off me!" He shouted for help.

It was Thor who answered by easily lifting Venus off of him with a big grin upon his face as his said " Come princess, it appears that your brothers head is working quite fine right now".

"Deus my head" Chris complained as he felt his head now spinning from Venus rather serious shake.

"Brother..." Ishtar was leaning down to say something when Tomoe rushed passed her and began firing off questions at him like.

"Is my family alright, is the compound still intact, the mark it hasn't activated has it?!".

" they are fine, they should all be at the foundation now. As for that thing...." How could you tell someone that their family member had been working for some dark agenda and that they had just turned themselves into a monster for it.

"What Ddraig, what is it?" She demanded as the anxious air grew around them.

The torn apart body of the Lich answered for him. A small mound of flesh upon it began to twist and morph until it was the half naked body of Kairi Ashikage from the waist up.

"To... to... Tomoe!" It screeched as its flesh began to roll back towards it mixing back together and engulfing its humanoid form back to the horrifying abomination that new born Lich's bore.

"No, please no" Tomoe gasped unable to understand that the creature was her grandmother.

The creature turned its mass to the stadium were it began to lumber as it's mouths all whispered these series of words repeatedly without stop" Collect energy... Collect for Shiro... Collect from battery...".

"Battery?" Ishtar asked looking at him and Chris wasn't sure until he remembered what she had said to him.

"We gave him the power" he whispered as he looked to something in the direction that the Lich was lumbering to.

"What do mean?" Thor asked.

Chris pointed to it as he answered the question that they all wanted " It's the stadium. We have been filling it with high amounts of magical energy and it . it's a battery, Deus be good imagine what she could do with it. She could...".

"Open a door to the realm of darkness" Ishtar finished her finger's around the spear tightening.

"We have to stop her!" Thor shouted as lightning began to course around his body.

Ishtar raised her spear and with a great throw, her spear shot forward shattering the sound barrier and creating a vacuum as it flew forward passed the Lich that lost some flesh from the spear passing by it.

The spear struck the stadium and the impact it created unleashed a shockwave so powerful that the black structure was reduced to a crater with nothing of the stadium remaining.

"No!" The Lich shouted as it finally reached the ruble that it's many grotesque hands began to shift through, hoping to find anything.

The sky above them began to disperse of the thick black clouds until the sun was able to return it touch to them.

"The stadium was an anchor it seems" he said hoping that this was the last of it.

But when was life ever fare to him. Down the mountain to the city he could see a warzone. Explosions so loud and powerful that he could feel them from where he stood, the skies were teaming with hundreds of aircraft's and gryphon's engaging in areal combat and the city was engulfed with massive fires that were spreading to the lower part of the mountain.

"Oh come on, first this and now this. What is today, bad luck tuesday!" Chris shouted as he wondered why Deus cursed him so with such unnecessary troubles.

"Wait Leo, is that why " he turned to look for the lion warrior but he could not see her.

"Um, guys" Venus said gaining their attention as she pointed to the behind them " What is happening?".

Hundreds of night terrors that had brought their foulness upon the world flying towards the Lich by some invisible force. They flew into the many mouths whole before being chomped down into minced meat that added to the size and grotesque shapes of the Lich.

"What... What is she she doing?" Tomoe asked just as horrified as the rest of them were by the sight.

"She is eating them" Chris felt his stomach turn as he watched those bloody teeth turn full bodies into bloody chunks in a few chomps.

"Why, why is she doing this?" Thor asked.

"They are adding to her power, she is killing her own allies for power" Ishtar said though she kept a more stoic face than them.

The Lich devoured it's last victim in a final bite. The monster now stood a height of a hundred meters, it turned to the city below and it's mouths all bellowed.

"Smell... Smell dragon... Dragon power open to Shiro" upon her back thousands of small wings erupted and though small the giant mass of the Lich took off from the ground.

"It is going for the egg, my ship!" Ishtar answered as she pointed at the great gray ship hovering over the city.

"Wait, the egg is here?!" He turned to Ishtar confused as to why she had brought the dragon egg here of all places.

"Yes its here. Have you forgotten what i told you a few days ago!?" As she said that he felt his cheeks redden and heat up in embarrassment as he had forgotten what she told him.

"Oh, right. Sorry i kind of forgot" he said as he nervously scratched the back of his neck.

"What dragon egg?" Tomoe asked and Chris remembered that the egg was highly classified information.

"Don't think much about it. Just focus on returning order to the city, i am giving you an order, so don't argue" he said stopping her from arguing with him.

The wings on his back began to flap and he left the ground for the Lich. Besides him flew Ishtar who had her sword Clarent the sister sword to his own Lucius-aurora.

"What's with the new look?" She asked him.

"Long story" he replied to her.

"No story is ever too long brother".

" Okay then, let me begin from when me and my team arrived at the iron fortress.... " he started explaining but Ishtar cut him off.

"Maybe this story is a little too long" she said smiling.

By this point they were over the city and Chris could smell the death and destruction around him. Below he could see the ruins of many buildings with innocent civilians running for safety while battles between the Avalonian forces the invading forces intensified.

In the air the particular sent of death was most thick as around him he could gryphon's with their riders fighting aircraft's and other aircraft's fighting each other.

"I am not letting that thing get to my ship" his sister said with a burning fury in her eyes before she picked up even more speed and Clarent collided into the Lich's back.

But the sword was met with an instantaneous shield of scaled flesh that deflected the blow. One of the Lich's mouths opened and from it a long bronze tongue shot out towards Ishtar who was caught in surprise.

"Watch out" he shouted to her but it wouldn't be enough.

Chris acted on instinct. He flew forward as fast as he could, reaching her just in time to act as a shield when the tongue struck his breastplate, sending a big jagged crack across it.

As he was sent flying backwards he felt Ishtar's hand around his neck and he instantly accelerated into the opposite direction. He only stopped after crashing into the deck of the battleship.

Slowly he pulled himself out of the crater that his landing had created. He could feel a sharp pain in his nose and a warm trickle flow out of it that coloured the floor red.

His trouble's were not over yet, right behind him a aircraft crashed down. He knew a lot of Avalonian military aircrafts but this was not one of them, in fact it belonged to the forces invading them.

The ship was massive and it covered one third of the landing pad. It was covered in cracks and fires from whatever battle it had just to get there.

The door of the ship opened wide before simply falling down. Out of it walked out two fae, male and female with a similar purple armour and rapiers.

"Sister, could that be" the boy said with glee as he looked at him.

"Could it be what Lug, what could it be?" His sister asked grinning in such a similar manner that they both looked like gender flipped versions of each other.

"Ignore the hair and the blood, Brig. It's him, the Prince who killed the traitor. Of whom we have come" Lug said.

The girl, Brig gasped in surprise "You are right brother. How convenient, Dia must be truly smiling upon us today".

"Prince of Avalon surrender now and you could end this attack and help pave the way for further peace between our peoples" the boy Lug said to him keeping a civil facade.

Chris to glance to his back were Ishtar and the Lich were engaging in a furious aerial battle.

" Sis won't be any help and i am not sure that i can take them and whoever else is inside that ship. No, do think negatively Christian, you have to win this" he thought.

"Who are you two?" He asked and both siblings briefly bowed in perfect unison as they spoke in one voice.

"We are the dukes Lug and Brig Ghealach of the lunar empire, Admirals of the silver sails fleet. It is a pleasure to meet you prince Christian Ddraig of the kingdom of Avalon. Please come peacefully and no harm shall before you and your people".

" So that's what they want. A high level political hostage who's presence shall aid them in pulling our kingdom's tail he thought as he looked at their false smiles hoping to make him foolhardy.

"Tell me young dukes. if someone wanted to use you to give them sway over your precious Lunar empire, would you do it willingly?" He asked in a loud sharp voice, similar to the one his father used.

Rather than look conflicted by his question or anything both siblings looked amused and they began to laugh. He felt his irritation growing within him.

"Oh, so he is one of those sister..." Lug said in between the chuckling.

"They are so rare, a pity we have to break another one" as Brig spoke the two siblings began to move to his sides putting Chris on edge as he wonder which one of them would attack him first.

"If you think that i can be easily broken by your like. Please feel free to try" he got into a battle stance.

Both twins came charging in synch with each other. He waited until they were close enough to swing their rapiers at him that he leaped backwards avoiding them and leaving them open and exposed as they continued with their swings.

He thrust forward his foot striking the girl Brig in the chest and launching her into the ground. As he turn to Lug he saw the boy's rapier in it's glistening glory descending towards him but his wits proved fast enough to catch the blade and his hand was protected even if armoured in ice.

This advantage he had came an end when Brig's rapier struck the wrist that held onto the blade so hard that the armour cracked and the bone on the inside felt as if it had been close to snapping.

Chris screamed in pain as he unhanded the blade and retreated from them as he held onto his wounded hand.

"That armour is strong, but our Dragon steel blades were forged by the elder dragon herself. They will break through it dear prince!" Brig shouted at him as both her and her brother rushed him.

Lug swung for his head and Brig for his legs. Chris stomped his foot and a wave of ice shot from it engulfing Brig's rapier into a thick block of ice.

Crossing his twin blades he hoped to stop Lug's blade but he was too slow to fully protect himself from harm a the rapier struck both crown and flesh upon his forehead, leaving a stream of blood to tickle out.

Chris backed away once more, hoping to put some distance between himself and these twin fighters. He felt a hot searing pain upon his forehead and it seemed as if the flesh upon it was being cooked.

He screamed as his finger's reached for the crown, were the pain was at its worst and he pulled it off his head. When he did a bright light of blue and gold engulfed for a passing second.

After this second his ice armour was replaced by his regular that shared the injuries suffered by his ice one, his long blue locks of hair were returned to his normal brown and were once there had been two blades, Lucius-aurora in a united shape was in hand.

"Back to your own original self oh Prince. A pity, you looked beautiful in blue " Lug asked him with a face belonging to one who enjoyed the misery of others.

"He most certainly did, even had the wings of a proud Fae on top of it all" Brig added.

"Just shut" Chris shouted as the effects of fatigue began to catch up with him and his body felt much more heavy and taxing with each move.

The siblings attacked him from right to left and he tried to block and dodge them but they were too fast and he had lost much of his considerable speed.

Every time he would block one the other would hit him so hard that his armour almost cracked and the flesh within was certainly bruised or cut and the bone broken.

Another strike to his leg brought him down to his knees and a back kick from one of the siblings sent him flying into a thick door and into the inside of the battleship that was as empty as it's deck.

As he slowly got up he looked up to see Brig flying towards him with her rapier raised to strike and he crossed both his forehead before his face to protect the most exposed part of his body. He managed to stop the blade though he almost regretted it as a sharp pain shot through his arm.

As Brig recoiled Chris took that moment to strike his sword Lucius-aurora forward but he only struck air. Solid air to be exact formed around Brig and his blade bounced off.

"So that's here elemental magic " he thought as he jumped down the stairs leading going down.

He landed but before he could move a powerful force exploded in his face sending him spiraling across the floor as he held onto his bruised left cheek.

"Do you like it little Prince, my power to compress and explode air into air explosion's" Lug shouted from above the stairs both he and his sisters descended.

"I cant fight them both at once, i need to find a way to split them off long enough for me to take out one. This ships interior should be like a maze, i can lose them in it " he thought as he picked himself up and began to run through the ship as fast as his legs could carry him with the mocking laughter of the siblings not far behind.

He didn't know how long he ran but he knew that it was long enough for his legs to begin to feel stiff and his breath gave out.

" I need to rest" he thought as he reached a final door or rather a vault door.

He placed his hand upon it and he could feel a ticklish sensation as he felt it scan him and his Mana signature. A fool second passed before the door opened and Chris stepped in, closing it behind him.

"The egg" he said looking at the dragon egg place upon a pedestal in the center of the room.

It still radiate that familiar heat of power that he remembered from when he first saw it. His legs trembled as he walked towards, feeling as if it was calling him to it.

And then the room shook as if something big and powerful was hitting it over and over again. The egg almost fell but he reached out and managed to grab it and rested it carefully in his arms like a newborn baby.

The side of the room was soon torn open and Chris once again found himself looking right into the Lich's eyes.

"Egg!" It roared.

"You never give up do you. I would say this Shiro guy is lucky but he can bagger off " Chris said to the Lich as he slowly retreated to the door.

"Brother, what is going on in there!?" He heard Brig shouting from the other side of the door.

" Stuck between a rock and a hard place " he chuckled as he as he realized his options " Rocks lead to the sky!".

He leaped forward to the Lich with Lucius-aurora in hand. He could feel his fae wings materializing upon his back and while they helped propel him, they wings were stiff and hurt.

He cut through the Lich, which sprayed him with its blood and bits as he flew through and to the other side. The creature roared and turned to him with one of it's limbs racing towards him.

The limb never caught him as a gryphon came flying from above and caught him in a strong grip carrying him over the side of the ship and back to the deck where the beast let him off.

He looked to the gryphons rider and he found Ursa and a young knight in red looking at him with a grin.

"I am gone for a few hours and you turn my city to a monster infested zone" she told him as she got off the gryphon.

"Am gone for a few days and my city becomes to Lunar empire infested zone" he answered back with a smile as he embraced her in a hug.

"Touché Ddraig. You win this round".

" Don't i always " he said grinning.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, your majesty. My name is William Redret" the red knight said stretching out his hand and Chris shook it in a firm and respectful grip.

"The pleasure is all mine, and please call me Chris or simply Aeris Ddraig" he told him trying to lighten the mood.

"Wait, is that?" Ursa said as she pointed at the egg.

"Yeah it is, the Lich wants to do... Something, i don't know what but it is something bad" he explained.

"This Lich, where did it come from" her question brought a cold sweat to his body and Chris felt even stiffer that before in his bones, muscles and joints.

" I can lie and claim that it walked out the realm of darkness, but i can't lie. It's the rule of the team and Ursa's smart. She must already know how a Lich comes to be " he thought looking into her cold piercing purple eyes.

"It... its your grandmother..." he said as a look of horror spread across her features "...the other one. The grandaunt or whatever people call them".

The horrified look vanished " Oh that one. It makes strangely too much sense".

Their talk ended as the Lich's giant frame cast a shadow over them. It had climbed the side of the ship. It would have continued had a hundred arrows of flames not all masterfully struck it's eye's, blinding it and making it recoil as it roared in pain.

Behind them hundreds of gryphon's and aircraft's landed with Ishtar at their lead.

"What happened to you?" He asked her, wondering where she had been.

"That thing knocked me away and when i returned to the hole in my ship i had to throw two intruders overboard" she answered.

From the ships he saw many Knight's and soldiers including his sister team. Next a giant red tree came from the ground with Thor, Mulengu, Pyrrha and team Argonauts.

"You are so screwed sister" he said to the Lich who's eyes had all healed.

Rather than attack the Lich roared as it's flesh began to ripple over and over until all sorts of monster's that it had devoured, though they were even more twisted and misshapen than before.

These flesh puppets charged them as more and more of them escaped the body of the ever shrinking Lich.

"Brother, get the egg down within the ship" she ordered him and he obeyed.

"Pity i can't stay to see you guys kick ass, but do well alright" he said to her as he began to walk into the lower bowls of the ship.

The sounds of battle rang out loud and he could hear it as he descended deeper into the ship. As he reached a new level of the ship he a heard steps behind him and he turned hoping that it was back up.

But it wasn't, it was Kairi Ashikage. Or at least the closest in between her and the Lich. It's abnormally large reptilian hand pointed at him him before it's fanged mouth roared.


" Just give it already lady!" He shouted but the Lich didn't listen and it charged towards him.

He slammed his sword into the metal hall and while it hurt his insides, a wall of ice materialized as a buffer between him and the beast. But it shattered as the Lich charged through them and collided into Chris.

He didn't know how many rooms the Lich tackled him through. But they stopped when they reached the helm of the ship.

He lay upon his back and the egg accidentally rolled out of his arm. The Lich turned and charged for the egg.

Chris wouldn't let. From behind he wrapped his arms around it's waist and he lifted it before slamming it upon control panel that broke and let out bursts of electricity that cooked the Lich's flesh.

The Lich leaped off and tackled him back down. Though he landed upon the dragon egg. The eggs power let out such a powerful heat into his back that it felt as if his back was burning.

The Lich was reaching down, trying to bite into him as he fought it off. He reached into his own core to draw some strength. But the deeper he reached, the more he passed the cold, he reached into the light and into something else.

A fire burned within his throat and he opened his mouth unleashing a torrent of blue, golden and silver flames that consumed the Lich for mere seconds until all that was left was ash.

"Wha... Did i just breath out fire" he thought as black spots appeared in his eyes and finally Christian Ddraig gave himself to the dream realm with the egg besides him that was cracking open.

Unknown to him the broken control panel had activated a hidden feature of the ship. Those on the ground could only see the ships thrusters starting off before taking off at speeds so fast that they got closer to the speed of light before vanishing into the great expanse of the sea, to a great expanse of possibility.


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