Creatures of Darkness, Night Terrors, Shadows, Shadow Walkers, Dark Shadows, Dread Things, Foul Things, Abominations of The Ill Lands and The Children of The Void. These were the names that everyone knew these monstrous creatures as. These malformed twisted children of that foul realm, that eternal realm of void and shadow from which no light could escape.

That realm that sent all good creatures fleeing from it's monstrous offspring who brought nothing but death and sorrow to all creatures who had the light within them.

Chris looked at them at them from the center of the the empty arena that looked aged and withered as some areas of it had been knocked back. The dark skies and dark rain even made this situation even worse.

"Deus be good" Tomoe whispered out loud and Chris couldn't help but sympathies with her. This was her home and the it was being tainted by the shadow, a similar fate had befallen many places Chris held dear to himself.

The night terrors that were flying around and running around with the Anjin guardsmen trying their very best to kill all the creatures but they were overwhelmed.

Jorogumos were crawling across the walls upon their many great hairy legs that left giant webs upon everything that they touched. And any unfortunate guardsman they came across were ripped apart by their pincer's.

The Myrmecoleon cut through the numbers of the guardsmen with their mighty paws and mandibles. The weapons failed to cut through the exoskeletons of these mighty ant lions.

More and more of these beasts of different species were running across the arena and wrecking havoc. He did not know why, but he could not move, feel or think as his focus was completely on these beasts that feasted upon the flesh of men and brought their blight.

"What are you doing!" Chris was drawn out of this state by Mulengu who seemed to have materialized in front of him.

"What, what..." Chris said absent minded as his wits finally returned to him and with it came a fire that lit his cold heart.

"Where is Thor?!" Mulengu asked or more or loss demanded as he shook Chris.

" What do you mean? " Christ asked him back as he looked around for Thor, but he could not see him amongst the knights who were charging forward to join the battle against the Night Terrors.

"He isn't...." Mulengu never finished as he was shoved away by a fast blur.

The blur was Venus and she threw her arms around Chris, binding him into a deep hug as she said " Oh dear brother, you are safe!".

"Yeah, nice to see you safe too sis" he said returning her hug.

"Hey you jerk, what the hell are you doing!" Mulengu from the ground shouted at Venus with his fist shaking at her.

"I am checking on my brother" Venus turned to him and stuck out her tongue at Mulengu who leaped up and began a shouting match with Venus.

Chris wanted to quite them down, but his attention turned to someone who grabbed his right arm from behind. It was a boy with light purple hair and a bow in his hands.

"Prince Christian, where is my sister?" the boy Paris had a panicked look upon his face.

"Sister... Pyrrha " he thought as he felt a jolt running through his body, returning his full senses to him.

He brought his hand upon the boys shoulder " She is in the Ashikage Anjin medical facility. Come with me Paris, let's go save your sister ".

"Wait, what about Thor!" Mulengu shouted halting him and Paris from running off.

"Thor can handle any of these monster's, i don't think Pyrrha can do much with her hurt leg" he said though he wished he could easily shrug off the the guilt of leaving Thor.

"Your not leaving without us Ddraig" Tomoe said to them with Benkei towering behind her as her silent guardian "There are a lot of civilians out there who will need more than three knights to protect them".

"Fine, come on" Mulengu said with a sigh not interested in arguing this point with her " Now hold on".

"What?" Paris asked but Chris knew what Mulengu meant and so he braced himself as Mulengu slammed his right foot into the earth which began to shake and tremble before it erupted as great red tree that punched through the earth extending out of the arena at high speeds.

All five knights jumped upon the branches as the tree extended into the air until they could see the whole mountain and city.

The mountain was surrounded by dark purple clouds that rumbled and cracked with purple lightning. Looking at it just made Chris's blood boil, he almost wanted to jump into the clouds and cut them down.

The sight below was even worse and Chris had to fight against the electric urge from inside his body.

More and more twisted Dread Things were spreading destruction through out the city that had become a chaotic mess.

Multiple shrieks went through the air that assaulted their ears and Chris couldn't help but almost bend over from the sounds that almost made him double off the branch.

"What are those things?!" Paris shouted as he pointed at another black cloud in the sky.

No it wasn't a cloud. Clouds didn't come towards you at breakneck speeds, nor did they make shrieking sounds it was a swarm, a swarm of birds with the bodies of hounds and beaks that were filled with sharpened teeth.

" Chamrosh. Be carefully, they have a habit of ripping their victims insides out while they are alive" Chris said remembering the little evil monsters that he had been told about by a eyewitness who saw them in action.

"I hate the dark things" Tomoe cursed with her bow drawn as she faced the swarm in disgust.

" You know those things? " Mulengu asked him as he got his sword ready.

"My grandfather had a legendary battle against millions of them that invaded the kingdom, it became a legendary tale known as The Chamrosh Hunt of Charlemagne. Their brutality became legendary in that battle, my grandfather told me many stories about the hunt. Let's not let them get closer, they will swarm us and try to unstrap our armour and before ripping out our guts" he explained as he tightly increased his hands around his two new blades.

"Of course" Paris raised his bow and he began to pull upon the bowstring and fire tens of arrows with every passing second into the cloud of Chamrosh. Tomoe joined him in this endeavor and their arrows rained hundreds of Chamrosh carcasses upon the city.

The creatures whimpered out loud every time a arrow lodged itself into their flesh in a pitiful manner that reminded Chris of a dog. It almost made Chris not take his offensive actions against them until he saw one of them with the lifeless disemboweled corpse of a civilian in it's beak.

He raised both of his blades that were now vibrating from the hot energy building up within them. As he swung them along with Mulengu, waves of blinding light energy left their blades and cleaved through the swarm tearing everything that they touched to ash.

Benkei gave him an approving look before he too raised his blades and slammed them together creating a mini cyclone that flew into the swarm, grinding many Chamrosh into mincemeat.

The Chamrosh began shrieking even louder and louder as their numbers were cut off by half. Between their shrieking they shouted out the word "Star Forge, Star Forge!!" As loud as they could, as if they wished for everything to hear them.

"We are above the Ashikage compound, we must jump off here!" Mulengu shouted as he beheaded a Chamrosh that got too close for anyone's comfort.

"Why?!" Chris asked confused as he two found a Chamrosh too close and one of his swords cleaved through it's skull.

"Because of them" Mulengu answered pointing to their back and like a plague the Dark Shadows pursued them.

From amongst the numbers of thousands he could see many Strix with their iron beaks red from the recent kill. A member of the creatures race managed to reach him but Chris slid under it cutting through it's wings with the both of his blades sending it falling down to the earth.

A Cockatrice the size of an entire building was slithering along the branch towards them. Chris didn't know if it's chicken beak would be a threat to his protected form but he knew that it's serpent form would crush him like a metal can.

Right behind it were the Cusith. Large black hounds standing at ten meters in height with wet inky fur that left a trail of dark purple sludge everywhere they past and Chris could see Mulengu shudder in a skin crawling way at the sight of that substance upon his magical creation.

Behind the Cusith were the Kishi. Those cannibalistic two-faced demons that were half-hyena and half man. In their hands were crude stone arms that could rend through flesh.

"Lady and gentlemen, shall we" Mulengu asked before he leaped off the tree and without thinking Chris joined him before a Cusith leaped upon him.

The beautiful tiles of the Ashikage compound all shattered rather violently as all five knights landed upon them. The courtyard was completely silent and empty without anyone present, either human, fae, elf or the abominations of the ill lands.

"Where is everyone?" Paris asked, his voice low, fitting in the dead silence that lay thick upon the courtyard.

"Probably hiding, though why are there no guardsmen forming any kind of defense?" Chris asked having to expected some kind of defense or anything.

"They might be inside, these buildings are fortresses after all" Tomoe said in a hushed voice, her eyes were moving from side to side like a true sniper looking for something out of place in this unnatural situation.

Frankly the area had a sickly feeling to it, as if he was looking at a festering wound that made his stomach turn.

"Something doesn't feel right here. It smells foul, my tongue can sense it" Mulengu strangely said as he stuck his tongue out in a reptilian like fashion.

"Your tongue can smell?" Benkei asked as confused as Chris and Tomoe both were. Mulengu jumped a bit at the question with wide eyed realization dawning upon his face.

"I meant that i could sense it with my tongue... yeah, that's it" Mulengu yammered on as fast as a man caught in a lie.

Whatever question they had about the abandoned courtyard was answered when the first of the shadows appeared. Dark creatures, that towered three meters in height with spindly legs and the type of horns one would imagine on a devil and they were more shadow than physical matter.

"Shadow Walkers, these Deus dammed things" Chris cursed as he looked at some of the most vile children of the realm of darkness.

"I suppose that they are seriously bad" Mulengu stated.

"They are intangible. Literal shadows that were the most brutal to fight, they also have a habit of torturing prisoners to such degrees that the stories no matter how exaggerated fail to live up to them " Chris said as more and more shadows materialized across the courtyard until there were more than a hundred shadows with their claws and horns at the ready to meet their swords and arrows.

"Wait, if they are intangible how the hell will we be able to touch them?" Mulengu demanded in panic taking a few steps back and getting into a much stiffer defensive stance.

"Don't worry, our weapons were designed with spell work to strike such untouchable beings. Should you want to strike them with your fists, coat your limbs in Mana, enough of it can affect intangible creatures" Chris instructed his fellow knights who all nodded in understanding of his orders.

"We should fight them defensive" Tomoe said and Chris knew why it would be good idea, behind them there were no Shadow Walkers to strike them in the back as he, Benkei and Mulengu acted as shields for the two archers.

The shadows attacked at once in a twister of darkness that would have blinded them all had Chris not found himself glowing brightly like a star within the vast dark emptiness of space.

The shadows shrieked and wept from his light. In fact, now that Chris noticed he could see them burning upon the touch of both his blade and light.

To his right Mulengu fought with a similar fury to his own. Cutting through shadows that came from the right, left, from above and at some shocking times at below, but Harbinger sliced through them.

Benkei was death made incarnate for any shadow foolish enough to reach his grapes. The large young man struck them down with all almost sadistic joy.

Behind them Paris proved himself the son of Morigan Ulster as he shot hundreds of arrows per second with an expert accuracy that very few bowmen could match much less surpass. And Tomoe Ashikage Anjin proved herself his equal in marksmanship with bow. No arrow between the two of them was wasted and the shadows shrieked as they were cut into.

The battle was hard fought, but it was not enough. For every thirty that each of them killed at one time, a hundred more Shadow Walkers took their place.

Chris began to be overwhelmed when three shadows charged into him regardless of his light that burnt them. They collided into him knocking him to the ground much to his surprise.

As he tried to rise more than but some shadows acquainted him with both their feet and fists leaving him with a spinning head that hurt as if a small blade had been driven into it.

"Starforge, Starforge the both of them" he heard the shadows shrieking as if a storm of a thousand different voices.

"How, they all dead. The great king swallowed them whole" other voices said.

"The princes and their dogs lied, they always do" some other voices said and now Chris fought all he could to free himself but he could not break free from a the grip of the Shadow Walkers.

"Enough talk, use his sword to blind him, i will unarmour his arms and legs, those go too" another voice said Chris panicked trying as much as he could realizing that he lacked the both of his blades.

Looking up he could see the blades both hovering over his eyes. The damn monster was dragging out the process to draw the most amount of fear it could out of him. Chris might not have shown his heart pounding fear with his face but his frantic attempts to escape the Shadow Walkers.

"They always try to look so brave, but when you flay them, they plead like pigs" a Shadow Walker said laughing and mocking him.

A laugh spread amongst the shadows who continued their mocking without end. The mockery and laughter quickly turned into screams of terror as something else broke through the shadows.

At first he had thought it to be one of his companions come to aid him, but it wasn't. Non of his friends were that fast, that strong or that big. The thing was like a train that moved and twisted with great speed and agility.

The shadows shrieked in fear screaming "Light Thing, Light Thing!".

The pressure pinning him to the ground vanished as the shadows turned and fled. Those too slow or too unlucky were taking by the golden blur and their death screams were cut short.

Within seconds the courtyard had far less shadows than before. The last fleeing Shadow Walker was taken by the white blur, a white serpent that wrapped itself around the squealing creature that it crushed before swallowing creature whole.

Chris scrambled to his feet to reach for his sword just in case this new beast was a creature of shadow turned on it's allies so that it could kill them instead.

The creature turned to face with it's eyes looking straight into his own and Chris knew from them, that the creature had the intelligence of a man within it. The Children of the Void with such intelligence were the most dangerous.

Mulengu leaped between him and the creature with arms outstretched as he acted as Chris's shield.

" Hey, what do you think that you are doing, also where the heck did you go when the pocket world fell?" Mulengu snapped at it like one would a dog and like a dog the serpent hissed in a manner too similar to a whimper as it backed away.

"Um... Mulengu, i don't want to ruin your scolding but... please... please time out" Chris said as he made the time out hand gesture as both Mulengu and the Serpent turned their attention to him.

"I..." Mulengu looked ready to say something but he stopped himself as if the explanation was lost even to him "...I kind of used those light powers i got in the Nexus to summon this guy. He is...".

" An animus, an animus drawn from the realm of light. That's considered incredibly rare and top tire skill, same as you Prince Christian, i have not even seen my mother use light energy to a similar extent as you did against the shadows" Paris said in awe as he walked towards the might serpent.

Both Mulengu and Chris smugly smiled as the thought that they had surpassed their teacher at something, even if it was through sheer dumb luck but it still pleased them.

"Well i be damn, you actually did it" Tomoe said to Mulengu with a smile.

"Thanks for teaching me by the way" he said to her but Tomoe simply shrugged in a tired manner as she said.

"I think that you should be thanking Penelope. Deus she is never going to let me hear the end of this".

"Can sister do light magic like this as well?" Paris asked, deciding to step back into the conversation.

"No" Chris answered him before gesturing to Mulengu " The only ones who should have it are him, me and Ursa".

Speaking her name brought a somber cloud between both him and Mulengu, while the young Paris Ulster coughed and shifted around awkwardly. Tomoe and Benkei on the other hand looked slightly annoyed.

"Well, shall we do this " Chris said with a heavy sigh as they turned to the main door of the Ashikage compound.

The door was kicked down and the inside was an empty area with no man, woman or child in sight. Not even the pets kept around were present. it was frankly unsettling, like walking into a haunted place lacking all life.

From the edge of his eye he saw something red hidden behind a bookshelf, the red thing moved not by the wind but as a living thing did, he turned to Mulengu and slightly tapped his arm and directed him to it with a silent head gesture.

Paris, Tomoe and Benkei thankfully picked it up easily and they all readied themselves sharply for any new foe as Chris slowly walked towards the red thing. He was almost a meter away from it when the bookshelf was thrown over and the walls around them broke down as Anjin guardsmen charged in ready for battle.

The roaring band stopped as they looked at him and his companions in confusion. Chris paid them no mind as his confusion was reserved for the red thing with flowing crimson hair and a spear in it's hand.

Pyrrha looked every bit as intimidating as her mother when she tried to be though now she only looked embarrassed as she realized her ambush and trap had only ensnared them.

"You guy..." She stopped when Chris just walked forward and drew her into her warm hug.

He didn't care that the others could see, he was just glad that she was safe. He didn't let go and she didn't ask him too, in fact she hugged him back too and Chris's spine tingled as he felt her warm breath upon his neck.

"Thank Deus that you safe" he said as they both finally let each other go.

"I should the same, after what happened outside i feared that you had fallen my prince" the manner in which she called him her prince made his cheeks burn.

"Sister!" Tired of waiting Paris rushed to her and drew her into his own hug.

It was heart warming and Chris couldn't help but smile. To his side Mulengu and Benkei had amused smiles upon their faces as they looked at Chris.

"What?" Chris asked confused but Mulengu's amused smile grew even wider.

"Oh nothing, nothing at all buddy" Mulengu replied still grinning.

"Paris, are you well, what happened out there?!" Like any older sibling, Pyrrha transformed into a parent before their eyes.

"I am fine sister, though it appears your wounds still trouble you" Paris spoke as like Chris he had noticed the limp in Pyrrha's step and the slight winces of pain from the injury Ursa had felt her.

"I am still good enough to fight. Gae-Assail has killed it's fare share of fouls things today".

" Where are all the other people " Tomoe asked as it occurred to the five knights that only fifty guardsmen were present here.

"They are in the great foundation" a guardsman answered.

"The great foundation?" Mulengu asked confused.

" it is the main heart of the Anjin. A fortress where the head family rules from and also a great bunker where many civilians are hidden " Tomoe explained.

"How good is it?" Chris asked.

" It is the most secure facility in the entire world Ddraig. It was well tested and within it are hundreds of magical arms that give the people there more of a fight chance" Benkei answered.

"Why aren't you there?" Chris asked Pyrrha wondering why they weren't within the facility adding to it's protection.

"We should have been. The Wizard was teleporting people to the foundation and we held the line against the Shadow Walkers. The Wizard was injured by a surprise attack and he lost himself back to the foundation leaving us and them here" Pyrrha answered him and Chris never got to ask who 'them' were as a group of civilians entered the room cautiously led by Ursa's grandmother's and Kazuto Anjin who looked beat up and worn down.

They shambled into the room with pale skin and red teary eyes upon the eyes of the children who still trembled with quivering lips.

"You survived" the other old woman said a bit irritated while her sister threw a glare at her sister.

"Behave sister, i won't take your ill suited mocking. Not today and nor now".

Chris hid his smile as he looked upon the outraged face of that old woman. She scoffed and walked away from their company to her shadows.

Kazuto rushed to his daughter and nephew who he both engulfed into a great big hug. The two answered his hug back with a similar energy to his own.

" You are safe, thank everything that is holy" Kazuto whispered and Chris could swear that he saw a tear rolling down his cheek.

" The night terrors made it in here" Chris stated as he saw the deep claw marks across the walls.

"They have been sending in frequent waves after waves of all manner of monster's. We have lost many good men and women" as Pyrrha spoke he could see the tired faces of her and the guardsmen, their weapons had some dark purple stains of the foul things blood and the dented blows that remained upon their armor.

" We can't stay here, this place feels more like a trap than a shield. It's only a matter of time before they get in and we don't have much of an advantage in here" Mulengu said.

"I agree with Mulengu, the foundation is a whole lot of a safer bet than this " Tomoe said now freed from her father's hug.

"We know, but we just can't walk out of here with those things" Ursa's grandmother said.

"And yet we can't just sit here and wait to be circled with our lesser numbers, we might hold them now but we can't survive like this for long. Numbers are everything in this situation " Chris remembered how quickly they had almost fallen to the Shadow Walkers.

Mumbles and mummers flowed across the group of civilians and the old woman seemed to be thinking about the matter.

All of the mummers ended when Kazuto cleared his voice. The head of the Ashikage house looked much older and almost exhausted. He opened his mouth and said " They are right. This house wasn't made to hold back such a threat. If we don't go for the foundation, we will die here".

"This compound has a armoury right?" Chris asked and Benkei answered him with a yes " We can armor and arm all civilians from head to toe. That will give you extra protection and an offensive edge. We can make a beeline for this foundation and i am positive that is our best chance of survival".

"What if it doesn't work" someone from the crowd asked him.

"Then we die aiming for our survival, which is better than to die here like trapped animals getting picked off one by one the shadows" he answered with a pit in his stomach as more and more of what was about to be undertaken weighed upon his soul.


Pyrrha and him led the people to the armoury and the trip was awkward and quite. No one spoke a word and it seemed to enhance every sound that they heard from the patting of footsteps to the sniffling of once weeping children.

He looked to Pyrrha and he almost moved to her side as she winced with evey serious step that took.

"You should really take some pain killers" he said to her and she simply smiled.

"I took some before. That's enough for me, i don't want to get addicted" she answered him.

"You shouldn't push yourself too much then".

" Then you are going to have to cover for me so that i dont strain myself too much" she said with a bright smile as he stumbled around his words much to the amusement of Mulengu and Paris who both chuckled behind him.

"What's so funny?!" he demanded as he turned to them.

"Nothing, nothing at all big guy. I don't think that your lady likes you focusing on us" Mulengu said as he tried to hold back his laughter much to Chris's annoyance.

"Don't let him bug you" Pyrrha said and his attention broke away from the snickering jerks behind him.

"You have a nice look, i have never seen you like this" Pyrrha said and once more Chris blushed.

The Ashikage armoury was a large room filled with all sorts of arms from blades, axes, spears and spiked morning stars. The guardsmen had taken to armouring the civilians while Chris had spent his time looking for a helmet and shield.

As he did it he noticed a young girl standing alone in armor too big and uncomfortable for her. She whimpered and rubbed away the tears from her face.

"Hey, is something wrong" he said as he knelt by her.

"We are going to the monster's, everyone is brave and i am scared. I just want to see mommy and daddy" the little girl said as fresh batch of tears fell off her cheeks.

"Where are your parents?" He asked her.

"In the foundation" the child answered.

"Hey, it's okay to be afraid. I am afraid too " the child looked at him confused as he admitted his fear.

"But you are brave " she said.

"And you can only be brave when you face real fear. I promise that i will get you back to your parents upon my honor as a knight" he swore that oath with one of his blades resting across one of his knees.


The trek through the remnants of the city was so tense that Chris felt his body tremble from the fear and stress that he had told the young girl about.

The civilians stood at the center of their group with guardsmen around them. Mulengu ridding upon his serpent led the front with Paris upon it as well while Tomoe and Benkei flanked the sides with him standing at the rear his eyes looking around left to right in order to see any possible attackers.

They tried to keep away from opening spaces as best they could but the night terrors had torn apart many parts of the city that finding cover was now as rare as a chicken with teeth.

"This is a bad idea" a fearful guardsman said besides him and Chris couldn't blame him.

The ominous black skies and the sounds of night terrors not too far from them put the group at edge and the fear almost made his legs lose all feeling. The distance between them and the foundation was nothing more than eighty meters away but it felt like eight thousands meters.

"Tell me sister, did you think that this would get here" the old grandmother asked her twin.

"No Kairi, no i didn't think that it would come to this".

" Shiro did" when the old woman said this her twin came to a halt of confusion while Kazuto threw her a glare"Oh my sweet Shiro shall be pleased, this beauty for my love".

" Now is not the time for this sister " her sister said and their confrontation brought the group to a halt much to Chris's annoyance.

"Hey, not now. Keep this for the foundation" he said to them from the back.

"No champion of light, it is time. I have done all that i could for my love, now i must prove" she said with a blank expression upon her face, as if she wasn't fully in her own head.

"Sister what do you..." Ursa's grandmother stopped when her sister gave her a glare that told her to be silent.

"I had hoped that the girl could be used in time for this. But we can't all have what we want, but i will be one with Shiro now" she said with a smile as she ripped off her light sleeve from her shoulder revealing flesh that had become a dark purple.

The moment everyone saw it the civilians gasped and moved away from the two sisters while the guardsmen and knights aimed their arms at Kairi Ashikage Anjin.

"The girl... No... No" Kazuto began to say his body trembling in anger as did Chris when it dawned upon him that she might be referring to Ursa.

"Her corruption, was it you?!" Chris demanded from the old woman with his hold on his blades tightened even harder.

"It was not a corruption boy, it was a divine touch" the old woman snapped at him.

"Sister, no" her sister wept while Kairi returned to her sickly sweet smiled.

"Yes sister, this is Shiros gift to me and i will serve him as i swore to all those years ago" she reached into her robe and pulled out a leaf shaped iron dagger.

"Put the blade down" Chris ordered her with his twin blade's aimed at her.

"Be prepared little Prince, now comes the night and non can escape it" the blade slid across Kairi Ashikages throat letting out fountain's of hot blood that coloured her and the ground red.

As the body hit the ground, the blood began to change colour from crimson red to purple black. A loud screeching sound from thousands of night terrors that seemed to be getting closer with each passing second drew him out of his shock.

"We have to go, We HAVE TO GO!" He shouted over and over again as he pushed the people forward and grabbed the sobbing old woman who refused to run like like the others.

"No... No... No" she said but he forcefully pulled her away as he said.

"We have to go now. They are coming" Kazuto shouted as he joined them and managed to pull his mother away. Chris tried to move but he felt a hand grab ahold of his ankle stopping him.

Upon the ground still bleeding out a pool of filthy purple, Kairi Ashikage held him in an iron vice like grip.

"Go without me now!" He shouted knowing that someone would have to hold back those things.

Pyrrha and Mulengu started to protest but he would have none of it "That's an order soldier, now!".

The two red knights reluctantly left him with Kairi Ashikage still grasping onto to him.

" you, what did you do?!" He demanded as he pulled her onto her feet.

"I did what Shiro would have wanted. I have given the girl, blessed her with his touch, i invited his subjects, i gave him his power or rather you gave it too him my good knight's. Now i must give him my frail mortality and prove my love for him" she both wept and laughed before she started chanting something, something strange, something foreign to his ears and something familiar.

"Nimue had chanted these words" he thought in fright as he vividly remembered how the leader of Zodiac had become the Archetype-King.

Just as fast she had started chanting those words something fast came and grabbed her out of his hands, it was a Jorogumo. it bit into her flesh and even when she should scream she kept chanting those ancient tongues.

Next came a Shadow Walker, three Myrmecoleon, a Chamrosh descended to join the feast, the last to join were a Cockatrice and a pack of Cusith that all ignored him to enter their eating frenzy of human flesh.

He was frozen and his mouth hang open as he looked on both in confusion, horror and revulsion. The eating stopped when the creatures all began to screech and whimper as dark purple tendrils erupted from the woman's blood and they grabbed onto the beast's, drawing them into large twelve inch teeth that formed within the blood puddle that tore them just as they had Kairi Ashikages body.

The flesh and bone of the now dead monster's began to mix and take shape, until what towards above him was a chimeric abomination of flesh and sharp teeth, constantly pulsating and always shifting it's mangled form.

"Deus have mercy" he whispered as he looked at it all of it's twisted glory.

It's many eyes all fell upon him and his gut told him that it wasn't Kairi Ashikage looking back at him or the monster's her body had devoured, but rather it was something else, something deep, something old and he knew it hated him.

Steeling his nerves he got into a battle stance the both of his swords as he got ready to do battle, with this abomination.



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