The crown felt different when it touched his head. Chris had worn the crown before and it always had a warm or slightly hot feel as it's Mana surged into him like his blood was intermingling with some sort of hot liquid.

This time it felt cold, like he was trapped unclothed within a blizzard and his magic could not save him. His chest felt like the cold hand of winter itself had taken a tight grasps grasps of both his heart and lungs.

He tried to move his finger's in order to rip off the crown that rested upon his head but he had just lost all sense's within his limbs.

Out of his mouth came a mist that froze the very earth he was upon in a thick blanket of ice and snow. The motion made his nose feel like it was likely bleed out as if an ice pick had been driven into his nostrils.

Strangely the pain and discomfort from the cold gave way until he was the subzero temperature without any pain. His flesh felt cold and hard but it didn't discomfort him like it had done before.

As he arose from the ground he found himself in a suite of armor made of pure ice, different from the other armor that he had wore before in every way, across the ice were runes written in glowing gold the likes of which Chris had never seen before. Across his chest was a golden glowing image of a sword.

His hair had been changed again as expected it was icy deep blue and extended to reach his shoulders with icy frozen tips.

The reflection looking back at him from glistening ice armor was young man with pale flesh and purple bloodless lips, had he not known that this was him he would have thought himself a corpse.

His eyes had bags under them as if he hadn't slept for days, though that wasn't the strangest feature that they possessed, as they lacked pupils and were simply golden glowing orbs. Running down from his eyes to to his chin were two stripes of blue colour that were like body paint.

Next on the list of things out of the ordinary with him today were upon his back flapping without end were a pair of rainbow coloured insect wings though upon closer inspection they were more like thin ice sheets.

Reached his hand backwards and touched his wings that sent a sensation racing downwards his spine making him recoil in shock. Every Fae or those with Fae blood could have the power to grow wings and from his grandmother, he could summon such wings. Though he never used them like his father or siblings making them feel almost foreign to his body.

"Hey kid!" Atla call pulled him out of his deep thought's.

"What... what" he thought a bit disoriented as he pushed himself off the ground looking around to the others who had stopped their fighting and had turned to face him.

"Nice look" she said grinning as she pinned Antoku under her foot.

"Thanks, i guess" he said as more cold mist rolled out of his mouth making him look like some kind of dragon breathing out cold mist instead of flames and smoke.

" Are we done with the theatrics " the red head he had yet to know as Loki said before shooting a torrent of hot ash towards him.

Chris raised the both of his arms instinctively to stop the blow from landing and it didn't as Loki's ash was frozen solid before it could ever touch Chris.

"How did i..." He said in confusion as he looked at the giant frozen ball of ash and the equally confused face of Loki.

"I wasn't trying... wait, what is this " he thought as his senses picked up a field aura of ice magic around him so thick and potent that it's mystic cold could almost rival a Alpha-Spell in it's power and complexity, Chris could never admit this out loud but he could never forge a spell equal to this.

"Perhaps your approach is needed Achilles" Loki said to his partner with the layer of diamond flesh who took off towards Chris like a torpedo.

Chris jumped backwards but he didn't land upon the earth, instead he floated upwards and upwards as his wings took him out of Achilles reach.

Achilles stopped and threw his spear towards him so fast that the spear set the air aflame from it's very own speeds, but Chris was faster than Achilles throw, too fast in fact. He flew to the left and the spear sailed past him.

"Have i gotten much faster " he thought asking himself as he tried to compare his speed from before to now.

He didn't have much time to think about it as Achilles jumped towards him and collided into him. The sky shook as the two of them were knocked out of the air and onto the ground.

The earth cracked as they both landed upon it with an echoing thud. He recoiled his fist backwards and slammed it into Achilles face, causing Achilles's head to whiplash backwards as a slight crack appeared on his forehead.

He might have been knocked back but Achilles didn't seem bothered. He raised his fist and brought it down upon Chris's face, sending out a sharp blow of pain through his face.

Achilles tried once more to ram his fist across his face but Chris thrust his own fist upwards to meet the diamond skin knight's body.

Chris's fist was not just covered in ice armor this time, but in a layer of golden flames that burnt the air around him and seemed to be eating the light around him.

Their two fists collided and the impact of the two generated a force that turned boulders to dust and uprooted hundreds of trees with a sound more akin to a meteorite landing than anything else.

Chris winched as a sharp pain surged through his arm. Achilles on the other hand screamed out in mind numbing pain as the diamonds across his arm shattered along with the sound of his bones being cracked.

Achilles began to retreat from him and a foot being struck forward by Chris caught him in the chest sending him flying backwards.

Chris arose and raises his hand in order to summon Lucius-aurora. Strangely rather than drawing his blade, what he got were two swords made of ice that were ideal replicas of the real thing, though they had a strip of light energy running from the tip to the hilt.

"Where is it, where is my blade? " he thought in confusion as he looked at the twin blades in his hands.

His question ended as he felt a thick warmth within his chest. It was a familiar feeling, a familiar magical code that was pressed across his skin. He reached out and touched the golden sword glowing across his chest.

"Is that where it is?. Dad, what the hell does your crown do?" he thought out loud.

"Prince Christian!" He heard in none other than Theseus who came racing through the forest towards him.

"Whoa, what's this new armour that you have sir, you look so cool. Can you teach me how to do something similar. Is this only a ice magic technique, then i promise that i can create a earth variant sir" Theseus's wings were flapping in enactment as he went on firing question after question towards Chris without stopping.

"Whoa, calm down!" He shouted at the young fae who finally went silent.

"Alright, fight first, learn later, right sir!" Theseus shouted before he charged towards Chris with his sword drawn and Chris using both twin blades managed to block it.

He pushed against Theseus sending the smaller Fae staggering backwards before being launched back by a few meters after Chris's boot dug itself into his chest.

Theseus wasn't sent rolling for long as he quickly leaped back into the air and threw himself back towards Chris with a wild swing, but as he neared Chris something strange happened.

A thick coat of ice instantly began to encase the young Fae from head to toe until he was in a twenty inches thick ice cube with him at the center trapped and restrained.

After much struggle, Theseus managed break his way through and slammed his foot into the earth. Beneath him an arch made of solid rock formed and he sank deep into it.

"That's his Alpha-Spell, the labyrinth " Chris thought as he remembered having used it with Theseus to invade the vampire Ruthvens Alpha-Spell.

The arch then popped upright and though it should have shown nothing but what was behind it, it showed him a deep dark stone lined entrance in to patch work of dungeons that formed it.

Too caught in the arch was he that he never notched the ten other's forming around him. Chris only become aware when a bright streak of blue energy shot past and struck the earth in front of him destroying it. This jolted him back to his senses and he turned back ready to call upon Lock-Shift and defend himself.

But his ice aura had done the duty for him as five beams of energy had been frozen into nothing more than ice rods before they could so much as touch him.

The arch's suddenly began to fuse together until they forged an even greater and larger arch. From it a large shadow appeared, it toward over him and it's great muscles were much larger than his own, it's flesh was covered in thick coat of brown fur and two great bronze horns adorned it's head. In its right had was a long jagged obsidian sword.

Upon the Minotaurs back was Theseus with big grin as he showed his hidden card to Chris in all of it's glory.

"Damn sir, i didn't know about this new power of yours. But i hope me and Mino can both provide a good challenge!" As soon as Theseus had spoken those words Mino the Minotaur roared or moood like a cow and swung it's blade in an overhead fashion.

The beast's strength couldn't be stopped by the layers of ice caused by his aura. But this slowed it down enough for Chris's fist to collide into it's gut sending it sliding back by a few meters.

"Whoa, hey Mino are you okay?!" Theseus asked in both fear and worry for his animus.

"I am fine young Theseus... he is strong!" The creature spoke with a deep booming voice that quivered at first as it tried to hold back the pain caused by his punch.

"I know, only Meghanada and Isfandiyar have ever shaken you like that from a single blow. He is so strong" Theseus's eyes were now sparkling.

"No, much stronger" the Minotaur said as it continued to rub the slight bruise that his fist had left.

" Much stronger, what power did father really put in this crown " he thought as he flexed his finger's and while he couldn't feel anything but the cold, he could feel more strength than he had before.

"Young Dungeon Master!" The Minotaur roared out to the knight hanging onto his back " Lend me your strength. Let us show this Winters Knight our worth!".

"Okay!" Theseus answered with glee as a blue wave of energy rolled off him and into Mino, the Minotaur.

The Minotaur roared as it's size doubled and blue streaks began to randomly appear across it's fur. Theseus as he rested upon its back seemed to have fused all the way to up to his abdomen into the back of the Minotaur, making them both closer to a single living entity than just two.

"Prepare yourself winters knight" the Minotaur said with a grin before launching himself at Chris so fast that it broke the sound barrier.

Chris had only duel wielded once during the battle in the Nexus so he was no expert with it, but he managed to use both blades to parry the great obsidian blade.

The Minotaur might have been large and meaty but it was fast and skillful. The both of them danced around each other as if they were the wind and it was rare for a sword to scratch the beasts flesh or for the great blade to crash into his armour and leave a scar across the ice.

As their battle continued with each passing second and Chris for the first time felt a heat within the his cold frozen chest. The Minotaur swung it's blade once more and Chris felt a great surge of power as he moved to the side.

He strangely felt his body losing his weight as if he was air as if he was light. He moves faster than he had ever moved before, so fast in fact that space around began to bend around him and the light rays from the sky were frozen as if time itself had come to a halt.

He moved to the back of the Minotaur and he reached out his hand grabbing Theseus and with all of his strength he yanked the Fae boy forward and out of the Minotaurs back.

The Minotaur turned in surprise and it brought down it's sword but Chris caught it with both his hands locking the sword in place. Next he swept he right foot forward under the great bull knocking it down to the ground as he pulled the blade out of it's grip.

Theseus jumped back up and he looked ready to fight Chris once more when a dark shadow blanketed the land. Thunder rumbled and giant bolts of lightning danced across the sky as great winds howled and beat against the earth.

The rain followed and the moment the first of the cold liquid touched his hair, Chris recoiled in revulsion as he felt his head hurting as he looked up to see the dark purple liquid that fell from the sky and watered the earth.

Panic spread through the fighters as they all recognized the substance from a single glance and from a single feeling that made one's skin crawl as they felt it rolling down them.

"What is this?!" Antoku yelled in confusion and fear as he tried to retreat from the dark energy but found himself slipping into a puddle.

"Is this some kind of joke!, does someone think that this is funny!?" Atla demanded looking to sky and like all of them expecting the wizard to show up and explain this.

"Aeris Ddraig, what's going on?" Theseus asked him in cold fearful voice.

"I don't know" Chris answered him and he truly didn't know what was going on. Unlike the others who were now drenched in the substance, his ice aura seemed to turn it into icy mist before it touched him, leaving the earth around him relatively untouched by it.

"We have to get out of here!" Antoku shouted and Chris joined him in that motion.

"What about the match?" The pirate girl asked as she tried to shield her other teammate.

"Someone is raining dark energy upon us kid. To hell with the stupid match and whoever thought this was a good idea, cause should i find them..." Atla made a strangling motion with her right hand and Chris couldn't help but pity whatever fool had done this.

Though Atla would be the last of their troubles, this reckless use of dark energy would most likely lead to a criminal conviction of up to hundred on average.

"Anyone of you got a way to get out of a pocket Alpha-Spell?" Achilles asked after rubbing some of the dark purple sludge off of his face.

"Theseus" Chris said as he turned to the young fae.

"Of course sir. " Theseus grinned as he gave Chris a salute " Come on Mino, let's do this".

Chris turned to the risen Minotaur and he handed the blade back to the great bull who nodded in respect. The bull walked towards Theseus before a portal opened to his pocket world.

Time passed and another arch materialized from which Theseus walked out of with a face of confusion and frustration.

"Hey kid, what's wrong?" Atla asked as she took cover under a tree in order to protect herself from the cold darkness raining down.

The trees around them unfortunate would provide no such protection however as the branches and trees began to reduce to nothing but dust with every passing second.

"I can't manipulate my pocket world through this world's magical make up. We have to brute force our way out of this thing" Theseus answered and Atla simply smiled.

"Anyone here have a reality bending offensive Alpha-Spell?. Nothing else is going to cut it" Atla said and Chris raised his arm as did Antoku " Good, if all three of us hit it at the same time, we destabilize it ".

" all three of us?" Chris asked in surprise.

"You don't think that i don't have an Alpha-Spell on this level do you kids" Atlas grin grew and she turned to look to the heavens " You kids might take a few steps back ".

Chris aimed both his blades to the skies as did Antoku with his katana and Atla with her mighty mace. He didn't look at them but he could feel the vast waves of Mana that kept growing off of them in intensity with each passing second.

He might not have seen it but the amount of collective Mana powered up by them were already bending and twisting reality. Chris felt his power reach it's limit as the cold within him was changed with a burning intensity that almost felt as if his inside's were being cooked.

" Golau-Outlivion! " he shouted as from both his blades two great beams of golden energy shot forward to the sky.

Unlike his usual Golau-Outlivion Alpha-Spell, these beam's were hotter and more powerful in Christians hands.

Antoku followed him by shouting " Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi!".

A swing from his Katana sent out a great burst of water so great it might as well as been a lake. This water reached the top mixing with his beam's and the two began to devour the sky into a dark void.

Atla followed with her own Alpha-Spell as she threw her mace into air as she roared " Celestial! ".

The mace exploded into a great explosion of night. Miniature stars and planets exploded forward into a small big bang that mixing with their own power blew away the pocket world from the greatest mountain, to the smallest atom and to the very layers of reality that composed it.

It all happed in a great explosion that slightly blinded them. Chris was brought to his knees from the bright light and he shook it off faster than most.

And he was the first one amongst them who saw the monsters.

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