While Mulengu and Chris had run down the mountain to join the battles below, Thor had remained to guard the flag. He had wanted to join them but instinct, like a voice within his head and an invisible hand upon his shoulder stopped him from acting rashly.

Tomoe had hurled insults at the two of them as they vanished into the thick canopy of plant life. She stomped her foot and shook her fist in righteous anger until her face was red and veins began to visibly twitch across her forehead.

" You!" She shouted turning to him with an angry sneer as she pointed at him with an accusing tone.

"Yes, my lady" he said with a heavy sigh with fingers tightened around Mjølnir.

" Don't you my lady me. What do you're stupid friends think that they are doing!? " she shouted so loudly that he couldn't believe that her throat wasn't horribly strained from it.

"I am afraid that i can't speak on their behalf. Though i believe that it is best for you to leave, the fighting is starting Tomoe" the mountain shook as it's bottom erupted into large explosions that stretched for an entire kilometer.

Such thick plumes of smoke and debris were sent flying into the sky that some others rained down upon.

Tomoe gave him a curious look as she asked him " You aren't going to join them?"

"No" his answer seemed to confuse both her and Benkei.

"Why is that Stormcloud?" She looked at him with a questioning keen eye as she

" Someone has to guard this flag" he simply answered as he knew that his strengths would be best optimized protecting the mountain and the flag planted upon it's center.

"Of... of course" she regained her composer and turned to Benkei who was sad to not go with her but he embraced her within a soft hug non the less.

"Please, take care of yourself" he said in a heavy voice and she answered him with the words.

"Don't worry, you take care of yourself as well".

" I know, just please take care. That girl hurt your arm and it's still..." He was stopped when she playfully slapped his right arm.

"Don't worry, i thought i told you that before. We have trained together, so you know me Benkei" she had a much warmer tone of voice and smile than Thor usually saw upon her face.

Benkei reluctantly let her go and like Chris and Mulengu before her, the figure of Tomoe Ashikage Anjin vanished into the thick woods.

" I suggest that you step closer" he said to Benkei who looked confused but followed Thor's instructions anyway.

Raising Mjølnir into the air, Thor called upon his Mana to connect him to very sky and dark clouds gathered over their little mountain.

He could feel the atoms and molecules in the air taking shape to what he willed. The charge of the lightning bolts streaking across the sky tingled within him and brought down Mjølnir as a mighty bolt of lightning landed ten meters from them but rather than simply dispersing across the ground, the bolt began to circle them from the ten meters distance as if it was a serpent.

"What is this?" Benkei demanded alarmed.

"Do not worry, it is but a little lesser spell to protect us from any attack we can't see in time" Thor neglected to tell Benkei that he had learned it from Ursa and her Grimoire .

And just as he spoke trouble came in the way of burning hot ash embers that collided with his invisible field of electricity from above. With such force that had the shield not been here, Thor was sure that the damage to them would have been serious.

From the very forest that had swallowed their friends the lone figure of Loki emerged. But he was different with darkened ash like flesh and eyes that burnt like embers. Small amounts of the ash fell off of him with each step he took.

"Loki" Thor growled as he looked at the smirking red head.

"In the flesh..." Loki said as he bowed but he stopped his sentence mid bow as if to think and then he continued with "... Though perhaps not in this form, not really me in a sense or perspective".

" What do you mean?" Thor asked as he send a strange Mana build up through Loki's body.

He was suspecting that this wasn't Loki's real self. The ability to create a replica or clone of yourself was possible if one invested a lot of themselves into the art.

"It must be what this is " he thought his eyes never leaving Loki.

" I am currently preoccupied now, but it doesn't mean that i can't come to meet you " Loki said with a smile, confirming Thor's suspicion.

Loki then thrust his fists forward and torrents of hot ash collided into the invisible wall and just like before Loki's ash failed Thor's power.

Loki stopped his attack seemingly confused that it had been stopped and he step closer and closer until his finger's could touch the invisible forcefield that made him recoil with a grant of pain from the millions of volts of electricity that composed the forcefield surged into his body.

"A neat trick Thor, never saw you as a spell caster really, but this isn't all that bad" he gave a slow mocking clap as he congratulated Thor.

Thor remained stone face as he glare at Loki, not even bothering to react to Loki's mocking behavior, he wouldn't give him the satisfaction of any kind of reaction.

" You put up such a well interwoven shield good Thor, it's runes and strings interweave through the fabric of existence itself " said Loki as he continued to inspect the forcefield " I am afraid that i don't know how to easily break it".

"You won't Loki" he replied and Loki began to slowly chuckle until he had broken down into a fit of laughter.

"What's so funny?" Thor demanded, like Benkei besides him unnerved by Loki's laughter.

"Its... its just that i could have never seen this possible outcome of me... me, having to put effort into breaking a spell created by you" Loki was now howling in laughter.

"You could not have foreseen it?. Who are you Loki, why do speak like you actually know me?" Thor demanded confused by Loki only answered him in laughter.

Around them a thick amount of condensed Mana began to shift, break and bend. Loki smirked opening his mouth as Thor tightly held Mjølnir, ready for the Alpha-Spell being drawn forth by the ashen creature before him.

" Surtur " Loki whispered as the air around them boiled as a great one kilometer long arm made from nothing but flames and red hot metal materialized high above all, hiding them beneath it's great shadow.

" This thing... I... I know it " Thor thought as he looked at the arm that was pure magical energy made manifest.

The hand descended like a mountain and Thor felt his own body taken by the storm as he called upon his own Alpha-Spell deep within him.

"Hrungnir ! " he roared as the skies above them darkened and a bright star of lightning descended with the fury of the heaven's themselves.

It collided into the arm and engulfed in a descent that vapourised three kilometers worth of rock off the side of the mountain, taking the arm with it.

"Nice trick " Loki said genuinely impressed " But i can keep on doing this, can you say the same almighty Thor? ".

Loki raised his hand as if to call another arm but he instantly crumbled to his knees as a arrow flew through his right leg that scattered into ash.

Loki appeared more confused than even in pain by the surprise attack. His face went from surprise to annoyance in a single second as he turned to where the arrow had come from.

Meghanada Indrajit stood there with her bow drawn and another arrow readied to add to Loki's general inconvenience.

" You!? " Loki shouted at her surprise but Meghanada's facial expression didn't change.

"Yes, me" she answered with her arrow trained upon him.

" What in the great anc... " Loki never got to finish as another arrow struck him in the head and all that remained was a pile of ash.

"Meghanada" Thor greeted her not putting down the shield and she didn't put down her bow.

"Thor" she answered him.

"I see that you came. Thanks for the save" he said surprised that she had come to their aid.

"Sure" she shrugged uninterested and Thor felt a slight warmth upon his cheeks.

"Benkei stay here" Thor instructed Benkei behind him as the shield dispersed while Thor walked through it before it reformed trapping Benkei behind it.

"Are you ready?" He asked her as he felt the electric power surging through him.

"Are you sure that you are?" She smiled as she asked him.

"Of course. In fact, i will give you the first shot" he said with confidence brimming off of him.

"Oh, are you truly so confident?" she asked smirking as lightning surged off of her body.

" Well, ladies first" he said with glee.

Meghanada answered him with a swift kick to his right foreleg surprising Thor by the swiftness of her blow and her strength that brought him to his knees.

She drew back her bowstring but he would not allow her as he leapt forward and caught her by the both of her arms and he threw her over his shoulder and onto the ground.

Meghanada struggled against his strength to free her arms and Thor found himself struck by her forehead sending his mind spinning as he staggered back.

She charged towards him and he raised his hand calling Mjølnir to him as she called her bow to herself. Thor swung Mjølnir forward with all his strength but an arrow fired from her bow knocked it out it's course.

He was met with a high knee across his face and the hot copper smelling substance called blood filled his mouth. But he didn't have much time to think of it as one of her arrows caught him in the shoulder and it dug in deep enough through his chainmail that he could feel the tip scrapping at his flesh.

With a great shout he pulled it out the arrow though two more found themselves into his chest and once again his chainmail stopped it. Unfortunately the arrows struck with force of sledgehammers and he knew that bruising was most certainly to remain.

He grunted from the sharp pain of his clothing rubbing against his hurt flesh. But that mattered little as his aimed Mjølnir at her and from it bolt's of lightning sprung forward and struck her square in the chest sending her spiraling onto the ground.

As soon as Thor was back upon his feet, so was Meghanada. The lightning would have stunned others foes for much longer but Thor knew that Meghanada used air magic with a specialty in lightning like him. Those who immersed themselves in an element found themselves with a slight resistance to it.

"That... Was a lot" she muttered with large plumes of smoke from the lightning bolt coming off of her.

"My name is Thor after all" he said with a grin, though that grin failed as Meghanada's face snapped towards him and Thor recoiled in shock.

Her normally stoic facial expression was lost to a wide manic grin with eyes that were but bolts of lightning now.

"Meg..." Thor never got to finish as her fist caught him in the jaw and faster than one could flip a coin he was in flight.

He didn't know how far she had launched him, but he did know how hard she had hit him and it was a lot. His jaw hurt and he could have sworn that he had lost a tooth, though it was difficult to tell with the blood already in his mouth.

His landing hurt almost as bad as her fist. Pulling his aching body out of the crater he had created Thor couldn't help but groan from how much it hurt.

" Heavens be good, she has the right type of fist on her. But what happened to her face" he thought as the memory of the manic Meghanada returned and Thor couldn't help but shudder in fear as he thought about it.

His thinking ended as he saw two arrows racing downwards to him so fast that they created a vacuum. Even pained Thor managed to side step the first arrow and the second one was crushed under the force of Mjølnir.

From the sky she descended as a living bolt of lightning, shaking the earth from her landing and Thor once again found himself looking at the mad Meghanada.

"I see that you are truly happy" he said nervously as he looked at her nervously " Maybe, i mean maybe you could just tone it down a little ".

Meghanada answered him with several arrows that Thor managed to strike down as he called down his own bolt's of lightning. Meghanada then aimed her fist towards him and a tornado shot towards Thor.

He tried to keep himself planted but the gust of strong winds uprooted him and swung him around and around without rest until he was slammed into the ground with his body digging a trench.

She granted him no respite, for as soon as the tornado was over Meghanada had leaped upon him, leaving Thor with red cheeks and trembling hands.

Once more his head was met with an attack though this time it was her elbow that buried him deeper into the earth with each hammering strike.

Through the mind numbing pain he felt his Mana surge through his body as he called to the clouds above and they answered with a lightning bolt unlike any other before. It was as high as mountain and it struck like a fallen meteorite.

The earth around them was broken and burnt until some parts of it were nothing more than vast lakes of molten liquid rock.

Thor pulled himself out of such a lake of molten liquid rock. His insides hurt from the amount of Mana drained into him for him to call upon the bolt of lightning. He coughed as he looked around for Meghanada but he could not see her.

"Deus be good, she was mad " he wasn't sure if that terrified him or if that made him like her more.

"Megh..." He tried to shout but a hand grasping onto his foot stopped him.

He turned his head back to the molten rock he had pulled himself out of and he could see Meghanada's hand outstretched and holding onto him as if she was some kind of demon from the depths ready to pull him back into hell.

Her head slowly bubbled through the surface and her eyes focused upon him. She grinned at him and Thor couldn't but grin back at her as he called Mjølnir once more but she had his leg and she pulled down into a uppercut that sent him sailing into the air.

He landed upon a great boulder, crushing it to a thousand fragments from the force of his impact.

This time he instinctively struck his foot forward catching the charging Meghanada in the face and putting a halt to her assault. He arose just as quickly as she did and the two foes found themselves circling each other.

"You are really loving this battle aren't my lady" he asked Meghanada who was still grinning from ear to ear.

"What can i say Stormcloud, you have that effect on me" Thor diverted his face from her own as she said that in embarrassment.

"I... I... I hope... That... That it is a good effect" he mentally kicked himself for having stuttered in front of her.

"You fool, now she thinks you some kind of child or imbecile " he thought cursing himself.

"A good effect, a every good effect " she said nodding.

"Good enough for us to let's say, get together for a meal and a sparing session after all of this is done?" As soon as those words left his mouth, Thor felt regret grasp onto him like a hand upon his throat.

Meghanada seemed confused and she tilted her head as his words kept repeating within her head. He began to sweat buckets and it felt like his head had been dunked in hot, salty water.

His knees lost all strength and he feared that he might tip over should he try and move. He tried to open his mouth and take back what he had just said but his lips were sealed shut and his voice had left him.

"Okay" she simply said with a shrug.

"I... I... What?" Thor finally realized what she was saying, he couldn't understand what she had said.

"I said okay" she diverted her face from him as she said that and Thor felt like jumping and cheering.

"T... thank you" he almost fell to his knees as the pressure left his chest and his body relaxed.

"That's nice... this fight isn't over though" she said drawing him out his bliss " Ready yourself for my full power, Thor Stormcloud! ".

The air around her began to twist and twist at great velocities until it was a tornado that picked her up and carried her over a hundred meters into the air.

" Oh, i thought we had a moment" he said in a whinny voice as the pain from his bruised flesh blazzed from scratching against his chainmail.

In the sky a storm began to form as dark clouds gathered and the drums of thunder beat with each great blow. With it came the Mana that was a visible green energy in the sky that assaulted both Thor's physical senses and his magical senses.

"Crazy woman" he said grinning as he too called upon a force deep within him and it felt like his body was being compressed under the weight of some invisible force inside of him.

Meghanada roared out first the words " Brahmashirsha-Astra ! " the words echoed with the storm as large great green arrow began to descend.

Thor raised Mjølnir towards it and drawing upon that ancient terrible force he roared " Sönnungr! ".

From his mighty hammer a lightning bolt unlike any before it shot forward. It was like a mountain in size and like a star in it's fury.

Both attacks collided midair and the entire fabric of the pocket world shook, even if everyone didn't feel it. The struggle of the two was not just a battle of strong energy, but the very reality around them was stretched, bended and overwhelmed.

The bright light created by the collision blinded Thor for a minute or two before it deemed and he found himself drenched in rain standing not too far from Meghanada.

" What just happened? " he thought as he looked around them to the right and left.

They were back in the stadium and the skies were pouring down a rain of a dark inky substance. To the left a hole that their attacks had created from the pocket world swallowed up the flood waters that were filling the stadium.

The true strangeness was in the sky though as they ill shaped creatures born of shadows descended upon the screaming crowds of people which ran and fled.

The darkness had descended and Thor could only watch as it readied to consume them all.



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