Another Lunar kingdom solider hit the ground with a massive hole in his head from Ursa's shot. Besides him were the bodies of other Lunar kingdom troops who Ursa had managed to shoot and kill. She wasn't sure the exact number that was here but she knew that she had stopped counting at around the fifty eight mark.

The gun wasn't her best trained weapon of range but she was still a markswoman. She remembered enough shooting range lessons from Morigan for her handle the firearm with enough competence to be the grim reaper to the invading troops.

Her trigger finger was throbbing from the pain brought upon by how many shots she had pulled the trigger.

Around her panic and chaos reigned as the sound of the city was transformed from the usual tranquil sounds of a small fishing town to the screams of civilians and combatants alike as the world around them slowly crumbled to the hunger of the flames, the hammering blows of the artillery from Avalonian troops and Lunar kingdom troops.

Across the skies artillery bombardment from the Lunar kingdom's ships continued sending debris flying halfway across town in some instances. She had on more than one occasion almost been caught in the artillery shots, those who had been less lucky than her suffered rather grim fates.

Above in the skies Avalonian gryphon's and air vessels met the Lunar kingdom's air vessels in battles that lit the skies so brightly it was as if there was a second sun in the air exploding into thousands of little solar flayer's. Occasionally the bodies of the dead or wounded would drop out of the sky adding dead gryphon and air vessels to the list of current death from the sky.

A loud explosion rung out through her ear and she grabbed onto it instinctively as a Lunar kingdom's vessels came crashing down upon a house not too far from her. The vessel had it's front partly melted from the shots of the Avalonian fighters.

Her eye's didn't linger upon it least she see the half melted corpse of a pilot. She had seen enough to make her stomach churn and she wasn't ready to loses her inners here, right now.

She didn't have much time to think as she once more let of a shot catching a soldier in the exposed section of his leg, cutting through a vital blood vessel sending the soldier tumbling down to the ground screaming in pain as the pool created by his blood increased despite his attempts to stop it. She raised her gun once more and ended what would no doubt have been a long and horrible end.

Ursa and rather reluctantly William had joined the defence of the city in halting the advances of the Lunar kingdom's troop's. The defensive forces were scattered and using only passing protocol that Arumu Sycamore had presented to them to remember a day after they had arrived at the iron fortress.

But as it turned out, they weren't undertaking the defence of the state and city alone. Strange torrents in the traffic lights, mail boxes and even statues managed to aid in that defense. The hidden guns had caught many Lunar kingdom troops off guard and it had been such a merciless slaughter that Ursa had flinched.

"You know, i don't think that people will be happy after they realize that we hid heavy weaponry in their mail boxes" she said to a fellow solider as another Lunar kingdom troop lost his head literarily to the torrent's near unrelenting fire.

"I think that's one of those bridges that we burn when we get there" the knight answered her with a smile as he aimed his crossbolt and set one through the helmet of another Lunar kingdom solider.

The earth shook as from the Lunar kingdom ship, a massive tank rolled onto the city. From its gun large artillery shots tore through multiple houses in single shots.

One shot zoomed past Ursa, she might not have seen it, but she felt the shockwave that knocked her to the side and onto the ground.

Her entire body burned in pain and her ears rang in such pain that she was too disoriented to recognize the world around her.

She didn't see the next artillery shot that was coming from behind her. Before it could strike her another person jumped between her and the tank shell that that shattered into a thousand pieces.

The impact of this shell being destroyed forced her to her knees but a pair of hands grabbed her and pulled her to her feet. It was William who's frantic asking of if she was alright replaced the numb static that had deafened her.

"What... What..." She asked looking at him in confusion as a smile had adorned his face.

"She saved us" he declared pointing at Arumu Sycamore who stood tall with a great axe in hand, though she had small cuts and slight bruising on upon her face from the battle occurring around them.

"Arumu Sycamore" she said looking at the woman who with quick reflexes managed to cut down a Lunar kingdom warrior who had tried to sneak up on her.

"Falcon, you and i are going to have a serious conversation about your conduct when this is over" she declared to Ursa with a steely eyed look " But until then, protect the city".

A half destroyed Lunar kingdom aircraft landed not far from them, startling both Ursa and William.

"That is a little hard to do with all that Arumu" Ursa answered as she picked her gun back up once more.

Sycamore looked up to the heaven's and smirked before saying " We already have someone dealing with that".

Thunder rumbled and a bright green lightning bolt streaked from the iron fortress and into the air were it maneuvered around like a serpent, punching through the hundreds of Lunar kingdom ships in the air with such power that eighty percent of what fell next was hot ash.

"What is that?" William asked as wide eyed as Ursa was.

"The Imparetor, now i have to go" she told them leaping into the air were a gryphon caught and flew towards the iron fortress.

"Remind me never to anger her" she said " And the Imparetor as well".

"Yeah, though i think we need them just as much on this front and on that one " William stated as he pointed to the mountain.

Ursa looked back at the thick blanket of dark purple mist that had covered the entire iron mountain. Her first instinct when she saw it was to turn back to her friends and save them.

But her parents were probably near the iron fortress or with in it to be too close to the fighting for her liking. She could not leave them in the thick of it, and besides the others were armed and trained, they could take care of themselves... or at least that's what she told herself.

"Don't worry you g..." the other soldier who had been transporting them never got to finish as a crystal arrow from the enemy drove itself into his head.

Ursa was speechless as she looked at cold bloody corpse at her feet with it's blood drenching her shoes. She wondered what could have happened if that was her, the breath in left her lungs and her fingers felt too numb to pull that trigger upon their attacker.

"Hey falcon, come one. We have orders to advance" another knight shouted as he got off his echo.

"Ursa, Ursa, come one. Please, his gone, there is nothing you can do" William shouted as he pulled her out of her starring contest with the dead eyes of the knight who had besides her.

She nodded before respectfully saluting him and charging the screaming people and into the remains of torn apart roads and the skeletons of entire buildings.

She ran deep into the blinding covered plumes of smoke. She could feel the enemy at every corner and it made her skin crawl from a pinching electrical bite.

She was halfway in when she saw two enemy knights upon their mounts. She stopped, fell upon one knee and fired a shot at one which only succeeded at knocking him from his mount.

The other turned surprised and William fell upon him with blade that was now crimson from the knight's life essence.

The other knight leaped forward to her swinging his sword that was stopped by her firearm that soon discharge multiple shots upon his now mutilated face.

"Hey you okay?" William asked her his voice laced with concern.

"Yeah i a..." She stopped as all weight and mass left her head and her legs were like noodles, straggling to support her body.

She would have fallen unceremoniously had William not caught her.

"Hey, what's wrong?!" Now he was really concerned but her strength returned to her and she forced her way out of his arms.

"I am fine... i am... i... Fine" she pinched the bridge of her nose as she took in deep breaths to steady herself.

"No you are not, did you take a hit or something" his right hand reached out to her but she stopped as all clarity returned to her and it didn't feel like her head was being emptied.

"I am fine William. It was nothing but some slight nausea. We... we have enough out here alright" she didn't have to look far and she could see bodies buried under tons of rubble and others being consumed by the flames.

He tried to say something but another loud piercing howl left the both of startled and looking above to see what else would rain upon them. But it was not from above that they saw danger, but it was from before them that the remains of a building was trampled from a charging calvary.

Upon their head was a large knight with a lion shaped helmet and a great blade that would have easily cut through her with a single swipe.

Raising her gun, she fired off multiple shots at the calvary who shook the earth as their mounts neared them. Each bullet was cut down by the lead knight who was far faster than Ursa's projectile's.

"Ursa, we need to move aside!" William shouted but her hands could not stop.

As if they had developed a will of their own, her fingers kept pressing upon the trigger without end and she roared never stopping until William grabbed her and pulled her out of the way of the calvary charge who pasted them without stop.

That is except for the last two riders who turned and trotted towards them with lance and axe in hand. She fired another shot at one of them but it was cut aside by one of the knight's.

"Come on!" William shouted dragging her away from their attackers.

They ran through the twisted burning maze that was the remains of the city. The heat from the flames warmed her but her heart felt cold and her head felt slightly light.

She stomped her feet into the earth and a wall of reinforced purple earth erupted. The earth was stranger than it should be, a coat of dark purple ink surrounded it and look at it Ursa felt her stomach churn and she failed to hold it in and she coated the earth with a sludge similar to the one coating her earthen wall.

"Oh Deus!" William gasped as he looked at the dark substance upon the ground.

"I don't think that i am so good" she said as she rested upon William as she felt the chill grow upon the rest of her body.

The earthen wall broke down as the two knights came charging towards them. William gently placed her against the wall and he drew his weapon ready to battle the foes.

But he didn't ever meet them in battle as a bronze shadow with a double headed axe that cut through the knight's with ease. The figure stopped and Ursa almost gasped as she looked upon Ishtar Ddraig who hovered with multi coloured insect wings upon her back that flattered constantly, keeping her floating in the air.

The crown princess was cold and terrifying as she asked or maybe demanded " Where is he?".

Ursa lifted her finger and pointed to the city in the mountain. Ishtar glared in that general direction and with a sonic boom she was gone, leaving a trail of fire as she blasted off towards the city.

"Do you think..." William sounded hopeful and that hopefulness increased as a great shadow fell upon the city.

High above it was a great battle ship hovering in the air with thousands of cannons and fresh knights who brought the fist of Avalon to the invaders. their calvary had just arrived.

"Thank Deus" Ursa declared and she swallowed her prayer as a large explosion could be heard from the sea from which a army of a thousand Naga emerged with marching upon land "Oh come on!".


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