After Chris had taken off Mulengu had followed without thinking. Tomoe had tried to stop him by shouting out her lungs but his instincts won out against his logic and he ran.

Chris was stupidly running solo against multiple knight teams and there was no way that Mulengu would leave him down there alone. He didn't have time to think of such thoughts as he ran down the mountain as fast as he could after his teammate who had managed to outrun him.

Mulengu's blitz run came to a sharp halt when a rain of arrow's came flying downwards in such numbers that they bloated out the sun and trapped him under their great shadow.

"Deus damn it!" He cursed slamming his fists into the earth and feeling a burst of chaos energy flowing from his body and into the earth.

The earth shook as thousands of red roots each the size full grown oak trees erupted from the earth like massive grasping hand's freed from their imprisonment underneath the earth and they wrapped themselves around him in a protective shield.

The arrows struck like a hammer that rattled his bones even beneath the root's and the heat from the explosions scorched his flesh and he almost felt as if he was in a oven down there. This hammering and cooking continued for five earth shattering minutes which Mulengu spent with his teeth tightly clenched.

" Can i use it now " he thought as he considered his secret weapon that would have been enough to give him a much better advantage in the fight, but he could not, he would not. He had only used it once and it repulsed him.

" There is too much room for this to backfire on me " he thought pushing that power which had began to bubble within him away.

Finally the bombardment ended and the red roots retreated away from him and brought him back into the light.

The top layers of the vines were all nothing more than black scorched plant life shielding him from the destructive fate that had befallen the land that he stood upon.

For as far as he could see was black scorched earth and pools of hot boiling magma that he could feel from where he stood. He covered his mouth and nose as he looked over the land to keep the air from entering his lungs. It had made his stomach uneasy and he gaged from the foul sulphuric smell that rolled across the mountain side.

Then he felt a certain ping feeling in his head, it was a build up of Mana getting closer. He turned to face and four meters away was a arrow racing towards him so fast that it had become a fireball.

He moved his head out of the way at much faster speeds and the arrow passed by him, it's flames licking his armor and stinging his flesh.

But that wasn't the end as more and more arrows came forth, heralded by the shockwaves that they created as they easily broke the sound barrier.

Mulengu reaches for his sword Harbinger and deep within him he called upon the familiar spark of chaos energy that strengthened him. Usual Mana was like a warm or even hot liquid to him, chaotic energy was like having electricity plunged directly into his spine while he was having a sugar rush.

The charge always left him feeling stronger, faster and much madder. It was as if he lost all inhibitions and gave into the the skin tingling ride of red electric bolts that danced across his body.

He dug his feet into the earth and with a mad grin he propelled himself forward from a single push faster than any of the arrows racing towards him could manage to achieve. Though to be a certain there was a slight pain in his calves from the muscles being strained by how far he was pushing himself.

He raised his blade feeling bursts of chaos energy escaping his body and rolling into Harbinger. He placed two hands upon the handle and he swung it sideways with all of the force he could muster and he unleashed thousands upon thousands of red bolts of energy that met the arrows and contended with their might, winning out in the end of a spectacular show of magical energy in the sky.

He landed through the trees of the area of the forest that hadn't been burnt to the ground. He hit each branch he came down upon with each passing second as he lowered.

Unfortunately his landing wasn't perfect and he skidded upon the ground before stumbling and falling face first upon the earth. Even in a well protected helmet, one could accidentally bump their face from a unplanned and just plain unlucky fall.

"Ow!" He said in annoyance as he got up and took off his helmet in order rubbed his nose which felt like it was bleeding though it was only slightly red from the bruise caused by how he bumped into it " Thank the almighty no one was here to see that".

"We saw that" the voice of a young girl half giggled to him and Mulengu felt as if Chris had frozen his blood.

He slowly and forcefully turned to look to the area that the words had come from.

Standing not more than a few meters away from him was Venus Ddraig and two members of the Ouchi team. The first was the woman with the draining spear Chris had fought in the first fights. The cold almost lifeless nature of her face put Mulengu on edge.

"This one is too violent " he thought tightening his grip of Harbinger and feeling a pit of chaos energy and Mana grow in his gut.

He had seen her battle with Chris and he knew that she would the most dangerous foe present.

" The only one willing to kill for this damn game " he thought willing to pay her in kind should she dare.

The second was a younger boy in Venus age range with scruffy and wide obsidian hair and cold iron armor. The boy tried to replicate the woman... What was her name again?, he thought deep and it came to him... Izanami. But he failed as he appeared far more anxious than intimidating.

Mulengu bit back a grin and a laugh as he looked at the young man who held a great blue steel scythe. The boy didn't need to suffer that kind of humiliation... yet.

"Say?" Venus took a few steps towards him and Mulengu could feel the hairs upon his neck standing.

"You don't happen to know where my big brother is do you?" She was brimming with excitement.

" Afraid not princess. I was just behind him but i got lost after some people tried to turn me into cheese with their arrows" he couldn't help but feel bad when he saw Venus bright smile turn to a gloomy frown upon hearing out this news.

"Well, have a nice day" she said turning around to leave.

Izanami frowned and her black piercing eyes fell upon him and Mulengu felt a cold wind flow down his spine. She took a few graceful steps forward and with quick reflexes she swung down her Naginata at him with full force.

He was fast enough to raise his blade and he parried the the Naginata away. He brought Harbinger downwards with but she proved herself fast enough to sidestep the blow before she leaped backwards, safe from his reach.

"Hey, hey!" Venus jumped between the two of them with her blade drawn as a very visible warning for anyone who thought about doing anything funny.

"What..." Izanami tried to say but the wild haired boy tried to stop her by grasping her arm. She needed only to cast her cold glare at him and he backed down before she went to finish shouting at Venus the cold words.

"What in the name of cold realm of darkness do you think you are doing Ddraig".

Venus upper lip twitched in annoyance as she turned her full attention to her teammate. Large amounts of heat radiated off her enough for the soil and air to boil.

" What's wrong with me Izanami, what's wrong with me?. I thought that i made clear that there wasn't anything for any of us here and that we should leave" her golden eyes seemed to glitter like Chris's did when he was upset.

" Yep, she is his sister alright " Mulengu thought.

"I don't remember anyone making you a leader of any sort Ddraig" Izanami planted her Naginata into the earth and land it touched began to break down and decay as did a few nearby trees that were nothing more than dust in mere seconds.

"I am the leader of my knights team, so by default they all answer to me regardless of our current predicament. You are not even a rank above us, but if you want to challenge for leadership, please feel free to do so" a blazing heat belonging more to the heart of a volcano than a child erupted from the body of Venus Ddraig.

Izanami pulled her Naginata from the earth seemingly ready to challenge when her younger brother reached for her arm with a firmer grip and steel in his veins as her glare didn't send him retreating this time.

"Aides..." Izanami said with a threatening tone but he didn't back away.

"Sister, fighting amongst ourselves like this gains nothing" he pleaded and Izanami sighed relenting. Venus followed suite as the heat died down and Mulengu could once more wet his mouth without the saliva vapourising.

"You are all fools the lot of you. You, Ddraig, don't you wish to face your brother in this round?" Izanami asked with a tired demeanor.

"Of course i do, its the very reason i came to this mountain" Venus almost seemed offended by the question with how she pouted and folded her arms.

"Well we have his teammate, a teammate with a strange energy signature that i am pretty sure everyone felt. Your brother is already down two teammates and we are on his mountain, should we attack close enough to the flags, he will have to come here and protect it" as she spoke Venus eyes enlarged as if she had just received a divine revelation.

Meanwhile Mulengu was cursing Izanami with all manner of curses that he knew and he declared all manner of evil spirits upon her, her family, her livestock and even her ancestor's long departed.

Venus turned him and with a quick swing of her sword a burst of flames shot forth towards him. Panic gripped him and he raised his right arm instinctively to block it. The flames struck him like Thor's MjĂžlnir to the chest and he found himself crashing upon the hard earth, though his armour had thankfully protected him from any serious burns and the kinetic force that came with it.

"Seriously princess, i don't want to do this. Can't you just chase after him instead of turning me into bait" he complained as he quickly pushed himself off the ground and began slowly backtracking as they advanced upon him.

"Forgive me, but this i must do. Me and my brother need to have our first true climatic battle as siblings, it's a family tradition" she answered him remorsefully enough but he just couldn't understand what the hell that was supposed to mean.

Aides was the first to attack with a cold iron scythe that Mulengu managed to parry away fast enough though he failed to out speed Izanami who's Naginata struck him in the left ribs and even behind good plate he felt the blow that knocked all of the oxygen from his lungs.

Venus soon followed with a overhead strike but Mulengu was able to catch the blade saving his body with the slight exception of the hand he caught her with which he was certain was bruised now even from inside his gauntlet.

"Now just wait a moment and let's talk" he pleaded as the force of her sword had brought down on one knee.

Venus answered him with quick kick to his chest that sent him crashing down back first upon the earth. He slammed his fist into the earth letting out a massive burst of Mana.

The earth shook and from it came five massive blood red trees with red fruits the size of pumpkins with pulsating red energy coursing off of them erupted out of the earth. The new confusing sight of trees halted his attackers and gave him enough time to roll and flee.

He never got to see who was pursuing him but he felt the detonation from the fruits that were stored to the brim with his chaos energy and Mana. The force of the explosion sent him flying upon his face once more.

He turned back to the twenty meter crater that had been left by his trees and he cursed as he saw a massive dome of flames standing in the center. The flames dispersed revealing the Ouchi team unharmed and focused on him.

"Damn you Chris. Now would most certainly be a great time to have any kind of back up " he might have been consciously thinking about Chris but his subconscious took him to the tightening feeling in his right arm.

"No, i don't need it " he thought calling on the electric bite of chaos energy. It strengthened his bones and muscles by a slight degree to give him him a better chance against the three opponents stalking in his direction.

"So, who will go first?" He asked with massive bursts of chaos energy flying off of his body and now it was Venus who answered his challenge as a flying fireball.

She collided into him faster than he could have expected sending the both of them tunneling through thousands of meters of rock until they emerged from the other side of mountain and through some trees before they finally stopped.

Even under his armor he felt the pressure and pain as he was driven through everything, but he steeled himself when they both landed on the other side of the mountain. He pushed himself shakily off the ground with every part of his body screaming pain.

The two of them jumped back up to their feet and he swung towards her but this time it was her turn to parry it and much to his surprise a wreaking ball in the form of right foot struck his stomach forcing him to stagger backwards from the shock.

She continued her attacks with blinding speeds that he barely managed to parry and counterattack with near limitless fury. He slammed his right foot into the earth and thousands of thorn bushes sprung forth between them. The thorns all surged with red chaotic energy before exploding into a omnidirectional wave of projectiles.

This stopped Venus relentless assault giving him enough time to retreat away from her.

" She is better than i am with the sword. If we weren't we armored she would have killed" he thought remembering how for every two strikes he landed, she answered with four in return.

He was drawn from his thoughts but a sudden increase in the Mana surging within the air.

" What... that isn't mine, so it can only mean " he looked forward to see Venus who was grinning like she was insane as large burst's of Mana flew off of her and her eyes were but living infernos.

He didn't take time to think about his next action's, he raised his blade pumping large quantities of Mana into it, until his body felt like it was burning from how much he had stored up.

" Tiber! " Venus shouted as a roaring river of flames erupted from her body racing towards him while devouring everything in it's path.

"Mos-O-Tuniya!" Mulengu shouted as his blade had also become a rod of violent red energy that began to violently vibrate uncontrollably in his hands as if it was trying to escape his grip.

He swung his blade up wards and up in the air and it cut through the very tapestry of reality. Like the great water fall this Alpha-spell was named after a wave of violent red energy poured out like a waterfall, meeting the burning flames of the Tiber.

The collision of both energies shook everything to the ends of the pocket world. It was bright, violent display and looking upon it would have been like looking at two colliding stars. Both combatants felt the heat and vibrations in their very bones.

Mulengu rooted himself into the earth so not to get blown away by the force emitted from the titanic clash. His foot gave way and he found himself falling backwards but their was no land to Falk back on.

He kept falling into a black hole, no it wasn't a black hole but a sky. He could see a cloudless twilight sky, a sharp contrast to the bright sky still in view from the gap in reality before him. He looked down to see an earth populated by black hard earth, dead trees and lifeless mountains that stretched as far as he could see.

" This is her Alpha-Spell " Yomi, the pocket world that Izanami had trapped her opponent's within on their first match, he recognized easily.

"Ain't no way that i am getting trapped here!" He shouted blasting some Mana to the dead hard earth beneath which softened as a large crimson beanstalk thrust upwards towards the one exit of this world.

Mulengu managed to grab onto one of it's vines as it kept thrusting forward. At the entrance he could see the now visible form of Izanami who held her Naginata tightly and with a great roar threw it towards him.

The Naginata got closer and closer and Mulengu held Harbinger closer. The spear was but a meter from him when he used his scarlet blade to smack it away with all the might he could muster in his right arm.

The spear flew to the side like missile into a mountain range that was reduced to a deep hole within the earth from the impact that Mulengu had sent the Naginata flying into it.

Izanami cursed him but he managed to escape from the hole with his beanstalk, that shot past Izanami who couldn't try to attack him least the beanstalk collided into her.

"Hey buddy, i think that you are missing something" he mocked her as he shot past the raging Izanami from the top of his beanstalk.

From out of nowhere he saw Aides flying and just like Venus before, Mulengu was unable to stop the scruffy haired boy from tackling him off the beanstalk sending them both spiraling onto the ground far from the portal to the Yomi.

The two landed and Mulengu cursed as he landed head first leaving him a bit light headed before he was met with a second blow from Izanami that dropped him upon one knee.

That knee buckled after her elbow struck his forehead, drawing blood and leaving him falling upon his back to receive a kick to the jaw by Izanami just for extra measure.

"Hey that's enough" once more Venus jumped between them and Izanami simply glared.

"We have to make him scream loud enough if your brother is to come" Izanami said as she tried to get past Venus who didn't seem to put the same earlier effort into stopping her teammate.

Mulengu felt a colt chill run down his spine as he thought " She is hesitant... She would let this witch torture me just for the chance to fight Chris ".

The two were arguing some other things that he didn't pay attention to as he thought about escape. But the more he looked around the more he could see any tactic he had failing to either Aides spear, Venus flames or even Izanami's fists.

" Its too big a risk... unless i use... " his thoughts paused as he felt that feeling in his right arm.

With little choice left he tightened his fist as his felt a pain in his right arm as if it was being tightly constricted by a force capable of crushing his bones. This was followed by a sharp painful ringing sound in his ears that cut off all sound from the rest of the world.

He screamed from the brain piercing pain gaining the attention of the Ouchi team. The pain reached it's climax as thousands of golden chains and vine's erupted from his right arm, obliterating all clothes and armor upon that arm.

The vines and chains left his arm and combined together into a bright light before dying down to reveal the creature he despised the most on earth, a serpent.

The monster of a snake was twenty five meters long and three meters wide. It's scales were all clear white with red and golden body marks intricately imprinted upon it's body and finally upon it's head was a small golden crown. The creature might have been a snake but something about it's eyes showed an intelligence that could match a humans, elf's and fae's.

"An animus?" Venus said confused as she looked at the serpent that remained near motionless with all of it's attention trained on it's downed summoner.

"D... do s... do s...s... something" Mulengu hadn't yet fully recovered from the pain making his speech slurred and near inaudible.

But as soon as the words exited his mouth the serpent turned it's attention to the Ouchi team and it attack with blinding speeds for it's size.

Aides was the first to attack it but it's tail smacked him to the ground hard. The serpent then turned and with a wide opened mouth spat out a torrent of golden light energy mixed with bursts of red chaotic energy from it's mouth stopping a jet of flames from Venus.

The serpent turned to Izanami, ready to bite her but then it stopped as if frozen as something fell upon it from the sky.

Mulengu felt it too, a cold wetness that started out as droplets but was now a torrential rain. He looked closer at the water, but rain water was never this cold, nor was it dark purple. This was.... Dark energy, raining down through a pocket world and all he could asks out load was.

"Where is this all coming from?" Venus demanded with dread in her voice.



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