When he had first descended into the Anjin fighting grounds, Chris had been alone and confident, but now he was with others and angry.

He had remained silent, boiling in his anger, despite Mulengu and Thor's attempts to speak to him. It didn't matter to him what they wanted what mattered is that they won.

In the black cold caverns, he could not see much of the others facial expressions. But he could sense the anxiety brimming off of them and he would lie if he didn't admit that he felt it.

His right hand tightened around the hilt of Lucius-aurora, which was hanging by his right side. He always felt alive with the blade in his hands and fought the dread.

His fingers left it and went to the blue crystal crown tied to his waist. It was the one his father had gifted him as an extra source of Mana in a fight. Though the crown seemed to have a high percentage of a chance of turning his hair into long, flowing blue locks.

But into this fight he needed every opportunity to win. The slight electric tingle that he felt, every time his fingers brushed against it.

"You brought the crown?" Thor asked him as the crown was now illuminating the inky black corridor that they walked through after it had met his fingers.

"Yes" he wasn't in the mood to make talk, but this he could answer.

"What is that" Tomoe frowned and her hand outstretched to the crown but Chris caught her hand stopping it.

"It's a gift from my father, so hands off" he pushed her hand away and he returned to walk to the end of the corridor where the door awaited them.

"Chris, wait!" Mulengu shouted as he raced towards him, but Chris didn't stop for him and Mulengu ran until he was close to him.

"What's the plan with the crown and you know, everything?".

Chris turned a side glance towards him and he felt his facial muscles being pulled into a sneer " You guys didn't want to hear my plan before, why the hell should i tell you now".

" Come o..." Mulengu wanted to complain or argue but Chris would never give him a chance as he shut him down.

"I am not interested in what you have to say. You want a plan, here is one. Go out there, fight for Ursa and her parents and don't screw it up" Mulengu left him alone after he had spoken.

The black door rolled opened with a large creaking sound and they once more stepped into the light and warmth of the son. They stood beneath the thousands of Anjin who didn't release so much as a single cheer as they had before.

There were no boos or throwing of objects at them, so maybe Chris should have been satisfied with this cold indifference, but it still stung him.

"What did you expect, Ursa just leveled their livelihood, their pride. What did you think that they would cheer you just because you are giving them some money as compensation" some part of his mind mocked him for have expected different.

He looked into the crowds who remained silent and glared at him down at them while some didn't even look at him.

"Jeez, tough crowd" Mulengu whispered to Thor.

"I think that they wish to fight us as much as our opponent's" Thor answered to him and Mulengu chuckled.

Chris looked to Benkei and Tomoe who seemed the most hurt by the reception. The two of them faced downwards towards the earth in order to avoid the angry eyes bearing down upon them.

Tomoe bit her lip and her forearm rubbed her eyes as she tried to hide the tears brought about by her shame. Benkei noticed and he placed his hand upon her shoulder, comforting her.

The doors from the other sides of the arena rolled wide open as the other teams walked through them. It stung him as the crowds erupted into cheering, as if to spite him and his team.

"They are all looking at us" Tomoe muttered to herself, finally having realized that the other teams were all focusing on them.

"They can smell blood in the water, and we are easy pickings" Thor said to her.

"We are not weak" Benkei growled in anger and he almost seemed ready to stomp towards the other teams, in order to prove his point.

" How can this fool not see how compromised we are. Ursa is out and Pyrrha... " his thoughts trailed away as he thought about her.

"Save your venom for them" Chris snapped at Benkei, he wouldn't have the fool lose his use just now.

In the air a horn blared as a old Fae dressed in green clothing and with a long flowing beard that reminded him of Imparetor Astrapios. The Fae had a visible marking of six metal stars of various colourings stitched into their clothing.

"A six stared Wizard?, what is a six stared Magi doing here?" He asked in confusion as he recognized the rank of the six star's.

It was one of the highest that a Wizard would achieve. The Anjin were just another small faction in the Wizard community, a six stared Wizard wouldn't be here unless there was something for them to gain.

"He is a friend of the Anjin in the great Star city. My grandmother introduced him to us" Tomoe answered him with a slightly proud smile.

"What did you give him to pull him out of the Star city?" He had heard of Wizards who had never so much as stepped the eldritch city of wizards for hundreds of years, some were even born and died there without physically seeing anything else except that ancient city.

"We proved our worth" she snapped as she glared at him and he simply shrugged.

" Old Wizards don't leave there labs for nothing " he thought almost declaring it to Tomoe but it didn't matter right now he had to focus his attention for the future.

The old Fae stopped hovering meter's above them and raised his arms into the air as he began to chant something Chris couldn't quite make out. The air around them began to be filled with a dense, thick layer of Mana that tickled his flesh with an electric touch that made his spine dance and an increase in the gravitational force around them.

" Is this an Alpha-Spell? " Tomoe asked the same question that they all had.

"Yes, and a very powerful one" Thor answered as more and more waves of Mana washed over them like hundreds of electric tsunamis.

The world around them began to morph and twist around them all until they were all standing in mountainous area that stretched for millions of kilometers in every direction. Each team was upon it's own mountain that all formed a circle and the center of each mountain was a flag with the symbol of the teams family.

The old six star Wizard above cleared his throat before speaking out in a booming voice that was amplified by some sort of magic speaker in order for them to hear whatever instructions he had to say.

"Champions, welcome to the first elimination rounds of this prestigious tournament. Standing besides you is a flag for your respective house, the rules of this game are that you are to split into pairs who shall guard your flag, while the others try to confiscate enemy flags. A stolen flag can be retrieved by it's owners or by others. At the end of this round, any team not possessing their flag, even if possessing an enemy flag will be eliminated. You have five minutes to converse amongst yourselves in order to prepare and the game shall continue for three whole hour's".

" Wait a minute, what about all those points we fought for" someone from one of the mountains who Chris didn't recognize shouted out.

"Of course, of course, eliminated teams should they have more than six points can challenge to reenter the tournament" the Wizard declared.

" We could capture all of their flags, but if we still lose ours then we are out. Those odds are not in anyway in our favor " Chris thought as he nashed his teeth together thinking about how outnumbered they were.

"Me and Benkei aren't staying Ddraig" Tomoe stated that as if it was divine fact.

He remained silent for the whole five minutes before he heard a horn blaring out, telling them that the battle was starting.

"Do whatever you want Ashikage" he sneered before he took off down the mountain with Lucius-aurora in hand and the foes racing down their own mountains before him.

It took him seconds to race downwards the one thousand meter tall mountain and the first attack he met was an electric arrow that shook the earth as it flew towards him.

Feeling the hot touch of Mana flowing through his flesh he made a swiping motion and a wall of ice materialized before him and blocked it. Though the ice shattered from the arrow and rained down upon him.

More arrows came his way and this time they weren't just lightning arrow's, others were made of white beams of energy while others were made of flames, some water and others even air itself.

He jumped, he ducked and he weaved around but more and more arrows descended. They burnt the ground, turned the trees to ash and filled the earth he stood upon with deep craters.

" Lock-Shift! " he shouted as he raised his right hand forward and he felt a burst of hot Mana through his right arm as Mana from his body condensed into two layers of dimensional fields that stopped all the arrows.

As it dispensed he jumped into the thick dense woods as fast as he could with one team's flag in mind.

" Venus team is strong, but most of them are younger and less combat experienced than me. I can use both my reputation and my skills to... " the glistening shine of an emerald green blade caught his eye and Lucius-aurora deflected it.

The impact of both swords turned most of the trees around them to saw dust and Christian Ddraig found himself looking at Antoku Hojo. The aquatic green knight was not alone though.

By his right was a girl dressed like some sort of pirate with gun on her right side and a basket hilted blade in her hand. Had she not been chuckling, Chris would have mistaken her for a very feminine boy.

The other was a muscular young elf male towering at close to seven feet in height. He wore a mixture of boiled leather, leopard skin and in hand his blade could only be described as a overgrown butcher knife.

" Hojo" he said bothering to be civil to the knight who answered with a node, though Chris couldn't tell what his facial expression said behind that great helm of his.

"My Prince, forgive me" as soon as he said that, Antoku moved back and swung his blade once more at Chris.

Chris deflected the blade once more with all the force he could muster and knock Antoku back by a few meters.

He rushed Antoku who thrust a high kick forward. Unarmored it would have been difficult, but Chris couldn't exactly cut through plate that easily. So he braced himself and caught the foot with his left hand that spread a thick layer of ice long Antoku's leg.

Antoku tried to swing his own sword at Chris in desperation, but he could not as Chris had swept his free leg off the ground. Though the last of his troubles weren't over has Lucius-aurora descended as fast and as hard as Chris could and that could beat a breastplate in.

Before the sword reached him a burst of air collided into him with enough force that Chris found himself driven through a solid rock.

" I don't think that i can take them all at the same time! " he thought as he pulled himself out of the rock with a bit of pained grunt as he back stung.

A shockwave echoed out as many bullets outmatched the sound. He dodged out of the way of the pirate girls bullets, pushing Chris to his best speed and agility as he had once done with the arrows.

The other guy roared as he leaped towards Chris, thankfully Chris's helmet took the blow. Though the shock from the attack made him drop the blade as he staggered backwards.

His opponent swung his butchers knife once more and Chris caught it once it struck his ribs by lock it under his left arm. As the elf struggled to pull it back, Chris's fists made contact with his face multiple times before a final push kick sent him spiraling away.

"Ruijin!" The pirate girl shouted in concern as she rushed to the side of her downed teammate and Chris made for his fallen sword.

" I have to get out of here, i can't afford to stick around and fight " he turned to take off but a ocean green blur collided into him, knocking him to the ground.

"Damn it!" He cursed as slammed his elbow upwards into Antoku's helm knocking him off of him.

After they had both scrambled to their feet Antoku began swinging his sword in multiple slashes but his sword was nowhere near Chris, it couldn't hit from such range and then invisible force collided into his shoulder, sending him staggering back.

"What was tha... Your sword..." He could see what had struck him, it wasn't the air pressure released by the sword, but rather the thick coat of water that surrounded the sword " He is a water elemental and he keeps extending it to strike me. So getting out of range doesn't do much ".

Antoku once again began swinging his sword and like a whip, the water began to extend towards him and Chris held his ground and his eyes focused on it.

" I can catch it and freeze it. The magical elements of another are difficult to control, but ice elemental magic can contend easier with water " he thought as he felt a cold mist rolling across his finger's.

He reached out his hand to grab it, but it was too fast. His right shoulder stung and he knew that any bones within it would have shattered had his breastplate not taken the brunt of the blow.

" Damn it, its faster than i thought it would be. And i cant fight the three of them at once " he mentally cursed as looked at Antoku's sword and the other two fighters who were forming a circle around him with vengeance written upon them.

"Well then, here is our dance floor. Now let us dance" he sounded as smug and arrogant as he could manage but it was nothing.

The pirate girl attacked first with multiple shots at him that he managed to luckily dodge. But his mobility ended as Antoku's sword caught him between the shoulder blades once more.

With a grunt he fell down upon one knee. The blow had knocked out all feeling in his right arm and he had almost dropped Lucius-aurora.

He was brought into the dirt when the elf wrenched his helmet off and struck him square in the jaw. Had he not received multiple blows to the head from his demon of a trainer it would have been enough to leave him upon the ground with his mind scrambled.

Looking up Chris saw a dot descending and he recognized it to be a young woman dressed in a leopard cloak and bronze horns. He tried to raise his right hand in order to defend himself but that limb was numb with pain and there was nothing that he could do to stop the boot that knocked him senseless.

"Jeez Fufu, that was too violent!" he heard a woman shout.

"You were shooting at him Penelope, anyway what do we do with him?" the girl who had stomped him into the earth asked Antoku who took off his own helmet to reveal a sweat drenched face and a bruised lip, a injury Chris was sure he had caused.

"Penelope, use you're air chains to bind him here. He is weakened enough and we can take him out of the game. His team is already at a disadvantage " Antoku ordered and the pirate girl began to approach him as circles of solid air began to condense around her.

" I need to do something " he thought as he began to feel the pained numbness in his right arm vanish.

His left fingers had grazed upon his crystal crown and he felt a surge of Mana running through him.

" The crown! " he thought as realization struck him.

He couldn't take all three of them as they were without more power. Putting more power into him, he grabbed his crown and then the earth shook as if it was a box being shaken by two mighty giant's. A large crack began began to extend from deep within the forest and it cut between them right where Chris was laying upon the ground.

He rolled out of the way of the deep chasm that opened like a gaping mouth. From it a very fast blur shot out and into the air, where it hovered right where the sun stood and blocked it from their view like an eclipse above them all.

And then it landed right behind Antoku. He turned, it struck, he parried, he missed and he was sent spiraling backwards into the earth.

The thing towered over them all and a mace larger than any of them in it's hands. He knew it's name and he wasn't sure whether to be pleased or to be worried for his own safety even more.

"Hey there little Prince" Atla greeted him with a giant grin " Sorry that i have to take your fight".

She turned to the other Hojo fighters and went on to attack the pirate girl who was smart enough not to bother blocking or parrying the blow, but rather she got out of the way, avoiding that giant mace.

"A fast little air magic user aren't we!" Atla mocked her as the pirate girl floated over the mace.

The pirate girl answered her with multiple bullets that Atla proved her speed against by swatting them aside with a lazy swipe.

Antoku and the other two rushed to the aid of their teammate but a wave of hot ash, recently from a fire rolled between them and her. The wave stopped and condensed into two humanoid forms. The first was a young man with red hair and the other had what Chris was sure to be green crystal flesh.

"Alright gentlemen, shall we" the red haired one passed them a mischievous smile before snapping his finger's and from all around him spikes of condensed ash spike shot forth.

" Damn it" he cursed as he reached for the crown and he felt a surge of Mana within it that he had never felt before.

To Be Continued



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