Isolation, any person who had not suffered it would think it something easy to overcome. Just some separation from people for a few hours, it didn't seem like such a big deal. Just close your eyes to think or dream away the silence.


Ursa used to think that as well. But being here, trapped inside a metal box with nothing but a bed and no one to keep her company, it was as if she was losing her mind.


It was like being trapped in a cage, each passing moment of silence made it seem as if her cell was shrinking and trying to crash her. The gray bland colouring of the walls made her stay here even worse, it was like the walls were sucking the very life out of her.


" Which first, does the box crush or does the wall drain my life " she thought bitterly.


She even wished for the presence of the police officers, but they were in the in upper levels of the station. The only thing stopping her from escaping was the glass and the various enchantments placed across the sheriff's station.


She tried to think of anything, but the silence was too much, too artificial, too unnatural. Humans, Fae and Elves weren't supposed to exist like this.


The memory of her day cut into her like one of her arrow's. She remembered Chris angry words, the disappointment in them cut into her.


" Just how many people did i hurt? " she only remembered blurs and flashes that couldn't fit together in a proper coherent picture.


She remembered seeing Pyrrha beaten and bloodied. She remembered standing in a warzone of grinded stone, blanketed in smoke and ash as she tried to murder Chris who had tried to calm her down.


The memories had almost let a few tears roll out of her eyes. She hadn't meant to hurt anyone, most of all her friends and family.


"Pyrrha probably hates me" she whispered as she remembered another memory of slicing her friends thigh with her arrow and watering the earth with her blood.


Would an apology be enough?. No, Ursa doubted that a simple sorry would slide attempted murder under the rag. She wouldn't blame Pyrrha from never wanting to be her friend again, it would be the most right thing that she could suffer.


" And i could lose my knighthood " she remembered his words over the matter and it frightened her.


What could she be instead of a knight. It meant to her as much as the air she breathed. To stand besides her friends as they fought to defend others against what meant them harm.


"The only thing that people need protection from, is you monster " a part of her mind whispered that as the flash of her unleashing a volley of arrows upon Chris and Pyrrha came to her mind with enough pain to equal a blade being slid through her brain.


She winced as another more clear memory came to her mind. Her parents, they acted supportive and reassuring, but she could see the disappointed hidden behind their eyes.


"Can i blame them. I went out of my way to get that dark energy. I knew the risk and i wanted to save them all " she chuckled as a bit of irony came to her " And yet they all needed to be saved from me and i can't save anyone from this damn cage ".


The wet streams of salty tears that rolled down her cheeks were more than she could control. And so Ursa Falcon cried like a child. It helped that no one could see her.


Her weeping ended as soon the door to the hall outside her cage opened with a loud creaking sound.


She leaped up as her hands whipped away the streams of tears, though the redness in her eyes and the sharp sting that remained in her eyes would not allow her to completely hide it.


Her new visitors were her grandmother's?. She hoped that her eyes were playing tricks on her as the two old women slowly walked towards here besides each other.


They walked side by side, never out stepping the synchronization of their steps, as they were involved in some kind of dance.


" Grandmother?" She didn't which was which or if any were her grandmother at all.


" Are you well dear" the one in golden robes asked with concern.


"Y... Yes, i mean yes" she answered still puzzled at the sight of two "Am i seeing double?".


" No you are not, little grand niece " the one in purple robes with a chuckle and the answer confused Ursa even more.


" Stop laughing sister" her grandmother said sharply to the woman who had her face.


The other woman might have stopped her laughing, but her face retained a great smile that almost seemed to be mocking Ursa, the more that she looked upon it.


"She is your sister?".


" Yes, you can call her grandma Kairi. Though i am your supreme grandmother and none can take my place okay " her grandmother answered and her sister rolled her eye's.


"You are the one who drugged me and Mulengu with that tea, aren't you?" She looked at this Kairi as she demanded.


No look of shame passed the old woman's face, only a look of amusement did and Ursa almost felt like it was mocking her.


"Don't be too hung up on it dear, it was just a little bit of something to make you docile. You should be proud really, with that much of the substance an entire country once fell under my control, so good job fighting off the worst effects of it dear" the old lady was clearly making fun of her.


The tone of her voice, the way her eyes squinted, the half smile and the condescending words that she used made it clear.


"Kairi, stop and apologize to the poor girl. Your actions were deplorable, what kind of person would desire to see their grand niece a vegetable" her grandmother scolded her twin who simply smirked.


"Fine, forgive me young Ursa. My actions were unbecoming and rather cruel to you" she bowed in apology to her.


"Um... thank you, i guess" she didn't know what to else to say to the old woman.


"Good, now that we have taken care of that. How are you feeling child" her grandmother asked as she got closer to the glass that separated them.


"Like garbage" Ursa didn't know how else to feel.


" Don't be too had on yourself dear. Not everyone has the strength to hold the darkness and to stand in mastery over it. Oh, what would he think if he saw you now. Your poor, poor grandfather" the old woman, Kairi spoke with a sickly sweet tone that irritated Ursa in ways that she could not describe.


"I don't give a damn what he thinks. I don't want to be infected by his dark energy" she shot at Kairi who's face twisted from a mocking smirk to a sneer.


"An impetuous little bird aren't we, malformed little brat. You do not know the greatness that he was, maybe you could have been a heir worthy of him. But like all the others you can not be worthy of..." Her ranting was cut off by her grandmother shot her a glare as she spoke.


"Enough sister. I brought you here on the goodwill of making peace with the relative you spurned. If you want to go and worship Shiro, go do it on your on time" her words were sharp and rather than fighting back Kairi simply smiled with the same sickly smile.


"Of course dear sister, It is clear that i am not welcomed here. I will await you outside" she gave a bow to her sister and she turned one last time to Ursa, who was still glaring at her.


"Forgive me for causing you harm dear grandchild. I sympathize with your... taint" her eyes were focused on the gauntlet struck to her hand.


Instinctively Ursa moved the hand behind her back and Kairi's smile grew wider, stretching her leathery skin and making Ursa wish that she could punch through the glass and cave the old woman's face in.


Her right hand coiled into a fist so tight that it had left a purple bruise upon her palm by the time that Kairi had moved out of the room, taking her time like some kind of worm.


"I don't like her" Ursa muttered as she sat back upon her bed.


"Forgive her, she has always loved your grandfather. Cruel as he was she refused to move on, even after my father... my father gave me to him. Even after fifty years she loves him still, even after Deus has taken him from the realm of the living" her grandmother said with a tip of sympathy in her voice.


" Did you love him?".


Her grandmother remained silent as she thought over the question that Ursa had asked " Perhaps i did once, when we were young and i was a new flower. But Shiro was a cruel man, he did not care for a lovers touch nor did he did not care for his children's love. The only thing he found comfort in was the cold touch of the shadow ".


" I am sorry" she wasn't sure what exactly she was apologizing over, the harm she had caused with her rampage or the life her grandmother was subjected to because of her grandfather.


"You have nothing to be sorry for dear, my life is not your fault. After all, i have many wonderful children and grandchildren out of it. So it wasn't a complete waste now" she answered her with a brief chuckle.


"You might want to strike me off the wonderful grandchildren list".


" Don't be like that, we all make mistakes in our youth. I know that i made a lot of mistakes in my youth" she knew that her grandmother was trying to cheer her up, but she doubted that her grandmother had screwed up like she did.


"Trust me grandmother, you haven't ever leveled an entire city while ruining the lives of thousands while trying to brutally murder those close to you. I can't blame the darkness, after i sought it out, knowing what could become of me" she could not look her grandmother in the face.


"The act was bad, that is true. But you fell bad about that aren't you?" She asked and had another person asked her this, she would be offended.


"Of course i do. How can i not be sad about it".


" That is good, then you are still a good person and not a evil person. Trust me, i have seen enough of them" her grandmother answered.


"Your not going to give up until you make me feel better about myself won't you" she said and a warm smile grew upon the old woman's face.


"That's what grandmothers are for. When you became my age and grow old bone's, you will find out".


" I thought it was when you became a mother? " she asked remembering her mother saying something similar.


" A mother, a aunt, grandmother's and a godmother. It means little, the experience and the role is all the same. Though please remember that amongst these the grandmother stand's supreme ".


They both laughed as much as they could. Two birds, one in a cage and the other long free of it. Though Ursa's laughter stopped as something became apparent to her. Something that she had long forgotten about.


" How is Aunt? " She asked and a dark look passed over her grandmother's face.


"She is fine, we have managed to stabilize her. Though i fear what will become of her" her grandmother answered with a whisper.


The laughter ended and both birds were in a cage once more, with no way to escape it.




That night she dreamed. Her bed might have been hard and her blanket rough, but the use of so much energy in her activities had drained her and sleep took her.


She didn't remember falling asleep, it came and went without warning and she only knew that she was asleep because the dream that assaulted her was too outlandish to be real.


She saw a obsidian throne hovering over a stormy sea of dark purple waters that thrashed and pushed in a chaotic dance that no ship would ever be able to sail upon.


The throne flew in the air, as if the great winds themselves had popped it up. Across the black stone that composed it, she could see twinkling star's that reminded her of the stars far above in the nights sky.


Upon sat a creature, half hidden by the shadow cast by the moonless night above them.


The creature was not human, it might have been shaped as one. It was a malformed mixture of twisted purple flesh and many beady eyes that looked in all directions.


" Flesh of flesh, blood of blood " it spoke with a thousand voices in one.


They were young, old, female and male. They all spoke in one voice, one dark twisted voice. It made her skin crawl and Ursa whimpered as she looked upon this dread king upon it's dark throne.


"Little one, these be the dark days of the coming cleansing. Now rejoice and praise the primordial mother as we are returned to the holy womb that birthed us all. Led by the son of shadow, the prophet of the great rhapsody. Kneel before me and you shall rise once more in shadow and bring salvation to the masses as you were always meant to do"


Ursa felt her legs lose all strength as she looked upon what little she could see of the creature and how much she fought to keep the food within her belly.


From around her more and more shadows of twisted things emerged as legions. She tried to move her legs but whatever feeling she had in them was no longer present.


"What is this?! " she demanded as the shadows began to converge upon her chanting some kind of tongue that she couldn't understand.


She opened her mouth and she screamed so loudly until her throat was bruised. Just then a bright golden light erupted from the heavens and the creatures roared in million different voices as the light engulfed her whole.





The next morning she was a half asleep mess with mangled black hair that hadn't been combed and dark bags under her eyes to show her tired body. She couldn't sleep in fear of facing the monster and it's shadows.


The first people to visit her were Mulengu, Thor and Chris. All three of them looked grim, like beaten dogs.


"Where is Pyrrha?" She asked them as they got closer. Tomoe and even Benkei would have been added to that question, but she wasn't that naive to think that they would want to see her off.


"She hasn't been cleared from the hospital yet... the wounds were... they were too... bad" Chris answered as he obviously tried to think of the right words that wouldn't hurt her feelings.


It made sense to her. Medical officials on Avalon could heal up to near anything, but magical wounds caused injuries that made it more difficult to heal the wound. So the more magic used to cause the injury, the more serious it would be and the more time and effort it would take to heal.


"I understand" she answered as she rubbed her eyes that felt heavy, like metal weights had been tied to her eyelids.


"Did you get any sleep?" Chris asked after he got close enough to the glass to notice her crows feet eyes.


"Didn't need to. I am fine" she smiled at him as she lied " What am i supposed to say. I am afraid of having a nightmare ".


" You should sleep. You don't look so good" Mulengu said to her with a sympathetic look on his face.


"When are they coming to get me?" She needed to change the topic.


Chris shifted a bit uncomfortably " They are already here. I had them give us the job of transporting you out".


"So finally, i get the royal escort. I mighty appreciate it boys " she flashed a toothy grin at them, but all they did was find the floor more interesting than her joke " Oh come on guys, laugh a little ".


" How can we laugh when you are getting taken away? " Thor asked in a manner that made it seem like he was offended at the thought.


"Yeah Ursa, nothing about this is funny" Mulengu said more subdued than he usually was.


"So this is it. I am supposed to leave to the memory of a bunch of sour faces?" She asked them feeling a matchstick of anger lit within her heart.


"It's not that..." Chris tried to say something, but that fire within had gasoline added to it and she roared out silencing him.


Her fist struck the glass and she watched their hands quickly reach for the handles of their weapons as their bodies tensed.


She looked at their stances and grips in horror as a stub of betrayal cut into her heart " Even they know that i am a monster. Who am i kidding, they have every right to see me as an unstable monster ".


They all let go of their weapons as looks of shame grew upon their faces. Ursa didn't buy it, but she kept her mouth shut.


" Just take me away " she whispered " Please... Just let me go".


Chris looked down as a watery substance stained every member of team Phantoms eyes.


"Please Chris, just do it" she begged him and he relented.


Taking a forced step forward he placed his palm upon the control panel outside her cell. The panel beeped as it had sensed and identified him.


"Aeris second class, Christian Ddraig, order one, extraction twenty" he kept his voice firm as he spoke to the machine.


"Access granted Aeris second class, Christian Ddraig. Extraction process beginning" the machine answered him before it went silent.


"Hold still where you are" he ordered her as smaller but still larger than her transparent box of energy was formed around her. North, west, east, south, up and down, until she was completely encased.


The glass observation box rolled open and Chris walked in, he place his hand upon her new cage and it also scanned him.


"Sorry about this" he said as he began walking forward with the box floating in the air and independently following him like a faithful dog.


Outside she was made glad that the sheriffs office had a high fence to keep away the score of Anjin's who had come to also see her off... and yell obscenities at her.


There was a large air craft parked before her with people dressed in dark purple full body rumber suites. That one used when dealing with hazardous equipment.


" well i am hazardous to everyone else" she thought.


Chris and the head person spoke for some time and she couldn't get what they said to each other. Another one of suited persons came and tapped her cage and it followed them into the ship which was filled with thirty identical cages, though only one was field.


She was left next to it and inside was a young man with navy blue hair that was dirty, tangled and covered in dark purple ink. His face had bruising, he had red eyes and dried from crying and his scarlet red armor was chipped, dented and covered in dark purple ink in areas.


The knight was upon his knees praying or chanting something, she couldn't tell from how frenetically fast and erratic it was.


"Hey, Hey buddy" she called to him but he seemed to be in such a trance that he couldn't hear her.


At least until she banged her cage, frightening him and making him leap up in fear and terror that gripped him like a iron vice.


"Whoa, whoa calm down" she said as he looked to her starting to calm down as she had told him to " My Name is Ursa Falcon. What's yours?".


" William Redret" he answered her.



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