Large amounts of dark energy like the ones that had sent his spine tingling didn't go unnoticed to even the most magically inept person. Everyone in the Hojo great hall sensed it and they all raced outside of the room to find the cause.

The moment they stepped out of the castle, the sounds of people screaming could be heard as explosion's rippling through the city with ash and dust rained over them.

"What is going on?!" Antoku demanded to the guardsmen they found outside the castle.

"Its the Ashikage girl, she is attacking one of her teammates" the guardsman of another family answered him frantically before running into the heart of the city presumably to were the heart of the destruction was.

The mention of Ashikage girl all eye's turned to him, he could not see them all but he could feel them all looking at him as if he had some sort of answer to who amongst his teammates would dare cause such damage.

"I don't understand what's going on" he answered as he tried to think of what Ashikage girls attacking their teammates could mean.

"It can't be Pyrrha, i as much as i...i am not her biggest fan she wouldn't act in such a manner... Ursa also has too much self control for something like that to happen. It has to be Tomoe, she has been nothing but hostile and i see her assaulting Ursa should push come to shove " he thought, daring not publicly point any finger.

" Your grace, what must we do?" Cain Hojo asked as even loud explosions rippled through the city.

"Get a much larger group to help contain this, i am going to act as first response, understand" he may have answered Cain but the order was aimed to his son.

Antoku placed his fist over his chest in respect " Of course your grace ".

A burning sensation grew across his hands and Lucius-aurora materialized, the blue crystal blade glistening in the sunlight.

He didn't wait long as he took off as fast as he could into the heart of the city, the market place that he had left not too long ago.

The market seemed almost alien now, once it was filled with the sounds of customers and merchants, now it was filled with large explosions and the panicked screams of all those unfortunate enough to have not yet escaped the area.

The once prevalent smell of spices and fresh fruits was replaced with the foul mixture of smoke and ash.

Shops and stands that he had left covered in beautiful fresh goods were now burnt, over turned and covered in a mixture of dust and soot. Large plums of smoke acted like black vails, hiding most areas behind them as he rushed through.

His wondering for the location where Tomoe might be was answered as Pyrrha came crashing through the remaining skeleton of a shop that collapsed as her body shot through it.

A single groan escaped the elf's lips as she picked herself off of the ground. She looked horrible, her hair was a fuzzy dirty mess that stuck out everywhere, she had cuts across her face that coloured her flesh in a similar crimson to the one her hair had. Her armor was dented all over the place and her left thigh had a ugly gash that covered her leg in a a layer of blood and dirt.

She could barely stand straight with her wounded leg being unable to support her as it trembled a lot.

"Pyrrha!" He called as he got closer to her.

Her head snapped to his way wide eyed as he got closer, she put her palm forward as she shouted "No, stop!. she will hurt you too!".

He never got to ask what she meant as the skies darken from a rain of arrow's. Thousands upon thousands of arrows descended as of fired from the heavens by Deus himself. Their shadow was great that the very sun itself was bloated out and it was as if night had come.

The next few moments were a blur to him, he simply leaped forward tackling Pyrrha to the ground as he raised his arm feeling a familiar touch of energy and build of magical code.

He opened his mouth and declared "LockShift! ".

His magic forced reality itself to fold around him twice with the big signifier being the giant lock of blue fire above him. The arrows rained down and Chris could only watch as many of the buildings were peppered by such force that as the final arrow hit, all that was left was dust and grinded stone and then the shield dissipated.

" Oh Deus" Pyrrha whispered in shock.

Chris couldn't even get any possible words out of his mouth. A certain numbness touched his hands like a winters kiss, perhaps it was the fact that he was dispelling his shield or simply a cold fear from who had just done this.

A shockwave!, that's all he needed to tell him were the next arrow was coming from. He twisted southwards with Lucius-aurora in swing and he cut down the arrow that would have gone right through his heart.

The arrow was surrounded in thick purple inky substance that stained the ground. He could never forget what this sickening substance was, its stomach churning smell and the cold aura around it almost destroyed all feeling in his arms.

"Since when has Tomoe been using Dark energy?" He asked in confusion.

"Its not Tomoe" Pyrrha's answer was like a stone wall, halting his thoughts.

"What do you mean?, if it isn't her then its..." The realization struck like a bucket of cold water upon his head.

From the heaps of dust and smoke she came, hunched over like some kind of animal. Her eyes were wide and her pupils were enlarged with madness, the veins around her eyes were purple glowing pulsating blood vessels. Her mouth had drool rolling out of it and off her chin and her teeth were barred like a hound infected by rabies.

The biggest thing that was wrong was the purple and gold gauntlet upon her right arm. It was like a concentrated reactor of Mana as light and dark energy danced across it in violent battles against each other.

"What happened?!" He demanded as he slowly rose up from the ground with his eyes focused on Ursa who seemed ready to attack the two of them.

"Her aunt fainted after my battle from something we still don't know, Ursa thinks i am to blame, i tried to explain to her but she just attacked me and...i don't know how she managed to start using dark energy but she isn't herself" Pyrrha explained her eyes never leaving Ursa who likewise didn't stop glaring at her.

"Ursa!" He called to his friend who looked down upon him with bared teeth like some sort of mad wolf.

One slow and soft step forward after another he took towards against Pyrrha's sharp warning not too. This was Ursa Falcon, whatever madness had taken her, she could fight through with her intellect and calm head.

"Hey there buddy, its me Chris. You know you're friend. Hey, remember when we met three years ago when we were both busting the same crooks, you called me noodle arms because i didn't have any muscles yet. You know i hated that nickname, but you never called me that to be cruel, you are never cruel... so i know that you are not going to hurt me, it isn't in you to maim your friends".

She wasn't attacking him or anything, that was good and he breathed out some held in air. His lungs relaxed and his muscles were no longer tense as he kept getting closer and closer to her.

"I don't know what is happening, but you have to stop. Look around, you have hurt people and i know you Ursa, you don't want that. You are above this Ursa, so take a few breaths and calm down. Come on buddy its just a few to let the temper and stress flow off of you like a river. So what do you say".

She answered him with a roar that sounded more like a screech as she charged towards like a hypersonic battering ram.

She was fast, too fast for Ursa's normal speeds. It was a flash of white and pain as she collided into his body, knocking him to the ground was all he had to register as his skull hit the floor hard with a viscous thud.

His instincts kicked in and he managed to grab the both of her hands to stop the arrows that she had materialized from being shoved through his eyes and into his brain.

"What the hell is wrong with you!?" He demanded as she fought and roared loudly against him " Use your words buddy, use your words!".

A pair of snapping teeth began to descend lower and lower for his flesh.
In a panic he let go of her right arm and his elbow slammed into her jaw, knocking her off of him. The pain seemed to only stun her as Ursa was back upon her feet and reaching for the bow at her feet.

Chris was about to rush and tackle her to the ground but Pyrrha beat him to it, her spearbutt slammed into the back of Ursa's head. The bow woman let out a grunt of pain as she crumbled to the ground like a deck of cards.

"That was excessive!" he felt a fire burn in him as he watched her strike his friend down in such a way, he pushed her away from Ursa's prone body more roughly than he intended to.

The shove made her stagger back and he could see her wince in pain from the wounded leg that she was forced to use in order to support herself from his shove.

"I am sorry i shouldn't have" he outstretched his hand to her in order to help stabilize her but Pyrrha slapped it away.

"It was necessary. She is crazy, she has been trying to murder me and she would have done the same to you had she been given a chance!" She glared at him as she a spoke to him.

Pyrrha stopped and took a few quick deep breaths as she pinched the bridge of her nose "Besides, we both know dark energy poisoning when we see it. Do you really think that simple words would work here".

Dark energy reacted in different ways to different people. Some who had trained for many years in mastering its use, managed to sidestep the ill effects, others were twisted into mirror opposites of themselves and other's became mindless monsters that sought to kill those with the warmth of light within them. You didn't need to be a genius to tell which one of these Ursa was.

" Fine, help me restrain her" he knelt besides Ursa and raised his hand over her body to encase her in ice.

But as the first amount of mist from his hand began to form, her eyes went wide open and her lips forced out the words "Shi-No-Hoshi-No-Hiki! ".

The ball of energy that erupted above her was not the usual one of white energy like a bright star, but rather one of dark purple flames like a sick twisted star.

It came into being with a powerful force that knocked Chris and Pyrrha away by many meters. The force of the large ball of energy was enough to feel like he was being smacked by Morigan again.

He landed in a grinded collection of debris, covering him and Pyrrha in dirt as they rolled into it. They didn't have enough time to process though as the gravitational pull of the mini star began to pull the them and everything else to into it's heart.

Both dust, concrete, bricks, plastic and metals that flew into the miniature star vanished into it's mysterious heart. Whatever happened to them he didn't know, he didn't want to know.

" Ursa, stop this!" He screamed at her as he stabbed his weapon into the earth in order to not sucked in.

Unfortunately his temporary anchor did not hold long and he found himself being dragged once more to the touch of the purple fires that didn't have any heat to them but rather a cold that bit the flesh and the senses.

The burning ball of purple fire was so close when the heavens darkened and lightning bolts the size of oak trees rained down from the skies upon it. The bolts tore it apart like arrows through a thin piece of paper until there was nothing left.

Ursa looked at it in anger and shrieking, but Mjølnir came flying fast to her face, silencing her. The hammer packed enough of a punch that Ursa went flying into a similar ruble as she had knocked him and Pyrrha into.

Mjølnir which had been on the ground after hitting her was grasped at its handle and triumphantly raised in the air by Thor with Mulengu and Tomoe at his side.

"What is going on here, and why the heck is Ursa trying to murder you two?!" Tomoe shouted at them as she took in the carnage that had leveled what was once part of her home.

"I think she happened and...oh Deus..." Mulengu said as he pointed to Ursa who was raising from the ruble with a blacked left eye and blood rolling down her nose.

Her eyes were now dark purple glowing orbs and a cold aura of dark energy swelled around her with such potent power that all warmth in the area was sucked out in exchange of a biting winter cold and a increase in gravitational pressure could be felt.

"By all holy things" Thor whispered, like Mulengu silenced in horror at the sight of their twisted teammate.

"What the hell happened when we were just away!?" Tomoe demanded again and Chris turned to Pyrrha for her to explain, but she simply said.

"I will explain later, right now we need to subdue her before she cause any more serious damage" the elf said.

All eyes rested on Ursa who answered with a shrieking screech that seemed to shake the very earth. Around her the dirt swirled upwards until it had formed into twenty humanoids. These creatures were made of a now wet purple earth with four glowing bright purple eyes and they towered over everyone by standing at eight feet in height.

"Since when could she do that?" Mulengu asked with his sword Harbinger drawn and ready.

As Chris looked closer at his friend, he noticed that Mulengu's right arm was covered in ash like he had been shifting it in the remains of burnt ruble.

"What happened to..." His question was drowned out by the earth beasts let out a ear shattering unearthly wail, even though they lacked mouths.

The earth beasts with Ursa at the lead took off after them. Chris managed to sidestep one before plunging his blade right into the back of its skull. A bright golden light erupted from his blade as it cut into the earth beast.

It wailed once more before it dissolved into normal coloured dust once more. Across the rest of the battle he could see Thor flattening a earth beast under the might of Mjølnir, though unlike with him the creature wasn't completely destroyed by the blow and it three more hits before it dispersed, unable to rise once more.

Pyrrha though suffering from injury didn't seem to miss a step. Her spear cut through many earthen beasts who only suffered holes in their bodies rather that being dissolved and like Thor, more blows were needed for victory. In fact only him and Mulengu seemed to be able to put them down that easily.

Tomoe has taken to facing down Ursa herself. Tomoe fought with grace and tremendous skills at arms, Ursa fought like a mad animal lacking all semblance of basic combat. The once fast foot work and expert markswomanship was replaced with wild erratic shots that flew everywhere.

" What is wrong with you!? " Tomoe demanded as her spear came thrusting for Ursa.

Ursa was barely able to block the spear with her bow, though a slight portion of the spear sliced past her cheek sending blood flowing down her cheeks.

"Restrain her, don't hurt her!" He shouted at Tomoe as he cut down another earth beast.

"Its not that easy Ddraig!" Tomoe shouted back at him as she twirled her spear and sent her spears butt towards Ursa's head.

The spear flew through the air like a missile and it struck home. Wood splintered and showered as it collided with Dark purple flesh without leaving even a single scratch.

"This can't be good" Chris whispered as he looked upon the creature that had taken the place of his friend.

Her hands were dark purple talons like the falcon she shared a last name with.

Tomoe was just as shocked at this metamorphosis and this moment of hesitation proved her undoing.
The massive talons Ursa now had shot forward and collided with Tomoe's skull. The impact rocked the earth and split the air as Tomoe crashed to the ground with a pained grunt.

Chris didn't waste time and he charged at Ursa, who's talons once again struck her cousin, but this time the five inch claws tore through her shoulder and made her scream in even more pain as her clothes were stained in red.

Tomoe's screaming was drowned out however by a roar. It was a roar of rage, almost like the thunder that come after Thor's lightning storms. Before Chris could reach her, a blur appeared and knocked back Ursa.
The primal growls were difficult to different from Ursa and Benkei. His short blades against her bow, their mad eyes glaring holes into the other's skulls as they snarled at the other.

As strong as the darkness had made Ursa, Benkei matched with his muscles that seemed to grow in size with his roaring rage. The immovable object had just met the unstoppable force, and by Deus how they clashed.

The blows that followed from the two shattered the very earth upon which they stood. For each mad hammering blow that Ursa brought, Benkei would answer in kind with his own blades.
Had the dark purple skin not spread itself across her body, Ursa would have had more sword stubs across her body.

And had she not being using a bow, Benkei would have been cut open like a fish. He reached out grabbing her by her hair and his head rammed into her.

Ursa staggered backwards but he wasn't done, his elbow came down upon her head and the impact forced her to her knees and into a push kick by Benkei that floored her.

"Hey, you okay?" Chris asked the wounded Tomoe who was laying underneath a pool of ever expanding red.

He knelt by her and he placed his hand upon her open wound. Calling upon his Mana he spread a thick layer of ice upon it and sealing the leak upon her body.

She didn't answer in words but her angry eyes told him that it is a foolish question to ask.

"Right, forgive me" he said as ceased to pour out ice over the now sealed wound.

Behind them more and more of Ursa's and Benkei's blows increased in their intensity until they stopped with a drastic halt. Chris turned around to the beaten down form of Benkei with Ursa who was now covered in more dark purple feathers.

Whatever blood was flowing out of her wounds was now burning purple magma. He slowly walked towards her with his arm outstretched to her trying to reach to her.

"Please calm down " he whispered.
Her eyes bore into him and like sand before a wind storm she was blown away into dark particles that scattered everywhere.

"Ursa?" He looked at where she had stood in confusion, wandering where she had gone.

Something within him, like a burning thought forced him to turn swinging his blade and a purple arrows struck the sword and not his skull.

Behind him she stood, half shadow and half woman. More arrows flew from her bow as she vanished and appeared where any shadow was cast.
The arrows were fast and they were numerous. Each time that they neared him, they burst into bolts of streaking dark tendrils that turned the very earth that they touched into hot molten rock.

He twisted and he jumped back and forth in order to avoid them, but the arrows exploded with enough force that he found himself cast into a bed of ruble.

He tried to rise up once more but she was upon him, her new monstrous strength proved his better and Chris was held down as clubbing blows rained down upon him without end.

The pain felt like his nerves were being electrocuted with each passing shot from her. Tightening his right fist he gathered as much strength and will as he could. Within him a strange fire burned, it was like his usual Mana but it felt too different from that. Whatever it was it made him feel stronger than ever.

He struck out as hard as possible and his fist met her jaw. His eyes opened as his flesh collided with her own and he could see his fist crackling with golden light energy. The moment his fist struck her, Ursa was shot backwards like an artillery shell as the aura of dark energy that held onto her like was burnt away by the light energy from him that began rolling all over her like a fire.

As soon as she landed she rolled back to her feet looking angrier than ever. She tried to beat the light energy off of her body like one would flames, but it stuck onto her and she screamed as if it was burning her. Her wailing was so loud and real that Chris felt a swell of pity for her.

Her eyes turned to him and there was hate in those eyes. A burning hatred one would only reserve for someone or something that they truly detested. Despite the light energy she turned to him and charged with more of a nature of a wild beast.

He summoned Lucius-aurora as he prepared himself to cripple her if need be. He doubted that she could continue with cut tendon's and he was swift enough with the sword.

She never reached him however as from behind Pyrrha appeared leaping into the right over Ursa. This new one track madness had made her focus so much on him that she didn't notice the elf until both her feet crashed into her back.

Pyrrha landed upon Ursa with such force that she used the bow woman's body to dig a crater. As soon as Pyrrha had slid off her back, lightning bolts from the sky crashed upon with even more intensity than any of her arrows.

The lightning bolts left her swimming in a pool of molten rock. This wasn't enough though as she pulled herself out of it. Pain written across her face but also hatred burned into her eyes. She continued to charge him, even with a pained hunched posture and a limp in her right leg.

The final obstacle where a pair of golden roots from the earth that all wrapped themselves around her and held the falcon in place no matter how much she thrashed against them.

The roots seemed to shimmer from sight and then became tangible again. He looked to their origin and he could see them exiting Mulengu's right arm which was resting upon the ground that they had entered.

"That's new, and cool" he said to him.

"Thanks i just learned it this morning" Mulengu answered him "Now what do we do with her?".

Within the roots the mad woman was spent, her eyes closed and her monstrous forms shedding into smoke, until all that remained was the Ursa Falcon that they all knew.


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