Gae-Assail, one of the oldest ancestral weapons of house Ulster. Forged from when the first King and Queen came to Avalon and her forebears surrendered their crowns and a risen once more as lords instead of kings. A pity that age is now looked back upon with contempt by all.

The weapons legacy made it feel heavier in Pyrrha's hand than any weapon she had ever carried before. The ancient Winlef bark that composed the shaft of the ancient spear was made from the Wold-Forts central heart tree. It still had scars from battles fought before her birth, chipped into the hard wood.

It was a weapon with an illustrious history, first held by her ancestor Ferdinand of the red fist, who slew a great many sea serpents that terrorized his home of the Summer isles. To this day people sing songs of Ferdinand and the tree spear, unfortunately Gae-Assail was more well known for a rather infamous song.

It's most famous user though was Tristan the black knight, a beast of a elf who was amongst the first true dragon slayers in Avalon's history. Some say that no member of the Ulster family before and since was a greater warrior. A pity it was that lord Tristan would be the one to bring Gae-Assail a great shame and drag her family out of it's once great position.

The battle of blackened waters or as most people called it, the black massacre. It had always hanged as a mark of shame over her house and the surviving once noble families of old. After all, who could say that their ancestors got seven hundred thousand men killed through ego filled insubordination.

Just as she had brought her family to shame, not too long ago. She stretched her limbs and twirled her weapon as she prepared herself for her match. The dark chamber of cold stone that the head of the Ashikage clan had led her down to intrigued Pyrrha.

Even without the ability to sense or see magic, one could tell that these stones were supernatural. The cold icy touch that they let out, made her shiver more than the sting of a frost bees bite.

She felt a lair of heat form over her eyes as she drew upon her eyes of the triple Morigan. This skill could see deep and ancient spells woven into every section of this entire arena. The once dark walls were now alit with bright glowing interconnected webs of raw magical energy that looked like a collection of a thousand spider webs mixed together.

The craftsmanship was so intricate and deeply woven into the very foundation of the structure that Pyrrha was impressed. This looked to be the work of highly competent spell caster's.

"Still can't read it though ". She thought as she traced her fingers across the stones surface.

She didn't understand what the spell was exactly. It was like trying to read a sentence in a jumbled up ocean of a thousand and one words. This thing was like a Alpha-Spell or top tier magical object, her spear besides her had a similar type of magical web.

" Its quite beautiful though " she thought as she still wondered what it meant.

She stretched herself once more in order to loosen her remaining stiff joints. Her mother had made sure to engrain this into her and her siblings, waking up every morning at three and stretching for an entire hour made it as much a part of Pyrrha as the horns on her head.

It helped keep her limber and tone, the greatest advantage to a fighter using her specific fighting style. She reached for the small black pouch strapped to her waist and opened it to check if it was filled with five white pebbles. They were extremely smooth to touch, almost slippery even. At their centers were bright glowing red markings each different from the other.

" A Ulster is incomplete without any runes" she said as she closed the pouch.

A rumbling sound filled the room as the large door that led to the room was rolled open by invisible hands. The light from the outside filled the room and Pyrrha couldn't help but wince as the light stung her eyes that had gotten uses to the darkness.

She gave out one last deep breaths as she walked out into the loud mad cheering of the crowds. There were some who cheered her as if she was their personal saviour, while other's booed her as if she had murdered their loved ones.

The colours of each house were mixed enough to make them a mixed rainbow of people.

As she looked around and she saw the large scores of each of the fighting teams, each teams scores were illustrated upon large cloths draped over their the arenas highest pillar's. The leading house was the Hojo house with eight points.

"This isn't good. The fact that every team gets a points for performance regardless of a win means i have to put in my best for this match " she thought as she held on tighter to the spear as she wondered if a quick win or a prolonged skill fest is what would be needed.

"It's just another tourney. I have done this before" she said to herself.

She turned to the opening hole right in front of her as her opponent stepped out. They were no doubt shorter than her from what she could outline as they were bathed in shadow.

She watched them come to the light, granting her a better view of her new foe. Their hair was a slightly purple shade and their armour appeared to be a mix of the colours purple, bronze and silver

Pyrrha knew this knight right away and they knew her. It was her younger brother, Paris. The boy when standing besides his siblings was as different as different could get from his elvish kin.

He lacked their elvish stature that made them slightly taller than the norm. His deep purple hair was not the same as their scarlet red shade and were as their skin had a brown pigment to it, Paris was as pale.

But that didn't mean that he wasn't as much a child of Morigan Ulster as the rest of them. He carried himself like the rest of them and held a bronze spear in arm as taught by their mother. Though he had a bow strapped to his back as well but that mattered little, an Ulster was expected to hold any weapon.

"Little brother" she greeted him from afar, unable to think of what to say to a sibling that she had not seen in years "it is good to see you today".

" Sister " Paris simply saluted her with his fist over his chest, as was befitting a knight saluting his superior officer.

She tried to say something, the right words could not come out of her mouth, nor could they come to her mind.

Paris as well looked troubled as if he was thinking of what to say before he opened his mouth once more "It's been some time, big brother said he spoke to you".

The underlying massage of why didn't you reach out to speak to me was present. Pyrrha had been close to younger brother before her unfortunate incident with Christian. an incident that had caused her to enter a self imposed exile from her family.

She had only left with Gae-Assail, a spear that she had been gifted before her shameful action's, she had sworn an oath to never forsake it. But her last name and association with her family was cast off. She might have checked on Paris and the other's, while hidden in shadows but she never spoke to them out of shame.

" I was kind of busy" it was a weak excuse and her voice betrayed any attempt to sell it to Paris.

"Yeah me two. Can you imagine that we are both on Ddraig led teams" he said with a smile that reminded her of just how young he was.

Pyrrha chuckled with nervous laugh as she tried to imagine what the her from a year ago would say if someone told her she would on the same team as Christian Ddraig and he hadn't tried to murder her yet. Chances are, she would have driven her knuckles into their faces

" ...probably while laugh in that persons face".

Before either of them could say anything else a large horn shook the entire arena as it indicated that that now was the time for them to earn their points.

The two siblings had been involved in sparring sessions before. They knew how to set aside familial bonds for some good competition. Pyrrha had planned to be on the attack, but her brother surprised her by being the one to engage the battle first.

In the blink of an eye, he had crossed an entire thirty meter distance and his spear came for her chest and it would have struck true had she not managed to twist around it.

He flew right past her as she counter attacked with a butt of her spear aimed for his back. But even when flying past her, Paris was able to dodge it and put some ten meter's between them as they studied each other.

"You've gotten fast" she felt a bit of pride swelling inside of her.

" Kingsorders teachers are good" he answered her as they both circled each other looking of an opening to attack.

" He fights like mother " her brother and her had their fighting skills mixed between their mother and their father. Paris was like a miniature version of their mother with his spear.

Pyrrha feigned an a spear thrust and her brother fell for trap. He went for a blocking maneuver and that was her opening. She rushed forward, his spear raised to defend himself and unable to bring his spear up for defense against where her spear was actually aimed.

The tip of Gae-Assail struck Paris in the chest, instantly flooring him and most certainly knocking some oxygen from her younger siblings lungs. His armour held, but a deep dent remained upon it.

She mentality chastised herself for not having held back her strength. She hoped that she hadn't left a big enough wound.

Paris easily rolled back up with a giant grin upon his face. For all of their stoic coldness in battle, the Ulster family had fire blood within them, like all elves would describe it. He was halfway through a smile and a snarl and Pyrrha could feel the the fire burning through her on blood vessels.

From the stands, people could see steam leaving their bodies as the earth beneath them became scorched black. the very water in the air around them boiled from the heat growing from deep within them.

Paris attacked once more with multiple thrusts of his spear, that each surpassed the sound barrier. They were all blocked each time by Pyrrha, if one could dodge Morigan Ulster's spear, catching any type of projectile was easy.

To the many specters in the stands, knight or not, the two of them were either blurs or they were multiple double images, dancing around the arena.

Paris tried to make his strikes stronger but his sister was just as strong as he was. Every time their spears clashed, a sound more akin to thunder rumbling than metal or wood clashing against each other, rang across the arena.

"Calm yourself, you mustn't lose yourself to fire blood" she instructed him as she knocked his spear away once more.

Paris staggered back and his eyes were wide and wild. Any other leaser warrior would have been intimidated by the madness in the boy's eyes, but she had see her own Aigne-FiƔin and her older brothers warp spasm. Paris may have fire blood, but she could embody it in it's natural extreme.

"So now you plan to teach me?" He asked in a mocking tone that she found most irritating. Just to build atop that insult, Paris spat upon the ground besides her.

"You are my brother, of course i would teach you when you are being reckless" she glared to him and he answered her with a laugh.

"Your brother?, how sweet" he almost sneered as he uttered the word brother.

"I am not amused by your tone brother".

" Then let me give you something to be amused by! " with spear raised over head, he plunged it deep into the earth and winds erupted around him beat against themselves creating such a sound that it was as if the world was screeching in pain.

The winds rippled from Paris and raced towards her. The winds were like blades, cutting trenches through the earth as they furiously raced towards her.

Pyrrha did not try to meet the winds head on, as she knew that just like magically conjured flames these winds could tear through even her diamond hard flesh, and she wasn't armoured everywhere.

She leaped multiple meters into the air, avoiding the wind blades that almost reached her, even up in the air itself. She reached for her pouch and she threw her rune stone at the winds.

The rune stone was a few meter's away from her when it exploded into a dome of red flames that shielded her from the winds. The winds beat against the flames, but they held on harder than any walls possibly could against the wind.

"Watch yourself little brother, you might wish to cause pain to our family but i..." She was still in the air as she spoke and she was silenced as Paris spear flew past her so close that as Pyrrha landed, her cheek was coloured with hot crimson red liquid that watered the brown earth beneath her.

"Now you care for the family?!" Paris shouted as he drew his bow from his back "You left us, you ran away coward. Even when dad...even when dad tried to kill the rest of us you never came back. So don't try to preach to me about a love for family!".

Most bows fired lighting, energy and even flames. The bow in Paris hands fired concentrated bursts of air arrows. Each arrow reached hypersonic speeds as soon as they left the bow.

Pyrrha leaped to the left, to the right and at times she used Gae-Assail to knock away the arrows that each shook her bones and organs from the impact. Were she not firmly planted into the ground, she would have been knocked off her feet from the hammering force behind every arrow.

Not content with hammering his arrow's against her. Paris charged forward while still firing arrows, as he got closer he did not realize his error, for Pyrrha opened her mouth and out of it flowed flames like waters from a dam. So intensely hot were her flames that the earth before her was soon molten slug and the air itself burnet into a waterless crisps.

Paris stopped his charge and arrows in shock of the flames. His moment of weakness was all Pyrrha need to charge forward and slam her forehead into her younger brothers head. Both siblings felt their brains rattle in their skulls and they stumbled around with their thoughts and bearing's thrown into a jumbled mess.

"You... Damn you!" Paris cursed at her as he tried to stumble towards her but his coordination was to jumbled, though he tried anyway and he might have been the most defiant between the two of them, he was the one with a cut across his forehead.

Though what did you expect when one slammed heads with an elf, they have those horns for a reason.

"You started it" Pyrrha was breathing heavily as well and her head was suffering from a ringing sound that had not yet left her.

"Then let me end it" Paris reached to pull his bowstring once more as magical energy began to swell around him.

Years of training in reading magical energy made it easy to see the difference between a build up elemental magic and an Alpha-Spell. Instinctively Pyrrha raised her hand and the Mana connection between herself and her spear was strong enough to call it back into her grasp.

She two felt magical energy from her own body flowing into Gae-Assail. Within a fraction of a second storms of fire and wind formed around the two and they beat against each other furiously.

" Saighead! " Paris yelled as purple energy arrow left his bow and flew into the heavens faster than a lighting bolt could descend.

And speaking of descending, a multicolored air vortex descended upon her so fast, entire kilometers were crossed in a second. But now was her turn, for the magical building blocks that made her Alpha-Spell were complete.

She pulled her spear as back as she could, and she roared "Wailing-Banshee!".

The spear, covered in it's red fire like energy flew into the air. Higher and higher until it was like a missile it flew, until finally collision happened. The sound of the air vortex and the wailing caused by her Alpha-Spell blanketed the entire area in a dreadful symphony.

Both magical powers clashed in full fury, the destructive energy of the young Paris's Saighead with it's power to bring even mountains low, was met with cold power of the Wailing-Banshee that enforced the very concept of death itself upon the raw power.

The contest of power lit up the entire arena in a myriad of colours both bright and dreadful. This contest lasted for a few minutes and then, the vortex vanished with it's very existence killed by the conceptual death of the Wailing-Banshee.

Paris looked up shocked at his loss in this contest of power. He drew once more at his bowstring, probably hoping to try another Alpha-Spell hidden under his sleeve. But Pyrrha would not allow him this.

She leaped towards him and once more the two collided into each other. Pyrrha managed to knock Paris to the ground and there the two siblings began wrestling for dominance with kicks and punches. Paris lost his bow in the scuffle and Pyrrha was too busy trying to not get hit by him as she tried to summon Gae-Assail.

Pyrrha was the first one to try and lock the other in a submission chock hold, but Paris proved himself as slippery as a wet fish. He managed to outmaneuver her and ram his elbow into the back of her neck.

The pain was like a bolt of electricity that ran across her entire body and was followed by a second of near paralysis across her limbs. In this time Paris tried as well to lock her in the similar submission lock that she had tried earlier.

Paris only got halfway as her knee collided with the side of his head in exchange for his earlier elbow. He gritted his teeth to stop himself from screaming in pain as he let go of her and crawled away.

"His gotten good " it had been years since she had trained with her brother or even seen him fight. And Pyrrha could admit with pride that he had grown into a dangerous warrior.

Her legs and arms were a bit shaky but she managed to get up in time to catch a fist to the jaw. The shock and pain left her disoriented and staggering.

Paris threw another punch but this time, Pyrrha was ready for him. She caught his hand and with his own monument she flip him onto his back. She then brought her knee down on his head worsening the wound upon his forehead.

"Mother taught you Bankron well" she complemented him for his skill in the martial arts of the Summer isles.

Paris managed to pull his arm out of her grip and he rolled away from her, until he managed to leap back to his feet.

"She was at least there to teach me" the two of them were breathing heavily as the pain that had been put at bay from their adrenaline was beginning to intensify.

"You think that i did that because i wanted to hurt you guys, you think am like dad. I shamed our family, exile was the right and only punishment!" she shouted back at him as she felt her anger growing.

"Oh spare me!" He charged at her again and his fist was deflected by Pyrrha's left hand while her right elbow was slammed into his head, staggering him.

"I am...i had lost my honour... Our honour" she stopped another fist and this time she twisted his arm before slammed her leg into his ribs.

Paris grunted in pain as he fell to his knees. Weak legs caused by the twisting arm and a possibly dislocated shoulder.

"It didn't give you the right to hurt the rest of us!" Despite the pain and the position his body was in, Paris rushed forward and managed to knock his sister to the ground.

"Forgive me brother" she was still holding onto his arm and she coiled her legs around his throat in a manner that cut off not only the oxygen getting to his body, but his blood as well.

Paris screamed, he cursed and he fought like a wild beast fighting against the bounds that were her legs. But as much as he fought, his strength lessened each time, over and over again, until Paris became still with his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

Pyrrha quickly uncoiled her legs and her still breathing brother rolled onto the ground, barely conscious, but spent of every ounce of energy that he had.

The great horn of the arena blared, making the victor of this round, house Ashikage. This was declared by speaker and the bright glowing of the Ashikage banners that draped the various sections of the arena.

The Ashikage supporters in the stands arose in joyous celebrations that deafened her. She gently held onto her brothers prone body as she whispered to him.

"I am sorry, i am truly sorry".

She remained this way for many long minutes until the Tokugawa medical personal came to pick him up from the battlefield.

The long walk back to the Ashikage high spectator stand was a unhappy affair. Every wound and bruise attained in the battle as blaring in pain all the wall through the rock staircase. In fact the coldness emitted by the obsidian stones seemed to make the pain even more than it ought to have been.

She finally managed to reach the Ashikage VIP stand to applause, but she was met with frantic screaming and tears by the people present. Resting upon the ground was one of Ursa's aunt's unconscious.

Kazuto Ashikage was kneeling besides her, tears in his hands rested upon her chest and he poured large amounts of Mana into her. Pyrrha reached for her rune stones knowing what she could do to aid the man and his unconscious sister.

" What's going on?" She asked as she neared them.

" I don't know, she just came running up her and she passed out" Kazuto frantically said as he kept pouring his power into the prone woman.

Pyrrha had a cold chill as she still watched this in ultimate confusion.



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