Chris had a strange dream after finally letting Pyrrha's prodding and his own exhaustion get the best of him and plunging into a deep sleep.


As soon as his consciousness was plunged into that sweet oblivion, he found himself awake, no longer in his bed.

His feet were firmly planted upon the hard earth and he could feel the wind beating against his flesh. In order to know if this was real he breathed in a good amount of oxygen that pushed through his lungs, memorizing every single sensation as the air escaped his mouth.

"This is real " he thought as he pinched his flesh hard enough it to leave a purple bruise upon it.

He winced as he pulled back his fingers and blew cold air upon the throbbing bruise in the hopes of soothing the pain.

Behind him was a warmth and to it he saw a glowing golden crystal that he had seen before when he had thought himself dead at the hands of Artorias.

"Hello" he tried to speak to the crystal and strangely his voice was followed with great echo like he was in a cave of sorts.

"What's wrong with my voice?" He placed his hands upon his throat to check if perhaps his throat was different and thus was creating this echo, but his throat felt normal.

The crystal remained silent with only a slight humming sounding emanating from it. The sound was like a thousand people singing with perfect unity.

"Well, why am i here?" Chris demanded from the crystal and once more it remained silent to his demands.

He reached out and tried to grab it but the heat that came it was so scorching hot that he recoiled whilst gasping in pain.

"Chris!?" He heard Mulengu calling out behind him.

He turned to find Mulengu and Ursa who stood behind him. They both appeared to have glowing markings upon their limbs. Upon his wrist was a burning heat, and upon it was his own symbol imprinted upon it.

"Are you real?" Mulengu asked him as he got closer, his voice was also an echo.

"Why are we sounding like this? " he thought as he remembered how when they first came here, nothing like this happened.

"Yes, i am real" he answered as he walked towards them.

"Good, the last thing we need is to see more hallucinations" Ursa stated in a voice that was gravely and angry.

"Hallucinations?" He asked wondering what that meant.

"We have seen some shadows or people who have vanished whenever we get closer to them" Mulengu answered him.

"This place is weird" Chris still didn't know what this place really was.

" I know, i mean we have echo's " Mulengu mentioned and Chris knew that he wasn't the only one who could hear it.

"What's going on with her?" Chris pointed at Ursa who's entire body was screaming i am angry.

Her face was twisted into a scowl and her body almost seemed to be tightened as Ursa was trying to collapse into herself.

" Well..." Mulengu was cut off by Ursa who sounded like a angry yellow cat that had water poured upon it.

"None of you're business Ddraig!" She snapped at him and Chris knew well enough that when someone was like this, trying to argue with them wouldn't get you anywhere.

"Fine Ursa, whatever you say" he said to her as her body was heaving up and down like a volcano that was ready to blow up the world.

"Good" she growled at him as she folded her arms like a pouting child.

" What are these?" he pointed at the golden symbols that were glowing upon their bodies.

"I don't know, but we are not the only ones" Mulengu said as he pointed at Chris's wrist.

" Yeah, we all have them. It must be something about our connection to this place. They are glowing here, i don't know why but they are glowing " Ursa said as she massaged her palm.

"We should get out of here" Mulengu stated as he got close to the crystal and asked "Hey, buddy, buddy, get us out of here now!".

" It isn't answering " Chris said to him.

"Oh for Deus divine sake!" Mulengu shouted as he threw a punch at the crystal.

His fist clashed into the crystal and he screamed out in pain as he quickly recoiled his fist which didn't seem burnt but given how Mulengu was screaming, it has to have hurt like it was burnt.

"Yeah that happens when you touch it" Chris said as he carefully rubbed his friends back in comfort.

"Why, why does it hurt so much" Mulengu said with tears rolling out of his eye's.

"I don't know buddy" Chris answered to him.

"Can you stop you're crying" Ursa snapped at Mulengu.

"Stop being mean you jerk, can't you see that i am hurt!" Mulengu yelled back to Ursa.

Ursa growled at him and Mulengu who was still cradling his hurt hand jumped up and growled at her. The two of them stood before each other and they began to growl back and forth like two dog's.

Chris was ready to jump between them and end this petty battle but something caught his eye.

To the left he could see something shimmering on the ivory city that was down the hill. Chris wanted to tell the others about what he was seeing.

But something deep within seemed to have hijacked his senses and his will, because he simply took off after the city.


" What are you doing?! "

He could hear them but he just couldn't stop himself. It felt like his his soul was being drawn to the city.

"Chris wait!" He heard Mulengu shout out behind him.

"I can't, i can't!" Chris couldn't explain why he couldn't stop, his instincts were leading him to the city.

As he got closer and closer to the city gates a warmth flowed through him and almost making him feel lighter.

He stopped by the glowing sixty meter high white gates. The gates appeared to be made of some kind of beautiful smooth wood that was covered in a strange language that Chris for the life of him couldn't read.

He wanted to stay and study them but something in his heart told him not to linger on this, he had to deeper into this city, deeper until he found that which his soul yearned for.

He walked into the streets of the city and his breath was taken away by what he beheld. The streets were paved and not a speck of dirt could be seen in the streets as could be found in most cities.

The buildings present were tall towers made from a mixture of marble, ivory and a gold. Thousands of these tower's were connected with high bridges and they weaved about in the skies in ways that reminded him of a spiderwebs.

He kept walking forward and he could see all manner of symbols engraved upon the towers. He recognized some were very similar to the ones he, Mulengu and Ursa had upon them, though others were different.

"This is so much light energy" He said as he felt the waves of energy flowing thickly through the air.

In fact it felt like he was swimming in a deep sea of electricity that was constantly beating against his body. He wondered why the crystal wasn't here where the magic that composed it was at it's thickest.

Chris stopped as he heard some foot steps scrambling. He moved his head around trying to find the source of the sound but all he could see was a figure running away from him.

"Hey, who is there?!" He shouted as he chased after the figure who was fast enough to outrun him despite Chris's best efforts.

He chased them down past some roads, behind some buildings and in between other's. But no matter what he couldn't reach them as they proved agile enough to easily slip through every nook and turn without losing any momentum or speed.

"Please wait!" He called to them but they ignored him.

It was like a burning desire in his heart that called him to chase down and track down this figure. The figure stood still and as Chris neared them they shimmered out of sight.

" What the...?! " Chris halted as he neared the spot where the figure had stood.

He circled the spot looking for some kind of hidden door, a spell to conceal a person or even something that could show him where the person had gone.

"Damn it!" He shouted as he punched the wall of one of the towers besides him.

"Stupid, something that you haven't properly identified when the others have told you that they have have been seeing things that aren't there!" He angrily scolded himself.

He feared what Ursa and Mulengu would say to him when he found them. He could imagine the angry Ursa scolding him while Mulengu laughed off at his expense.

" Christian... " a voice that was a whisper within the wind spoke into his ear.

Chris felt a nervous jolt run down his spine and he squeaked in surprise as he turned around to find the voice that had whispered to him.

"Who goes there!?" He demanded looking around for the speaker but he could find no one.

He wished that he could summon Lucius-aurora and use it cut down whatever fool was trying to scare him.

"Christian.... Son of Ddraig..." Again the voice whispered behind him and once again he turned around as fast as he could.

"Okay, enough with this cryptic garbage. Show yourself?!" He shouted as he turned around and around, hoping to catch whatever was whispering into his ear.

"Son of Arthur.... Starforge... Blood of Roland!" The voice returned with a strong gust of wind so strong that it took him off his feet and sent him flying through the air.

He screamed and thrashed against the strong winds, but nothing happened until he came crashing through an open door and down upon a warm marble floor.

Chris flinched getting up as he rubbed his backside that was hurt from how hard he had crashed upon it.

"Okay, maybe i was being too mean with how i phrased my statement. So how about i ask nicely, please nice person reveal yourself" he said as he faced the door.

The answer he received was the door violently closing and the same voice continued to call his name over and over again.

"Okay, i get it, my name is Christian Ddraig, my mother was an Arthur in the Nexus and my father is Roland, so what is your damn game!?" He was no longer worried about angering some invisible spirit.

The floor beneath him became a dark shade of purple that instantly spread from the left to the right.

"What is happening, What is happening?!" He demanded as he saw the rest of the room turning into the same dark purple shade.

Chris wasn't going to wait around, he rushed to the door that he had come through, but now it was closed and he tried with all of his strength to kick it open, but the door prevailed against his strength.

He tried once more again and again but he couldn't even get the door to budge. He tried to push the door open with his entire body but again nothing happened.

"Oh come on" Chris stumbled over and fell once again on his backside.

The floor felt different as he fell upon it. It was a wet substance that felt cold as he ran his fingers through it. He raised those said fingers and he could see that they covered in a dark purple substance.

"Of course" he wanted to scream and yell but he just felt as if this was to be expected.

Chris was dragged into darkness as behind him a Knight in golden armour erupted from the floor and grasped him in it's arms as it pulled him deep into darkness once more.


Mulengu swore to he swore to Deus upon high that when he found Chris he would kick his friend across the head. Not slap, not punch, he would kick him very hard across the head as hard as he possibly could.

He had chased the idiot into this city and he had lost Chris after the Prince had simply turned left and run as fast as he possibly could away from Mulengu.

"Did you see where he went Ursa?" Mulengu came to a halt in order to catch a breath as his lungs burned.

No answer returned from behind him, he turned around and where Ursa should have been was nothing.

"Really, you too!".

Mulengu didn't have enough time to act because he heard it. It began as a few sounds in his ear that he didn't understand, but then the sound became clear as was a serpent hissing.

" Oh Deus, Oh Deus no" Mulengu whimpered as his head was directed above to the top of the towers where a massive white and golden serpent with a shinning golden crown upon its head was coiled around the towers.

The monster began to slowly lower it's towards him as it's disgusting beady little eyes looks down upon him. Mulengu felt all of his strength exit his body as he was left frozen to the spot.

"Nyyyammmmii Nyyyaaammii " the name came from the serpents mouth as it opened it wider and wider.

"What?" Mulengu asked as he tried to move away from the beast as it continued to lower itself.

Mulengu could feel the fear drain out of his leg as he tried to run as far as he could from them. He wanted to scream, to turn and run but nothing could bring back the control of his legs.

"Connn... " the sound escaped the beasts mouth as it was just a meter above him.

Instinctively Chris raised his right arm and like the nightmare this was he found his right arm was gone from the elbow. Or rather it had been morphed into the tail of the creature that hovered right above.

"Oh Deus, no, no, no, no!!" Mulengu screamed out loud as much as he could, but he was soon silenced and driven into darkness as the serpent came down upon him, its mouth being the last thing that he saw.


Ursa didn't know how it happened. One second she was behind Mulengu as they chased after that idiot Chris, and then when Chris turned and began racing deeper into this city she lost the both of them.

"Stupid idiots, they can't be trusted to do anything right" she kept on her chase but that made her realize that this city was a maze.

"When i thought some sleep could help me, this happens" she could feel her head hurting as she remembered how her day had been.

She moved past another tower that looked similar but then she just turned into another empty street without anyone here.

The frustration was barely managed beneath her and now it exploded out of her as she threw her fist at the wall. But rather than striking anything Ursa went through the wall and into a room made of crystal.

Ursa looked up to find herself in a giant library of sorts that equaled even the great royal library of the capital. She tried to move when a earthquake began to shake the library.

It's great floors cracked from a pressure below and from it erupted a lake of dark purple inky sludge that consumed her into it's dark cold embrace.


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