The story Pyrrha told him was shocking. It sounded too fantastical to believe, even by Avalonian standards.

" How are you feeling?" Pyrrha asked as her eyes scanned his face with a fierce consecration.

"Like hell" he answered her with a strained voice.

His limbs lacked strength and the rest of his body was burned with a sharp pain in many areas making it I'll advised for him to try and move even upon the comfortable hospital bed.

"Well, just rest yourself" Pyrrha took a blanket and rested it over him.

"Hey, i am not that bedridden" of course he was, but he could never admit it to Pyrrha who simply chuckled and tucked him in.

"Sure your not, tough guy. Though seriously, rest" she playfully said as she finished.

"Are there any more fight's today?" He needed to know.

Pyrrha stopped and thought for a few seconds before she answered him "none, today was the opening fight again i think".

" Sounds like i should be getting ready for tomorrow then, i have enough time" he said though he couldn't muster up anything.

"No, you need to rest. Your body isn't ready" she reminded him of a parent.

"A good leader must be in the field, No matter the cost" he tried to rise up but the pain that shot through his body like a thousand knives being driven into his body and once more he failed.

"A good leader must be able to lead their troops at the best of their capabilities, when they are at their best, your no good to anyone as a liability, so stay seated Ddraig" Pyrrha answered as she pushed him back to the bed.

The door to the room opened and Mulengu stumbled in. His eye's were wide and his face looked empty as if he wasn't even present in his own mind.

"What...what happened?" Mulengu whispered in silence as he looked around confused and lost.

"Hey" Chris called to him, but like a person with their ears closed, Mulengu didn't look at him.

"Mulengu... Are you okay?" Pyrrha asked as she walked towards him.

Her right hand was outstretched as if she was dealing with a threat. She carefully tiptoed towards him like a cat going to hunt down some unsuspecting prey.

Within a fraction of a millisecond she taped him on the head and retreated back by a few step's.

Mulengu jolted back, as if a strong volt of electricity had been driven through his spine. He muttered two words under his breath before he turned to them and knowledge began to return to his eye's.

"Hey guy's" he looked around confused " When did i get here?".

"Just a few seconds ago. What's wrong, you came in looking out of it?" Pyrrha asked him as her tense catlike tension defused.

"Just a little absent minded i guess" Mulengu answered, though there wasn't any confidence in his voice.

"Finally came to see my broken butt" Chris hoped that he could uplift the mood, but Mulengu remained silent.

"Yeah, that's right. How are you feeling?" Mulengu asked him.

"Like Morigan got her hand's on me and she didn't stop until more than one thing was broken".

" Hey, my mother isn't that bad" Pyrrha protested.

"Do you know your mother?" Mulengu playfully asked her.

"Ha, Ha very funny" she said as she over exaggeratedly folded her arms and pouted.

Mulengu scratched his head as if he was thinking about something and then it seemed to come to him.

"Oh, your sister has come for you and i don't think that she will take no for an answer".

Chris could mostly believe that. Every time someone was slightly injured from anything as minor as paper cut, his sister's turned into overbearing mother hens.

" Tell her that i can't come, doctors orders " he was wondering why following Pyrrha's command was something he was currently doing.

"Why am even listening to her? " he wondered as he nestled deeper into the bed.

"She won't like that" Mulengu looked at him with a face that pleaded not to be thrown back out at the animals awaiting him.

"Why not just tell her to come here?" Pyrrha asked.

"Well, Tomoe and the whole families fighting each other so they aren't allowing enemy combatants to walk into their medical facilities" Mulengu answered.

"I could go and talk to her" Pyrrha volunteered even if she probably knew what it would mean.

"No, she will eat alive" he knew his sister's, hell one of them destroyed Pyrrha's old home.

"So then what do we do?. Because i am not going out there by myself" Mulengu folded his arm's.

He thought about for a few minutes. How he could he get to his sister with his body in no shape to go on and his sister having no way to come yo him.

And then like one of Morigan's spear shots to the skull, it came to him. He internally cursed at his own intelligence for him not having thought such a trivial answer up soon.

"Pyrrha you're echo" he told her and Pyrrha seemed to get what he was aiming for because her eye's went wide and she quickly fumbled with the communication device before handing it to him.

In his hands Chris felt the familiar electric sensation that tickled his fingers as it scanned him.

A green colour began to beep across the echo showing that it was recording him. He placed the thing in front of his face and he began to speak to it.

"Venus, my angry sister, it is me your brother Christian Ddraig and i am fine. Just a bit strained from the fight but nothing is broken. I swear that i am good so please don't burn this place down" he said with a smile.

He ended the recording and handed the echo to Pyrrha and she just smiled at him before she left dragging Mulengu out of the room so that he could rest.

As soon as they left, Chris raised his right arm, upon his wrist was a golden mark of a hexagon made out of a thousand small weapons and shield's all perfectly aligned.



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