Mulengu didn't know what happened. One second Chris looked like he was about to be murdered by the woman and then there was a flash of Mana so hot the world outside the pocket world felt it.

He could never understand what happened. Chris's eyes became golden bolts and he seemed to shift between being a solid being and being a near ethereal golden light.

What followed next was beating of epic proportions upon the poor woman. Chris moved around like some sort of speeding monster, too fast to place down that it appeared to be in a thousand and one places at once.

The pocket world was torn apart by the death cyclone that was Christian Ddraig. Within seconds they were back in the arena with Chris as the only thing remaining standing.

But that wasn't the only thing that happened. It came back, that horrible sound and pain that racked his body came back.

He didn't why it was returning in such frequencies of late. He sighed before downing another bottle of cold water over his head in the hopes of reducing the scorching headache that was killing him.

He had managed to leave the arena after the fight was over and return to the Ashikage family courtyard in order to clear his head away from the suffocating air of the arena.

The Ashikage gardens had a giant cherry tree that he was under providing shade from the boiling intensity of the sun.

"Why does this whole week feel like it was created to enjoy my suffering " he thought as he looked at the thing that came with today's daily dose of pain.

Coiled around his right forearm was the golden tattoo of a serpent. The creature was beautifully designed that had he seen it on someone else, he would have complimented it as a work of art.

He traced his finger's across the tattoo and he swore that he could feel serpentine scales across the tattoo.

He shuddered as a sensation ran down his spine from the the shear disgust the scales invoked within him.

"It has scales, why does it have scales" he whispered in silence as he continued tracing his finger's across the foreign mark on his body.

"Why does what have scales?" Ursa's voice asked right besides him and much to his shame Mulengu screamed like a frightened child.

He crawled away as his heart thundered in his chest. Behind him Ursa looked on with a face of interest. As if he was some sort of riddle she was deciphering.

Mulengu took in a few deep breaths in order to calm himself and then he opened his mouth.

"What the hell is wrong with you?, why would you sneak up on me like that, hasn't anyone ever told you to declare yourself before approaching them and why are you looking at me like that!?".

" What has scales " Ursa wasn't at all fazed by his tirade.

" Nothing, i was just talking to myself so beat it!" He snapped as he glared at her.

Ursa remained silent for a few minutes and then she started walking towards him with a steely gaze in her eyes.

"Hey, Hey, what are doing Falcon?!" Mulengu demanded as he tried to move away from her but Ursa managed to grab him by his left arm.

"Your right arm, show it to me" she demanded as she tried to pry his arm towards her but he fought back.

"What, no!" He tried to push her away but Ursa proved too stubborn.

"Your arm, now" she demanded as her hand made it's way to his face.

"Damn it Ursa, your fingers are scratching my face. Let go of me!".

" No".

"What do you mean no. Also why do you have such sharp nails, you have been biting these things all day" he tried to avoid her jagged nails but one of them almost flew across his eye and he lost his focus in order to get away from it.

Ursa took advantage of this distraction and she pulled his right forearm into her tight grip.

Mulengu felt her fingers as well trace across his the tattoo. Her fingers lingered for much longer than he was comfortable with, so with a great pull he pulled he managed to retain his arm from Ursa.

"Are you done?" He asked as he rolled his sleeve down over the mark to hide it.

"When did it appear?" Ursa asked him and Chris could picture the gears of her head turning.

He was tempted to just walk away but knowing Ursa she would probably turn it into another fight and he wasn't interested in that.

"Today, after Chris went crazy with light magic".

Ursa remained silent again and Mulengu would have left had she not reached reached to her right palm.

Like some sort of skin coloured sticker a slice of purple crystal came off leaving her skin exposed with a golden tattoo similar to his own. Though instead of a serpent it was a spiral that reminded him of a galaxy with multiple stars that Mulengu swore sparked with golden bolts.

" What is that?" He asked now interested in knowing what was going on.

"A Spell that i learned from the Grimoire, I can use earth to cast illusions, though i can only do it on small areas like my palm".

" No i mean that, this, what are these things!" first he pointed at her mark and then his own.

" I don't know, i just know that they appeared when Chris started doing, whatever that was " Ursa placed the crystal back upon her palm and the mark vanished.

" Just great" Mulengu cursed his luck once more as he returned to the shade of the tree feeling another headache coming along.

" It has something to do with what happened in the Nexus " she reminded him of their meeting with the crystal.

"The crystal?".

" Yes, it gifted us with power. Like my sudden knowledge in manipulation of light energy and the time you managed to summon a creature from the realm of light " she explained and winced as she went over his so called gift.

"If that is the case then why now and why these symbols?".

" I don't know " Ursa went silent once and then she asked him "Summon another creature".

Mulengu almost choked on his own saliva as panic shot through his body " What? ".

" I said summo...".

"No!" he jumped from the tree he was sitting under, ready to leave but Ursa blocked his path.

"And why is that?".

" Because i don't want to! " he almost pushed her very forcefully but he restrained himself.

"And why is that?!".

" Because i don't want to Ursa, now take my answer and leave!" He shouted at her feeling his anger boiling over.

"Children" her grandmother's voice stopped even more anger filled words from being traded.

The old woman stood at the door of the Ashikage family main house with a look of concern on her face.

"Is something wrong?".

The older Ashikage asked them as she neared them and Mulengu felt shame budding inside him as he realized that everyone in the compound could have heard their yelling.

" Nothing grandmother " Ursa answered submissively.

"Nothing they say, children these days" the old woman regarded them for few minutes before saying "Come, i was making some soothing ice lemon drink. It is good for fiery spirits.

" We don't need..." Mulengu was going to turn her down, but the sharp glare from the old woman put him down "...though one drink won't hurt".


The lemon tea was surprisingly soothing. It was a cold liquid with a lemon hint and some sugar, as soon as Mulengu started drinking it, the pain lingering in his head stopped.

" This is extremely good" he complimented the elder matriarch of the Ashikage family.

"Of course it is, it's a family recipe" the old woman playfully winked at him and Mulengu found himself chuckling.

The main Ashikage house had a area seemingly directed to nothing but seating on comfortable cushions and enjoying the family tea. It was something Mulengu planned to place in his own house should he graduate out of the fortress system.

Ursa to his left greedily gabled down her twentieth cup of tea and she asked for more. He grandmother smiled and with a simple wave of her hand, a stream of the green liquid exited a large pot near them and flowed into their cups, replenishing them.

"I wish i had water magic like you Grandma, you are so good" Ursa said as she drunk down some more again.

Mulengu wanted to say or even think about something but all that mattered was this delicious tea that sent the taste buds in his mouth into a frenzy.

"Oh, why is that dear?" The kind old woman asked Ursa as she refilled their bottles.

"Because then you could teach me how to be cool and all with my magic. All my skill is from what basically amounts to a Grimoire for dummies" Ursa burped and Mulengu was reminded of a drunk person by her.

" Oh, i think that you are good enough dear. After all that illusion upon your palm almost fooled me" her grandmother smiled kindly as more of Ursa's cup was replenished.

Ursa blushed in embarrassment as she removed the crystal and dispelled the illusion.

"You saw through it?" Ursa's words were maybe a little too slurred but all Mulengu cared for was the tea.

"Of course, i have been a sorceress since i was a child. Do you mind if i touch it child?" the old woman outstretched her hand and caressed Ursa's palm with the mark upon it.

As her fingers ran across it, the mark would give off golden bolt's of electricity and Ursa's grandmother recoiled her fingers as if it had burned her.

"That's quite the blessing of light you have. It is truly... a gift my dear".

" Yes it was a blessing " Ursa's said with a goofy, googly eyed expression on her face.

Mulengu drunk his cup of tea aggressively "It's not a gift you dumb idiot, its a curse. Every time i try to use the stupid summoning or animus trick it hurts and every time i am not using it guess what, yes it hurts".

" Well i didn't know that " Ursa whined as water began to fill her eyes.

"You could have asked you jerk" he could feel tears streaming down his face as he began sobbing "Why am i crying, why are you crying?"

Mulengu didn't know what was happening but he and Ursa were teary messes.

"I don't know you big jerk" Ursa had tears and snot flowing as she wept.

"What is going on here?" demanded Tomoe who had just walked into the room with Thor and Benkei.

"Oh nothing but some tea dear. Would you like a cup" the grandmother offered a spare cup to Tomoe.

"No thank you" Tomoe pushed the cup away while her face twisted in disgust.

"This smell..." Thor took a step forward as he sniffed something out in the air.

His eye's widened and his face shifted to one of horror. Lightning surged across his body and he neared them menacingly.

"Thor?, hey buddy what's up. You look a little unhappy, here have some lemon tea" Mulengu offered his own tea to his friend.

Thor in response smacked the tea out of Mulengu's hand, spilling it all over the floor as Mulengu felt his heart break at the sight of the spilled precious liquid.

"The tea!" He screamed as he leaned down and began to lick what was left off the ground as Ursa screamed some hateful words at Thor.

"Why, why did you do it, you big bastard!?" She screamed as she rather weakly punched his chest.

Thor was about to explain himself but shouting from outside the room, moved all attention to the door. The door was pushed open as Venus Ddraig, Theseus and the elf woman with the mace entered the room with the unfortunate Ashikage guards trailing behind as they failed to stop them.

"Forgive us my lady, we tried to stop her, but we couldn't" the guard's apologized to Tomoe as they bowed.

"What are you doing here?" Tomoe demanded from the arriving party.

Venus wasn't smiling like she had been before. Mulengu would have offered her some tea, but the Grandma lady had vanished from where she had been before.

The youngest sister of the Ddraig family didn't seem to be in a happy mood because she drew her sword and pointed it at Tomoe.

"Whoa, calm down and have some tea" he said as looked around for the old lady and her nice pots of tea " Ursa we need tea!".

"I am looking, i am looking!" Ursa frantically looked around for more of the divine liquid.

"Why are my brothers teammates hexed by a mind spell" Venus looked at them in disgust.

"Hexed?" Ursa asked as confusion racked his head.

"The old crone" Tomoe answered with a seething rage as she turned around to see the old woman but she had vanished.

" Your elders drug people? " Venus uttered in disgust as she knelt before them.

"At least we don't trying killing in non lethal games Ouchi" Tomoe retorted.

"It's Ddraig, say it right you fool!" Venus snapped at Tomoe "And do know that Izanami will receive an adequate punishment for her gross misconduct".

"Tomoe, have some tea, it will make you feel better" Ursa offered though there really wasn't any tea left.

"Hold still" Venus raised her hands before them and a wave of smooth air washed over them.

As it did Mulengu began to feel his head get lighter and lighter until he felt almost empty, light headed, drained even.

This moment of still existence came to a end as he felt something from his stomach fight to make it's way back up.

He clutched onto his mouth and he ran out of the house aiming for the tree who's shade he had resided in not too long ago.

He wasn't really thinking as he hunched over the beautiful tree and spilled his stomach content's as Thor and the other's made gaging sound's in the back.

Ursa wasn't faring any better, an unfortunate flower pot had found itself as the victim of her stomach problems as well.

He finely finished his unsavory actions and as he tried to stand, his legs lost all strength in them and gave way. The hard ground was unfortunately not merciful on his backside.

"What happened?" He gasped out as his body trembled from every single sensation in it going off.

"The old crones spells addled your mind's. She used her most vile spell to try and subjugate their minds" Tomoe answered him.

"The sweet old lady?!" He couldn't believe it, Tomoe was nice with her just a day ago.

"That wasn't the sweet old woman you met yesterday, the old crone is someone else, it can be best explained another time" Tomoe answered as she tried to help Ursa up, but Ursa wasn't having any of it.

She slapped Tomoe's hand away and tried to get up by her own, but Thor was needed to help her up and stabilize her, Mulengu at least still had the tree, though he avoided the area were that happened.

"You are telling us right now, non of this half truth garbage. I want answers now!" Ursa sounded delirious in Thor's arms.

"Old Crone is our grandmother's sister".

" You're lying" Ursa snapped at Tomoe.

"Am i?, i the person who knows this family more than you!" Tomoe was getting angry and she would have attacked Ursa had the mace lifting elf lady not jumped between them.

"Jumping Jupiter she is huge " he thought as he saw how tiny even Thor appeared before her " Wait did i just saying jumping Jupiter ".

" Listen princess's, we came here to see the Prince, not to see your creepy family bicker" the elf brought her mace down and it shook the room to prove her point.

" My creepy family... weren't you the one who hated him in that fight!?" Tomoe shouted with saliva flowing out of here mouth.

Mulengu began staggering back into the room as he began to regain his coordination though his legs still felt like porridge.

" That was for the fight kid, the mental advantage in a fight in basic. Even with that none of us were aiming for fatal wounds... Well except for that Ouchi nut".

"Enough of this, where is my brother?!" Venus demanded as a mini twister of air began to form around her.

" You don't have any..." Tomoe tried to tell Venus off but Mulengu cut her off.

" The Med room. It's this way " he said as he began walking towards the med room.

"Mulengu, they are from our rivals, you can't just let them in!" Tomoe shouted at him and Benkei stood silently at the corridor that led to the med room.

"Well, if that's the case we can just bring Chris out here" he answered her as he moved past Benkei.

He didn't wait to hear what Tomoe had to say as he walked deeper into the silent cold corridor.

He walked in deeper and deeper. With each step he felt an increasing electric jolt in his flesh, with each step the corridor became colder and colder.

" What the hell is happening? " he thought as he shivered.

He was halfway to the med room when he heard the sound. A hissing sound that came not from around him, but inside his head itself.

" What is that?! " he shouted as he recoiled in fear, feeling his heart beat so fast that he felt that it would give up soon.

" Theeeee blackkkk... " a voice that was more of a hiss whispered into his head.

"What!?" He shouted stumbling as the sharp noise returned to his head.

It was unbearable, like a knife was being driven into his ears over and over again. He bumped into a wall with his head shaking in pain.

"Oh dear Deus make it stop!" He screamed as his eye's began to twitch and shake as if someone was sticking a foreign object in his eye's.

His arms began to burn from a heat that was born from within his bones. He brought them down and he could see the tattooed serpent seemed to be ripping itself out of his arm.

He looked at it with his eye's widened in fear and his body petrified before the creature as it rared it's head before him.

"Monster..." He whispered in fear.

" No Nyami Nyami " the slithering voice answered him as the snake lunged forward....



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