Venus Ddraig, that was what his parents named her when she born, he used to call her little V as a child. She was a sweet and respectful kid back then, and now he could never understand why she had to be so unnecessary difficult about this whole thing.

Here she was, in a Wizard death match, okay maybe it wasn't a death match, but why was she here. He had seen her with her team and that was part of the Ouchi family team, much to his surprise.

He had approached her and tried to find out why she was here. The answer that he got was a brief laugh from his sister.

He wanted to find the head of this family and knock their teeth in before he called his parents to tell them about Venus misbehavior. Though chances were that his mother would appear to drag the both of them back home.

Chris stopped as he thought about what he just considered and he just sighed as he rubbed his face in frustration.

"Your majesty is something wrong?".

Ursa's aunt Miriam asked with concern straining her face as she led him and the rest of his team to a long green table, which was packed with many people who he suspected were other top Ashikage family members were already sat.

" Just a slight headache my lady" he said to her.

He sat down next to a rather hyperactive boy who couldn't sit still for five minutes as he shot about question after question at him and the other's around.

Chris ignored the boy as he focused on the yellow table where a young girl with long brown hair like his own and most noticeably the same golden eyes that he had.

She sat besides a young pale skinned young man with black shaggy hair. He looked more timid than his sister who was laughing out loud as she devoured the meals laid upon the tables with all gusto in the world.

"If you two glare at them that hard, beams might shoot out of your eye's and blow them up" Thor said as he took a bite of his chicken leg.

He looked at Pyrrha who was doing some glaring of her own person. A young purple haired boy on the same Ouchi table.

"So, your brother is on my sisters team" Chris was wondering how he never knew this.

"Yeah" Pyrrha answered as she still glared hard.

"How long?".

" Since they started at Kingsorder academy " Pyrrha answered him and Chris internally cursed that wretched school.

" How did she get here anyway? " Thor asked him.

" How do you think. One of her teammates is a family member to the Ouchi " Chris answered as he focused in on the black haired boy who noticed him glaring.

The boy almost jumped off his chair in fear as he looked like he was looking into the eyes of the dark abyss.

Venus noticed as well and rather than looking upset or unnerved by how angry he looked, she grinned and waved towards.

"What?" Pyrrha asked as she taken back by Venus's grin.

"She is very competitive... Too competitive" he wished that she was the saner of his sisters, but this was his family.

" Hay mister, mister" the kid had gotten bored with Thor and returned with the hope of gaining Chris's attention.

Chris hoped to ignore once more, but the kid wouldn't let him. He finally gave in and turned to the kid while finally answering her.

"Yes?" He asked as looked at the kid.

" Mister, are you a knight? " the kid had wide eyes as took in Chris's imposing figure.

This put a warm smile to his face " Why yes i am young man".

"Wow, do you guys like really fight big monsters and" the young boy said with stars in his eye's as he looked at Chris as if he was the greatest hero the boy had ever seen.

"Why yes we do, in fact today we just defeated a vampire" Chris smiled as he gave the kid an sanitized version of their fight with Ruthven.

"So cool, i wanna be a cool knight like you" the boy was trembling with excitement.

"I thought you wanted to be a high star when you grow up Shinji" Tomoe teased the boy, who looked at him with a pout.

"I can be both. I can be like Marchog" that name, it brought a smile to Chris's face.

"You like Marchog?" He asked remembering the man.

"Are you kidding, i am his number one fan" the kid pulled out a poster from his pocket, and it was a picture of a old fae with a flowing mane of hair.

Chris looked at the kid and flashed him a smile " You know, i know Marchog, maybe i can bring you something from him".

The child looked ready to explode from excitement at what Chris had just told him and a thousand more questions could be seen bubbling out of him.

" Shinji stop troubling the prince".

The other aunt...Sakura he thought, told the boy and the kid instantly transformed his little energy, into a need to eat everything while he looked at Chris with wide bright eye's.

Chris was glad that he had this to get his mind off his sister who had just made things more complicated for him.

" So your team was present in the Nexus? " Hanzo asked them and Chris felt all eyes on the green table turn to Ursa.

The poor girl looked like a deer stuck in headlights, though he was sure that he would have the same reaction as she had.

"Yes, in fact Chris here was the one who struck the big blow to Nimue herself" and he too was now a deer in headlights as Ursa unwittingly turn attention to him.

"It was nothing" Chris found his food more interesting than looking at any them.

Though he could sense the kid Shinji trembling like a volcano about to explode as he declared "You are so cool!".

" I have one question? " Ursa asked as like Chris she took a good look around them.

"Of course my " Kazuto answered her.

"What's with the feast. Isn't that supposed to become a thing after the tournament is finished?" Chris now had a feeling of paranoia from Ursa.

It was hidden in the little things from how she spoke to them, how she would cast very fast suspicious glances at the members of her family.

" it is a beginning feast. I would tell what it does but you best see for yourself " Her father sounded genuinely excited as the great stage in front of the room was soon inhabited by musicians playing a slow melody.

The symphony that filled the room was shockingly majestic and Chris almost wanted to dig into his pocket and personally pay an extra.

He felt his sore muscles to relax as more laughter and general merriment made him.

After ten minutes a old bearded man with a long black rob walked towards the front of the room. The room went silent as the old man made it to the front.

The old man looked back at all of them as he coughed " My children, we stand here today to shape the future of our great clan in this new world. We are here to choose the one family worthy lead us into the future... ".

The man went on some speech on about how the future of the Anjin clan mattered, but Chris didn't put as much investment in it as the other's as they focused on the man.

He wasn't the only as he noticed Ursa who's eyes were glaring at her food as if it was the spawn of the devil himself.

" This is not my day " he thought as he caressed his forehead with his right hand.


Two days, that's how much time they had to prepare and meld into working with each other and while Chris was exactly fond of Tomoe and Benkei, he was willing to learn to work with them.

The others were willing to as well, except for Ursa that is. Every amount of training and practice drills had ended with her and Tomoe inches away from a bare knuckle brawl.

It had tested his penitence to the point that Chris had yelled at them both and called off the training. Now he was regretting it, today was the first tournament day and here he was walking towards Kazuto Ashikage who stood in the Ashikage gardens knowing what was coming with a weight upon his shoulders.

He stopped in front of Kazuto blocking his path. The man and his now confirmed daughter looked confused, though Tomoe looked annoyed and Chris was sure that it was about the dressing down he had given her and Ursa the previous day.

Benkei came stomping their way looked angry. Chris almost resisted the urge to roll his eyes as he thought.

"Do these people perceive any thing as some kind of threat ".

" Sir, i would like to speak to you in private. It's important " he stated before Benkei caused a scene.

The man nodded in agreement as he whispered something into his daughter's ear. Tomoe answered with with a node and she led Benkei away, while glaring into Chris.

"I hope this is quick your majesty. We are both needed for the starting game" Kazuto didn't seem at all upset.

Chris didn't know what the starting game was, but there was too much in this whole tournament he didn't know.

"Sir i don't mean to be uncooperative, but i know that your genuinely not trying to use Ursa to gain your family any advantage. But there something's i need to know as my team's leading officer, why was this tournament put together so quickly, i need more details".

Kazuto sighed as he rubbed his eyes and Chris could see his shoulders slouch from stress.

" I honestly don't know. The elders from the Hojo and Ouchi clan began pushing for it with the excuse that we needed a head now, i wasn't even around when it happened " he sounded and looked genuinely angry, so Chris could believe.

The emotions that ran across the old mans eyes told him everything he needed to know about his honest, at least for now.

"That's all i needed to know. We can go to these opening games" he said as he stepped aside.

"Good, also you will need to be physically ready for this " Kazuto answered as he walked out of the gardens with Chris in tow.

Kazuto led him to the edge of s cliff overlooking the mountain where everyone else had gathered.

" Why are on a cliff? " he asked as he joined them.

"Because there was test that no one remembered to inform us" Ursa said as she glared at Tomoe.

"I thought that you would bother learning, considering what's at stake here?" Tomoe glared at Ursa.

"Why you..." Ursa was silenced by Mulengu who put his hand on her mouth.

"Whoa, whoa buddy. We have no need to go there, there are kids watching" Mulengu whispered as he let go of her.

"Look, let's just say that the down there is an old temple. We have to race down there and find the seven imperial item's" Tomoe answered them rudely.

"How will we know these imperial item's?" Pyrrha asked as unhooked her spear on her back.

"Big gray metals that give off Mana" Tomoe answered.

"A little more detail would be nice" Pyrrha stated in annoyance.

Chris turned to Venus team and he could see his younger sister waving at him "Good luck big bro, with team Olympia on the board you will need it".

" Didn't i tell you to go home?" He hoped that he could talk some sense into her.

Venus scoffed " So that you can have an easy win, no way big bro. Besides Aide's here needs my help, don't you".

The black haired boy looked at Chris even more nervous than before as Chris threw a glare his way.

" You know Mom and Dad aren't going to like this right?" He shuddered at the thought of what his parents would do to him if they found out that he had let his younger sister get involved in this.

" Bro, as Joan says, who follows the rules" she beamed with pride as if she declaring great advice.

"Don't take Joan's advice on anything!" He didn't need two delinquent siblings.

"Excuse me" a young woman with long dark hair and pale skin from Venus's team said looking at him directly.

She looked older than him though Chris couldn't quite tell her age "I would like it if you stopped troubling my teammates Ashikage".

" It's Ddraig " he corrected her.

"I don't care" she most certainly didn't look like she did, in fact she seemed more bored than anything else.

"NOW!" He heard someone shout as the crowd's began to cheer loudly.

"What?" Chris was confused by the cheering.

He felt two large meaty hands grab a hold of his shoulders. He turned to see his grabber and it was Benkei who had a rather unsettling grin.

"What!?" He shouted in confusion as the giant sent him flying over the cliff.

He screamed out loud as he fell off and began to crash through trees, until he finally crashed head first through a rock formation that left his brain feeling as if it was being blended.

"Chris, Chris, are you okay?" Mulengu asked as he knelt besides him.

"That's a stupid question" Chris answered, though his voice was strained beyond belief.

"His still alive guys" Mulengu shouted and the others arrived circling him.

"Come on Chris, get up" Ursa told him sternly as she knelt down to give him her hand for support and trust me he did.

"I can't" his legs felt numb.

Ursa growled before saying "Fine, i will do it my self".

And then she just ran off into the forest. He could see the other's looking conflicted at him and in the direction of Ursa.

" Go after her before she does something stupid, now! " he ordered them.

"Take a breath big guy" Mulengu said as he tapped Chris on his shoulder as he took off with the other's.

A few deep breaths returned feeling to his limbs and he began to get back up with a tree acting as his support.

He could feel his legs tremble and maybe it was his luck to have been hunched over because he avoided a green spear that would have struck his shoulder.

"Deus!" He shouted as he fell back from surprise.

In front of him the woman from the Venus team who didn't care about his name appeared as she pulled the spear from a tree.

"Hey, be careful how you throw that thing!" Venus shouted as she appeared as well.

"He is the enemy " the woman answered as she stalked towards Chris.

" Aides tell your sister to not try and murder my brother " Venus turned to her pale friend.

The boy tried to say something, but the girl turned her brother and the younger boy just went silent from her glare.

Chris wasn't going to stick around for this. He rushed forward as fast as he could and the woman thrust forward her spear at him and Chris managed to grab the spear with his right hand and he twirled fast enough to slam his right foot into the girl sending her flying into a tree.

Her brother rushed forward to defend her but he was knocked down by how hard Chris struck him across the face with the spear shaft.

" Hey big bro!" Venus shouted as she rushed him with her blade.

He managed to deflect the sword with the spear "I told you, go home before you get hurt".

" And give up a great chance at being victorious in this game of champions!" she tried once more to hit him but he still managed to block it again with the spear.

"Fine" he called as he push kicked her in the chest, dropping her to the ground.

"When this is over, go home" he dropped the spear before running off into the forest as he tried to find the way that his team had gone into.

The leaves and branches crashed into his face. He could hear shouting behind him and he increased his speed as beat he could.

He came to a stop in front of a clearing, it was a large cleared area with a broken old temple over flowing with vegetation.

"This better be it" he whispered as he followed the route to the temple with his eyes focused on the ground, where he could see many footprints.

He walked in deeper and deeper until he could hear voices. He put himself against the wall as he snuck in hoping to run into more people who didn't wanted to hurt him.

He was about to turn his head when he felt a blade resting against his kidney.

He was about to turn and lash against this person, but he heard Benkei's voice " Ddraig? ".

" Benkei? " he turned slowly to see the person in question looking at him with a puzzled expression.

"Is it really you?" Benkei asked him.

"Is there any other Christian Ddraig running around as we speak?" Chris said as he slowly pushed away Benkei's blade.

"Fine, come" Benkei said as he led him to the main room of the temple.

The first thing he saw was Mulengu screaming as he fell hard upon the ground.

"What is going on?" Chris asked others as looked at his fallen friend.

"The imperial item's are up there" Ursa answered as she pointed to the roof were he could see seven floating grey orbs.

"Why haven't you just jumped up there?" He asked the other's.

" There is some kind of heavy gravity field up there" Pyrrha answered.

She threw her spear as hard as she could and just two meter's away from the orbs the spear was sent back to the earth by a powerful repulsing force.

" Great, so we have to climb it?" He asked as he reached for a half broken pillar that was leaning right next to the orb's.

"Can you pull it off?" Mulengu asked him as he got back up.

"Yeah, it ain't the first time i have climbed a building or something close to it at least" he answered as he dug his fingers into the cracks of the pillar.

Just then a great explosion shook the temple as it's western wall was torn apart by multiple brawling combatants poured into the room throwing blows around with near pure impunity.

"You guys hold them" Chris ordered as he began climbing as well as he could.

He pulled himself higher and higher with each passing second. As he got closer to the orbs he could feel an invisible force from above pushing against with such force that he had to grit his teeth as he pushed against it.

The force felt like it was affecting his internal organs and he almost felt like his bones were going to break against the force that was leaving his limbs trembling.

The orbs were just a single meter away from him and he was sure that he could reach it. He outstretched his arm, even though it trembled from the force.

"Come oh!" He felt something come crashing into him at high speed's and the next thing he knew, he was imbedded into a wall.

He groaned as he pushed the thing that had landed off him and he realized it to be the body of a knight.

Chris pulled himself out of the wall and next to him, he saw the knight rise up with their katana pointed at him.

He in turned materialized Lucius-aurora in his own as he glared at the knight in a combat stance. The knight paused as they looked at him in surprise before pulling off their helmet.

"Impossible" the knight whispered and Chris felt the same as he recognized the face.

The long ebony locks of hair and emerald green eyes that he had last seem during the battle with the Dullahans shocked Chris. He tried to recall the name of the knight he had saved but he couldn't.

"How many people do i know who are a part of this?! " he shouted half expecting a knight of Camelot to show up just about now.

" Is that really you? " the knight asked in surprise and Chris saw no reason to fight him, so he nodded in response to think of a way to get back up there.

" What family? " the young man look a bit annoyed as he asked and Chris who had been thinking about dropping his combat stance decided against it.

"Ashikage, though it's mainly for a friend who is with the family and what not" Chris answered trying to uncomplicate it as possible.

The knight remained silent for a few minutes "I see, well forgive me Ashikage, i am Antoku Hojo Anjin and this makes you my enemy".

" I am starting to hate this day " Chris thought in anger.

The knight rushed him and swung his sword downwards but Chris managed to side step him and swung his sword towards the knights shoulder but the knight managed to side step his blade.

Before Antoku could attack once more but a charging Benkei came flying into him with enough force to send them both flying to the ground as they began their new struggle leaving Chris alone once more.

He lifted his head to the top once more as he began to think of a way to get to the top once more. He stopped as he heard Mulengu screaming in pain.

He turned to his friend who was on his knees as he looked at his arms that were covered in a bright golden glow of roots that were sprouting out of them and coiling around him.

"Oh Deus not again, not again!" Mulengu kept screaming as more and more roots kept growing.

He rushed to him and knelt as he put his hand on Mulengu's shoulder "Hey, what's wrong?".

" What?, i can't hear you! " Mulengu shouted out loud " Oh Deus that damn sound!".

"Hey wha..." Chris wanted to ask but then a loud booming sound ran out across the room as Mulengu's roots shot into the roof, tearing asunder.

The force released knocked Chris backwards into some ruble. He was pelted by the large pieces of rock that came down crashing on him.

After the rocks ended their decent Chris pushed himself out of the ruble as he coughed out the dust that was chocking him.

"What the hell is up with today" Chris whispered as he dusted himself off.

He stopped as something rolled into his foot. He looked down and it was one of the orb's that had once inhabited the roof.

He leaned down and picked it up. As soon as he did a pair of loud drums could be heard in the air as a loud booming voice declared.

"Opening games completed. Results, Hojo three points, Ouchi one points, Tokugawa one point, Imagawa one point and the Ashikage one point!".

Chris could see Ursa stomping his way with a angry scowl on her face. He simply sighed as he outstretched the orb to her.

" Here, we got one".

Ursa looked at him with a glare before she just slapped the ball out of his hand "Yeah, just one, the Hojo got three".



The hot baths of the Ashikage manor was just what he needed, the past three days they had been truly therapeutic for him. He put the towel around himself as he left the hot steamy room.

He stopped into his room as he heard his echo ringing and vibrating very loudly. He reached for it from the bundle of his clothing and turned it on as he placed it to his ear.

" Hello?" He greeted whoever was calling him.

"Christian, is that you?" His sister Ishtar asked from the other side.

"There isn't any other" he replied to his sister

"Good to see that you are still witty after your whole day" his sister answered him as he sat down.

"Yeah, well i can't be upset the whole day, it's not good for my health. So, have you spoken to Venus?".

" Yeah " Ishtar sounded frustrated.

"How did it go?" He suspected her answer.

"She won't listen to reason" Ishtar answered.

"That's just great" Chris said in frustration.

"Don't beat yourself up over it, it's just Venus" Ishtar must have been cracking a smile by now.

"That doesn't sound like a good thing" Chris felt the possibly infectious smile spreading across his lips.

" Enough about that, i have another reason for calling you".

"I am all ears?" He began to put on his light blue shirt.

"Within a week, a large transport carrier will be passing through you're area with the egg. You have been chosen for this mission" the news was like a punch to his face.

" One, transport the egg where and Two, remember why i am in this tournament in the first place " Chris said to her not willing to abandon Ursa.

"I can't tell you that just yet, I am sorry Chris, but this is a matter of national security and i need good hands on deck, besides won't your tournament be done within a week as well, so you can win this and boom i pick you and some other high ranking knights up, no problem" Ishtar wasn't willing to let it go.

" Fine, you win" he relented with a heavy sigh " I presume that i am supposed to keep this close to the chest ".

" Naturally " Ishtar answered with a matter of fact tone.

"How close to the chest?" He asked once more.

"You and only you must be aware of this" as she said that Chris felt a panic grip him.

"What about my team?" He almost crushed the echo in his hand " I am not going anywhere without them ".

" calm down, they are going with you but i would rather keep something like this on a need to know basis to as very people as possible brother " Ishtar's answer calmed him down and Chris's heart had stopped beating like a drum.

"Thank you for that, is that all?" He asked her and after confirming that all she needed was to inform him of that he ended the call.

Just as soon as he placed the echo down the door to the teams room was swung open and Pyrrha came in stomping and huffing like a bull.

She stopped as soon as she saw in nothing but his boxers covered and the both of them felt their faces redden.

"I am sorry for not knocking" she managed to force out as she took steps back trying to escape the room.

"It... Its okay" Chris felt numb as his body temperature rose and that was when he realized how to remedy the situation and he reached for the white vest upon his bed and quickly put it on "Its okay now, see. No need for things to get awkward".

" Thanks" Pyrrha said though she didn't seem at all relieved as she walked to her bed and sat down.

"So... How... How are you doing?" Chris wasn't sure how to lift the thick awkward air around them.

"Not good.... Paris and i tried to talk" that seemed to get her mind out of the air around them.

"Tried to?".

" I... I don't know how to talk to him, Christian " she said with a sigh with her face looking downwards.

"Why do you call me Christian?" She had been with them long enough to know that he preferred Christian.

"I..." She paused and seemed to think deeply about it "I don't know".

" Well call me Chris, my friends call me that" he said as he finally managed to put on his trousers.

"That depends, are we friends Christian?" She asked him with a small smile creeping upon her face.

"That depends on if you keep calling me Christian" he said smiling back at her.

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