Tomoe Ashikage Anjin, Ursa hated that name with a passion. She hated her smug annoying cousins attitude more than ever.

The girl stood there like the Universe was hers for the taking with the smugst expression in the history of smug expressions. If only she had enough time, she would have dragged the little brat to the fighting pits and beaten her black and blue.

A hard cough came from Arumu Sycamore who didn't look interested in their stand off.

"Aeris Ddraig, since you are the highest ranked person here second from me, this is all your approval of leave" Sycamore pulled out a scroll from her desk and handed it to Chris who opened it and began to briefly read it.

It was a rather brief read and Ursa didn't get a chance to catch a glimpse of the scroll before he closed it and tucked it into his pocket.

"You are in change of the rest of them. Including the Ashikage Anjin. Everyone one of you will still treat him as your commanding officer, i don't care about your families or your feelings, is that understood" as Sycamore instructed him, Tomoe began to groan but she was silenced by a sharp glare from the Arumu Knight.

"That doesn't seem right Arumu Sycamore. They are getting into our family business, they are the juniors here before my families elders" Tomoe was red faced as she tried to dial down the anger in her voice, and Ursa felt a swell of satisfaction.

"You are still Knights of the realm. And as Knight's of the realm, you need to follow the rules that come with it, if you don't like it, you can tender your resignation right here or you can work hard and out rank him, but until then you do as you are told or rescind your permission to enter this tournament" when Tomoe was silenced, Sycamore scoffed "Now get out of my office, all of you".

The moment they all stepped outside, Tomoe opened her mouth to say " Just because my father thinks that you are good, doesn't mean you have what it takes, so please get out of our way".

"I am not getting involved for your little family. There are is more at stake because of your monster of a grandfather" Ursa got into Tomoe's face as she filled all of her words with venom.

Tomoe growled as her hand reached for the emerald katana that rested by her side.

Her hand barely moved when Mulengu grabbed it, stopping the Katana from being pulled out of it's scabbard. The big silent man who had been with her grabbed Mulengu's arm threateningly.

"Calm down guy's. We don't want to start a two on five fight now do we. So why don't we all calm down" Mulengu was letting his chaos energy course across his body, giving him glowing red eye while bolt's of red energy shot across his body.

"We won't have any problems, will we Aeris third class Ashikage Anjin?" Chris made sure to get in front of her with his taller height towering over her as he emphasized her lesser rank.

Tomoe must have been smart enough, because she pushed back the katana to it's scabbard and Mulengu let go of her arm, though her big body guard didn't let go of his hand.

"Let him go Benkei " she reluctantly gave the order and he obeyed still glaring at Mulengu who was smiling.

"The massage from your family is that we have meet them at their mansion today. So please go and collect your things before we go to the bumblebee... Again" Chris sounded tired as he spoke.

"Fine Ddraig" Tomoe sneered at him with her anger just boiling under her skin.

"That's Aeris Ddraig second class, Aeris Ashikage third class" Chris glared at her as he spoke annoyed and Tomoe simply scoffed before she turned and left with Benkei in tow.

"You know, i don't like her" Mulengu said as his chaos energy dissipated.

"Welcome to the club" Ursa said still relishing the humiliation that had befallen Tomoe.

"Enough about her. Come on, we have our things to carryout" Chris said as he yawned and his body slouched showing more of his exhaustion.

The most that they collected were clothes and extra equipment. Meeting Tomoe again was again a fun experience as the girl sulked the entire way to the bumblebee.

"Do you guys ever smile?" Mulengu asked as they boarded the bumblebee.

Benkei merely answered with an angry scowl and Mulengu just raised his arms in surrender.

Chris came back from the head of the bumblebee and he said " I have already given to the driver the coordinates. So tack in, sit down and no more fighting ".

Tomoe just sat there, with her eyes drilling holes into Ursa's head while Ursa returned the favour with a glare of her own.

The ride over the city, gave Ursa a great view of little Geneva and she thought about moving here when everything slowed down.

"Not a bad sight " she whispered as she looked down from the window and everyone else nodded in agreement.

"How did you're family manage to get a large mansion in the mountains?" Chris asked Tomoe who's head metaphorically got bigger as she began to explain her families importance.

"Our great Anjin clan is built on the foundation of four hundred years of magical craft. Even if we lost much of it in the fall of the earth, we have retained enough for us to have good positions in the wizard council " Tomoe explained while her face beamed with pride and Ursa wanted to knee her in the face.

"That doesn't explain what i wanted but whatever" Chris simply sighed and Tomoe shot him a scathing glare.

" Hey, Tomoe right?" Mulengu said drawing her from trying to burn holes into Chris's head "Yeah, i just want to know what this whole tournament thing is supposed to be about?".

Tomoe once again opened her mouth to answer, though Ursa was sure that thing was looking for any excuse to yammer off.

" Well i supposed that i must explain from the beginning. You see since our tribes founding, there has always been a main leading head family or clan. The last one died out from the fall of the earth and their last remaining elder passed recently. The correct course of action it to call this selection ritual in which the families battle for supremes ".

"Of course you people would go there. I don't know what year Avalon is supposed to be in, but I'm sure that the use of brawl is not as efficient as just a damn election, you cave men" Ursa added a viscous rasp to her voice.

Tomoe almost leaped off her seat to attack Ursa, who had her hand tightened across the bowshaft. But Chris simply put himself between as he shot a glare at her.

" Enough " he declared though it was aimed at her and not Tomoe.

Thankfully the bumblebee landed and Ursa hoped that they would be done with this as fast as she could.

As soon as the ramp lowered the others lowered their mouth in shock as did Ursa much to her chagrin. The mini city that the Anjin had built on the mountain was an impressive sight.

It was covered in buildings that were built from a mixture of modern and ancient Japanese building's from the Heian, Asuka, Azuchi-Momoyama, and the Edo periods all together. Making the mini city was a bright colourful mixture of shades, shapes and smells.

"This place is beautiful" Pyrrha whispered and Ursa was forced to internally admit.

" Welcome to the city in the mountain" Tomoe said with her arms raised in pride.

"City in the mountain?" Chris asked with a slight chuckle.

"We have to go over there" Tomoe simply ignored Chris though she looked embarrassed at how lazy her city name was. She pointed at the largest building at the center of the city.

"What is that?" Ursa asked.

Tomoe turned to her with a smug smirk " Oh dear cousin, it's the imperial house, the heart of the Anjin clan".

Ursa was close to giving off an insulting retort when an old voice began to speak to them.

"Tomoe, Benke are those my grandchildren?" The voice belonged to an old woman white as snow hair, a kind smiling face and long purple kimono with sun flower imprints upon it.

"Grandmother!" Tomoe and Benkei yelled excitedly as they both rushed to the old woman and drew her into a hug.

"Be careful child, you could have broken these old bones" the old woman chuckled as her two grandchildren hugged her affectionately.

Ursa didn't know how to feel about this, she wanted to brush it off but she just couldn't. The old woman turned to her with a warm smile and Ursa instinctively flinched.

"You must be Ursa. By the founders, you do look like you're father when he was younger" she said with a warm smile as she caressed Ursa's face.

Ursa wanted to run and hide as she heard Mulengu, Thor and Chris begin to chuckle at the notion that she looked like a man.

"Hello ma'am" she wasn't sure how to address this woman " I can't insult a nice old lady ".

" Ma'am, i am your grandmother girl, not a stranger. Now come here and give me a hug" her grandmother didn't give her much of a choice.

"Hey grandma" her emotions betrayed her and she hugged her back.

"And who are these young people" she looked at them with a warm smile and the other's began to introduce themselves.

The last one to do so was Chris and her grandmother looked confused and shocked before she looked at her with a mischievous face "Oh, a prince, tell me Ursa should i start calling you a princess soon".

The feeling of her head being filled with blood and the shear horror that rolled down her spine as she felt the others looking at her.

" What, no no, we aren't anything like that!" Chris pleaded to the old woman.

" What, is my granddaughter not good enough for you " the old lady got into his face.

"No ma'am that's not what i mean, your granddaughter is a very beautiful woman and any man would be happy to have" Chris trembled from the old woman's glare.

"Good" the old woman turned away from him with a smile and she began to walk towards the city "Now come along, the meeting has already started".

The walk through the city was a strange experience. Ursa watched with awe as people ran about in clothing that had bright colours like blue, red, green, yellow and black.

These colour's dominated and separated the people who all looked at them with different emotions like anger, fear, curiosity and surprised. They all did with the sole exception of the people in green, who looked at her group with awe and cheers.

Her grandmother waved at the people in green, while she glared at the people in the other colour's " Ignore them. They are just jealous that they will lose".

Ursa didn't want to ask though Chris had become jittery around from the eyes of the people. She knew about his little problem with crowds.

The walk was short and they arrived at the main center of the city and in true honest fashion. It lived up to it's name of the imperial house.

The place was more like a palace with all of the various colours that she had seen adorning the people in the crowds. The gate's were guarded by guard's with long spears and armor's that were each one of the colours that she saw earlier.

The guards opened the gate and the group found themselves inside a courtyard that was decorated with a eden like garden.

"Not bad" Mulengu said with wide eyes.

They weren't alone though, the courtyard was filled with other's both old and young. Inside the crowd, she saw her father and mother speaking to Kazuto and three other people, a younger man and two older women.

"Father, mother!" Ursa couldn't hide her joy, so she sprinted towards her parents and drew them into a great big bear hug.

Her parents hugged her back and Ursa didn't care if she had caused a scene and gotten the people present to look at her with surprise or general annoyance.

"Hey there precious star" her mother greeted her as she was blanketed into a warm embrace.

"Mother, please don't call me that " she whispered embarrassed as she let go of the embrace.

She blushed as she saw everyone's attention turn to her. She watched as her presumed uncle and aunts all looked at her as interested as one would be for a new toy.

"Ursa, these are my siblings. Your uncle Kazuto, my sister's Sakura and Miriam and finally my youngest sibling Hanzo" her father said with a genuinely warm smile.

Her aunts instantly swarmed her and began asking questions about how she was, what she liked, who she liked and how cute she was. Her father and his brothers on the other hand just stood there with amused expressions on their face's.

They unfortunately did not see her grandmother sneaking up behind them and somehow be fast enough to slap them all across the head before they could react.

" Mom, what the hell!" Her father shouted as he caressed his head.

"That's for not bringing my granddaughter to ever visit me" the old woman raised her nose to the air in righteous indignation.

"Can you try not to bring shame to this most prestigious assembly Ashikage" the voice of a man with a regal tone of voice said.

The laughter from her uncle and aunts was replaced with a look of anger and irritation at her man with long flowing black hair that matched his black robes.

"Hojo" her uncle Kazuto said with about as much disdain as he could muster and the man answered in kind with a glare of his own.

"Good to see you too Ashikage" the man stepped into Kazutos face and the he looked enraged that he dared to even do such a thing.

"Why don't you go back to you're camp and await the officiating" Kazuto gritted his teeth together while his fit's tightened.

" I would, but i just thought it would be gracious of me to welcome your little family. It was the right thing to do after all".

" Little? " Kazuto sounded positively outraged " Our Families are matched in power Hojo".

"Oh really, do pray tell how?" The man looked amused as he took a moment to yawn in an over the top fashion.

"Don't try and pretend that our achievement's in the field of the arcane and our current position in the wizard council doesn't match yours Hojo. Or maybe you think that your hired thugs are some kind of advantage".

The man named Hojo just raised his eye brow as he looked at Kazuto with a face of amusement " Hired thugs?, what a mighty horse you are riding my friend. I am not the one who brought my niece into the family, simply because of the company she keeps ".

That struck a cord in Ursa and she focused her eyes on Kazuto who looked ready to get physical with this man.

Her father was the one who stepped between the two and he looked to be seething with boiling rage.

" Please leave " he said with his barely controlled rage showing.

" Of course, i was just trying to say hello" the man bowed before leaving them.

"I hate that guy" Hanzo said with a great sigh as he shook his head.

" I see Cain hasn't changed much " her father said as he still glared at the man.

"I can't believe that i once liked that guy" her aunt Miriam said with a sneer.

"Father" the voice of Tomoe bellowed as she ran into Kazuto with a great big hug with Benkei following her behind with the small cold demeanor.

" Hey there slugger, how was you're time as a Knight " Kazuto smiled as he messed with her hair a bit.

Benkei bowed in respect " Master Kazuto ".

" Have you been keeping her out of trouble boy?" It was a teasing question, but Benkei seemed to have taken it seriously because he became a stammering mess.

"He is just pulling your leg boy" her grandmother said as she patted Benkei on the back.

"Of course grandmother" he said as he nervously rubbed the back of his neck.

"So tell me, have you two gotten along" Hanzo asked Tomoe as he pointed at her.

The two of them looked at each other and Ursa was close to calling her cousin an obscene word had Chris and the other's not arrived, though he looked like he was a fuming bull.

"What's up with you?" She asked as she took in his hunched over and pouting figure.

"It's his sister... And her brother" Mulengu answered her as he indicated to Pyrrha, who had a near similar look.

"Who, Joan?"

She knew that Joan had a bit of an explosive temper, so she was very likely to be impulsive enough to be here. Though she wished that she had gotten down the name of Pyrrha's brother.

"I wish, Joan has more sense in her than Venus" Chris rubbed his head in frustration as he answered her.

"Venus?, wait isn't that your younger sister?" She asked him, hoping that she got that right.

"The one and only" Chris grumbled as he hunched over even more.

"And what about you're brother?" She turned to Pyrrha.

"Paris.... Stupid kid siblings" Pyrrha grumbled like Chris.

" You know if you keep your face like that, it will get stuck like that " her mother said and maybe that was the first time that the others recognized that her family was here.

"Mr and Mrs Falcon" they all shouted in fright before they started spouting out apologies for not greeting them.

"Its all okay kids" her mother and father answered them.

"So this is him" her uncle Hanzo said as he began looking at Chris as if he observing some kind of product.

Those eyes, the way that they looked at her friend wasn't a normal interest. No, it was as if a weapon was being inspected and she could see it in the eyes of the rest of them.

It left her thinking about the words of the Hojo man " I am not the one who brought my niece into the family simply because of the company she keeps . Did he only become interested in our family because of Chris? "


Somewhere over the eastern ocean three mighty ships sailed with the Lunar nation flag raised high a proud.

These ships were mighty Titans, constructed from a silver marble but their engraved magics saved them from sinking. The ships sides and deck were lined with large cannons, aircraft's and personnel.

Upon the main ship that led this mighty vanguard, Juno of the lunar kingdom stood in solid attention like a statue of sort's. She knew her duty was to guard the two figures sparing before her.

The pair were a young fae man and woman in their late teens. The two danced around with skills and grace as they tried to land a solid hit, but their physical and martial prowess was too great for their bout to end so easily.

As difficult as it was for her to admit it, she could say that she was envious of their skills. The two stopped as a drum was beaten signaling an end to this round of their spar.

The two of them bowed to each other as another crew member on the deck declared "Round twelve, result draw".

" You have gotten better brother " the girl said.

"Of course sister, i have a great teacher" her brother answered.

"Where is the old windbag anyway?" The girl asked.

"Sleeping, as always" the boy said with a smile as he whipped his face with a towel.

"Captain, how much longer until we reach our destination?" The girl turned to the person besides her and he said.

"We shall be there in a week" he answered.

"Good, full steam ahead" the girl ordered him and the captain left.

" Excuse admirals, but is it a bright idea to just rush the enemy like that without informing the rest of us" her older sister Leo asked as she walked towards the siblings.

Leo might have been a seven foot tall giant, but before the twins she was least intimidating person present. Their golden eyes bore into her with amusement.

"State your name?" The boy asked her.

Leo remained calm, or at least Juno thought so from how she was as still as a corpses in her armor

" Ulfhild Freya,Leo of the Zodiac corp" her older sister answered as she took off her helmet, showing the reason why she almost always kept on.

A long jagged scar ran from her forehead, across her now dead left eye and her mouth to her chin and finally her throat. Never had Juno felt self-conscious about her rather mutual scar that ran also ran across her eye but it was still intact.

If they were fazed by the scar, the admirals did show it. The others present on the ship who didn't know much about her sister except from legends, recoiled in disgust.

"Zodiac, the now defunct failure of a unit. The same one that put us in a open war with the kingdom of Avalon, that is why we are here again" the female admiral said as she stepped to her sisters face and for the first time, Juno saw Ulfhild flinch.

"I apologize for our failure admiral" Ulfhild answered as she kneeled.

"Cease your kneeling. Remember your position, the last thing we need is another important official to be left at sea because of shear incompetence" the admiral answered with a sneer before she turned to face in the way of Avalon "Now let's get that damn egg".

War is coming for Avalon and the realm would weep before the lunar kingdom.


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