The trip to go and kill the vampire had team Phantom upset because of their lack of more Alpha-spell's like their counterparts team Argonaut. The way back had a general irritation because they were jumping out of the proverbial frying pan and into a fire.

"Did they explain why?" Even Pyrrha looked just as irritated as everyone else.

And Chris couldn't blame her, the hospital might have healed a lot of their major injuries, but some pain and exhaustion from the fight was still there.

"They said nothing else but that we were doing this in two days" Ursa sounded downright murderous and she looked the part too with how her eyes squinted.

If Chris wasn't as unhappy as her, he would have considered protecting her uncle from her budding wrath, but he wanted to get a few hits on the old man, himself.

"I guess we are going to have to meet your cousin" Mulengu said as he chewed on the sandwich that the hospital had provided every one of them.

"Her" if you could curse people with how much distaste you held for them, Ursa's cousin would have dropped dead by now.

"I am guessing that you two never got along?" Mulengu asked her as he raised his eyebrow.

" I have tried, but that jerk keeps on pissing me off. She seems to think that i am some kind of curse on her perfect Clan " Ursa scoffed.

"This is shaping up to be great venture" Mulengu said to himself sarcastically.

" How are you going to deal with the Imparetor? " Theseus asked with concern etched on his face.

It was a valid concern from him, one didn't just go to Imparetor and say, hey our crazy family wants to create a combat tournament, so see you whenever.

"When we found out about the tournament, i informed him about it. It was a rather long conversation but we are safe" Chris had made sure to tell the Imparetor.

All these thought's about the tournament were beginning to hit his brain like a knife was being jammed into it. He wished that he could punch his headache away, but the only thing he could do now was close his eyes and fall into the embrace of sleep.

His eyes felt heavy as he pushed them wide open again. He found himself in a place that was no longer the bumblebee that he had fallen asleep in.

It was blackened field of ever expanding night that stretched for eternity. He would have never have been able to see anything, had there not been a great light before him.

It was the golden crystal that that he had seen when he lost his consciousness after Artorias beat him and his friends. The crystal was silent, doing nothing but hovering before him, almost ominously.

"Hello!" he called to it, but it still remained silent, with the only thing that he could hear was the echo of his voice.

"What are you?" He stepped closer to it and he could feel the hard ground beneath his feet as he walked towards the crystal.

Again the crystal was silent. There were many thoughts going through his mind as he felt his arm instinctively reaching for the glowing crystal that warmed his flesh from the heat that it realised.

It was a soothing warmth, the kind that you would leave washing over you for hours on end. It reminded him of the camp fires him and his friends would enjoy.

As his arm got closer, his mind was assaulted by visions. He saw cities burning with such great fires that the night was filled with a second light source, he saw thousands upon thousands of corpses littering the earth around him and he saw it, a Dragon with glittering silver scales.

The beast towered over him and it's breath of fire burned through the cities until there was nothing left but dark chard monuments to what they once were.

He could feel the heat from the fires and the smell of the burnt city and bones invaded his noses.

Chris felt genuine terror as the beast turned its head towards him. It's eyes felt like they were bearing into his very soul and he felt his legs shake.

His mouth got dry, and his body was wetted with sweat. Never before had Christian Ddraig felt such terror before.

"Who are you?, why am i afraid of you?!" He had just faced down a vampire and even it hadn't made him tremble in fear.

" Damn it, why cant i move " he tried as hard as possible to pull himself away as the creature opened it's jaws in order to breath outs own flames. But he couldn't do anything.

The vision ended as soon as the flames came rolling off if his body and for a brief moment he felt the agony of his flesh burning from these intense flames.

He screamed as his eyes went open and he found himself on the floor of the bumblebee with Thor, Mulengu, Pyrrha and Theseus holding him down while Ursa and the others seemed to be removing ropes from the compartments under their seats, as if to bind him.

" Hey, hey, his awake! " Pyrrha shouted as she slowly let go of his limbs.

" What is going on? " he asked with his throat dry and strained.

He felt his limbs ache from how powerful the grips that pinned him down were.

"You tell us buddy. One second you were asleep, then you fell to the ground as light energy began coursing through you're body while you shouted the name Asi or something like that, over and over again" Mulengu answered.

"Chris, what happened?" Thor asked as he looked down to him.

"I don't know, i think i had a nightmare" Chris answered his breathing frenetic and his body covered in sweat.


The moment that they arrived at the iron fortress, the two teams parted ways. Chris made sure that he said goodbye to them and just to cheer up Theseus he promised him another sparing session.

The fae boy had been so overjoyed at that prospect that his friends had to carry him away, after he refused to leave due to the joy dance that he was engaged in.

Chris afterwards began to lead his teammates to the main office of Arumu Sycamore. As they walked, he couldn't help but notice the occasional hidden glance of concern from the others.

It seemed as though the incident in the bumblebee wasn't going anywhere soon. You'd think that Chris, the person who had received the visions would be the most concerned.

But no, Chris would rather do anything that try to remember the burnt cities, sea of corpses and the dragon that had somehow found a way to unnerve him to the core, unlike everything he had seen in his life.

" That dragon though, why did feel so familiar? " he had never met any of the draconic kind before, so why had it felt so familiar.

He quickly knocked away those kinds of thoughts as the reminder of what he saw made his skin crawl. He knocked on the door Arumu Sycamore's office as soon as they arrived And they were answered by a reluctant.

"Come in".

Sycamore looked annoyed at them as they entered, or maybe that was her natural face, considering how she always had it on.

"We terminated the vampire ma'am" Chris took the file that was in his hand and placed it on Sycamores table.

The file contained the facts of the case as he and the Sheriff had drafted for two whole hours after the vampire was turned to ash. Sycamore took it and began going through the pages as fast as she could.

"Good job. Now go and rest, some of you smell of sweat and hospital wards" she ordered them as she placed the file into compartment of her desk.

"Are you all deaf, Phantoms?" Sycamore asked with an eyebrow raised as non of them moved even after she ordered it.

" Our apologizes Arumu Sycamore but there has been a complication " Chris answered her as he tried to think of a proper way to explain the situation.

"What kind of complication Aeris Ddraig?" She asked him as he looked to Ursa, who answered him unspoken with a nod.

"You are aware of the Anjin tribe tournament that i informed Imparetor Astrapios about?".

Sycamore then sighed as if the topic caused her some kind of pain " Oh i know the one. That girl was just here a few moments ago about it, before i sent her to be his problem... and the rest of them ".

" What girl?" He wondered why Ursa was asking when it seemed obvious that it was....

"Me, cousin".

At the door was the girl who had hinted the tournament to Ursa with a guy behind her who appeared to be in her age group, though from what Chris could tell just by looking at him, he was obviously the silent type.

" We are not cousins " Ursa added as much malice into her every world as was humanly possible.

"This day just keeps getting better and better" Chris didn't bother to even keep it to his thoughts.

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Hey guy's, sorry that this chapter is smaller than expected, but i am not sure if i am going to post anything soon, because writers block is a bitch. I am hoping that posting anything might get me out of this funk i am in.

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