The report that the sheriff gave them were most disturbing, all of the victims of this hunter of the night had been brutally drained of their blood in a process that according to the doctors had left most of the victims alive for hours on end while this happed before they were finally put of their misery.


The pictures in the reports of the pale, bloodless corpses with their throats and wrists torn out was more than Chris would ever want to see. All of them young ones beneath the age of twenty had their faces twisted in pain and agony as their last moment's were striped from them.


A somber tone was hanging over the office with everyone silent and looking away in horror. Chris tore his eyes away from the pictures in front of him and sealed them shut, but he could seal shut the image's and words that haunted his mind.


To read about in the reports was a whole other beast than to be told about by a person who was there, who watched the remains of such an unspeakable act. To hear the pain in their voice as they described every gut wrenching fact about what they had discovered about the torture and murder of these teenagers.


After the sheriff was finished no one dared say anything at all. It was a cold silence born of grief that held the Knight's and Sheriff present in it's tight grip. It was the type that left one breathless as a cold sweat rolled over their bodies and left them unable to speak.


Every one of the Knight's present held a face that was plastered with sympathy for the victims, horror for the act and anger for the monster that had dared commit such a thing.


Chris tried to say something but his voice was stolen from him and he wished someone could break the silence.


"The plan?" Thor decided to break the silence for them.


While he did speak with a firm and emotionless tone of voice, his face was held back a thinly valid anger. It was cold and brutal anger, the type that many had to be careful not to bring upon in Thor if they feared for their own safety.


"We have to split up" Chris didn't like the concept of his team break up like this but it was needed if they had to cover more ground.


" Some of us will go to the crime scenes, vamps tend to stick close to those places and chances are that we can nab it from there. Me and the Sheriff will go see the families to see if it's come back in anyway " he finished and looked at everyone of his fellow Knight's awaiting their thoughts on his plan.


All the Knight's nodded in agreement, meaning that his idea was accepted "Thank Deus because that is all i could think of ".


Chris knew enough about vampires to know that universally they had a sadistic streak. They would usually stick close to the places where they committed their atrocities and they would also stalk to families of victims either to kill them as well or just to mock them.


" If that's okay with you, Sheriff? " he didn't want to come off as overstepping on the Sheriff's authority.


The Sheriff nodded at him "Of course Aeris Ddraig. My station, my officers and i at you're disposal".


" Alright, let's go find this bastard" Chris was determined, he would find this beast and he would slay it and give these families the closure that they deserved.




Ursa Falcon was not happy. She was angry, exhausted and the only thing bouncing about her brain was absolute self loathing. She hadn't known peace in days and the reason was evident.


It wasn't only because of the numbing information that Sheriff had shared with them or the fact that she was going to a sight where a teenage girl was tortured and murdered.


It was also the weight that had been pinning her down for days. The knowledge that so many lives and her father's family who from what Kazuto had said were not the monsters she had imagined would lose everything. It dug into her very core day and night like some sort of demon that would not let her be.


She had nightmares of it whenever her body betrayed her and her eyes went shut. She would be in the tournament and her Alpha-spell's, those weak things would fail her, and she would see thousands weeping as they were banished from their homes.


Her father would always look at her with a loathing hatred, while she asked her why she couldn't save his family, why she couldn't do more.


"Looks like we are here" Meghanada the white haired stoic of team Argonaut said as the police car that had been transporting them came to a stop.


Ursa felt her body get heavier and more tired as she realized that she had spent the entire trip drowned in her own troubled thoughts. With a grunt she forced herself to get out of the car.


The hot and bright sun of this island irritated her exhausted eyes and Ursa groaned like a ghoul, though with how she was walking, she could fit in well with them.


The sight that they had arrived appeared to be an abandoned camping ground. It was a vast expanse with many cabins and places that camp fires had once rested upon.


Ursa knew these places. She had come across one once barely more than five months ago. Families would come to these large camp outs and unfortunately the victim had found her way into their killer's hands here.


"She would have felt safe and happy here " Ursa knew that feeling.


While she wasn't the out door's type, her families usual savannah trip's always left her feeling happy. To spend time with your loved ones in a place that brought you closer was a gift.


The ground ahead of them was section off with red tape to stop unauthorized individuals to enter and contaminate the crime scene.


"That's where we found the body" the officer leading them sounded as emotionally drained as Ursa felt.


The area that they had found themselves in, seemed to be at the edge of the island. It was far from the main city and covered in grass, tall trees a stream that went into the lake that surrounded the island. To the left Ursa could see multiple mountains and to the right she could see the remains of this civilizations once great walls.


Add all this together and Ursa could see why people came here to gather and rest, this land was as close to paradise as one could get.


"In what state was the body when you found it?" The other girl Elizabeth asked with a low voice.


"She had been dead for around thirty minutes" the officers eyes looked dead as if they could still the body laying on the earth "There was dark energy all over her. We had to seal it away but the sight was... it was...".


" We understand " Elizabeth placed her hand on the officers back in order to comfort them "You can take a breather. We shall inspect this place for now".


As Ursa watched the other two knights raise their hands and mutter a few words as trail of fire replicating foot prints was created for Elizabeth and another was made for Meghanada.


Seeing the two knights Ursa couldn't help but feel the force that had been crushing her spirit, increase twice fold. As Ursa looked at them her weakness as a knight was thrown in her face like a brick. She remembered not thinking much of Theseus, but he was a better Knight as were they.


" I need to get stronger " she thought as she tightened he knuckles and grinded her teeth together " I have to get stronger than this ".


"Ursa" Elizabeth called to her with a look of concern "Is something wrong".


Ursa felt herself deflate in shame as she thought about the jealousy that she had aimed at the two women in front of her. The two had proven themselves to be nice people and she only looked at them with a tainted view.


Ursa tried to soften her face muscles in order to take away the intense glare that had been plastered on her face but the other two Knight's had seen it and it clearly wasn't aimed for the murder sight.


" I'm sorry " she contemplated telling them what really bothered her, but that was both something she didn't want to air to everyone and it was her business to keep.


"Just a little tiered that's all" she tried to smile but the energy to fake the emotion of joy wasn't there.


" Okay" while Elizabeth seemed to expect it, well rather reluctantly it should be added. But Meghanada looked skeptically at her.


The white haired girl's eyes had an unnatural feel to them, as if they were ripping knowledge hidden in her very soul. It sent shivers down Ursa's spine and she tried to avert her gaze from the girl as much as she could.


Deciding to go against her instinct's and looking closer, Ursa realized something that she had overlooked before. Meghanadas eyes had turned from their normal light green shade into ones that were black like the night sky with stars sparkling within them and she could see electric blue markings begin to etch themselves around her eyes.


"She has advanced Hawkeye as well, just great " Ursa was regretting finding out this knowledge as it made the humiliating position she had found herself in even worse.


"What's truly the matter Aeris Falcon?".


Meghanada reminded Ursa too much of her parents when they had caught her lying and they gave the patent "tell me truth now" look.


Normally Ursa would have caved in, but she would not do so today, not with this power of Meghanada reminding her of her current mission. She would not be subjugated, not today.


Sending a glare the girls way Ursa put as much power as she could behind her words "I am fine Meghanada, so drop it".


Meghanada didn't seem to get the message and stepped up to Ursa's face not looking at all intimidated by her. Ursa would not let this stand, and so she stood before the girl with her back straight, helping her tower over the much shorter girl.


" You need to talk about what's troubling you before it consumes you" as Meghanada spoke, Ursa felt a little ringing sensation in her head that grew louder and louder, until it was like she had a speaker in her brain.


It made her skin crawl and and all the instincts in her head was calling for her to duck out of the way. But of what she couldn't tell.


The splitting headache that was mercilessly pounding at her brain made Ursa angrier and angrier with each passing second.


Had she not had enough self-control she would have tried to strangle the girl. In fact she could feel her hands raising higher and higher of the girls neck.


"Oh please spare me that fortune cookie b..." Ursa suddenly felt something collide into her side with enough force and speed that she quickly made contact with the earth as the air was knocked out of her.


She looked to see what had knocked her down and to her surprise it was the elf Elizabeth who had knocked down both her and Meghanada to the earth.


"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Ursa could feel her fingers latching on to Boudicca's shaft, ready to beat both her fellow Knight's over the head with it.


"We have found our Vampire" Elizabeth said coldly as she directed them to something that appeared to have landed not far from them and if Ursa wasn't mistaken it's path showed that it went right through their path.


" That thing would have impelled us " she felt dread at having to apologize to Elizabeth, but not Meghanada she could step on a thorn for all Ursa cared.


The object in question was a spike no bigger than an arming blade. It had a sharped, pointed edge and it's colour was a crimson red. It looked to be made from some thick liquid that was kept in this shape by some invisible force.


As Ursa looked closer at it she realized something, the crimson shade of this spike and it's rather nasty smell meant only one thing. The spike was made of blood...




Mulengu shuddered as he once more found himself underground. Thor might have been in front of them with a bolt of lightning in his hands lighting the way, but the cold darkness of this subterranean underworld was not something he wanted at all.


He began trembling once more against his conscious will, as he looked at the dark places that filled this earthen deathtrap.


"Are you well?" Isfandiyar asked, his voice laced with concern and a quick look around told Mulengu that the other's had noticed his current condition and were just as worried.


The second archer of team Argonaut seemed to be giving off his own soft white glow that made him another source of light with the final one being Jason who was glowing with an equally soft golden light from his fleece.


"Why yes i am Isfandiyar, i just freaking love all the deep dark place's of the world" Mulengu was hugging himself as he spoke with as much sarcasm as he possibly could muster.


"How is it that someone who just braved a mountain top, the bottom of a lake and the heart of a forest can be frightened of a simple cave?".


Isfandiyar looked to be holding back a laugh as he spoke. Thor and Jason on the other hand had no mercy for him and they both burst into laughter


Mulengu felt anger grow in his chest at his humiliation, in front of his fellow knights.


"It's a simple underground hole that is filled with shadows and the things that crawl about in the shadow's" Mulengu snapped at them while his eyes searching the darkness that wasn't illuminated and he shuddered again as he imagined what horrors were hidden within.


He had in this morning alone visited multiple areas in which the unspeakable deed happened. From the top of a mountain, the bottom of a lake and the deep ends of a forest.


All of these task's had proved themselves easy enough for this group of knights to complete, though the knowledge that people had been brutally murdered at those locations did him no favours. The dark underground spaces of this cave on the other hand was like walking willingly into the hands of hell itself for Mulengu.


"Worry not" the bolt of lightning in Thor's hand grew brighter until almost illuminated the entire cave.


Mulengu just scoffed at that as he continued his grip hold of Harbinger as they went in deeper and deeper into the cave.


"These caves must have served as a game for it" Jason spoke with a deep sorrow evident in his voice.


Mulengu remembered the report and how it spoke about this victim's magical residue was found all over the many twisting cavern's.


"It let them loose here and hunted them" Jason clenched his jaw as he spoke and Mulengu felt like punching something.


"Perhaps it is best if we find a less depressing topic until we reach that place" Thor stated and none of them could argue with his words.


The place upon which the murder had happened was still deeper down the cave as the reports had instructed them.


"Like what?" Jason asked and his fleece seemed to light up brighter for a few seconds before it returned to its usual soft golden glow.


"Did your fleece just say something?" Mulengu asked, interested in the fleece.


The fleece flared once more and Jason flinched as if he had just heard something truly scathing.


"He prefers Castor" Jason corrected him and Mulengu imagined that the fleece had said some rather unflattering things about him.


"Well, i apologize for offending you Castor " he didn't need to have any strife with Castor the fleece.


Rather than before the fleece had a much softer increase in it's glow " Castor accepts you're apology, also he is sorry for some of the unfortunate things he just said".


"Well i accept his apology as well, and i hope that we can have a better start as friend's" Mulengu should have felt embarrassed for apologizing to a fleece but he didn't.


" Today marks the day that a friendship between Castor the fleece and Mulengu the human " Thor laughed as he spoke " The wonders of this realm shall never cease to amaze me".


The rest of the group joined Thor in a chorus of laughter and the rising and failing intensities of light meant that even Castor found Thor's joke humorous as well.


After they were done laughing, Jason took in a breath to probably clear himself of the grip their laughter had on his lungs.


"But in all seriousness guys. Castor said that we should get to know each other better".


Mulengu didn't have much of a problem with that request and so he went first " Well, i guess that i will go first".


"My names are Mulengu Mulengu" he felt like he was in front of a classroom introducing himself, though the awkwardness and fear wasn't there this time.


"I am twenty one years old and i am an Aeris second class Knight of Avalon, though i came from Zambia on earth. I love epic stories, history, sword fighting, food, the colour red, meat, wrestling and dogs. I dislike snakes, subterranean areas, the dark, studying and dark lords" he finished with a smile on his face.


"That was something i suppose" Isfandiyar might not have meant any offense but Mulengu found it.


"What the hell is that supposed to mean glow boy!" Mulengu cast a glare the way of Isfandiyar as he snapped at him.


The glowing Knight just chuckled and raised the both of his arms in surrender to the angry chaotic Knight who was grinding his teeth together and growling like an angry dog.


"I apologize for any offense my friend" the bowman apologized with enough honest that Mulengu's annoyance slipped away.


"Though i do suppose that i should be next. My names are Isfandiyar Goshtasp" Mulengu chuckled as he formulated a plan to nickname Isfandiyar, Gosh. Due to the word being found in his families last name "And i am twenty three years old".


"My family is from the district of Zoragiva. Its in the province of Jotveld by the way " Isfandiyar stopped and smiled as he thought about something and Mulengu knew that he must have been thinking about his home.


"I studied under the apostle of the rock as a child for many years" he stretched out his palm and a ball of pure white energy formed on it.


The energy was beautiful and Mulengu. A sort of calming aura washed off the ball and Mulengu was left with a new appreciation of Divine magic.


"It was a most difficult studentship. To this day i still thank Deus for allowing me the opportunity to touch his divine breath " Isfandiyar smiled once more with his eyes looking onwards with his brain trapped in some sort past memory Many"others have unfortunately found mastering the art neigh impossible".


" Anyway, i do enjoy reading, food of course, praying to Deus, horse riding, archery and aiding other's. Though the one thing i could say i despise are those who wish to manipulate others for their own selfish gain" as soon as he was finished Mulengu asked a question that had been bothering him " Just how many people actually know Divine magic?".


Isfandiyar seemed to understand the intent behind the question and so he answered "Last i checked no more than a thousand".


"It's really that hard?" Mulengu asked.


" It is" Isfandiyar looked to be thinking about something else "It took me nine years to even manifest the first of the Divine breath".


" So how did you get to learn it. Did you just walk up to the temple and say that you wanted to learn Divine power ?" Mulengu was thinking about giving his own try at the art.


"I went through my uncle who is a priest, he thought it would be good for me to try my hand at it like he had. Maybe he thought i too would join the temple like he did, but my heart turned to knighthood, the first in my family for hundreds of years ".


" How did he take it?" Leaving a path one thought was good for you to pursue your own was something Mulengu had upon his arrival to Avalon. It had unfortunately ended with him sharing some viscous words with his father.


"Very fine actually. He fully understood what my heart was telling me. He even drove me to the entrance exam" the manner with which Isfandiyar spoke about his uncle showed a deep bond.


"Wish that i could say the same" Mulengu wasn't one to air his own personal problems like this, but after some internal debate he decided "Why the hell not ".


"My old man just told me to get out and i told him to step on a curse and die" he chuckled a bit in order to lighten the mood, though there were other unkind words uttered that day that were best not spoken out loud again "Don't worry, we have began to work our problems through as of late. Anyway Jason, what about you?".


" Me?" Jason began to fumble about with his words as Mulengu's question had caught him off guard "um...well my full names are Jason D'arc and i am from the Redwoot province, i guess i like video games, my family, sailing, riding horses and eating popcorn".


Mulengu raised his eyebrow and looked at Jason " popcorn? ".


"Hey, you guy's asked?" Jason chuckled a bit "There isn't anything much about my family".


" For as long as remember Jason, i have learned that there is always something to families " Thor said.


"My moms side of the family is a bit into Arthurian legends. She would have named me Gawain, but they decided to name me Jason after my great grandfather, he was a great knight so it's an honor to me" Jason took a moment to look at Thor and he asked "What about you Thor?".


Mulengu could feel the metaphorical record screech as Thor paused. Mulengu didn't know what his friend was thinking as his back was turned to the all of them.


" I wish i knew Jason, but for the past five years, that which was mine was stripped from my mind" Thor's voice was cold and heavy as he answered.


Jason and Isfandiyar both widened their eye's as the realization of his word's dawned upon them.


" I apologize Thor, if i have brought you p...".


Jason hadn't taken no more than a single step when Isfandiyar reached forward and yanked his friend and teammate out of the way of two crimson spikes that would have impelled Jason through the head.


" How did you see that? " Thor asked as he approached the spikes that were still imbedded into the ground.


"One of the many affects of the Divine breath is that my eyes are blessed to catch glimpses of the future at the time" Isfandiyar answered.


None of them got to say anything else because their echo's began to violently vibrate at once.


"You too?" Mulengu asked them as he reached into his pocket for his echo.


The others nodded and pulled out their echo's and it was a voice massage repeating a message that had been beat into their heads to mean trouble.


"This is Elizabeth Victoria, the cricket is free, i repeat the cricket is free!".




Ursa had almost lost count of the number of trees she had crashed through before she landed into her final destination leaving a human sized crater within the earth.


While her armor had protected her from the damage caused by her crash through the trees, her head was still spinning. Though that might have been from the fist that had sent her flying like a rocket.


She coughed out wet wads of dirt as she was pulling herself out of the ground.


The sound of lightning and thunder turned her head to the left where Meghanada stood with a milky white bow that was surging with electric bolts. Everything Meghanada pulled her bowstring and let it loose arrows created from white hot lightning.


The lightning bolt arrows reduced everything they grazed into ash and molten rock.


The target that Meghanada was aiming for was a man... No it was a beast shaped like a young man. It was tall and well built with slicked back blond hair and a small moustache. It wore the type of brown suit that wouldn't be out of place in a meeting of the upper class.


It's black leather gloved hands gripped a hold of its white wooden walking cane and at last resting upon it's head was gentleman's top hat.


This thing would have been breathtakingly beautiful if it wasn't for it's eyes. Those things were wide, never closing or blinking obsidian slates and they just unnerved Ursa to the very core of her being.


Maybe it was her monster hunter blessing or just basic human instinct, but something was screaming within her about how unnatural this thing was and how it was her foe to slay, here today.


Meghanada was amongst some of the fastest bow woman she had ever seen. But the vampire seemed fast enough to cut down all of her arrows with his cane or simply dodged them with his speed and superb agility.


"A little bit of a spitfire aren't you young lady" it spoke with a certain charm and refinement that could have charmed many others.


"As a man who enjoys the fine things of life, i must say that i find that to be one of the most attractive things i find in a woman" he smiled showing off his teeth that weren't like a humans but rather a row of calcium blades like could be found in a sharks mouth.


"Who are you?" Meghanada asked as she jumped backwards by a few meters in order to avoid the vampire who had managed to bridge the distance between them with his blinding speed.


"My name is lord Richard Ruthven" he bowed before her and still managed to avoid more of Meghanadas arrows.


"And i must say a flower like yourself is one i yarn to keep" Ruthven looked at Meghanada with a facial expression that Ursa could only describe as thinly vaild lust.


Faster than those words had left his mouth Ruthven turned to the left and raised his cane to stop a spear from Elizabeth.


The collision of the two weapons shook the entire area and sent the lake water flowing back by many meters and leaving the lake bed exposed for a few seconds.


Ruthven jumped away to avoid even more arrows from Meghanada and Ursa saw that it was her chance to strike the distracted vampire.


Ruthven managed to avoid even more duel attacks from Meghanadas arrows and the sharp tip of Elizabeth's spear. He forced Elizabeth to fall back from her attack with another swing from his cane that let out a inky purple substance that stained everything it fell upon.


"Darkness? " Ursa recognized it instantly "It makes sense he is a creature of Darkness ".


" Forgive for that my dear but i fear that my cane is only good at ending the was weaker ones of my kind. I loath to use my essence but it is the only option available to me" Ruthven said rather apologetically as he showed them his cane and cracks from all the arrow and spear attacks it had been used to block.


Elizabeth and Meghanada both looked at each other there and then and Ursa recognized that they had a silent conversion like she would with her teammates.


Both the archer and the spearwoman began to give off bursts of mana that she recognized as Alpha-spell's forming. Within a second the both of them opened their mouths and declared the names.


"Cilicians! " for Elizabeth and " Nagapash! " for Meghanada.


The earth below Ruthven erupted into a pool of red hot magma from which hundreds of chains made from magma erupted from the pool so fast that Ursa couldn't even track them.


She only managed to catch up as Ruthven was bound everywhere by the chains, until he was like a mummy made of magma chains. But the vampire proved strong enough to start break through the chains.


But then Meghanadas Alpha-spell materialized. It was a legion of serpents made completely from lighting like her arrow's. The army of snakes descended upon the bound vampire from the heavens like lightning bolts and they bit into its exposed flesh.


Ruthven then screamed out in pain as his bitten flesh showed inflammation and rot from Meghanada's serpent's. His screams were full of absolute agony and Ursa felt sympathy for the creature that was thrashing around against the chains that bound it and the serpents that tormented it.


This sympathy almost made her fire an arrow into it's skull in order to kill it quickly, but it was stopped when Ruthvens voice came roaring from the chains.


"Impundulu! ".


And then the skies went dark as nimbus clouds blotted out the sun and then black birds made from a dark lighting rained down like artillery shells.


The area was reshaped from the thousands of explosions from the birds, that turned the cratered earth to glass and sent the three Knight's flying backwards.


Ursa knew that she didn't have time to lose, and so she grabbed ahold of her bowstring and she began to pour as much energy into her arrow as she could into it without it becoming an Alpha-spell and she aimed for the vampire.


She was going to fire but the dive bombing Alpha-spell vanished along with both Meghanada and Elizabeth's Alpha-spell's. At the center of this explosion was Ruthven who still had the inflammations though they appeared to be healing due to his unnatural nature.


" Chains that could bind me for a time and serpents who can poison dead flesh " he smiled as his spoke and hot steaming blood washed out of his mouth and ruined his suit "I have just added you flowers to the list brightest flowers i have found in this place".


" Is that what this innocent girl was, just a flower to you!" Elizabeth was growling as she brandished her spear that was leaking off magma with her teeth exposed like a rabid hound.


"She was a beautiful flower indeed. I hoped that she would walk with me, but at lass like many worlds before, beautiful flowers just can't survive getting plucked".


The sickest thing about hearing this beast speak was that it sounded generally remorseful about it's "flowers".


" Worlds...?" Elizabeth tilted her head in confusion.


"Of course my lady. As a walker of reality this is not one i am bound to, though this one has certainly proved interesting" Ruthven took off his top hat and threw it away as he continued " Though they are always drastically different from each other aren't they".


"You can cross worlds why come here. You know what, better yet how did you get here?" Meghanada like Ursa still had her bow with an arrow ready trained on him.


Ruthven looked utterly uninterested in the answer he gave with how he spoke "Invited".


" Invited, by who?!" Ursa demanded and Ruthven turned to her grinning.


"Join me in the night my lady and i will show you our host!" Ruthven shouted before he charged towards her leaving a sonic boom in his wake.


That was the moment the arrow flew from Ursa's bow and like Ruthven it surpassed the speed of sound.


The arrow crossed many meters in a single second and then it struck home. The explosion that followed turned the very earth to ash and glass.


The smoke and dust cleared away quickly enough and were the vampire had stood was scorched earth and a tower of blood. The sight of the semisolid, rippling crimson substance was enough to make her stomach churn.


The blood began to shrink until it was nothing but a stream of blood flowing down Ruthvens mouth in a manner that made Ursa want to vomit.


Ruthven looked to her and he tried to put on a charming smile. But with the blood leaking from his lips it made her limbs numb and her skin crawl.


"Such power pretty flower" he out stretched his arm to her "You truly must join me in the night".


Ruthvens hand exploded into chunks of torn flesh and sinews. Ursa jumped back in shock, which was a good thing, as the blood turned into a wave of blood spikes that would have torn her to pieces.


As she moved back she raised an earthen barriers to protect her from the spikes but it was torn apart by the spikes that chased her down. She drew back her bowstring and the arrow released vaporized the blood spikes and leaving a cloud of vapor so large it obstructed Ruthven from her view.


As soon as she stopped jumping back the vapor parted by a strong gust of wind that came from the vampire who was moving like an meteorite towards her.


" What the?!..." Ursa thought in fear as he got closer.


She raised her bow and fired off another arrow to the vampire who was no more than five meters away from her.


The vampire swung its cane and the collision between her arrow and it engulfed everything in fire.


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