Back on the earth when it wasn't nothing more than just cosmic dust, it was common knowledge to anyone who knew the Falcon family that there was a eighty percent chance that they would be found in their work shops. They would be either tinkering with whatever scraps and junk they had decided to turn into cutting edge technology.


The old work shops had been a large warehouse sized structure filled with all the cutting edge equipment in the world found there. While the current Reven-croft institute funded workshop was much smaller in size and equipment it was still an advanced marvel even by Avalonian standards to a degree.


" Even in a new world of super tech you guys are still part of the elite field" Mulengu said impressed as they entered the steel walled workshop.


And Ursa agreed whole heartily. She had tried to create her own tech and the result had been burnt out circuit boards and ready made explosion's.


Though judging from the hundreds of burnt and partly melted circuit boards, cables and even computer screens she wasn't the only one met with this challenge.


"I am sorry about the mess" her mother said embarrassed after Pyrrha accidentally stubbed her foot into an engine piece" The institute gave us a project and we sort of haven't had time to clean up after our mess".


"Do not worry, we don't mind it much" Thor answered her mother as he easily moved some equipment from the way " Besides, it's just like the old home".


"The sweet familiar smell of burnt plastic cables" Chris started with a grin.


"The never ending sound of metal scraping against metal" Mulengu added with a smile of his own.


"Randomly timed explosions" Thor smiled as well as he brought up some of the little loveable flaws of her home.


"Getting chocked out by random gasses" Ursa began laughing as well as she remembered the time one of her father's machines had burst and it's gasses had sent everyone except her into an unconscious state.


Everyone burst into laughter as they all remembered the rather silly moments of their lives. Well everyone except for Pyrrha who frankly looked lost and Ursa couldn't blame her in that regard.


"Please stop that" her mother was still laughing along with them " Your making your stay here sound bad to Pyrrha".


Pyrrha froze up and looked frantic like she had just been accused of something horrific " ma'am, your homze... i mean home is lovely!".


"Don't worry dear, i was just playing around" her mother calmed Pyrrha down, though the poor elf was still sweating a river.


"Of course lady falcon" Pyrrha said a bit relieved" Please forgive my over reaction ".


Her mother looked amused while Pyrrha looked somewhat embarrassed and Ursa felt a bit of both. She wanted to tell Pyrrha to loosen up a bit, but she couldn't think of a way of doing it without coming off like she was scolding her.


"Enough of that" her mother seemed to be right on that " You can call me Aunt, no need to be over formal".


"Of course, please...".


"And there is nothing to apologize about" her mother cut Pyrrha off before she turned to Ursa "Now let's go find your father".


They began to move deeper into the workshop, past old and new machines. Midway through something old and familiar caught Ursa's attention.


Resting on the west walls were a series of costumes. They all ranged from blue, red, orange and purple with varying designs though the purple one looked more like a light power armor.


Resting above the armors was a picture of a young seventeen year old team Phantom looking like happy, while they were covered in bruises and dirt in front of what appeared to be a recently demolished building with the carcass of a large train sized serpent resting in it.


"What's that?" Pyrrha looked very interested with the photo and the costumes that she stopped to inspect them "Christian is that you?".


"I guess that we never told you " Chris rubbed the back of his head looking a big embarrassed and Ursa could tell why.


"That costume hasn't aged well has it Ddraig?" She was barely holding back a laugh like the others as she looked at the tight fitting blue spandex that really emphasized it's wearers figure.


"Hey, your just jealous that i pulled off such a costume" Chris tried to defend himself but everyone else were just laughing and from how he looked at the picture it was clear that he noticed too.


"Chris, if i wanted to show my ass to the world, i would put on your costume" she shot back.


"Can someone please explain to me what is going on?" Pyrrha decided to interject.


"Oh right" Chris coughed " Back on earth we were sort of like vigilantes or more state sanctioned super hero's i guess ".


"Superheros?" Pyrrha looked confused.


"Yeah, i know how crazy it sounds but it is true" Chris continued his explanation " A few years ago on earth an alien invasion happened and the alien remains mutated people into metahumans and the remaining tech led to large amount of super crime. That's where the Hero's League came in with Metas and other people to help the governments of the world deal with them".


"Wow" Pyrrha touched the picture " You guy's must have had so many adventures together ".


"Yes we did" Ursa added as she looked back to the days when the strangest thing she knew were flying alien mutated super whales "That's how we learned a lot of our fighting skills".


In the picture it was easy to notice that Chris had a broadsword that wasn't Lucius-aurora, she had a compact bow, Mulengu had a arming sword and Thor still had MjĂžlnir.


Pyrrha was about to say something else when angry shouting began to blare out loudly from the workshop. She could recognise one voice as her father but the other was foreign to her.


"What is going on?" She asked while her mother's face morphed to one of anger.


"Come, i will show you" She led them to the center of the workshop where two men were in a serious debate so intense they looked seconds away getting physical with each other.


The first man she recognized as her father who looked positively livid. Ursa knew her father well when he was upset, he tended more to brood and seeth in anger rather than have an outburst. Whatever was happening it was truly dire.


The other man was a picture perfect replica of her father, except he had a different better trimmed hair cut and his very posture and demeanor made him look older and more regal.


The men ended their screaming match when they noticed that the room was now occupied by more than two angry men. Her father's facial expression softened as he looked at her and Ursa could see the other man looked interested in them.


"Honey, your here" he walked to her and put her into a strong bear hug that Ursa managed to pry her way out of "We've missed you kid".


"I missed you guys too " She said to her father but her eyes where focused on the man who looked at her with a deep interest "Who's this?".


"He was just leaving" her father sounded extremely dismissive as he turned to angrily face the man.


"His name is Kazuto Ashikage Anjin brother" the man sighed almost as if this type of conversation was common thing between her father and him " It's a pleasure to finally meet my niece after all these years".


"Wait, Ashikage Anjin" she remembered that name from the loud mouthed girl from yesterday.


"Yes Ashikage Anjin. I am your uncle young one" he extended his hand to her.


"I have met another member of your family" Ursa said with a scowl as she remembered that girl "There wasn't anything nice about it".


"Oh" he sighed almost like he expected it "I apologize, some of the members of our family can be a little too overzealous".


" Kazuto, please leave" her father said as he glared at the man.


"Don't be stupid Hiro" her apparent uncle stepped forward and placed his hand on her father's shoulder "Do you honestly want our family, our legacy die out like so many before it?".


"If it means the family doesn't take advantage of my daughter then yes!" Her father snapped as he slapped the hand away.


"Will you not think about yourself already!" Kazuto dropped all civility and grabbed her father by his shirt " Do you want our sister's and brother to forced out of our family home, do you think that mom and the rest of our family deserves it. Don't you think i don't want you and your family to stay out of what's coming! ".


"Then leave!" Her father pushed him backwards " This is why i walked away from the clan!".


"And you think you would have walked away without us, that you would have remained hidden from the elders for so long from father!" Kazuto shouted as he got into her father's face "We stood up for you and what you loved, but when the tables are turned you are going to turn your back on us!".


" Enough! " Ursa and everyone else jumped in surprise at her mother's outburst "Enough fighting".


The two men seemed to calm down a bit, Ursa had so many questions right now. She thought about the words of the girl from yesterday, she thought about why her father was so angry and what he said about the family using her.


"Dad, what's going on?" She pleaded with him " Please don't lie to me".


Her uncle turned to her father his eyes wide "You never told her did you?".


Her father and mother looked downcast at those words and Ursa felt an anxiety grow within her. So she turned to her parents and asked.


" Told me what? ".


"Honey..." Her father sighed as he sat back on a chair while he rubbed his face in frustration "There are something's in my past...something's that i never told you".


"Like what?".


"My family... Christ i wish never got to say this.... My family is called the Ashikage. We are... They are sorcerers who belong to a clan or tribe called the Anjin".


"Please tell that, that's a joke" Ursa couldn't believe what she was hearing "Your family are supposed to be some kind of wizard clan".


"You all might want to take a seat" Kazuto said as he snapped his fingers and behind everyone of them, formed chair's made out of solid air "Please there is no need to worry".

Everyone who had been doubtful followed his instructions and sat down upon the comfortable chair made from solid air, this type of control and versatility could only be achieved by a wizard.


" When i was young i never had a aptitude for sorcery, but i had a knack for tinkering with technology. Unfortunately my father hated the fact that i wasn't one of his perfect progeny" her father seemed to be going through some unfortunate memories "My siblings helped me escape the clan and with their help i managed to change from Hiro Ashikage Anjin to Hiro Falcon".


" Is that all?" Ursa didn't think so but she had to ask " I remember you saying something about someone wanting to use me?".


"Let me be the one to explain Hiro" Kazuto decided to step in before her father could answer " The Anjin clan is made up of multiple families with a head family leading all of us. The previous head family has completely gone extinct and a trials of selection have started".


"Trails of selection?" Chris asked this time.


"The selection process to choose the next head family" Kazuto explained and Ursa got a bit of an understanding on why her father wasn't interested in what Kazuto wanted "Members of the families are allowed to participate in a tournament until one family is left standing".


" So that's why you came here" Ursa arose from her seat and she wished that she could kick it away "It wasn't to see your family again, but rather to get us to join just so that you could gain power. Was your little festival invitation a while back just a freaking facade as well!".


Kazuto didn't look upset or insulted, though he just sighed and looked tired as if he was dealing with a child. Ursa knew that face well, it was usually etched on her face when dealing with the boys.


"The festival comes after the tournament, i have every intention of reforging our family after our father shattered its bonds" Kazuto sounded truthful enough and from how her father's face relaxed as he spoke Ursa could tell that he believed his brother.


"In that case why are you here wanting us to join your little game" Ursa wasn't her father, she would not be swayed so easily with sweet words about family.


"Brother, she must know" he turned to her father who looked down with shame written all over his face "Before our father died he swore a blood oath before the entire clan. Should we fail to win this fight, we are to surrender our place within the Anjin clan, our home for hundreds of years".


Their was a silent anger in Kazutos voice and shook barely concealing his anger and Ursa felt the coldness in her heart begin to melt away.


"Father bound us with the cursed shackles of this damn tournament" Kazutos frustration was now boiling over "It won't just be our main family but hundreds who fall under the Ashikage blanket who will exiled from their home".


" This can't be right?" Ursa couldn't believe that the grandfather who she always viewed as the devil was even more evil.


"No, he us telling the truth" her father answered just exhausted.


It was a blade had been driven through her heart. Her legs felt wobbly and weak while she felt slightly light headed.


"I am sorry" her father looked older, much thinner and more stressed now "I didn't want this, but father...damn him".


"I will do it " Ursa didn't want to help her family, but Kazuto seemed nice enough and there wasn't a way in hell that hundreds would be exiled because of one old angry dead man "I will fight in you're stupid tournament".


" Ursa, you shouldn't do this" her father reached to her and gripped a hold of her shoulder's "This isn't right all. Isn't that right Susan?".


If he thought he would find aid in her mother, all her father received was her nodding to his daughters decision. In fact everyone in the room was on her side.


" I am not going to let innocent people suffer because of grandfather " Ursa declared "I don't care if have to fight this tournament on my own but i won't let this happen".


Chris arose from his seat " Ursa is my teammate and from how long we have been with her, she is family, they are our family, Is there anyway that we can join in order to aid her? ".


His request or more like his demand left Kazuto thinking about something as he rubbed his chin and muttered something under his breath. He then raised his hands into the air as hr began a chant in a tongue that Ursa did not recognise but she knew that it had power.


Maybe it was her new connection to the light but she could see the threads of his magic condensing above him as pail threads that forged a magical tapestry.


Soon the threads had formed enough to become a book. It was a old red covered book as big as a phone book, When Kazuto opened it, Ursa could see hundreds of names written upon the pages.


" Brother is that? " her father looked shocked at the book "It will never agree, you know how difficult that book is".


"I know brother, but with father dead, i am the head of the Ashikage family and my authority over it is near absolute" her uncle spoke as he flipped through the pages " Found it".


He turned the book and showed them a page that had what appeared to be the current Ashikage family tree. She could see her father and his siblings names, her mother next to his own and then her own directly below them.


"This book is the Ashikage chronicle" Kazuto began to explain the books name and purpose "In the olden days when the families were young, outsiders were brought into the families either through marriage or through blood brotherhood. But the families were stringent about who got in through blood brotherhood, it had to be an individual or individuals who showed true loyalty and connection to the family".


" What do we have to do?" Chris looked at the book as well reading the names.


"There is a step that must be taken before you go through with this though" Kazuto looked a bit nervous "You must mix your blood with Ursa's and then smear it on this page. After that, the book shall read your very beings and see if you are so close to get considered blood members of the family".


" What?! " Mulengu jumped off his seat looking a bit unwell with all the sweat rolling off his forehead " You want us to willingly cut ourselves open and then rub on your book. Are you guys serious, this is how you get blood based illnesses!".


"Your just afraid of cutting yourself open aren't you?" Thor's deadpan was almost as hilarious as Mulengu's little rant.


"Hey, getting an infection ain't cool!".


"Look after this we can go and take a shot okay" Ursa didn't wanted to plead but she added enough of it to her voice for him to understand the massage.


Mulengu sighed in defeat, he then walked to Kazuto who was studying him with interest " Just give me a knife".


Kazuto snapped his fingers and a knife began to form made from solid air, after it had completed, he handed it to Mulengu who began to take deep breaths before he closed his eye's. And with a single motion, the knife slid across his palm sending blood splattering across the page while Mulengu gritted his teeth together.


" only needed to prick your finger" Kazuto coughed a bit as he said that while Mulengu's eye twitched uncontrollably in anger.


"Oh, now you tell me!".


In order to avoid seeing Mulengu attack Kazuto, everyone else came to add their blood to the book, even Ursa.


After the droplet of her blood fell on the page, the mixed blood vanished. And then a drawing of a chain materialized next to her name and upon it she could see names from Christian Ddraig to even Pyrrha Ulster.

With a heavy sigh Ursa turned to Kazuto and asked "Is this all? ".


" Yes".


"When do we start?"


"Soon" he answered in a heavy voice as the great book was closed shut.


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