The morning wind was always welcome to the halls of the palace. It's cold relaxing touch was enough to cool Chris down as he looked at his grandparents portrait once more before he left for his duty.

He massaged his chest in the area that Nimue's or Pyrrha's spear had gone through. It still had an itch that Chris had found himself scratching since he had returned to Avalon two weeks ago.

"I should punch Thor and Hana again for their 'plan' " he remembered almost strangling his friend after he woke up " At least i am out of hospital, Deus knows i would have snapped if had to eat more of that tasteless gunk they were feeding me".

"Wish i had kept that scabbard " you might wondering how he survived imminent doom and all that as well as this talk about a scabbard. Well turns out that scabbard that Thor had given him in the Artimes facility belonged to one of the Arthur's.

It's main ability to render you unable to die was only thing that stopped him from crossing over into the far land's long enough for a competent wizard to heal him.

Unfortunately it's owner wanted it back as he returned to rebuild his kingdom and Chris lost his Deus ex machina so he was still grumpy about that.

And speaking of Nimue and the Lunar nation, they had completely fled the Nexus the moment Nimue's corpse was disintegrated by his Alpha-Spell.

He remembered his last view of the Nexus as both wizards on their side and the Nexus cast the wardings that sealed a wall between their world and the Nexus, they didn't need another Archtype-king fiasco.

Though his mother decided to punish him by letting Cai come to Avalon making Chris wish that they had disconnected their link to that world before Cai and a lot of his friends came through to tease him without rest and without end.

" At least Mom seems happy about rebuilding Gamalaot" she had been in full force to recreate another Gamalaot for the knights and citizens of her old kingdom who had crossed over " She's so happy that she's smiling a Ishtar ".

He was about to delve deeper into a retrospective of his past few days but the sounds of people speaking amongst themselves drew him out of it.

He turned to his left Mulengu, Ursa and Thor who came walking down the hallway speaking rather excitedly amongst themselves.

Mulengu and Ursa both looked fine enough in their respective civilian clothing they both looked fresher than they had been on that fateful battlefield. Thor on the other hand, the poor guy was also looking better than he did at Nimues hands but he was carrying four large duffel bags that were so awkwardly distributed across his arms, shoulders and head that if it wasn't comical Chris would have felt sorry for him.

"Remind me again why i have to do this?" Thor shifted the bags a bit but the way the rubbed across his face was rather uncomfortable to look at.

"Because" Ursa scowled at him or attempted to because anyone could see that she was hiding a smile by the upwards twitch of her lips "You played the puppet master role with our lives and we do not like that very much, so you are to be punished".

" But, i did it to save our lives and the damn world's " Thor protested in a manner more akin to a child who had just been denied sweets after supper because they didn't eat their vegetable's as instructed... or maybe Chris was just projecting "And it worked!".

" True" Mulengu rubbed his chin thinking before he added " But someone has to be punished for lying to and manipulating us".

Thor protested some more but to no avail as Mulengu and Ursa just wouldn't listen or budge an inch from their draconian punishment.

He turned to look at Chris perhaps hopeful that Chris would come to his aid but Chris just shrugged as he hid his own smile like Ursa had done and Thor just slumped looking defeated as he said "I hate you guys".

"Hey" Ursa affectionately slapped him across the shoulder "What are you doing?".

Chris was rather confused by this question " Waiting for you guys to finish tormenting Thor? ".

"It's not funny Chris" the big guy complained unfortunately for him at least he was just ignored by them.

"I mean what are you thinking about?" Ursa's eyes ran across his entire body and Chris could feel that she was trying to read him like one of her machines or her equations.

"Just about how crazy things have been. The whole Zodiac, avatar of Sophia and Nexus thing has been one wild ride" he answered her as he scratched the his chest once more from the itch "Things have just been getting wilder".

"Yeah, i know" She looked at the portrait of his grandparents " I am sure that they are proud of you, just like you're parents are".

Chris wanted to argue that his parents were pissed with him but he decided to let that slid and he just said "Grandmother would probably kick me for nearly dying while Grandfather laughed it off in the corner".

"That not true Chris" She might have protested but she wasn't there in the healing chambers when he woke up, he knew his family and it wasn't pretty.

"When i woke up Joan almost chocked me to death in a fit of rage and after mom saved me from her, she too tried to choke me to death".

" Okay, the women in you're life are a little crazy" this was ironic coming from Ursa crazy person Falcon.

"You can't even begin to imagine" Chris could feel his old unwanted memories of his family having interesting moment's resurfacing when he wanted them gone.

" Hey, hurry it up we have to go" Mulengu called from the door with Thor walking wobbly behind him.

"We are coming" Ursa answered Mulengu before asking him with a reassuring smile " I will leave you to say goodbye ".

Chris waited until she was bit far away before he started talking... it was embarrassing to be talking to a portrait but at the same time it felt like it took a load off his chest. He could feel the eye's of the portrait looking down upon with the same warm gaze his grandparents had.

"Grandfather, Grandmother" he greeted them as he always did before taking a deep breath " I am going to be going away for a while to the eastern province. I mean it's different than the one you knew but not really... Forget most of that, my mouth just ran off. I am going to mothers old post the iron fortress to learn something's and take things slower than they have been. So this is goodbye, for now just don't worry i will be back soon".

He turned to leave and found Pyrrha being the only one waiting for him. She looked passable, Chris would never admit that she looked beautiful. Things had been awkward between the two of them since the Nexus after she saved his life so many time's and almost died because of him also her spear had been what Nimue used to impel him.

" She has been avoiding me recently " he wasn't sure wither to be upset or happy about that.

"Greetings you're majesty" she offered him a bow of respect but is sounded awkward.

"Greetings Pyrrha, is everything ready?".

" Yes my prince, this way" She led the way and Christian Ddraig Prince of Avalon walked this room for the last time.

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