The amount of pain Chris had gone through today alone was enough for him to consider having a compartment built into his armor to store nothing but pain killers. He lay once again buried into the earth with his fellow knights all around him in equal states of pain, defeat, dread and for those unfortunate ones, death.

He looked around and watched the lifeless bodies of the unfortunate knights who he had met on the way here and who had fallen to Nimue. Their white lifeless eye's felt like they were digging into his very soul, asking him why he led them into this death trap, why Hana's plan didn't have a way to save them from this fate.

Tears stung his eyes as they rolled down his cheek and Chris despite how much he fought it let out sobs and his heart felt like a hand had gripped it in a vice grip that made every breath harder than it should have been.

His weeping was shorts lived however as the ear piercing sound of a explosion sent much dust and debris flying everywhere including on top to of him.

The cause of the explosion were his parents who stood back turned to him, facing Nimue with the type of seriousness that he had only beheld when they faced down his mother's dark aspect.

Chris felt once more that hope and defiance that had led him to face down Nimue even after his earlier beating at her hands. He forced a bitter smile before raising his voice and screaming "Mother, father!".

But they did not turn and face him, no their whole attention was on Nimue and in some strange way he would never admit, Chris needed their attention, he wanted them to tell him that it was going to be okay, that the lose of life at Nimue's hand's would be avenged.

" Nimue, stop! " He heard his mother's voice ring out with a deep panic.

He managed to pull himself off the ground and he looked into the strange room in which they had found Nimue. The sight that he is beheld was jaw-dropping, and his parents both stood there looking forward just as shocked as he was.

Were Nimue once stood was a creature that was both magnificent and frightening. It was a woman dressed in glistening silver armor. Her face was her most unearthly feature, her skin was a flawless milky white like her hair and made her look like a fresh corpse, her eyes lacked pupils and were more of orange glowing bright lights that made his skin crawl.

Upon her head rested an iron crown with seven-pointed spikes around it and finally in her hand was a sword, a sword that appeared to be made from some sort of mist that shifted it's form constantly through many design's.

Nimue took a few deep breaths as if she was finally using her lungs after a long deprivation of oxygen. With each breath, the air pressure increased as waves of Mana rolled off of Nimue and into the area around her. Chris could feel the electric effect that the Mana had over his skin, making his hair stand and vibrating his armor.

A long silence followed like the calm before the great and inevitable storm to come, everyone knew this and it frightened them beyond measure. Nimue looked at her arms and her sword, inspecting her new body as if it was a toy that she had just been gifted.

"Nimue..." His mother was aiming to say something but when the new glowing Nimue looked sharply in their direction silencing his mother.

"Goddess..." Nimue's voice sounded like a thousand voices all whispering in perfect unison. It drove more and more shivers down his spine as he heard Nimue speak.

"Excuse me?" His mother sounded about as confused as he was at Nimue's proclamation of the word Goddess.

"I said, little king.." Nimue stood up straight and a blinding glow of white divine erupted from her body that caused every to divert their eyes from her as it felt like looking directly into the sun itself "I am Nimue, the goddess of your world and the Archetype-King of Arthurian legend. Kneel before your king and savior!".

" She has divine power, how? " he thought in panic as he felt the familiar touch of divine energy roll over him with it's warm sensation.

His parents looked at each other and had another one of their internal conversations. Chris saw his father's hands giving off some sparks that strangely Nimue didn't seem to notice, maybe it was the concentrated Mana in the air that was blinding her from the one leaking from his father's hands.

" No" his mother said and she almost sounded tired " Not to a mad dog like you".

The smug almost indifferent face that Nimue held reminded Chris too much of a people who thought that they were untouchable that they could harm lesser things and get away clean with it. He could almost imagine what could possibly be going on in her mind.

"She is no god" he whispered that piece of information but thanks to the thick tension in the air no one heard him, well except for Pyrrha who looked at him strangely like he had a new face because she was studying him with wide eye's.

"Mad?" Nimue asked his mother as her shoulders began to rock up to down, side to side and with an ever increasing deranged laugh that went far longer than it should have before Nimue spoke once more.

" I was hoping that you would show some intelligence Artalia. To think that i, a kind and the caring goddess is mad for offering you utopia" she stretched her arms wide open "So bow and repent before your savior. While i still allow it".

His mother turned her head to his father's and once more there cryptic conversation continued. The air was thick and you could almost hear the collective breathing of everyone present in the room.

" Nimue " She called back to the woman " I am done with your nonsense ".

Nimue lost her smile for a furious snarl that only an angry rabid dog would match. She raised her hands as the Mana in the air increased more and more, Chris could feel the very molecules in the air increasing their vibrational frequency.

But his mother was faster as she swung her sword upwards or so Chris thought, after all, Natalia was so fast that she appeared to be nothing more a blur. But that wasn't the oddest thing happening, in his father's hand a white ivory horn with golden engravings plastered around it materialised.

He had seen this weapon once before, he racked his head for the specific memory and it came to him, it had been during the final battle with the dark aspect of his mother, it had been what his father used to move their entire army into the enemy forces.

His father's horn Oliphant, yes that was its name, he remembered it very clearly now and he had a bit of an idea what was happening. He couldn't help but let a smile grow upon his head as he turned to Mulengu and Ursa who look as terrified as he had been not too long ago.

He opened his mouth and mouthed to them "Brace yourself".

They looked at him with questioned pointed looks unable to understand what he meant. But the world answered for him as his father blew so hard into the horn that Chris could feel his teeth vibrating from the sound set forth by the horn.

The reality around all of them began to warp and fall in on them as the flames came racing towards them. Finally, everything around them blurred away for a single second.

And at long last the blur vanished, and with it, the concrete floor that he had rested in before was now a soft wet patch of grass and earth. The roof was replaced with gray stormy clouds and the pitch silence that had been a feature of the blur that transported them was replaced with the sound of many voices speaking in confusion and the sound of a great raging fire.

They had been moved to a hill that was crowded with thousands more than those who had stormed Nimue chambers with him. He could see Marzhin and Artorias in the fray with their knights, the rest of the Avalonian forces and the freed captives.

They all didn't seem at all concerned with the group who had just been teleported into their midst. Their eyes were glued to the north were the once Artemis facility burned down in a fire so great that very blistering heat could be felt by them on this hill and Chris for once felt his mouth lose its moisture from the scorching flames.

"One day, I am going to make flames like that too" Joan had a wide eyed expression on her face like a child.

"Joan, you worry me. You worry me a lot" Chris said as he got up and walked towards her.

" dear brother, don't be a wet bag" she said as she playfully punched him in the shoulder.

"If you kids think that was something, you should have been there for great dragon war" their father coming from behind enveloped both of them in a hug "Up to this day I have never seen so much fire in my life. I mean except for the time your mother cooked a planet but that was something else".

" Hey, old man" Joan playfully said as she elbowed their father in the ribs " How are you doing, still haven't broken anything yet?".

"Come now child, I've stepped out of far worse than this old scuffle" Roland flexed his arms a bit in order to somehow prove his point "What about you sluggers?".

"I nearly got killed today... twice" This wasn't on the top of the greatest things that had come out of Chris's mouth.

"That's... Um.." His father clearly didn't know how to answer that "....that's interesting i guess... i mean just don't tell you're mother about that".

" Tell me what" the very voice of the Ddraig family matriarch made them all scream in fright.

"Mom!" Chris was first to shout.

" Honey! " followed by his father.

" Old lady!" And finally Joan.

Natalia sighed while behind her Ishtar struggled to hold back her a chuckle so hard that her puffed out cheeks were scarlet red and tears were now streaming down the said cheeks as her body rocked back and forth in a laughing manner.

"Hello husband, son" She looked at Joan who had called her an old lady with a stink eye "And other daughter".

" Hello, mother. Forgive me if i caused you any offense" Joan like any sane person lost her fire under the piercing gaze of their mother.

"Is that Artalia, the king of Camelot and slayer of the ancient Drake" Cai's voice ranged out and Chris instinctively felt the urge to run as he saw the knight coming towards them with Artorias, Marzhin and some other knights.

Cai was covered in dirt, his armor was dented and his lip had a cut that let blood flow down into his beard. Artorias and Marzhin had just as many equal wounds though Artorias somehow managed to have both a cut on his cheek and left black eye that made him look slightly hilarious.

"Cai, my blood brother" his mother dropped Excalibur to the ground as she welcomed Cai into a hug so tight Chris almost thought that they were trying to pop each other like balloons.

"Cai, my friend" his father hugged Cai after his mother finally let go and thankfully this hug showed restraint.

"Roland" Cai took a step back and looked at the two of them before saying " You two have come a long way. King and Queen of Avalon ".

" So have you Cai" his father seemed just as happy to see Cai while Chris was trying to hide behind his sister's.

"I forgot, this is Marzhin and Artorias" he introduced the Cavallonian king and his wizard to the them.

"It is a pleasure to meet legendary king Artalia" Artorias surprised Chris by knelling with Marzhin before his parents " And you Roland the unmatched ".

" Roland the unmatched " his father rubbed his chin clearly enjoying the name a little too match "I like it".

" Don't get too big headed" his mother then playfully smacked him on the head.

"My king" the other knights behind Cai, Artorias and Marzhin knelt declared their presence.

His mother looked at them in surprise that quickly morphed before a smile graced her lips and she raised her hands to them saying " Rise knights of Gamalaot and protectors of the realm ".

The knights rose and that's when Chris got a good look at them, the first was a man with golden locks of hair as well as a slight stubble, his armour was a bronze coloured and in his hands was a flaming sword.

To his right a far female knight with black hair and a red armor. The last one was a dark skinned man with blue hair though unlike the others he appeared to lack left forearm.

" Gwalchmei, Lunete, Bedwyr" she hugged them " I am so glad that you are safe".

"We are as well you're highness" the knight named Gwalchmei answered " the others will be glad to see you ".

" The others?" She stopped herself as if she couldn't believe that these were alright "Nimue did not harm them?".

" She never got time to do it" Lunete answered " The monster wanted to prolong our suffering ".

" And what of the people ?".

"They are in Cavallon and shall return you the moment we get back" Artorias answered " You have my word".

"Worry not Gwalchmei, I shall rebuild you the seat upon Gamalaot so you maybe king once more" his mother chuckled a bit but Gwalchmei instantly grimaced and fell to his knees.

"No my King" he kept his head down " I am no king and i know who i serve".

Before his mother could answer Gwalchmei, the fire's of the facility parted as something moving faster than anything Chris had ever seen came flying through and landed just a bit far from the hill.

The impact shook them all and sent out a wave of dust so high it completely enveloped the Artimes facility. The dust soon cleared revealing Nimue with an army of the remaining Lunar nation troops who still numbered in the hundreds of thousands materializing from thin air in behind her.

" Leaser Kings!" The Archetype-king called to crowd addressing all of the King Arthur's " I stand before you as the new god of you're world, draped in power and bound with a glorious future. I implore... no, i command you to stand in you're place as my soldiers of peace as I bring the worlds to a new utopia!".

The crowd was stunned by this rather passionate and frankly ridiculous demand by the leader of Zodiac. Nimue simply stood there with hands behind her back awaiting their answer as if this was the most normal thing in the world.

"No!" His mother answered raising her sword into the air in open defiance of the so-called goddess.

And like a domino affects everyone including Chris began to chant the word No, over and over again with their weapons raised in open defiance. Nimue once more adopted the face of an angry dog before raising her own sword overhead and order.

"Kill them all, show no quarter. I want their corpses to form a monument to all who would dare oppose me!" Nimue ordered.

And just like that, the Nimue's army charged the hill in a great roar that shook the earth more than the thunder in the sky. Chris watched as the Avalonian and Nexus troops with spears made it to the front forming a uniform line with spears out and the archer's right behind them.

He looked around for his friends and Pyrrha Ulster who was status he wasn't sure about but he still felt a bit worried for the elf, much to his annoyance.

He pushed his way through the bodies of a soldier's all getting ready for battle ignoring his mother's shouting for his name. He didn't get far though as a hand grasped a hold of his right arm stopping him in his tracks.

He turned to face the person whose grip had held him in place, it was his mother who was not happy with him and demanded.

" Where do think you're going? ".

" I have to go find my friends, they could be at the front line!" He tried to pull himself out of grasp, but he failed against his far stronger mother.

"Are you crazy!".

" Yes... I mean no, no" he knew that he needed to control his tongue more " I have to find them, they are my friend's... my family ".

She looked at him as an entire list of emotions flowed across her face and Chris could feel his heartbeat ever increasing in anticipation of her answer. At last, he felt her iron grip let him go as she sighed.

" Go".

"Really" he couldn't believe that there weren't any babysitters or strict rules just a simple answer.

"Do it before I change my mind boy" her voice broke a bit and Chris wasn't interested in pushing his luck.

So he turned and pushed his way through the crowd. He moved deeper and deeper through them, though at times he was himself pushed aside or forward by the sea of bodies. Unfortunately in this sea of armored combatants so closely packed together with each baring brightly colored armor none of his friends in theirs stood out.

He reached the front line but he stopped as he saw the Lunar nation army nearing with their own spears out and their projectile's flying towards them that the Avalonians and Nexus faction answered in kind. They plowed through the Avalonian and Nexus hailstorm of arrows and bullets though some of the Lunar nation troops were struck dead in their senseless charge.

He could hear the words "BRACE YOURSELVES!" being echoed as dozens of spearmen readied their spears for the attacking force.

The clash between the two was earth shattering, literally, hundreds of meters of earth underneath them was torn and shredded by the shockwaves unleashed by the clash.

Chris felt his body get rocked and he was pushed by the bodies rushing for the front with their swords, axes, guns, maces, and daggers to kill the Lunar nation troops hoping to break through the front line.

He didn't remember how many time's he swung his sword down as the lines were broken and the two forces mixed into a violent melee. It was a wild ever shifting hell of screams, metal, blood and death. This battle continued and Chris was in the rhythm swing his sword hard enough to cut through exposed unarmored parts of his foes or even cleave through their weaker armor.

At some point, he had picked up a mace and he started to duel wield it with all the skills of a drunk elephant but it served its purpose in helping him bring down more and more Lunar nation troops with brutal efficiency.

This chaos of battle only intensified as thousands of sword's blotted out the sun as they rained upon the battlefield. Each sword landed with enough force to match a hydrogen bomb in a small concentrated area.

He was flung into through the air with thousands of others who had been unfortunate enough to be caught in the blast radius. The force that he landed with sent him flying through the dirt and into the rather absurd amount large rocks that dotted this area.

He coughed out the dirt that had become stuck in his mouth and he crawled his way out of the crater that his body had created. In the skies a dark gray smoke from the explosion's mixed the clouds making the doom and gloom that struck their very hearts worse.

As if to spite him a large shadow loomed over him, the large amounts of earth that had been knocked into the air by the explosions began to descend upon his location. So Christian Ddraig did the only thing natural to him, he ran or at least he tried to but the sharp pain that erupted in his midsection dropped him before he could even take a single step.

The pain was so sharp that he knew either that he had something bleeding on the inside or something broken. So he lay there helpless and expecting to be crushed under the weight of the boulder which would either kill him or leave him wishing he was dead in the worst cases.

Then the skies were lit up by a orange flash of light as a large orange lightning bolt struck the rock and in a single instance, all that landed on Chris was some rather hot ash that he thankfully shielded most of his face from least it entered and irritated his eyes.

In front of him, Thor and the others came running with Thor's body still surging with the lightning he had just shot. They knelt beside him while asking variations of "Are you okay?".

" Don't worry about me" Chris answered as playfully as he could even though his inside's felt scrambled " I mean what the heck happened to you're face's?".

They were covered in dirt, cuts, bruises, their armor was dented in some places and chipped off in others. Their faces held either exhausted expressions, pained ones or a mixture of the two.

The only one not looking to be in pain was Thor who was positively beaming even though he was sporting a left black eye " Come now Christian, it is a simple battle black eye".

" And I am sure you treat stab wounds as simple flesh wounds " he was kidding but Thor's answer as well, it was kind of messed up.

"Are they not?" And his face was completely serious without a single shred of irony or humor.

"Dude... that's wicked" Mulengu high fived Thor while Ursa hung her head low in annoyance and shame.

"Why am i the only sane individual here..." She whispered with a low voice.

"What does that even..." Thor just shook his head having heard her "Anyway we need you to get to Nimue and end her".

The alarm bells in Chris's head were blasting and he looked at Thor with a face of shock that he dared to propose such a stupid plan.

" Are you insane! ?" Oh who was he asking, of course, Thor was crazy.

"No, you see it's part of Hana's plan" Thor wasn't helping his case.

"To hell with Hana's vague plan's, we are in serious pain here and Nimue will brutally murder us" Mulengu shouted while pulling at Thor's shoulders.

Thor after getting Mulengu off continued to spout his madness" It doesn't matter, what matters is that we get to Nimue and strike her down".

"And how am we supposed to get past that?" Ursa directed Thor to the sea of battle combatants who made a nearly impassable barrier between them and Nimue.

"With this" Thor raised his hammer with a face that expected them to instantly know what to do with this thing.

"What is this?" Pyrrha asked him not knowing much about Thor's hammer.

" Mjølnir " Thor shrugged his shoulders as if this was a perfectly normal thing " My mighty hammer ".

"Okay, what are we supposed to do with this hammer to get to Nimue" Chris was losing his penitence with Thor "Should we twirl it fast and then let it carry us off towards Nimue or are we just going to throw it at her and hope for the best".

" Oh, come now" Thor seemed more amused than anything " that's just silly".

"Then what are we supposed to do with this thing?!" Mulengu asked louder as he pointed at Mjølnir.

" Simple, I can throw Mjølnir to the other end of the battlefield and use it to teleport us there and then we can end Nimue. Simple" Thor explained as he grasped Mjølnir by it's handle with both hands " I suggest you all get close".

"OK, but i can't..." Chris tried to object.

" Enough talk!" Thor brushed him off as he threw Mjølnir and it took off like an intercontinental missile. It flew over five hundred meters in a single second.

Chris felt his body compress as the space around him as warped and twisted from view before it came to a sudden halt that no doubt caused the others visual whiplash as it did him.

The battle between Nimue, his parents and the many Arthur's and Merlin's was an apocalyptic event on it's own. They fought upon a dead scorched patch of earth that extended thousands upon thousands of meters of hellish landscape.

Chris wouldn't have minded going back into the brutal free for all melee he had been in than being here.

The clash was a storm that rippled across the land and Chris could only try at his best to keep up with the fighters who were moving so fast they were in a thousand places at the same time.

A large shockwave struck the area pushing all of the dirt and smoke way leaving Nimue standing unharmed but everyone else even his parents looked hurt with cuts and bruises covering their bodies.

"Now, do you recognize my....".

" Shut up Nimue, we have all heard your inferno rumblings!" His mother shouted back before she charged Nimue and while Chris couldn't see much he could tell that Nimue had matched his mother in a sword fight before casually pushing her back into the dirt as Morigan did to him during training.

"When did she become so strong and good ?" He couldn't believe his eyes... maybe he couldn't because he barely saw eighty percent of what happened.

"Did you really think that you could take me on your own little girl king. Here as the Archetype-king, I am the strongest and the best King Arthur. I embody the legend to a fault!" Nimue taunted her.

Before Nimue could move forward all the Merlin's began to chant something as Mana flowed over them like water. Nimue could have attacked them but she was probably as confused as everyone else not a Merlin.

Chris knew what was happening "This type of magical code, i am familiar with it. It's like my Lock-Shift. They are layering hundreds of dimensional wall's around her "

She yawned looking bored rather than fearful that she had been trapped in this inescapable prison. This sent the hairs upon Chris's body standing in instinctual fear.

" Do you really think that you can trap me?" Nimue rested her hand upon the first of the layers of reality" I am the damn Archetype-king you fools. I am interwoven into the very fabric of reality itself, while you leaser beings are leaf's resting on a lake I am a part of the damn lake. My very existence is higher than yours could ever hope to be!".

To prove her point, Nimue began walking towards the dimensional wall's and as the red sea before Moses, they parted the way for her and with a malicious smile, she walked out with arm's once more outstretched in her strange savior stance.

"Now heed me..." Artorias rushed Nimue in her other speech and his Excalibur made it to Nimue's neck and struck gold but strangely the sword bounced off easily without even leaving a single scratch.

"How?" The young king was just as confused as any other person, Chris included.

"All of those Pendragons who have dragon blood has granted me some of that draconic immunity to such lesser things" She then slapped him aside as if he was a child.

Chris was tempted to declare that it nothing better cheap imitation of the Nibelungenlied families Drachenhaut. But he held his tongue, thankfully his mother was there to do that for him.

"So diet Drachenhaut?" His mother said as she stood with help from his father and they were both panting worse than Chris had ever seen them.

"Keep uttering you're little worthless taunts little King" Nimue was smiling as she said this but she stopped and a serious face took her as her joyous mask was ripped off "I have come too far, stretched my very self into the Nexus. You are thorns in my path, I have come to rid myself of you now and begin the new age!".

Nimue raised her sword that was glowing brightly and everyone could guess what was coming and they rushed towards her but Nimue began smacking them aside one by one as if they were children.

" How the hell are we supposed to fight that " Mulengu's voice broke from fear and Chris could see that his friends legs were more wobbly than they should be.

Thor walked in front of them standing tall and without fear "We have one chance to win this thing... please, trust me in this".

Chris hated himself right now " Come on, let's do this ".

He didn't remember much of what happened but all he knew is that they charged towards the jaw's of death with their weapons drawn and Nimue swept them aside with a single swing of her sword.

Chris once again found himself landing upon the earth as he internally cursed Thor " Curse Hana and her faulty vision ".

" Boy, what are you doing? " he felt a pair of strong hands pick him off the ground.

His helper was Cai who looked even worse than he had been after the battle in the facility "You're mother will tan your backside should she find you here".

Chris couldn't help but chuckle as he almost felt his mother's disapproving eyes digging into his back from wherever she was " Trust me Cai, i know ".

The ground broke as Nimue landed with her eyes focused solely on them. Cai roared as he charged Nimue but a forward kick from her sent him spiraling away.

" Hello once again boy" she addressed him politely enough but Chris knew that behind her words was malice.

Chris charged at her with his sword, the sword was inch from Nimue's face but in a flash it was caught in her grip stopping him from pulling it away or pushing it further.

Nimue looked to be about to say something but then in the flash of an eye, Chris found himself far from her with the knight he had seen not too long ago, Bedwyr.

"Bedwyr" Nimue spoke the name with such hatred that Chris wondered if Bedwyr had murdered a kin of hers.

" Witch " Bedwyr's lance was leveled at her and Chris was impressed with how he handled it for a man with one hand " Surrender now, you know that i am faster than you".

" Empty threats Bedwyr " Nimue raised her blade at him " I know that your little being three times faster than you're adversary trick has run out of steam, you can't even hurt me if you managed to prove yourself faster than me ".

" Maybe i can hurt you " Chris didn't know were that came from but those word's just blurted out if his lips and both combatants turned to him.

"Son of Artalia, silence" Nimue seemed to look at him with irritation while Bedwyr looked very surprised.

"You are her son?" he asked and Chris answered with a node.

"Enough of this touching reunion" Nimue looked ready to attack but she stopped as three simultaneous Slash's hit the earth in front of her.

Besides Bedwyr were his two fellow knights Lunete and Gwalchmei appeared. The three looked at each and had a silent conversion before Bedwyr blurted out " He is the kings son".

The two knights looked at him in utter confusion before Lunete began to loudly chuckle " Looks like old vanilla Art has more game than you Gwalchmei".

" Oh, shu..." Gwalchmei never got to finish as Nimue materialised in the midst from her great speeds and the knights swung their blades at her.

Chris wasn't sure what happened next but all he knew was some sort of explosion tore the earth up and sent him him flying back across hundreds of meters like a bullet.

But he never got to hit the ground as someone caught him in a bridal style much to his humiliation and it got worse when he realized that it was Pyrrha of all people.

"Kill me now " he could feel tears rolling down his cheeks as Pyrrha set him down. She seemed confused by his tears and then she whipped them away with her fingers.

"Did we just interrupt something?" Chris heard Mulengu ask and to his horror he saw the rest of his teammates standing there with Pyrrha cupping his cheek and they all looked like they were laughing.

"No, no, no, no, no, its not what you think!" he slapped her hand way as he rubbed his cheeks of her stains.

"Regardless of... this" Ursa said while giving Pyrrha some strange thumbs up "Nimue is coming, Thor give us something".

" Not yet" he answered " When she arrives, hit her with everything ".

" Great advice" Mulengu sarcastically said " Got anything else more helpful".

" Chris" Thor called his name " Nimue is bound to the Nexus as Arthur was bound to his fate by a child of Arthur's hand, remember that ".

Chris wanted to yell at Thor and make him give a much more clear answer but that wasn't happening as Nimue seemed to shimmer into existence in front of them.

" Oh you poor little delusional thing " Nimue said with a bit of a laugh and Chris couldn't see a single mark on her, not even the dirt that was everywhere in the air at this point had befallen her "I have bested some of the greatest warriors this realm has to offer, what are you child?".

He tightened his grip of Lucius-aurora and looked from the left to the right where his friends stood looking Nimue dead in the face and getting ready to fight her. Chris cleared his throat and he answered " We are team Phantom, knights of Avalon and your doom".

Thor was the first to attack with the largest bolt of lightning Chris had ever seen, it was the size of a skyscraper and it totally engulfed Nimue's body whole while Ursa fired arrow's into the bolt before it gave way to Nimue who stood there unharmed with a smug expression on her face.

Mulengu charged next and his sword struck her across the face and like Artorias sword it bounced off without leaving a mark. Nimue grabbed and headbutted him, sending him flying right into Ursa with enough force to floor them both.

He rushed with Pyrrha and they both swung/thrust their weapons at the same time but Nimue caught them in her grasp and again she threw him aside with Pyrrha as she caught Mjølnir which had been aimed for her head by Thor.

" I remember you boy... " Nimue trailed off confused by something as she held back the hammer and all of Thor's strength with a single hand "... What are you?".

" I am Thor, Nimue and all you need know is that i bring the lightning! " Thor's entire body was engulfed in lightning bolts that struck Nimue but it did nothing.

" She is distracted, come " he said as hr and Pyrrha got back up.

The two of them once more went for their previous strategy. Though as they neared, Nimue once more moved so fast that she appeared behind them as both their weapons struck each other and the shockwave released took floored everyone of team Phantom still standing off of their feet while Nimue remained still rooted to the ground.

"That was underwhelming" Nimue sighed as if disappointed and Chris wanted to stand up and sock her in the face but the pain coursing through him right now left him stuck to the ground.

Chris felt a pare of hands grab him and he turned to his sister Ishtar who had a bloodied nose and frankly looked like she had been in hell and after taking hits from Nimue he knew exactly what that hell was.

Nimue was about to say something to them when suddenly she vanished, as well as a section of reality itself. It was as if someone had punched a hole into fabric of what made reality itself and Chris could only look on in shock.

"Come back from having you're very existence erased" he heard Ishtar say as she helped him to his feet.

"How?" He asked her shocked and awestruck at this display of power.

"I have a sword that can cut through anything, even existence itself, remember" she said to him with a smile.

Then Nimue like some sort of divine punishment exempt from death walked out of the hole in the very fabric of reality itself bearing some serious cuts across her face and her armor looked bent and shredded in places.

"Can Alpha-spell's of a reality altering caliber hurt her? " Chris knew that the best way to get past Siegfried's Drachenhaut was to use Conceptual attack and so far no one had tried theirs on Nimue " Mom called her ability diet Drachenhaut. What if it's fundamentally the same ".

The hole that Nimue stood in closed as if the universe was mending itself and she looked at them with anger as she took in her new injuries. Chris wanted to attack but whatever gas he once had was too low to charge properly. It was pity that Ishtar charged alone with only Clarent in hand.

The sword was stopped by Nimue in a similar manner to how she had stopped Lucius-aurora before but then something happened. Ishtar mouthed out the words seal and a dome of bronze energy formed around the two of them and Nimue remained frozen as a statue.

"What the heck?" Chris looked at his eldest sibling for answers.

She answered with a few pants "Times been sealed. Frozen to absolute zero".

The dome began to shake and crake much to Ishtar's confusion right before another great explosion rocked the area they were in and Chris found himself once more flying through the air and crashing into the ground.

Nimue stood unharmed at the center of what should have been a nuclear blast. She stabbed her sword in the earth before picking up Pyrrha's spear.

Even on the ground and pained, Pyrrha reached forward and grabbed Nimue's legs but the Archtype-king was too strong.

She simply kicked Pyrrha hard enough across the face for Chris to see a tooth and blood fly out of her mouth.

" Such fine craftsmanship, it shall make a beautiful mantle piece " she began walking towards as him still inspecting the spear and Chris couldn't help but feel a sense of dread kick into him " Let's see how long it takes to kill you my boy".

Nimue didn't take another step as Ursa, Mulengu and Thor all came from behind and held her in place to the best of their strength. Nimue wasn't thrashing around or anything, she just stood there looking more bored than anything.

"Christian" Thor shouted from behind her as he held her head " Kill the king upon the hill, for her fate here is sealed!".

Chris looked at Thor hoping for some deeper meaning but non came until he remembered what Thor said earlier about Nimue being bound to the Nexus by fate at the hands of an Arthur's child. He remembered her speech about how she was tied to the Nexus deeper than any other.

"Father!" he hated saying that but it was the only way he could get in character for this " Those roleplays from home better mean something ".

Nimue looked confused by his words and she asked " Have you finally lost your mind boy?".

"No, i have gained it Arthur king of the Briton's and i Mordred shall take what is rightfully owed to me" he knew that he sounded corny with his over the top villain impression but he rushed forward praying to Deus that this would work.

He could feel his blood pumping and his lungs taking in deep breaths as he neared Nimue with Lucius-aurora ready to strike down the king and then... He felt nothing, he felt nothing as Nimue easily thrust Pyrrha's spear forward despite Mulengu's attempts to stop her.

He felt nothing when spear tore through his armor and then through his internal organs until it had come out through his back.

He tried to say anything but all he could do was cough out large quantities of blood, colouring his chin and chest scarlet red. But yet Chris could feel a strange strength pushing him forward even if his feet were without feeling.

He could see Nimue flick Ursa from her weaponless hand and materialise her Excalibur but she could not move her hand. She jerked forward and side to side but Nimue appeared bound in this position as Chris slowly pushed himself towards her even though the spear was mutilating his inside's even more.

"What is happening?" Nimue demanded as she was still unable to move and he neared her with each step " What sort of spell have you cast on me?!".

"Non of our doing King Arthur" Thor let her go and fell to the ground " You the Archtype-king born into you're role with the power to cast you're enemies under you're feet, you Archtype-king who was at you'r brightest, unmatched as the living embodiment of Arthur's legend, you Archtype-king who will meet the twilight of your legend at Arthur's blood".

"By Arthur's blood your fate is sealed, by Arthur's blood you are doomed to fall here at a bastards hands" Chris just decided to add that for dramatic affect.

And it sounded epic in his humble opinion. Chris raised his blade and as Mordred he brought the sword with all of his might upon Nimues head. The sword met no resistance and like the spear it went through her iron crown and skull.

"All kings die eventually" he whispered to the still living wide eyed Nimue as he for the last time called upon his Mana and with a newfound vigour he roared "Golau-Outlivion!".

The only thing he felt as both he and Nimue were engulfed by his Alpha-Spell was the cold nothingness and a warmth in his scabbard...

A note from Redchaos1

WELL CHRIS IS DEAD. I really hope that i gave you guys a decent enough fight to end this current arc. I know that it might be a little too long and exhausting but i hope that you enjoy it.

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