Nimue, the lady of the lake, the lady of Brigid lands, Lady of Zodiac and military minister of the Lunar nation. These were her title's, her achievements and now worthless titles in the face of the one that she would soon gain. She would be the Archetype-King, she would be the bringer of peace, she would be the breaker of war, she would be the everlasting goddess, the grand savior of the universe itself.

It would be a most glorious thing, but now was not the time to drown in her fantasies. She scanned the heart of her facility, a large pure white room with hundreds of runes engraved into the wall's and at the center in a circle was a tall weathered grey stone tablet covered completely with dark red engravings and carvings of the ancient Edenian language also known as old tongue and rather crude drawings of a humanoid with a staff raised above it that bore a sun for a head.

It had taken her hundred's of years to fully translate this stone and to be familiar with old tongue. It was her first great achievement when she was still in that child's service. This was how she discovered the theoretical power of the Archetype-King even if it distasteful that the child discovered it with her. She would be lying if she never showed any interest whatsoever in the power, and after she watched the Iladian war go on for centuries, she would bring peace by iron fist.

"Is everything ready girl?" she look at the Juno as she asked the girl, her lieutenant had sent to aid her in this most important ritual.

The girl was nervously walking around the stone to place sixteen white metal bottles with large runes carved into them. They shook violently as if something was trying to break out the moment that they were placed upon the ground around the stone.

But no living creature was bound in them, Nimue knew what it was. It was power, pure concentrated power drawn from the thousands of kings and knights that she had been able to bind and drain before this escape attempt.

"Yes, your greatness" the girl trembled frightened to her very bones, she trembled before her new goddess and Nimue approved of the child's understanding of the future order of the world.

"It's not what i intended to aim for but, this power will do" She walked closer to the stone with her arms outstretched to the heavens as her ascent to godhood began.

She cleared her throat ready to call upon the ancient tongues used only by the old world and those who sit above the vail of reality. Soon she would be one of them, a goddess in the presence of the supreme being Deus and in the council of the ancient one's and outer one's themselves, as was her destiny.

She opened her mouth and before the very first verse of the incantation could be free from her lips the room shook as if it had been struck by an earthquake or a giant desert mole had borrowed deep beneath it, Nimue despised those pests.

She turned around surprised and caught her servant Juno with her bone spikes out and ready for battle as she looked directly at the door. Nimue watched the vault door which was the only thing allow entry and exit from the heart of the facility struck by a force from the outside that caved it in over and over again with powerful blows.

Nimue very rarely felt irritated by the actions of lesser beings. But now they were threatening her rise to the halls beyond the vail and denying the great peace that she offered them from the goodness of her heart.

She felt her blood boil as the vault was knocked in more and more with each passing blow while Juno seemed to on her nerves and unable to properly stand still. Nimue rolled her eyes as she continued to look at the girl who reminded her too much of that jumpy gossip mongering rodent.

"Hold yourself and have some damn back bone, Juno child of house Freya" she sounded as harsh as possible and the girl instantly stopped her irritating jumping and showed the discipline Nimue had beaten into the Lunar nation armed forces.

" All of your family have served me with loyalty and they have shown honour in their duty. While you lack even a fraction of what made your family line great hero's, i pray that perhaps you might prove to have some use here today, am i perfectly clear child?".

The girl shrunk in fear of the great majesty and divinity that she reradiated as the child most defiantly should have.

In a meek voice belonging more to a mouse than a warrior of Zodiac, the girl answered her "Yes lady Nimue, mistress of Zodiac and power of the crown".

" Good, now get you're wits about you" she turned to the vault door that was at the end of it's resistance before another powerful boom followed and caved it down " For the enemy is upon us".

From the hole where the vault door once stood many knights either of Avalon or of the pathetic rebels walked in bearing their swords, spears, axes, spears, bows, war hammers and one even had a metal pipe that clearly seen use from how twisted and bent it was.

At the head of this little force was that boy child of Artalias, Christon or whatever his name was. He bore both his rather odd sword and a shield that she would recognise as coming from one of her own obviously fallen warrior's. Any other general would be angered at thought of their soldier's being killed but those who failed in their duties were the reason a new world peace was most necessary and Nimue never wept for them.

She looked into their eye's and only saw anger, hatred and an itch to slay her. Nothing a thousand more fools had dreamed up before and all had fallen to ruin.

"Nimue..." The boy was about to say something no doubt as his mother had done before about how what she was doing was insane and evil and Nimue had heard enough.

"A fool clearly seeing only a few trees before the forest i seek to build " she thought as she raised her hand halting the boys worthless vomit of words. And as expected, her great authority silenced him and his insolent tongue.

" If you are going to go on a tirade about my many evils then save your breath son of Artalia. You will find no common understanding here, so knell in surrender or taste my sword's".

Rather than fall before her magnificence and beg for mercy the boy simply laughed as did the knights behind him, bolstered by his blasphemy upon her. He spat upon the floor, an act that drew great revulsion from within her.

" I have no interest in trading words with a mad woman Nimue. No, all i want before this day ends...." he pointed his sword at her face with all the contempt in the world "....Is your head, separated from the rest of your unsightly corpse".

This might have inspired some sort of foolishness inside of them all because they all charged at her with their weapons drawn and many arrow's flying in her direction.

Nimue could have easily wiped them out with a single swing of any of her millions of swords but such power would undoubtedly disturb the runes and put her ritual at risk. She growled as she watched them run as fast they could towards her, but from Nimue's perspective they were lumbering slower than snails.

" Lesser insects! " she thought before she kicked forward, the shockwave caused by her speedy kick sent the insolent blasphemer's crashing back out of the room like cardboard cutouts before the mightiest of winds.

Time around her began to return to normal as she lowered her enhanced senses and she turned to her servant Juno " Girl, stay here as i deal with them".

The girl bowed in respect still trembling like a pathetic reed caught before a storm " Yes my lady".

"Your goddess " She was tempted to remind the girl of her true station but those things would come latter.

She walked out of the room were she found the blasphemer's rising up again from the ground with pain etched upon their face's. The moment the first one saw her, he roared and charged her with an axe, she knocked it aside with one of her swords before she summoned another and the exposed joint in the knights left arm cost him his whole arm.

He fell screaming in pain, alerting his allies to her arrival and their incoming doom. She watched as the others came charging and she raised more sword's that shot forward and struck the knights so hard that even if some had armour that held up, it sent them flying through the air and over the stairs and to the next floor.

Those with armour that was of a lesser quality than her swords, they were cut clean in two. The rest looked upon her with well deserving fear, Nimue basked in this worship but the blasphemer's proved their foolishness as a purple archer drew back her bow and fired a few arrow's.

Nimue swung another one of her swords to the left cutting down the arrow's easily. Rather than show some sense and stand down, the other blasphemous archer's followed the purple archer's lead and fired a volley of arrows at her. She answered them with her own volley of swords that easily tore through the arrow's and struck the insects who were just as well scattered as the dust beneath her feet.

Nimue took a few minutes to take in the bloody and broken art that had resulted from her work. The sounds of their united screams caused by their broken bodies, the pools of blood that stained the floor made an almost red carpet for her to move upon with grace and poise. But most of all the thing that drew her joy were the looks of broken defeat on their faces, the mixture of fear and awe at how much her power superseded there own.

"Children of Avalon and the Nexus, you have been beaten, you have been broken and you have been bled to you're bone. You are ants before my magnificence, the dirt only worthy to cling onto my fingernails, the...".

In a split second she watched as her perception increased once more as a large war hammer coated entirely in surging bolts of lightening came swinging to her head. She watched as the orange bolts themselves moved just as slow as their master who she grabbed by his throat with one hand before she ripped the mighty hammer out of his weak grasp with another hand.

She then swung the hammer right into the boy's face, smashing him into the ground with enough force to shutter meters of concrete. She rather slowly raised the hammer once more to pulp his head open but that girl's spawn rushed forward and swung his sword at her face, she simply changed the trajectory of the hammer and the boy was slammed head first into the earth.

From her right a red and black knight bearing a sword and from her left another red and silver knight came bearing a spear. She grabbed the spear by its shaft as the elf thrust it forward before she brought the hammer down upon the elf's chest burying her as well into the floor. She then swung the spear across the red and black knights face and he flew back right into his fellow knights.

Finally all the knight's remained down on the ground as they should have done before while she felt gracious. But as a goddess she still had the room for mercy upon these poor unfortunate souls.

"You Avalonians are such strong little things " She remembered how in awe of them she had been when she first encountered them at the peak of their glory " You were like demigods and your first king and queen, gods near equal to me".

The spawn looked at her in confusion as if her praise of what his people once were and what they could be under her perplexed him " Your grandparents had excellent wisdom. They saw my future as the inevitable goddess of the new world, the gift of Coros was mine to give rise to the Lunar nation".

"What the hell are you going on about" the boy staggered back to his feet but her blow had knocked his brain around enough for him to fall back down as his coordination failed him.

"Can you not see my grand vision child of house Ddraig" she watched the simpletons face contort and twist, clearly unable to make his brain cells spark the knowledge of her greatness to him "When i bring peace to the universe, I shall turn Avalon back to the bastion that it once was, it shall once again be a force to pacify realities far beyond our own".

The boy looked at her wide eyed with fear etched into his very facial expressions and it disgusted Nimue. To think that this lesser stock would control a powerful empire like Avalon. It made her sick to the core of her stomach to see the once great Avalonian empire reduced to this.

She raised the hammer once more ready to bring an end to this walking embarrassment of a royal. Those with no future in her great empire had no reason to keep existing, they were worthless baggage best thrown away than allowed to continue poisoning the populace.

But then something most unexpected happened, the hand that gripped on to the hammer erupted into a sharp pain as if a hot blade was cut into across her palm. She screamed in pain as she dropped the hammer to the ground and she looked at her palm that had a fresh red blistered bruise running across it.

She winced as she caressed the injury that almost paralyzed her palm from pain. She looked at the cursed hammer ready to grind it to dust with the soon to be corpse of it's master. But before she could make a move the girl Juno came rushing out of the central looking panicked with black plastic box in her hand's the had a thin strip of crystal running vertically along it.

"My lady, my lady" the girl seemed most jittery and with the pain of her throbbing injury mixed with her irritation of the child's hopping syndrome, Nimue was close to reaching forward and snapping the fae's neck with her bare hands.

"My lady, the lieutenants have sent word that the Avalonian royals have managed to break through our defensive lines. They shall be upon us soon".

This report struck something in Nimue, it might have been a silent fear that she would never admit to but something was very much struck. She remembered having all of her armed forces who were free of the invaders stationed outside to act as the necessary sacrifice to keep Artalia and Roland at bay long enough for her to complete her ascend into divinity.

She cast one last glance at the group of rebels who had slipped past her guards thanks to them being thrown to the meat grinders known as Artalia and Roland Ddraig. She truly wanted to kill the boy who owned this cursed hammer but she didn't have the time, yet anyway.

She walked back into the chamber and as soon as her right foot plus the rest of her body were through the door she began to recite the incantation to this ritual as quickly as she could without mistaking a single verse. The old tongue was a language over reality itself, it was spoken straight from the very soul itself and it bound all.

Nimues voice was deeper,more strained and more amplified as she spoke in words that very few could understand. A screeching metallic sound accompanied her voice and added weight to the unearthly language that dropped the rooms temperature and lit up the runes in a thousand colours that vibrated on the wall.

The girl Juno looked around nervously but Nimue blocked her out of her mind as she continued carefully reciting each verse as she was meant to, least she tore through the tapestry of reality with some loose old words and unleash the oldest night terrors into this world.

As she continued the stone tablet and the bottles began to vibrate so fast that they became blur's. After this her arms soon followed by the rest of her body began to vibrate as a warm feeling crawled under her skin and across her entire body.

She almost stopped her incantation and screamed in pain as the warmth turned into a burning heat that boiled her from the inside out. Just to add to her already unfortunate woes the sound of her two hated foes came from the door behind her.

"Nimue stop!" She heard Artalia shout, no doubt racing towards her with the very sword that she had forged for the brat to cut her down.

But Nimue would have this day as she finished the last words of the incantation. Time itself stopped around her and reality began to wash away leaving her and the stone tablet floating within a dark and ever expanding void of nothingness.

Nimue was soon assaulted with visions of Nexus from above. She knew its every nook and cranny, she knew its every atom and elemental composition. She was soon over the vail and she beheld the ancient ones in their council above a hundred little white glowing specks, that she knew were universe's.

But these hundred weren't the only specks. Far she could clusters of other reality's far from their own multiverse. Some of these clusters numbered in the hundreds, thousands, millions or billions and the number of clusters were infinite and stretched out as far as she could see.

She looked even further and she beheld Sophia the cosmic mother who towered over the ancient ones in power and authority just as they did over their Multiverse. She looked further and she beheld the transcendent ones who were above Sophia.

These sights and revelations wrote themselves upon her brain and had she not been using the tablet as a conduit she would no doubt have been driven mad by these higher dimensional revelations.

Finally above all these eldritch god's she saw only the briefest of glances of Deus and it was so far above anything that she could comprehend that she looked away from this sight and felt herself being dragged back to the tiny speck that was the Nexus.

The last sight she saw before reality enveloped her were them, the elder night terrors. All of their misshapen, twisted dark forms and foul perverted variation of the old tongue assaulted her senses. She watched as they beat against the tiny gates of the speck sized universe's, trying to get in before the champions of the ancient ones came bearing mighty arms and power and drove them off into the endless night, leaving only maggots from the night terrors to fall into into the purple inky darkness like river upon which the realities rested.

Reality folded in around her once more and she was back into the room. Nimue could no find words to describe how she felt, she was a living fire, nature given will, she was a goddess, she was the ARCHETYPE-KING.

To Be Continued....................


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