A cold sweat rolling down his back and sending electricity flying down his spine was the first thing Christian Ddraig felt as he was pulled out of the perpetual darkness that swallowed his consciousness. The spine tingling sensation of this simple salty liquid was much welcomed as it meant that after everything he was still alive, and as the old saying goes, only the dead can't feel, or something like that, he couldn't quite remember the full quote.

Chris forced open his heavy eyelids. At first the world around him was blurred but it cleared as his vision adjusted itself.

He might not have noticed this in his scrambled state but as he became ever so aware of his environment he realised that he laying uncomfortably upon his back with his head resting on something softer than the ground.

This pillow was warm and soft, it brought much comfort to his head than the concrete floor. But this was simply too good of a position for him to rest in, Chris remembered crashing onto the floor after sealing away Pyrrha's wound. That fall was not graceful nor was the floor any comforting by any stretch of the imagination.

As the blur of the roof began to clear, three figures began to come into his view and from the chattering he could tell that they were deep in conversation.

His vision finally cleared for the better and he could see Mulengu, Ursa and Thor who looked like they had fought through hell like he had. This was most confusing in the case of Thor. Chris remembered leaving Thor guarding the avatar of Sophia.

The three of them leaned down to him looking at him with joy etched upon their face's. They laughed and to his surprise they all crashed into him for some kind of hug that Chris couldn't help but wince from the pain of being crushed under three people forcefully dog pilling him into a hug that knock the wind out of Chris.

He wished to go them to get off him but this moment was too precious for him to do it after everything he went to. He waited a few moments as he bathed in their warmth before he finally spoke.

"Um, guy's" he chocked a bit as Thor's elbow accidentally rested upon his throat " you're crushing me".

They all instantly jumped off of him with looks of embarrassment. Chris suddenly remembered Pyrrha, she should have been resting nearby. He looked to the left, he looked to the right but there was no sign of the red haired elf, except for a large pool of blood were had body had once been.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Ursa asked him, having noticed his concerned face as he still looked around.

"Were is Pyrrha?" Chris didn't want to worry about that elf, he really didn't. But he couldn't suppress the feelings of worry the plagued his heart.

Ursa opened her mouth to say something but she stopped herself as a hand from behind his head reached forward and cupped his right cheek in an almost affectionate manner. Chris felt his body stiffen, his cheek muscle's tighten and his face get hotter as Pyrrha's face loomed over him and he came to a single conclusion.

"My on, Pyrrha's laps!" He could feel his cheeks tighten even more as he looked at her face from this angle and she almost looked... beautiful.

Chris pushed himself back to his feet and turned to face Pyrrha who knelt as she looked right at him with a blushing face of her own, as she looked away from him making everything even more awkward.

Chris had never once felt so embarrassed in his life, he wanted to turn and run away but that would injure his leg further. Instinctively his hands reached for the gaping hole in his thigh... But he found nothing but torn armour, ripped cloth and flesh sealed as it had been before.

"Impossible " he touched the flesh that should have been ripped open.

He touched himself over and over to make sure that his eyes and nerves had not fooled him. But his wounds were healed, he looked at Pyrrha and he could see that the cut to her side that had been covered in ice, was healed with no ice covering it.

"What... what, just happened?" He stretched his leg as he tried to think of what had caused him and Pyrrha to heal from such wound's faster than was natural, even for magic infused creatures like themselves.

Ursa raised her arm " I don't know how, but i just knew how. But a light magic spell came to mind, it used light energy to make flesh perfect and i healed us all".

Chris was ready to declare that impossible but seeing that the past few day's had been an endless parade of the impossibilities being made possible in his face so there was no need to doubt even this.

He rubbed his eye's that still felt heavy before he turned his attention to Thor.

"What are you doing here?" He didn't mean for his tone to come off as accusing but how else would it sound.

If Thor felt any sort of offense, he didn't show it. He simply smiled nervously as he scratched the back of his neck like a child who had just been caught performing some sort of wrong act.

"Hana sent me" he began to explain while he let his great hammer rest head first onto the ground " It's part of our plan to help win this fight and save all of Jord".

"Plan?" Chris squinted his eye's as he glared at Thor.

He hated many things like being lied to, but one of the biggest sin's in Christian Ddraig's sight was someone using and manipulating him to furthering their goals.

Thor took a deep breath as it was clear that he needed to chose his next words carefully. After all Chris was not the only one looking at him with faces that jumped between irritation and confusion.

"My friends" he made sure to reach Chris who was the most angry and place his hand on his hands on his shoulders calming him " A few months ago as we neared Avalon from our escape in the northern island, Hana began to have visions from Sophia and Deus himself ".

Chris's eye's widened with his surprise, a vision from Sophia was one thing but also one from Deus himself was something too big to scoff at. The other's also realised this as their equal wide eyed facial expressions.

" The visions showed her what Nimue was planning and their consequences " Thor explained and his face darkened in a way that made Chris's skin crawl as he thought that maybe everything would be worse than he imagined they could have been.

"What's Nimue planning?" Mulengu asked as he rubbed a bruise upon his forehead.

"She wants to become the Archtype-King" he answered Mulengu producing more confused looks from anyone who wasn't Thor and Pyrrha " She plan's to absorb so much power from the people of the Nexus, I think".

"That's correct" Thor looked as if he looking into something Chris couldn't see " She plans to absorb the power of the Nexus people and then she will jump to our world and begin to absorb the peoples of the Lunar nation's enemies... ".

Chris couldn't help but imagine Nimue leaving Avalon and the other kingdoms as lifeless husk's that as she drained billions like the leach that she was. He felt his anger building up like a violent volcano babbling up for eruption.

"With that accomplished, she shall become a living singularity. With the energies of both universe's inside of her, she can easily draw in both world's as a living link and blend them into one whole" Thor took a pause " With every single timeline that Hana was shown, Nimue's actions destroy both worlds in her hubris or she accidentally opens the way to the realm of eternal night".

" Then why the hell, didn't you two tell anybody? " Chris felt like socking Thor in the jaw right now, right here "How could you two keep quiet after something like this!".

" Because this was the best option out of a hundred billion potential futures! " Thor shot back at him "It hurt me to look you guy's in the face and lie about the end of the damn world, trust me. But i had too, or else worse out comes await us".

" Out of a billion? " Ursa looked at Thor with stress written over her face "Thor, what's the worst that could have happened if you told us ?".

" Avalon would have struck the Lunar kingdom first and it would have been a war that would leave Jord a hell scape and what would come next i would rather not speak of" Thor said.

"Just what we need" Mulengu tightened his fist and he punched one of the walls with enough force to collapse it "Will life give us a Deus damn break. Is it too much to ask for some time when we are not running around and jumping around as the damn apocalypse happens?!".

Chris shared Mulengu's sentiment, they had been through something similar with his mothers dark aspect and here, yet again they found themselves fighting doomsday with such low chances.

" I am truly sorry " Thor bowed his head "But this is our only chance at victory".

" Fine" Chris took a few quick deep breaths in order to calm his heart "Explain to me how we are supposed to win this?".

" I can't " Thor looked sorry enough at least " If i tell you the path and how it is to be taken it shall not come to fruition ".

" Then why the hell are you here, telling us this in the first place?" Mulengu sounded bitter and Thor looked a bit offended.

"Because this is the point in the vision when we are shepherded to the end".

" Then why isn't Hana here to do that herself ?" the frustration in Ursa's voice was leaking like venom.

"Because we can't risk the egg" Chris just wished that Thor could slip up and give him anything in order for him to hold him to account in any way " Look my friends, i know that i have betrayed your trust with the number of lies that have told you. I know that what i have done is unforgivable and cowardly, but i would not reach such measures if the matter did not at any sense call for it. So please, i call to your hearts, put you're trust in me once more, let us reach to Nimue and end all of her vile machinations ".

Chris looked to Ursa and her face was etched in reluctant agreement, He turned to Mulengu who sighed and also gave reluctant agreement as did Chris himself. He caught a glance of Pyrrha who looked like she stumped trying to understand what silent conversation they were having.

Chris couldn't help but feel a smile crawl up his lips as he thought about how Pyrrha might have been on his team, but she was far from being one of them. These thoughts were struck down by his conscious that reminded that Pyrrha had saved his life, he was to her debt much to his frustration.

While he was too deep in thought to answer, Chris could hear Ursa say to Thor " We have trusted you this far, i see why not now".

"Good," Thor jumped forward and somehow he managed to draw them all, including Pyrrha into one of the tightest bear hugs Chris had ever been subjected to.

Chris tried wiggling away but he stopped as he felt some hot breaths beating upon the back of his neck. He turned his head and caught a glimpse of Pyrrha who was squished behind him and her breathing was what was sending these shivers down his spine. He just wanted to die now as he felt Pyrrha's head resting upon the back of his own and sending more shivers down his spine that caused more reactions than what he was comfortable with.

"Thor, let us go!" Chris shouted as he felt his face heat up and his facial muscles tightened.

Thor seemed to only realise then that they were uncomfortable in his constrictor grip, he apologized and let them go. Leaving Chris to move away from Pyrrha, he wouldn't grant her the satisfaction of seeing that she had gotten a rise out of him.

"Hey, are you okay?" Mulengu asked as he neared Chris.

"Yes" Chris let Mulengu look at him and Mulengu's face twisted to appear like he had just seen a ghost "I mean what could be wrong, how can anything be wrong. Are you insinuating that there is something wrong with me?!".

Mulengu raised his arms and surrender as he backed away from Chris as if he was dealing with sort of savage beast. Chris couldn't understand why, perhaps it was something on his face, or something about how he spoke.

" Anyway " Ursa turned to Thor "How do we even find this Nimue. She could be anywhere at this point?".

Chris agreed with her. They didn't have sort of map's of this facility that could help them find Nimue and the place were she planed to unleash her evil, though what he wouldn't give for a map right now.

" I know where she is" Thor answered " Hana told me the way before i made the trip here".

"So you walked here or did she transport you here with her strange avatar of Sophia power's?" Mulengu asked as he made wiggly fingers.

Thor opened his mouth and began to laugh out so much Chris swore he saw a few tears rolling down Thor's cheeks straight from his tears.

"Don't be silly Mulengu. I flew on a goat" Thor's answer raised way too many questions in Chris's head, way more than he was interested in dealing with.

Mulengu seemed just as unwilling to deal with Thor's madness as he went silent and asked Thor no more further questions. Thor's deep laugh soon came to sudden and confusing halt as Thor's eye's widened as if he had just remembered something of important.

"My friends" He looked at all of them, including Pyrrha " We must make a quick haste for Nimue, before we are lost of time. For time will not halt his boat for our side this day".

"I don't like this" Chris stated as he felt the true magnitude of their mission come crashing upon his shoulders.

"No sane man dose" Mulengu added as he secured his sword and his scabbard to his waist "Now i need to find a helmet somewhere".

Chris followed Mulengu's example and reached for his scabbard, but rather than finding his trusty sword holder whole, it was twisted in some parts and eighty percent of it had been cut off, leaving it effectively worthless.

He sighed as he unstrapped it from this waist as he thought of having to carry his sword by hand the entire way " It might not be fun, but it will help keep my arm ready and my mind alert ".

" Chris " Thor called to him, pulling him out of his internal musings " Here my friend, take this ".

In Thor's hands was a black, red and gold scabbard that seemed oddly familiar to Chris but he just couldn't put his finger on it.

He reached out and accepted it even though Thor looked at him with a grim face that made him feel exposed and almost made him feel like the reaper himself was standing besides him with his scythe ready to swing for his neck.

Thankfully the scabbard was large enough to fit his sword. He looked to Thor as he put it in and strapped the scabbard to his waist.

" Thor, how bad is this going on to be?" He silently pleaded with Thor to at least give him any kind of hint for what was to come.

"Should anything even go off plan..." Thor sighed and slumped his shoulders as if a great weight had been placed upon them "...a lot of us will die".

That was most depressing, but Chris was ready to carry out a plan he knew next to nothing about. He turned to Pyrrha who was strapping her armour back on. The hole in her side made him flinch as almost felt.

" Pyrrha" he called to her as he stomached what he was about to say " Thanks for saving me bye".

He did not look back at her as he walked away as fast as his legs could carry him "Thor, lead us to Nimue. Let's go save the world".

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