Chris couldn't believe it, Pyrrha Troy or Ulster depending on whatever she was calling herself was defending him. And most of all by Deus she looked borderline murderous with her face twisted to fit more with a lioness than an elf.

"Did... did she just call me her friend? " his mind kept looping through those words that she had declared.

And truthfully, why wouldn't he be in this stunned state of mind. It was like being told that the sky was made out of candy by the sanest individual you know. It would leave the gears in you're head malfunctioning.

"Are you alright?" she turned her head to him and Chris could feel his breathing halt as he took in her new nightmarish visage.

Her eyes were wide and her pupils dilated making appear unhinged, her fangs had extended more than before from their original size to something that Chris was sure would rip out chunks of flesh with single bites.

" Did she somehow alter her face?" This thought raced through his mind as he compared her normal teeth size to these flesh rendering abominations in her mouth, they protruded outwards slightly making her look like some sort of vampire.

"Well !?" She might have meant to be kinder when asking but with that aggressive face and grouchy voice that was more a growl Chris flinched against his will.

Pyrrha saw that was unsettling him because her facial expressions became softer and she took a few steps back from him as if to show that she meant no harm.

She looked downcast and almost ashamed before the rage returned to her face and she turned to face Leo and Juno who were both just as surprised as he was by the current turn of events.

"Who are you?" She demanded from Leo and Juno while Chris limped back to his feet.

He slightly hissed and almost tumbled over from the pain that almost killed all the feeling in his injured leg. But alas he finally managed to achieve somewhat stable standing though his leg still stung horribly.

"Natural healing please work you're magic " he needed his somewhat functional before the fighting started again.

"My name is Leo the lion of Zodiac" the knight of Zodiac identified herself though Chris already knew this as she rested her hand upon her chest in a familiar military greeting " It's a pleasure ".

Though with the way she said it her tone of voice gave it away that she didn't find any pleasure in meeting them at all whatsoever.

" Fine, Leo of Zodiac" Pyrrha seemed to be trembling from just her anger "If you want to stay alive, walk away".

" I wish that i could" Leo swung her sword over her shoulder casually with all the calm in the world " But you see, your friend over there is the prince of our enemy but most importantly, he nearly killed my sister over here".

"Sister?, she is Juno's kin. It makes sense that she wants me dead " he thought.

"Touch him and you die" now a violent red flames washed over Pyrrha as she stood between him and Leo acting as a shield.

"It's cute that you think that you can stop me" Leo raised her blade and got into a proper battle stance " You're boyfriend couldn't pull it off and you think that you can stand a chance "

Pyrrha appeared to be more angry than before somehow while Chris was more offended than anything " Hey, I am not, I have never been and so help Deus, her and me are not in that kind of relationship".

Strangely enough, rather than continue her mockery, Leo turned to Juno and called on to her.

Juno jumped in surprise at Leo calling her like a cat that had just been sprayed with some water. It was so comical that Chris felt like laughing as he watched the woman who he had fought in a death fight just a few minutes ago walk meekly to Leo.

"Yes ma'am?" She asked almost trying to shrink herself from Leo's gaze. Even though the knights eye's weren't at all visible from the slits of her helmet.

"Go and aid Lady Nimue, she is in the great circle" Leo ordered her and Chris felt his newly founded humor parish as he remembered that woman and the words his mother mentioned.

"Lady Nimue?" Juno seemed just as confused and concerned as he was though for probably different reasons.

"Yes lady Nimue, do you need me to really repeat that" Leo sounded disappointed and annoyed.

Juno looked almost heart broken with her downcast face and Chris felt a sting of sympathy for her.

" She just contacted me. It's time, so go and aid her in any way possible" Leo continued her order undaunted by Juno's sad face.

" Yes'am" Juno bowed and spearing one last look directly at Chris as she ran off to the other part's of the crumbling facility, vanishing from sight in a few minutes.

"Almost thought that she would go in for one last insult before she just ran off like that, but whatever " he shrugged and turned his much needed attention to Leo and Pyrrha who were still having their intimidation match.

" It's time for what ?" Pyrrha demanded as she readied her spear for any kind of thrust should Leo attack and Chris just stood there hoping that the hole in his thigh at least closed though the blood had stopped flowing out in large quantities.

"It's non of your d...".

" She's trying to became the Archtype-king" he answered Pyrrha and cut off Leo's rude retort.

"The what?" Pyrrha looked and sounded puzzled while the growl coming from Leo's helmet indicated that she was irritated by his interruption.

" I don't know, but i suspect that she wants to gain from the Camelots that will make her extremely powerful. At least that's what i think the Archetype-king thing is" he answered her.

" Would that even be possible?" the elf sounded skeptical of this master scheme by the lady of the lake.

"Mom seems to think so, and i am inclined to believe her" he didn't want to believe it either but now after everything he had experienced, was not the time for skepticism.

" Then you should go and stop her" Pyrrha said looking at him with some sort of belief that he would not get yet again be destroyed by Nimue in any sort of combat confrontation.

"Are you mad. Nimue is too powerful, i won't even be a speed bump in the way" he was optimistic but not that optimistic.

" And if you do nothing we will lose" she almost sounded like she was pleading with him to follow through on this mad man's scheme.

"Don't put such unrealistic faith in me Pyrrha" Chris still focused on the immediate danger of Leo though did he cast a single glance in the direction that Juno had fled in thinking "Maybe, i could go with this ".

"It is realistic, because i know you Christian Ddraig. You always find a way" she almost sounded genuine. Then he remembered that she was Pyrrha two surnames the bane of his existence and a proven liar according to him anyway "Even when things are hard you always rise to the challenge and get ...".

"You know nothing of me" he cut her off with more roughness to his voice and his throat hurt from how much weight he forced into every word as did his face muscles from the twisted look of anger he bore.

Pyrrha opened her lying mouth to say something else, when a shockwave rippled through the air. The two turned just in time for the image of Leo rocketing towards them like a missile, to be burned into their brains.

Chris went to his instincts to summon his Lock Shift once more. But rather than a feeling of electricity tingling down his spine, he instead felt as if his internal organs were being pulled and outstretched.

"Damn it, i am lacking enough mana " he knew that his over use of his Alpha-spell's would reduce his mana levels by a lot " I am more likely to liquefy my organs than use Lock-Shift ".

The pain that cut through his body, forced him to stumble back as a sort of numbness struck his limbs, this left him open to Leo's great sword, that came like the reapers scythe.

He once again awaited deaths inevitable touch and once again Pyrrha's spear deflected the sword from it's path to an instant decapitation. The force generated by both weapons upon impact, uprooted him and flung him him back into a wall, like he was a dummy in a nuclear bomb test.

From the floor he watched as Pyrrha and the warrior of Zodiac clashed with a great fury that decimated the very battlefield that they stood on in a storm of spear and sword.

He watched as Pyrrha with her nimble spear thrusts and blunt sideways and downwards swings that were met with a continues barrage of slashes from Leo whose roar was now most defiantly more akin to the beast with which she shared iconography.

This battle ended with Pyrrha being blown back by one of Leo's slashes into the wall. Something dawned upon him as he watched Leo fight Pyrrha and he compared it to their earlier skirmish.

"Every hit from her gets stronger " he knew that it sounded a bit too much but it made sense as he remembered every parry from Leo had escalated from the feeling of being hit by a mountain Golem at first and then in a few seconds by a inferno giant.

He turned to Pyrrha to warn her not to attempt to parry any more of Leo's slashes if she could help it but his mouth once opened remained open in gaping astonishment. Pyrrha who still stood unbroken from the blow was overflowing with mana, her blood vessels were pulsating grotesquely against her skin.

Her words sounded more like screeching but he understood them and what they meant " Aigne-FiƔin ".

It was an Alpha-spell, one he knew all to well from his card collections about Pyrrha that he got just to burn back home " That's like her brothers Warp-Spasm ... What is this ones ability again ".

Pyrrha was seized by her Alpha-Spell and before his eyes Chris watched it turn her into a monster. Her form grew with each passing second until she towered over them all by ten feet in height, her pulsating blood vessels glowed bright hot orange from the flames within, upon her head, her scarlet locks of hair became raging flames, her teeth all became sharp fangs and her feet morphed and twisted into black hooves that released a heat so hot it melted the very earth that she stood upon into molten a molten sludge and from her mouth flecks of flames flew out as if she was a dragon.

" Pyrrha... " Chris whispered unsettled by the demon that had replaced the elf he knew.

She turned to him with her lips sneering and her burning eyes looking right into his golden one's.

"F..." She tried to say something in her new gurgled voice but she couldn't quite get it out.

Chris instantly jumped to his feet and began to back away from her as she stumbled towards him.

"Frrr..." She gargled again as she stumbled towards him further with her left hand outstretched to catch him.

Chris cast a worried glance at Leo who just stood there as confused as he was at this lumbering monster that was casting him the worlds most convincing puppy eye's.

"Stop Pyrrha" he ordered her but she didn't listen, so once more he ordered her " I said stop!".

She paused looking hurt at him before her dumbed down child like voice asked "Fri..friend?".

Chris knew that most enhancement type Alpha-spell's robbed people of their intelligence. He opened his mouth ready to tell her to calm down he caught sight of Leo once more preparing for another attack. He looked to Pyrrha who was still lumbering towards him.

He planted his feet into the ground and leaped past her with Lucius-aurora in swing. He had to keep tears from streaming out of his eye's as the mangled flesh in his thigh that had been healing were once again damage as he took off.

He blitzed past Pyrrha and intercepted Leo. Her sword collided with his own and once again the impact knocked him out of the air and onto his back. Thankfully this time Leo had suffered the same fate as she crashed down as he did.

Pyrrha raced to him and blocked everything from his vision with her giant size.

"Pyrrha, get Leo" he ordered her hoping that she understood his words.

"Friend" he hoped that was her crazed equivalent of yes.

Pyrrha's face changed back from her docile happy face to rage incarnate. She turned to face Leo before she took off towards the Zodiac knight like a mad bull before a matador.

The two clashed once more but now things were different. Pyrrha had once been a nimble and skillful in her attacks now threw caution to the wind as she fought with wild heavy swings and powerful thrusts. He watched as she pushed Leo back in everyone of their parry's as their roles were reversed now in this clash of strength.

This was good and would have been enough for Chris to leave and chase down Juno, had the side effects of this battle on Pyrrha's intelligence not left her without the rational thought to block or dodge leaving the portions of her body unprotected by her armour exposed to Leo's sword.

Chris could see cuts and bruises across Pyrrha's face and even her nose was broken judging by all the blood running down it. Leo might have been better but her armor suffered many dents and Chris could a thin trail of blood leaking out.

The more he watched and contemplated leaving the more he realized how dire the situation truly was. With every passing second he watched Leo get to many close calls to Pyrrha's neck that was saved only by the berserker's accidental wild swings that would occasionally be so far off their trajectory that they accidentally parried Leo's sword.

Chris cursed Pyrrha as he made up his mind and he pushed himself back onto his feet with his hands gripped tight around Lucius-aurora. He wanted to go to Nimue to end this frankly apocalyptic scheme of hers but he would have nothing of that as he focused directly on the clash between Pyrrha and Leo.

"A battle drunk mad woman" he whispered as a smile etched his face " And weakened knight only good on one leg. What an odd pair we create Pyrrha Ulster ".

He once again caused further injury to his already damaged leg as he rushed Leo. The knight was too focused on Pyrrha to see him coming, he rammed his shoulder into her gut and grabbed on to the both of her legs from behind, tackling her on back.

Pyrrha seemed to have some greater intelligence than he had assumed because she brought down her hoof upon Leo's chest so hard that she cracked the floor upon which Leo rested and the breastplate worn by the lion of Zodiac had a giant hoof dent that Chris hoped had struck an important target underneath it.

After that Pyrrha's hands gripped Leo's helmets and the the two began to struggle as the elf aimed to rip it off the knights helmet just as Juno had tried to do Chris not so long ago and get a clean kill. Chris pinned Leo down from her legs, he felt like he was holding down a crocodile as Leo struggled to kick him off her.

This struggle continued for five minutes and then by some unfortunate twist of fate, one of her many kicks managed to caught him in his open wound. It felt like having a hot furnace struck upon his open flesh from nowhere.

He gasped in pain letting go of her legs as his hands crutched on to his wound that was letting out a new flow of hot blood and buckling under his weight.

In this moment another one of Leo's kicks caught him under the jaw, this blow sent him stumbling away from Leo who remained to struggle with Pyrrha. Chris tried and failed to return to his feet as he still held on to his wound hoping to stop the bleeding.

But slowly he crawled up to his feet as he focused on the struggle between Pyrrha and Leo.

The two continued this and he watched as Leo's left hand switched from Pyrrha's throat were it had been with her right hand trying to chock the the berserker elf to death but had failed to even get a good grasp of the large neck Pyrrha now had. Chris watched as Leo's hand neared her fallen sword, she managed grasped a hold of her sword and raised it to the air.

It began to vibrate faster and faster as the roof above them became blacked like the night with glowing bright white dots start to materialise above them, it looked a lot like a constellation of some sort that glowed brighter and brighter with each passing second.

Chris could see this potent Alpha-spell from a mile away. He could guess that something was bound to happen with the star's with just how bright the mana in those areas was.

He leaped forward even with the crippling pain that that made him want to cut off his own leg in the hopes that this action would take it away. He ran as fast as he could and with all of his force he flung his body into Pyrrha pushing the two of them off Leo as the knight declared the name of her true power.

" Star of Bacchus " this roar came with a shower of purple vines from the roof. Each one of the vines were as large as tree and they bore spikes both large and small. They swung aside left and right like a mad mans whips.

The floor underneath them was torn open by the vines. This left a deep hole under which Leo fell and they would have fallen in as well had Pyrrha not grabbed and picked him up as if he was child before she took off to the next room as the vines continued to swing wildly and the floor continued to give way.

She ran fast leaving the world to look like a blur even to his fast senses. He held on tight to her as more and more vines swung in their direction but Pyrrha seemed to have retained her nimbleness and she gracefully weaved through them.

She managed to jump into the next room as the floor that she had been running on fully gave way to the power of the vines.

As she landed Chris felt his body rock the earth as Pyrrha tumbled over him him and to his right were she fell he watched as her new size, muscles and teeth deflated until she had returned to her old size and shape.

"Hey, are you okay?" he asked crawling to her as she coughed violently unable to rise back up to her feet and answer his question "Pyrrha, what the hell is wrong?".

As he neared her, he watched as blood leaked from her sides with a spike the size of a knife sticking out, no doubt a final gift from Leo. He could see large amounts of blood leaking out of her body and he knew that unless he sealed the wound she would no doubt bleed out to death.

So he pushed himself forward to her and with a quick tug he pulled out the spike and grasped her side ready to seal the wound with ice. He grasped on trying to seal it shut and stop the blood gashing out but every time he tried to call upon the mana inside of his body to produce the ice he felt that feeling of his organs and blood vessels being stretched as if to squeeze the remaining amounts of mana left inside him.

He tried and he tried but all it produced was more torture upon his body. He looked at Pyrrha who gazed at him silent as she struggled to remain conscious.

" Deus damn you to the great charnel pits" he said without shame as he still kept pushing himself " here i am, killing myself to save you... why does fate have to deal me this of all hands?".

At this point Chris had pushed his body so far that he felt like skin covering his finger's was being pealed off "But i am going to save you, I AM GOING TO SAVE YOU DAMN IT!".

As if this was what he needed his hands went cold as a thick coat of ice that rolled over Pyrrha's wound like a wave, covering it in ice and stopping the blood from leaking out. He raised his hands into the air to celebrate his achievement but the strength to do this failed him as a light headedness slowly took his senses.

The world began to spin and blur as he crashed down upon his back unable to even support kneeling up. His vision began to blacken as he heard someone calling his name as a darkness fell to his eye's with the last thing he saw being a flash similar to that of lightning.


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Another cliffhanger ending after a long brutal fight. I know that it might seem like the end is too far away but trust me this arc will be ending in under at best three more chapter's.

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