Ursa was glad that she had raised her visor. The amount of running, dodging and weaving she had to do in order to avoid being turned into a pincushion by the enemy archer was truly extraneous.

And as expected the heat that she had built up from her run was boiling her from the inside her own armor. She needed more oxygen to properly breath and cool off. Since ripping off her own armour and protection was out of the question, the visor had to be raised.

She might have been superhuman but having to dodge hypersonic arrows continuously as she neared the archer was exhausting even for her. Her lungs were on fire and her armpits irritated her from the sweat built up that also attacked her nose much to her disgust.

The rest of her body might have been waining from exhaustion but her eyes were as good as ever. With a set of targeting eye that would be best compared to the hunting bird that shared her last name, Ursa saw the origin of the arrow's from above a few collapsed pillars that had piled up above each other to create an elevated platform.

It was the perfect position for a sniper to easily pick off targets below. This was while some of the broken pieces of the pillar's acted like bunkers and camouflage. It was honestly perfect and Ursa was begrudgingly impressed by the enemy's skill with the bow and his choice of launching pad.

"Got you " she thought triumphantly as she neared her target. She increased her speed with every step tearing apart the concrete floor as her feet crashed into the floor like jackhammers.

The closer she got to the archer the more the velocity of the arrow's fired increased and the more numerous they became in the air. This reached the point that the many arrows had formed a black descending wall of arrow's.

This wall of arrow's descending upon her was incentive enough for her to draw her bowstring as she readied to strike against the enemy.

She let loose the mana infused arrow that she had drawn for roughly three seconds now. This arrow shot forward and parted the arrow wall like Moses did the red sea. The arrow didn't stop there though, it flew all the way to the enemy archer and the explosion that followed and shook the walls of the room was confirmation that she had struck home.

" Yes!" She cheered while throwing her fist into the air in a manner that one would expect to see from Mulengu and Chris than from her.

The arrow's power caused the pillar's to begin to crumble down further into a dust cloud and smoke.

She turned to face the knight's who had provided cover for her from many of the enemy archer's arrows all the way back as she declared with a giant grin " I got him guy's. It's okay, i got him".

She would have taken a short breather before continuing her pursuing of her friends had a large cracking and breaking sound not escaped from the already broken pillars. The sound was more like large pieces of rock were either being shifted and rubbed against each other. It wasn't normal for crumbling rocks to make such sounds.

From the dust and smoke a arrow flew so fast that the shockwave it generated as it broke the sound barrier split apart the smoke and dust just like Ursa's arrow had done to the wall of arrows not too long ago.

Ursa felt the hair on her neck stand up as her heart beat increased leaving a thumping jackhammer in her chest that must have helped in put her sweat glands on overtime.

In this panic she managed to jump backwards by a few steps hoping to put some distance between herself and the arrow that kept increasing it's speed and reducing the distance between them.

She reached her right hand to her side where her short sword rested in its scabbard. She had very rarely used a blade in anything other than Morigan's practice drills.

The bow may have been her true love, but that didn't matter now as her right hand grasped ahold of the sword's handle with the same type of confidence that she usually reserved for the bow only.

"Don't mess up, Don't mess this up" she thought in a mantra like state as she got into the right posture and footing with her mind thinking about every drill she had gone through with the blade.

As the arrow neared she swung the sword in a sideways slashing motion at the arrow. She could feel the slight resistance by the arrow as her blade cut through both the wood and metal that composed it.

The sword struck both the shaft and the tip of the arrow simultaneously. It cut clean through them and sent the half cut arrow flying away from her. While some splinters of the wood arrow showered her face leaving a portion of her face looking like she had just walked by a wood chipper.

"An impressive use of the sword and bow, girl" a deep male voice spoke from the dust cloud and smoke as something large exited it "From one master of the bow to another, colour me impressed".

The enemy archer from the waist up was a male Fae with a yellow bushy thick beard and a shining balled head that was stripped of any sort of hair. He wore a dull red leather beat breastplate and in hand it carried a red longbow with black markings adorning the shaft. His lower half, it was that of a large red horse with strong muscular legs and massive hooves.

"What are you?" Those words were blurted out of her mouth despite her decision to keep her mouth shut.

"His a centaur stupid" she scolded herself internally as she thought about her old tutor miss Mina glaring at her from little Geneva while shouting "I spent hours teaching the myths of the Greco Roman's you foolish girl ".

The centaur didn't seem all that offended by her question in the slightest. In fact he started laughing as if something about what she had just said or perhaps it was the expression she made as she asked, amused him well enough to make him laugh in an uncontrollable fit of laughter.

"To start off politely, my name is Sagittarius" he bowed with one arm resting upon his chest.

This reminded her to much of the military greetings Avalonian military personnel used when greeting each other "I guess some things transcend dimensional barriers".

While Ursa had a clear shot for his exposed scalp as he bowed, she couldn't risk enraging a possibly stronger enemy unless she truly knew that she was in an advantageous position.

"Good, i having him talking. Now a plan..." She could hear continuous and intensifying fighting around her. This meant that her comrades in the back had more pressing concerns than covering her right now "I am on my own, great, just great ".

As she brain stormed any possible option Sagittarius began to rise from his bow with a toothy grin that reminded her too much of Mulengu and Chris when they were planning something mischievous and they wanted to leave her guessing on what it was. This did not put her at ease as she followed Sagittarius eagle like eyes that studied her from head to toe.

"His looking for a weakness " she thought as Sagittarius's grip of his bow increased and his body tensed. He may have forced a smile upon his face but Ursa knew what he was planning.

"And as for what i am..." he continued his eyes never blinking and focused so deeply on her, Ursa could swear that it felt like he was gleaming knowledge from her very soul.

It's a deeply unsettling experience to be under those unflinching cat like eye's. They made her reconsider her love for the feline race as she felt new sweat from her nervousness roll down her face and her throat grew dry.

"Deus, i stink" she almost gaged in front of the enemy archer from the rotten cheese like smell that assaulted her nose from her armour " When this is over, i am going to take a six day shower".

" I am one of the many archers of Zodiac in the employ of my great home the Lunar nation " he beamed with pride as he mentioned the name. Ursa had seen patriotism like this before, and like all beliefs it was good and bad dependent on the person.

"And i am a knight of Avalon" she wanted to add the same amount of zeal but like many from earth she had been in Avalon for roughly year and a half. Such feelings of national identity and belonging for the land that was her new home just wasn't there like it would have been for Japan or the United Kingdom.

This didn't yet feel like her home. It was like she had moved to the United Kingdom for the first time with her parents as a child. It took her four years to feel the same amount of love and familiarity for that land. This was what she felt now for Avalon, an utterly alien world that played host to her.

From the look of interest upon Sagittarius face he could tell this as well. Once again she found her self to the unblinking all seeing eye of the fae that made her unconsciously squirm under his gaze even more than she did before.

"You claim undying loyalty as a knight of Avalon..." He now began trotting to her left now relaxed of his tense stance much to Ursa's relief though she kept hers all the same "...But you speak not like one proud to serve their country ".

" Because it doesn't feel like my country " the answer was steaming inside her head but she didn't think that would be a good idea to say it out loud " Some of us aren't fanatics in the service of our state. I mean what do you expect, a tattoo of the flag with the words I luv Avalon at the bottom".

Her suspicions on not telling that she didn't view Avalon with same type of loyalty she would her old earth countries was proven right as his face morphed from one of smiles and respect to one of pure irritation.

He spat on the floor near her feet as his voice went from kind and soft to grizzly and cold with a murderous glare" If there is one thing that i despise more than those who seek to harm the innocents of my home, it is soldiers who owe little love to their states and homes ".

Ursa nervously laughed as more sweat rolled down her neck " Don't be ridiculous, I am loyal to my home and country ".

Sagittarius nashed his teeth together in annoyance before he spat out " Don't you dare lie to me girl. A solider without a cause is an insult upon true service men and women ".

" What do you mean true service men and women? " she forgot her nervousness to offense.

She had been busting her back in training for this job like a slave just so that she could carry it with the honor and respect one should. On top of that she fought all sorts of unmentionables and suffered at times life threatening injuries for a Avalon. So to call her a fake service woman was an insult, it was the ultimate disrespect to everything she had done and Ursa wouldn't stand for it.

She didn't wait for him to answer as drew her bowstring and an arrow materialized. She didn't wait to infuse the arrow with enough mana and she let the the arrow fly straight for Sagittarius head.

The arrow was launched so fast that she could barely see the blur that was the arrow as it raced towards Sagittarius.

As the arrow neared Sagittarius, he jerked his head to the right side to save himself. This motion was so fast that the arrow flew past him and not through his skull as Ursa intended for it to do. Though as the arrow passed it nicked off some flesh from his left cheek letting a trail of blood staining his cheek.

He grunted in pain and drew back his bowstring with eye's focused on her. His arrow formed ready to fire but Ursa had already jumped out of the bowman's way. She could still feels the intense heat and air pressure created by Sagittarius arrow's as it flew into the area that she had once stood in.

She scrambled towards the many broken sections of the room so she could have some cover. It felt ridiculous running in zigzags but one thing that she learnt as an archer is that it's easier to hit a targeting running in a straight line than those running in unpredictable fashions.

In her scramble she spotted the biggest and tallest collection of piled upon rubble with many spaces for her to fit and fire her arrow's against Sagittarius, provided he didn't just chose to blow it up, but Ursa didn't exactly have the time to measure her best options.

Ursa just shrugged her shoulders as she thought "Well, beggars can't be chooser's ".

She turned for the rubble bunker much faster than before. She could feel her heart pumping faster and faster like a war drum being furiously beaten by a drummer drunk in a sort of battle lust.

This thumping feeling that beat inside her chest was suddenly in a single second stopped as a sharp pain erupted in her left thigh. It was like a sharp knife was cutting into her flesh and the wet hot liquid that kept her alive stained the clothes in quantities that weren't good for her.

Her foot hold on the ground gave way as she slipped over and landed hard on her face. She hissed in pain as her hand reached down for her thigh where she felt a wooden shaft that had gone through her flesh and her armor.

" He... he... he shot me? " she couldn't think properly as numbness passed over her body followed by nerve racking pain.

The sound of hooves hitting the earth brought some of her attention back to Sagittarius who was trotting as fast as he could with his bowstring drawn ready to kill with his second arrow.

Ursa stumbled back onto her feet with the arrow still in her thigh. She quickly reached down to it and though hot tears flowed down her cheeks and her hands trembled from the pain coursing through her body, she pulled out the arrow, a moment that was painful than getting hit by the arrow itself.

Just as she ripped out the arrow, another arrow struck her left shoulder though thankfully this time her armour held together and stopped the arrow. The only thing that was achieved by the arrow was that it sent her crashing into the piles of ruble that she had previously hoped to hide in earlier.

She ploughed into meters of rock finding herself buried under hundreds of tons of concrete. The crushing feeling of the rock's all bring their full weight upon was extremely painful, the feeling of dust rushing through her lungs was irritating as brought upon her a coughing fit.

She tried to move but that moment a ripple of air pressure and heat rocked the rubble from one of Sagittarius arrow's no doubt. The rocks were now being torn apart over and over again shifting everything around and atop her. She began to take long deep breath's in order to calm and steel her nerve's.

"What am i going to do?" She thought thought as the vibrations caused by Sagittarius arrow's punching holes in the ruble shook her to the bone " I can't risk going out there. He can fire more shot's now than me ".

The number of methods at her disposal was low. She was only left with elemental magic or her Alpha-spell's.

" I can't use my elemental magic, I need a clear one hit kill or at least something guaranteed to cripple most of his capabilities " as she thought another arrow passed ever so slightly above her head. The arrow took with it some portions of her helmet's decorative ornaments "Now my parents will really kill me".

Her thought's soon turned to her Alpha-spell's, these powerful attacks had proven themselves to be interesting instant kill devices for her. She had focused well enough with them that she could comfortably say that she had more than two like her other teammates.

Her first URSA MAJOR was too powerful to use in close quarter's, it was something too suited for long range. If she resorted to it, she would kill herself and the other people in this facility either allies or enemies.

Her second Alpha-spell or to put it more distinctly her prototype Starlight was a just an explosive arrow. It would be suited for this though after it's performance against Artorias, it proved itself too weak. So now she had one last trick up her sleeve. It was a untested Alpha-spell that she been creating under the guidance of Morigan for this kind of situation.

"It's now or never" she thought as she reached for her bow and with a firm grasp she got ahold of her bowstring as she felt large amounts of mana surging through her body like massive amounts of electricity.

As she pulled the bowstring backwards a dark grey arrow materialized with an arrow head that had a bright orange ball. She opened her mouth ready to declare it's name and unlock it's true power.

"Shi-No-Hoshi-No-Hiki !" Ursa roared as she let the arrow fly forward through the ruble towards Sagittarius. The centaur saw it coming and he quickly fired one of his own arrow's against hers probably hoping to knock it off course. Upon collision the unexpected happened, at least one could say that from Sagittarius's point of view.

Her arrow swallowed his before it began to expand as if it was a balloon being filled with air. It took a few seconds before it morphed into a massive ball of fire so bright it was almost like looking upon an actual star.

Then at it's most intense the ball began to deem from a bright blinding light while reducing in size until it was nothing more than the size of a simple marble. It had lost it's fiery glow and was now a harmonic golden light that wasn't as bright as it had originally been.

The firing of this arrow had left a giant hole in the ruble exposing her to Sagittarius, though rather than attack he had been blinded Shi-No-Hoshi-No-Hiki in it's original bright expansion.

He had dropped his bow and he was stumbling about while rubbing his eye's as he cursed out at her. Ursa thanked Deus for this distraction as the true effect of Shi-No-Hoshi-No-Hiki's was made manifest. The area around the orb began to bend towards it, drawn into the orb by some sort of otherworldly gravitational pull that appeared to bend everything and draw in everything.

This strange gravity drew in tons of materials that all vanished into the orb, amongst these things drawn in was Sagittarius who seemed to be screaming something at her but it didn't matter. He was soon drawn into the orb like sometimes being caught in the world's strongest vacuum cleaner.

The orb began to shrink just as the things that had been sucked into it had done before. It deemed more and more until only a large circular crater remained where the orb once stood.

"Is he dead ?" She had never used this on a living being so she didn't no and frankly...

Then the roof above her collapsed into a ball of fire that leaked out molten magma that missed her by a few inches. Two more things followed and these were Mulengu who landed right on his head straight into the magma with his sword landing right between his legs too close to home.

He was followed by the body of another knight dressed in some bronze armour. The two of them groaned and moaned as they lay in the shallow lake of molten magma.

Ursa looked at Mulengu who appeared to be regaining some consciousness and asked " What the hell happened to you?".


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