Mulengu gasped out in pain as he crashed face first into the ground yet again. His armour might have protected the rest of his body from the impact but with the loss of his helmet, his head was spinning after it's latest encounter with the hard earth.

"Deus" he whispered as he crawled over to his feet as pieces of concrete that had found a place on his head fell off with what he suspected to be blood.

He called out for the first thing that got to his pained beating head "Swordy, swordy, where are you?".

He looked around for Harbinger that he had lost when Aries began to ping-pong him around the room. Suddenly something collided into his back, knocking him to the ground again.

He groaned as he felt Gwalchmei's elbow dig into his shoulder and worse his boots were resting on the back of his head and that left him kissing the ground.

"Again, really" He whimpered as Gwalchmei started getting up. This meant that his feet and elbows crushed Mulengu in all sort area's of his head.

"I am going to need my head scanned after this" he thought with all the damage his head had been exposed to just today.

"Sorry" Gwalchmei groaned out a pained apology as he more carefully got off and helped Mulengu back to his feet.

As soon as they were both on their feet, Gwalchmei eyes grew large and he shouted out "Duck!".

" Where?" Mulengu's head wasn't okay after all the blows he had taken. The giant shadow descending from the air though was enough for him to return to his senses and jump out of the way.

Aries landed like an artillery shell. He split the concrete floor, uprooting and sending out shockwaves that made both Mulengu and Gwalchmei stumble.

"Are you ready for a second round dogs" the Zodiac warrior mocked them with a grin.

Aries wasted no time as he charged forward and swung his war hammer forward so fast that it shook the room from the shockwave unleashed by the shear speed of the motion.

"Why does life hate me so much " Mulengu thought as he slid below the war hammer.

Unfortunately while he had been quick witted enough to avoid the war hammer Gwalchmei had taken the solid hit square in his chest plate. The impact sent him crashing into the ground.

"Is this really the best you could do?" Aries asked as he began to circle Mulengu as a wolf would it's prey " Where is your bravado my young friend? ".

Mulengu was silent and close to shamefully wetting himself. He had fought all sort of horrors before, but at least then he either had allies or his weapon to aid him and now he had non of that.

The previous beating the Zodiac ram had put him through was a reminder of how much he wasn't as good as he thought he was.

" Well little red knight " Aries kept demanding as he would make fake attempts to attack in the hopes of getting a jittery fearful reaction out of Mulengu.

And to Mulengu's shame it worked every time. Though perhaps this was what he needed as he eyed any possible escape route from which he would try to save himself.

"No sword" he thought as he listed all of the many advantages Aries held over him from his giant size, to his immense strength, to his war hammer that would eventually cave his armour in and finally his frankly better skills. Mulengu was at the total mercy of Aries and he knew it.

The malicious glint in Aries's eyes told him that mercy would not be coming his way. Helplessly looking death in the eye's was a soul crushing experience.

"Damn it. I need a damn hand cuff linking me to my sword" he never had the weapon link connection Chris had with his Sword or Pyrrha with her spear. This meant that he couldn't just summon the blade into his hand and have his chances of being bludgeoned to death lessened.

In this moment of near absolute fear, the image of Morigan drilling him in another brutal lesson about elemental magic came to his mind. The thought wasn't the last thing he wanted to be his earthly thought before he was battered and broken but it was that elemental magic that got his head turning.

"I am not unarmed, i have plant magic, it is a powerful weapon... oh let's not kid ourselves it's nothing more than a distraction " he thought.

"Where is your bravado little boy!" Aries demanded with more and more with more mockery.

Mulengu could feel his confidence returning as he felt that all so familiar ting in his spine and hands. With the magical energy surging through his body he slammed both of his fist's into the earth as he bellowed out " Here it is, you stupid goat !".

The earth was covered in red veins, this caught Aries off guard, he looked very confused and took his attention off Mulengu but it wasn't yet enough to make a run for it.

"What have yo..." Aries never got to finish his question as the floor erupted into upwards shooting scarlet red trees and roots. These fauna grew around the giant elf like chains and cage bars all holding him into a tight embrace.

The sound of Aries grunting as he tried to escape the surprisingly strong vegetation followed and became ever more frustrating as the elf found himself effectively trapped.

"When I get out of here you little... " Mulengu blocked Aries out of his mind as he watched the elf try and fail to escape his organic cage.

Now was a time to decide he newer course of action. Mulengu could go and look for Harbinger or he could go and check of Gwalchmei who hadn't returned since Arises struck him.

"Two are better than me with a floppy sword " he thought remembering that Gwalchmei still had his own sword with him when he had been struck.

Mulengu had enough belief in his abilities as a fighter. Well he had the belief that he would delay death from Aries's hand for a little while.

This was like drinking rotten milk but he knew his own limitations and after three years with Ursa, Chris and Thor he had learned the importance of numbers as a viable strategy. A two on one attack with Gwalchmei would be better than if he decided to run off and look for his sword, an action that would take up many valuable minutes before he achieved anything.

The bronze armoured knights eyes looked loopy and he had a pained expression on his face as he lay upon the ground.

"Clearly head injuries are being given out more than sweets today" Mulengu thought as he neared Gwalchmei.

"Hey, you okay?" Mulengu knelt besides him in as he lightly slapped his cheeks hoping to get any sort if reaction.

He knew that his solution of applying more trauma to head no matter how slight were bad. But he needed try something and there wasn't any water near by for him to splash Gwalchmei with.

" Come on, i am not a doctor" he pleaded as he continued hoping that Gwalchmei would awaken with a perfectly functioning brain.

Gwalchmei thankfully seemed to be coming to sense's as he slapped Mulengu's hand away from his face that was twisted in slight irritation from the slaps " What's... What's happening? ".

" I have Aries tied up back there. So i need you to get up so that we can go back there, gang up on him and probably cripple him or something dependent on how you feel about the matter. So are you okay?" Mulengu explained as he slowly and carefully raised the still foggy knight back onto his feet.

Gauwain nodded as he stood on his own unsupported by Mulengu though there was a slight lack of coordination in his steps for a few seconds " yes, yes... i think I am all better now".

"Good now...." Mulengu never finished as Aries came charging towards them.

The two had to separate once more as he came swinging that war hammer of his with the fury of a wild beast. This time Gwalchmei was smart enough to put adequate distance between himself and the elf. Mulengu on the other hand stuck to the dodge roll, or rather his botched version of it.

"You're plant's might be something to any lesser warrior boy. But i am Aries of the Zodiac!" He declared this as he chased Mulengu who decided to run around like a chicken being chased.

While Aries focused solely on Mulengu he completely ignored Gwalchmei. This proved to be a mistake as Gwalchmei came roaring and tackled Aries into a wall.

Aries raised his war hammer and brought it upon his back forcing Gwalchmei to his knees. But this didn't stop the bronze knight who pushed forward slamming his head into Aries face knocking him senseless.

Gwalchmei then raised his for into air before slamming him back upon the ground where he would have started punching down the elf had Aries not kicked him off.

As Aries rose up Mulengu leaped upon and slammed his knee into the most dishonourable of places. He watched the elf's eyes go wide from both the pain and the shock, but he didn't stop and he drove his knee four more times into Aries crotch and in the end Aries crumbled to the floor.

What followed next where the nonsensical whisperings of the great elf. His eyes had at this point fully rolled to the back of his head and tears were streaming through his tear ducts.

"I have no problem using under handed tactics to gain victory but this my friend but this is just low. Never has a victory tasted so hallow" Gwalchmei said his face like Mulengu's twisted in sympathy as Aries's lay on the ground howling in pain.

"Some times the hardest choice's have to be taken in order to gain victory" Mulengu had to look away and try to block out Aries's pained moaning "I think we should get out of here before he gets up again".

Getting torn to shreds by a Aries who was most defiantly enraged was not Mulengu's cap and tea. He wanted to find Chris and Ursa immediately.

Gwalchmei agreed and with all the courage and honor in the world, our two great knights ran from their unceremoniously wounded foe. They ran upwards the floors and holes that were created by Aries.

As they leaped through the floors Mulengu felt a tinging sensation or sound in his ear's. It was like an annoying fly had been going around his ears over and over again. It's volume unfortunately began to steadily increase as did it's irritation to him.

" Enough! " he shouted as he began slapping the air around his head in the hopes of hitting whatever insect had caused this sound. This stopped him and Gwalchmei dead in their tracks.

"What's wrong?" Gwalchmei asked in concern as Mulengu kept on shouting for silence and swatting more and more air around himself.

"What's wrong?" Mulengu couldn't believe that Gwalchmei couldn't hear it. The sound was getting greater and more irritating like nails on a chalkboard amplified by a speaker straight to his ears.

"Can't you hear that?" He pleaded with Gwalchmei to hear the noise that was driving him mad "I can't be the only one hearing it".

Gwalchmei looked absolute confused as he watched Mulengu stumble around while slapping his ear's with enough force to rattle his mind.

" Hear what?".

The buzz only seemed to get louder and louder and louder. Mulengu just wanted to rip off his gauntlet's and scratch at his eardrums with his fingers. The possibility of driving himself deaf through madly digging into his own ears was worth it if he could get rid of this hell sent sound.

Gwalchmei grabbed his shoulders and began to shake him over and over again as he shouted something in a panic. Whatever he was saying Mulengu couldn't hear it as the sound was all that occupied his ears.

Mulengu wanted to tell Gwalchmei that he couldn't understand a single thing that the knight was saying. He couldn't hear him at all and he had just discovered that reading lips was a lot harder than he imagined it would ever be.

Gwalchmei stopped shaking Mulengu before he tightened his grip of Mulengu's shoulders and then Gwalchmei threw him off his feet. The instant take off and the confusion that came with it took his mind if ever so briefly off the insanity inducing sound that tormented him.

He crashed hard onto the floor and this time his head was spared from suffering anymore physical trauma. As he lay there he began wondering what exactly had possessed Gwalchmei to make him do this. This question was soon answered as a large fiery blur from the west instantly collided into Gwalchmei knocking him to the ground.

He watched in shock and fear at Aries who stood tall and enraged with his body covered in flames. Aries appeared like some sort of demon here to punish them for their unforgivable crime of striking below the belt.

Unfortunately Aries seemed intent on starting with Gwalchmei who he had pinned under his great foot. The Zodiac ram was roaring something in this berserker like state but with the noise still stuck in his ear's, Mulengu couldn't hear a damn thing being said.

He watched as Gwalchmei tried to raise his sword but Aries slapped it aside with his war hammer. He then raised his war hammer and brought it down aimed for what to Mulengu appeared to be Gwalchmei's unprotected face. Gwalchmei wisely raised both his armoured arms in order to protect himself and this stopped the war hammer from pulping his head open.

Though when Gwalchmei dropped his arms his face was contorted into one of pain and his open mouth indicated that he might have been screaming. It was then that Mulengu noticed the big dents on the armours arm's. He knew that while Gwalchmei had saved his face from looking like an elephant had rested upon it, he had sacrificed of his forearms.

Aries raised his mace once more intent on staining the ground with Gwalchmei's brains. Gwalchmei wouldn't escape this time, Mulengu was sure of it. He watched as the knight who like himself twisted and turned upon the ground in pain. For a large brute, Aries was just as fast if not faster than the two of them. There was no way an injured Gwalchmei would be fast enough to block him again.

"I need to help" Mulengu might have said those words out but he didn't hear them. He couldn't tell if they sounded heroic, broken or weak but rest assured he started to stand up.

He rose up with the both of his hands away from hid ears even though it was against his current instinct to stop rubbing his fingers into his ears. He wasn't sure if this method worked even though the sound seemed to get worse when he did remove his finger's.

He screamed as he punched his own head hard enough to feel his brains rattle as he prayed that this sound be lifted from him. This mad display appeared to stop Aries from killing Gwalchmei as the both of them watched Mulengu, with curiosity from Aries and concern from Gwalchmei.

Mulengu walked or better put stumbled towards them with each step needing to be reinforced as if it belonged to an old man who hadn't walked in months.

While Gwalchmei's facial expression remained concerned, Aries's face morphed from confusion and curiosity to simple amusement. He looked down at Gwalchmei and began to say more words Mulengu couldn't understand before he started stomping his victim repeatedly into the floor with a deep malice.

In all this He looked right at Mulengu as if daring him to intervene or goading him on. Something about struck a nerve inside the red knight.

Being taken as a joke wasn't what he wanted. Being forced to do nothing but scream, cry and rub his ear's was bad enough but then Aries was doing this in his face. It was the ultimate insult, the personification of the word's i am going to harm everyone you care about and there isn't anything that you can do about it .

And now it just added more fuel to the fire that burned inside of him. The match in his heart began as a stray thought about how irrelevant Aries thought him. It turned into a fire of hatred and resentment as he remembered all the head injuries to both himself and Gwalchmei that this oversized goat had caused. And finally it was a blazing inferno burning away at him.

This amount of hate and resentment was only saved for one type of creature in his life, snakes. The slithering bastards that had nearly claimed his life not so long ago could share his most hated list with Aries.

With tears in his eyes, his mind still assaulted by the noise, his ears raw from the continuous rubbing and finally his newfound hatred for the elf, Mulengu screamed out so loud that his throat hurt. He might not have heard it but he felt it.

The mana eruption through his body left him glowing bright red as he ran towards Aries who was once again caught off guard.

" I am going to kill him" during the previous war with the dark one Mulengu as a knight then had been forced to kill. He never revelled in it but he did what needed to be done.

Here today he had all the intention to rip Aries life from his mortal coils. He knew that pouring his mana into the earth would send his magical plant life sprouting out of it. He was now wondering what would happen to a living being.

"I am going to rip you apart" he thought as he neared Aries who seemed to have over come his confusing from Mulengu's mad dash towards him.

Mulengu was a little over a meter away from Aries when the war hammer collided with the left side of his head. The impact racked his brain and dropped him to the ground.

The world was spinning, his vision was filled with black spots, he could feel a hot substance more likely blood leaking from his ears and his brain felt like it was being stubbed by needles. Mulengu let out a scream of pain but the sound that had still not left him blocked that out.

He felt something towering over him and he looked up to see Aries who looked down on him with a face of disgust. His lips moved signaling that he was saying something to him.

Maybe it was rant or some last words for him. Mulengu watched as the war hammer was raised once more while Aries's expression was gravely serious for a grave task.

Mulengu watched as the war hammer descended from the air and in a moment of instinctual fear or defense, he raised his arm's into the air in some futile attempt to stop the mace from hitting it's target once more.

As it approached his arms, Mulengu felt an almost rupture of mana in his arm's. Though unlike usual, this mana was hotter and it boiled his arms from the hair follicles to the very center of his bones. He then watched in more confusion enforced pain as the plate that covered his arms were torn open letting forth hundreds of golden chains and roots that grew out of his own arms.

These chains and roots shot forward as if sentient and wrapped themselves around Aries. From his arms, legs, neck, face, horns and even his ankles the elf was bound with way of escape.

Mulengu held his ground as Aries tugged against him and strangely the chain's tugged against Aries on their own as they wrapped around him more and more again. Now the chain's and Mulengu's arm's were vibrating at an ever increasing rate.

The vibrations continued over and over again until a white bright light blinded him. The feeling of weightlessness shot him backwards like he was paper as shock waves beat against his body. This was the last thing he felt before the darkness swallowed him from consciousness.

To Be Continued....


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