While the battle inside the facility raged over and over with a great destructive yield and fury. It all appeared miniscule in compression to the battle that unfolded outside between the titans known as Natalia 'Artalia' Ddraig king of Gamalaot as well as queen of Avalon and Nimue the lady of the lake as well as the leader of Zodiac.

The clash of the king and lady had overstretched from the facility itself and to the surrounding lands. These lands were currently being unearthed and scorched from every blow dealt by the two.

The skies to this apocalyptic encounter were raging with an unnatural storm that wasn't the doing of the either of them but it added an ambiance or to this particular encounter.

Natalia jumped out of the way to avoid a hailstorm of swords from Nimue who levitated in the air to avoid getting in Natalia's reach. The swords struck with as much power as they did against Ishtar's Bull of heaven.

"What's the matter Artalia?" Nimue taunted her over the sound of the raging winds with a loud voice. This flying out of range and pelting her battle reminded Natalia of an annoying harpy that she once fought.

"Not brave enough to face me without your scabbard?" Nimue continued with giant grin plastered on her face that was visible even meters away where Natalia stood.

"Only in your dreams you ignorant fool" Natalia moved back as she began to focus her mana through her body before she slammed her fists into the earth and sent the mana outpouring into the lands.

A fifty meter radius of earth around her began to morph and shift into a colourless transparent liquid via the mana. It was soon a knee deep body of water and Natalia was standing in it. In the air Nimue's face morphed from one of absolute elation to one of absolute confusion in a single snap.

With a punching motion upwards the entire body of water shot forward as a massively hypersonic jetstream of water at Nimue. Natalia knew that her attack wouldn't hit, after all she had seen Nimue block similar hits before but this was what she needed to put space between the two of them and give her some breathing room.

So it was no surprise that she blocked it, the true surprise with what she blocked it with.

The words " Wal-O-gamelot " Escaped from Nimue's mouth as Natalia felt some old, deep and familiar magic brimming in the air like a old perfume one was accustomed with. A white mist formed around the water spirit and it quickly solidified until a hundred meter tall castle tower stood before Natalia casting her in it's shadow.

The collision of the jet of water and the tower shook the lands as if the a very powerful nuclear explosion's had just been detonated nearby.

"Dear, oh dear" Nimue was wagging her finger at Natalia as the tower dispersed like one would a naughty child " I don't remember you being this good with the mystic art's Artalia. Colour me impressed indeed".

"Nimue" Natalia might have been joking before but now she was simply furious " That tower, its magical code is something i recognise. That's my Gamalaot, what have you done to it, bastard?".

"Why do you care so much. After all, you abandoned it " Nimue brushed her off and that just worked to infuriate her " I have simply given it purpose once more".

"Purpose?" Natalia couldn't believe What she was hearing. These twisted words still sounded alien from Nimue's mouth " It already had a purpose. It protected the realms as i had instructed Gwalchmei and the table of round to do and as i last checked it was carrying out it's purpose".

Nimue's face twisted into a sneer " That fool and the rest of the knights round would never bring true needed change to the world. I am putting them to better use as well".

"How dare you!" the rage building in her bones was ready to completely spill over "They were your friends, your family!".

"My so called family turned on me the moment i proposed world peace!".

" Because what you are doing is insane! " Natalia couldn't believe the mental gymnastics Nimue was setting up to justify this frankly insane plan.

"Insane!" Nimue seemed more outraged than before, her breathing was much deeper and quicker like a bull with the colour red being flashed in its eyes "Insane, how is it insane for me to want to end this war and save millions?".

" Because it will cause the death of billions in a best case scenario or kill pretty much everyone in any realistic scenario!" Natalia just wanted for her to understand.

"You can't make a good omelet without cracking a few eggs".

"Is that what people are to you?" She still couldn't believe what Nimue was saying "A bunch of damn inconsequential eggs that can just be broken because you want to play at being a god!".

" Enough! " Nimue shot back as the storm in the darkened skies seemed to intensify with her anger " I will not be lectured by you of all people. You cowardly child, you who abandoned our purpose, you who robbed me of my purpose!".

Natalia readied herself for another clash as hundreds of large great swords began to materialise around the water spirit. Within an instant the sword's shot forward like bullets fired from a machine guns all aimed at her.

As the sword's neared Natalia she wisely moved out of the away to avoid getting stubbed by the hundreds of projectile's and being turned into a porcupine. the swords began to rearrange the thousands of meters of earth around them.

More and more swords shot forth as they chased down Natalia. They made corners when she did, they raised higher when she jumped and their altitude lowered when she slid down any of the large city block sized boulders that now blocked her path after being smashed from their resting palaces by Nimue's swords.

This cat and mouse game increased in it's intensity as more and more swords were shot by Nimue who wore a terrifying smile of joy. Natalia could do nothing but run as trying to tank any of Nimue's swords would just cause her unneeded injuries.

"Any injury will just slow me down" she thought as she ran.

She could try to get close and attack but the sword's streaming in the air now numbered in the thousand's if not millions. Some of them flew towards her while others seemed to surround Nimue and created some kind of shield like barrier around her making her virtually impossible to see or approach through the metallic rain.

"I need to end this offensive now" Natalia thought as she kept on outrunning and outmaneuvering the sword's "I can't keep this up forever and sooner or later i am going to make a mistake. Either minor or major it will increase my chances of death by a lot".

As if to prove her right a small arming sword graved by she left cheek drawing a bit of blood. Natalia internally cursed as she began to pour large amounts of mana into Excalibur.

She jumped further and further away from the swords before she stopped and turned to face the incoming wave of death. She got into a swinging stance as she constructed her mystic code. The sword began to glow and change until it was a completely white rod of energy in her hand with had a repeating humming sound that increased as she got ready to swing it.

She opened her mouth to state the words that would finalise the completion of her Alpha-spell as Nimue's swords got even closer and closer.

" Tanau-britannia! ".

She swung the sword and from it a massive wave of white divine energy shot forward as a six thousand meters high tsunami wave of divine energy hotter than the surface of the sun itself. It consumed everything it fell upon from the land and to the sword's that had been coming to kill her.

This wave continued unopposed as a symbol of her might and power for a full two minutes before it died down. In it's wake was nothing more than a crater of black scorched earth that measured at five thousand meters deep and ten thousand meters wide.

It was a dark ashen hole with some underground water beginning to leak in that was instantly evaporated. The thing of most importance in the hole was the tower Wal-O-gamelot.

The tower unlike when it effortlessly stopped her jetstream was now mangled from the heat and pressure released from the wave. Pieces of it were ripped off , melted off or just turned to dust, and finally the tower had lost it's once marble white shine for a scorched black coat.

Rather than dispersing into a mist like it did before the tower simply crumpled to the ground with Nimue kneeling at its center. Natalia could see her breathing heavily from even a few thousand meters away. She appeared to have suffered from serious bruising upon her forearm's.

"I don't remember you ever having anything like that" Nimue's breathing became heavier as she rose to her feet with a chuckle before she gasped in pain as she held her ribs "But it wasn't enough was it Artalia. I still live girl king".

Natalia would have loved nothing more than to tell Nimue that this was her Alpha-Spells first gear and wipe her confident demeanor down. Roughly five percent of her true power was in that Alpha-Spell and Nimue had barely survived it.

" I can't go all out now" she thought as she looked far at the facility that was still intact " Anything approaching twenty percent would take them out as well ".

"What's the matter Art" Nimue called taunting her but there was something in the water spirits steps. A limp, a strain, a certain lack of any power in stance "Ain't got it anymore?".

" Say's the woman who is on her last leg's " Natalia didn't know where it came from but she felt a swell of pity for her old friend " In honor of everything we both went through in the past, i implore you Nimue, please stand down and call off this insanity ".

Nimue nashed her teeth shaking with rage as she raised her hand towards Natalia " My insanity, My insanity!".

" Nimue stop " Natalia demanded with her sword at the ready to strike again with another Tanau-britannia if she had to " I am warning you for the last time. Stand down or else i shall destroy you".

"Here's what i think of your warning!" Nimue's eyes began to glow a like a spiral of a dozen mixed colours as her voice became deeper, rougher and more ancient " You have tried my penitence Artalia. Perhaps you should be sent to you're sleep king under the mountain. FATE ARTHURIAN! ".

The ground under Nimue erupted into a body of crystal clear water that still sparkled even with the sun hidden away by the storm clouds or the blacken earth of the crater.

Natalia felt her heart tighten as panic overtook her body " This... I remember... this is how she took us out at the capital ".

From the waters six ropes made of a dark ink like substance shot forth at such blinding speeds Natalia had no time to react before she was bound by her neck, arms, legs and torso. She fought against the binds to the best of her strength but the binds proved themselves her match in this tag of war.

" Damn these things" She remembered these bindings and the place to which they dragged her "Not that stupid island ".

The bindings pulled her down further and further towards the crater and the cursed waters. She struggled more and more as the bindings and gravity itself seemed to increase in power in every second.

" Don't bother fighting it Artalia" Nimue called to her " We are in the Nexus now. Your status as Arthur weighs you down. You can't escape your destiny my king, fate dictates that lady of lake be one of those who ushers the wounded king to Albion, and here fate is near absolute".

Natalia didn't have time to fight Nimue in a contest of words as she tried to fight bindings that were now just dragging her down faster and also tightening around her neck and lessening her supply of oxygen.

This loss of oxygen was making her head feel light and her eyes grow heavier. Before she knew it, her footing was lost and she was being dragged down to those cursed waters. She caught a last glimpse of Nimue who was smiling before she sank to the depths of the waters of Albion.

The interior of the waters were the total opposite of their sparkling clear surface. It was a dark aquatic vortex that dragged her deeper and deeper through depths unknown.

Natalia was granted release as she felt her body now resting upon wet sand with waves of water periodically washing over her.

"You know, when i decided to walk this beach, a mermaid was the last thing I thought i would see" a mans voice whispered into her ear and Natalia felt a shiver down her spine because of it.

"Have the illusions started already?" Nimue's style might not have been illusions back then. But after everything that just happened, it was clear that Nimue had changed with the year's.

She felt a pair of lips touch her cheeks with some slightly brown hair also being in view as the voice asked "This have to at least be a dead give away Nat?".

With this rather shallow confirmation Natalia diverted her eyes to the right where her husband sat cross legged with his sword Durandal resting besides him.

"You're real?" She knew the question sounded foolish but she wasn't going to put up with any trick of Nimue.

"Should another kiss be in enough" Roland or the illusion leaned in close to her face and she could feel his hot breath beating against her skin "Or should it be a kiss on those tender lips".

Yep this was her Roland. She reach her head forward and drew his lips upon her own. After a few seconds she lot go of their kiss and embrace to ask "How the hell did you get here. I remember Nimue dumping us here when she first attacked but after that i thought she transported you to a cell?".

"She did " Roland answered as he rose to his feet and lent her a helping hand as well off the wet beach " But then a few minutes ago everything went crazy in my section of the prison. These knight's attacked the Lunar nation guys and everything went straight to hell. The moment i stepped out my cell boom and i just turn up here with good old Durandal besides me".

"Wait..." Natalia stopped him as she remembered something from her mind that had been shuffled away thanks to concentration on fighting Nimue " You Didn't meet Christian did you? ".

" Christian ?" Roland seemed Confused " No, i haven't ".

" Which means you don't know" she whispered lowly in despair.

"It means i don't know what?" Roland sounded concerned as he leaned closer with his hand resting upon her shoulder " Nat, what's going on?".

"Nimue is trying to become the Archetype-King".

Roland looked alarmed as he should have been " But i thought Merlin said it was purely theoretical ?".

"It is" She sighed slumping as she thought about what happened to her wizard of old " And that's not even the worst part. She is trying to fuse these two world's ".

"That will cause unimaginable amounts of destruction" Roland gasped out " I mean she could kill everyone ".

"I know" Natalia shook her head a bit to get rid of the water in her hair " We have to do something about it".

"Yeah, I know" Roland had his hand resting on his chin as was deep in thought "Getting out of this place though, it's gonna be a challenge".

"What do you mean?".

" The first time i got here was able to open a gap with Durandal just fine before Nimue yanked me into her cell" he knelt down and began to play with some sand between his fingers "But now, it's like everything here has gotten infinitely stronger".

"It's because we are in the Nexus dummy" Natalia playful bumped him in the head " Everything near becomes an absolute here, I can't leave unless Britain is in hour of need and since Nimue already burned it to the ground... yeah".

"Maybe" Roland rose again " But I don't think it is strong enough to be a match against the two of us".

"You want us to completely destroy Albion?" She was surprised that she had not thought of this at all.

"Of course" Roland drew his blade from the ground " So how big do you reckon this place is?".

"About the size of a small continent last i checked" Natalia answered as she remembered her many treks across this land in the past.

"Last you checked?".

" Well, were do you think i would take my old lover's for romantic moments before i met you" she was playing of course and the over exaggerated gasp and pain look on Roland's face confirmed that he knew that as well.

"You mean to tell me that some lucky punks got a beautiful island vacation with a babe like you. But i got was a flower, a wonderful marriage and some great kids" he had his heart over his chest as he cried fake tears " I want the island please. I will throw in the kids if what will count as a fair trade".

"Don't cry so much honey" she patted his shoulder as she raised Excalibur "There won't enough of a island when we are done. And maybe when we go home, I can get you an island".

"Promise?" he asked trying his best to imitate a child and she tried not to burst into laughter.

"Promise. Now let's burn this dump to hell".

Nimue might not have heard them shout out their Alpha-spell's names but she did feel as the physical continent and waters of Albion were atomised. She felt as the very reality that composed FATE ARTHURIAN was destroyed from the power of the Avalonian ruler's.

This was when she knew, she would either have to become the Archetype-King now or never...

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