Chris had only seen his mother fight a few times and every time he saw it was a true spectacle to behold. The battle before him, was fast moving, a little too fast for him to properly discern most of what was happening as the two fighters clashed over and over again.

The clash of Excalibur and the other sword Nimue had summoned from thin air shook the entire facility and beyond from their strength alone.

"I forgot just how strong she is" he had to plant himself into the ground to avoid being blown away by the shockwaves that their blows unleashed. It was like standing in front of the launching space shuttle while you were rocked back and forth by an earthquake.

The speed that Natalia and Nimue moved at appeared to him like they teleporting around the room while the two tested each others swords woman ship. Though unbeknownst to him due to the blurs created Natalia's skills far trumped Nimue who was now covered by many cuts from Excalibur.

"What's the matter Nimue can't keep up" the queen of Avalon taunted her old mentor finally feeling the satisfaction of causing the her the pain she so richly deserved.

"Shut up!" Nimue had by now lost her smug confidence and air of superiority she once held.

The lady of the lake may have held great skill in the mystic arts but she was truly average in the department of swordsmanship and against a master like Natalia 'Artalia' Ddraig no contest of any sorts existed.

Nimue clearly saw her chances at survival diminishing with each passing second and so she flicked her sword into the left wall and the sword ploughed a hole through. Which she vanished through in retreat.

"Well, she's a coward" Chris twitched a little as he got up from the bruises that lingered across his body.

His mother turned to face him with a face that was stone solid and utterly unreadable.

"Damn, she is not happy " his original distract Nimue plan hadn't involved his mother and now that he thought about it the plan was truly stupid and risky"Best not to tell her that my plan is ten percent genius and ninety percent dumb luck and coincidences".

"Are you okay, is anything broken, can you properly stand, are you feeling dizzy, how many fingers am i holding up" she instantly began to jump up and down around him like the world's most overbearing doctor.

"Mother, i am fine. So please stop tugging my hair and..ouch.. pinching my cheeks".

"Sorry, sorry" she seemed to have regained her composure and she let go of his now red tinted cheeks.

Chris coughed to end the awkward silence that had built between the two of them "I missed you mom".

"I missed you too sweetie" the bone crushing hug that she pulled him into had once embarrassing and uncomfortable, but now it felt warm and safe to him.

"I am sorry if i caused you any pain with my plan" he twiddled with his thumbs as he said this with his eyes downcast in shame.

Natalia burst into a chuckle " Your so much like your father and i back then... Now that might not be too much of a good thing or a bad thing".

"Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and disco was still alive" he enjoyed his joke and Natalia did too by her laugh.

"I don't know what disco is?" She said though she still laughed to his joke.

"It's an earth thing".

"That explains it" his mother ruffled his hair playfully.

"Hey, cut it out" he would have let her continue had he not remembered that Nimue had just escaped "I think you need to go after her".

"Right, right" she let him go but not without a final hug "But Cai how?".

"Mom, i know its confusing and but seriously she could be getting away".

"Fine... just, when you find your father tell him that she is planning to become the Archetype-king and that they have to destroy the circle".

"Archetype-king, core?" he was lost to those words meaning.

"He will understand, now go" she replied took off after Nimue, leaving nothing but a sonic book as she broke the sound barrier.

"Okay, i am just going to find dad" he picked up his sword " Wherever the hell he is. I need a goddamn map of this place and a way to avoid it's many unnecessary stair's, i mean who the hell has so many freaking stairs".


The breakout had been going as expected for the invading forces. The cells were now opened leading entire swarms of Arthur's, Merlin's and knights to attack the Lunar nation security. They fought with the type of fury that only prisoners could muster against their unjust jailors.

In the chaos of battle Mulengu was being thrown from side to side, unable to keep up properly with the action while he swung harbinger around cutting down so many Lunar kingdom troops that he lost count.

"I need to breath" he could only receive hot thin oxygen in the thick of the combat. For fresh air he jumped chaotic sea of combat "Jesus it's insane down there".

"Get down !" someone shouted startling him in the air.

The feeling of something colliding into his back instantly registered as the impact sent him rocketing through many concrete walls like a human sized bullet.

"Hey, hey you" he whispered to the metal humanoid resting upon his body " Will you please get the hell off me!".

"Sorry, sorry, sorry" the person clearly a man yelled as he slowly got off of Mulengu's body.

"Damn that hurt" pulling himself off the ground Mulengu found the man who crashed into him was a knight dressed in a bronze like armor with a sun engravings upon it's center.

He was built like a tank with long blond hair and a thin stubble while his facial features were like those of a man in his late twenties.

"Friend or foe?!" The man instantly shouted whilst pulling a bronze tinted arming sword from the ground and pointing it at Mulengu.

"Oh, most likely foe after you bruised me genius!" Mulengu snapped at him still feeling the pain in his neck.

"I didn't mean it" the man tried to defend himself but Mulengu wasn't buying it.

"I am sure that the air threw you on its own!" Mulengu was now in the guys face " Let me guess your foot also rubbed its way across my face by accident! ".

"No you fool, he threw me!" the knight pointed to the hole in the room that their collision had created.


Standing at the hole was a massive giant of an elf. His body was one hundred percent muscle that beat against his scared brown elvish skin, his eyes burned with a great fire and his horn's were clearly bigger than most elves Mulengu had seen.

He wore a pair of shorts that had chain mail layered over them. Upon his back and rapped upon his front was a full ram pelt with the head acting as a hood for the elf with his horn's having replaced the rams horns. The elf also wore a scaled breast plate and in his hands was a warhammer with a metallic ram for the maces head.

"I really need to ask Pyrrha what her kind use those for" he needed to know even if the thought took a backseat when he realised something " How long have you been standing there?".

"Long enough to see this truly pathetic display from you invaders" the elf's voice was one of the deepest he had ever heard before.

"Um... it's clear you two have unfinished business, so i shall leave you both to it" Mulengu had enough problems with having to find Chris and make sure that his absolutely insane plan worked so these two guys weren't his problem.

"Wait a second" the knight grabbed him by his shirt stopping him from leaving.

"Hey let go!" Mulengu shouted as he wrestled to escape the grip.

"Just where do you think your going coward!" the knight was clearly just as strong as he was because he kept his grip even against Mulengu's tagging.

"Where all cowards go to. A long life while telling the hero's stories about the poor knight who died" Mulengu finally managed to wrench himself free of the knights grip " And don't worry i shall tell the story of how you died as you lived, annoying me".

" Why you little" .

" Little!" Mulengu stepped to knights face just to show him how similar in height they were " Idiot i am just as tall as you are !".

"Oh really".

"Yes really, are you blind!".

" Enough!" The elf's voice ended their pissing match "As much as i would enjoy to watch more of your subclass warrior behaviour, i must destroy you in the name of the Lunar nation".

"You're with Zodiac" Mulengu couldn't help but sigh as he realised his plan to just walk away was long since a failure.

"Of course fool, my name is Aries one of the commanders of Zodiac" the man Aries spoke his name with a deep pride.

"So, are we taking him?" Mulengu got into fighting stance.

"I see that you have come around" the knights sword was now engulfed in a bright golden fire " And the answer is yes".

"I am Mulengu by the way, a knight of Avalon".

"And i am Gwalchmei, a knight of Gamalaot" the knight answered.

"We can take this guy, there are two of us any" Mulengu prepared to charge "it's going to be a piece of cake".


Ursa had just as much rotten luck as her teammate. She had joined a unit of four more knights to join the attack on the facility and they were instantly befallen upon by a enemy archer.

The archer fired multiple hypersonic shots that forced Ursa and her newly formed squad into defensive positions behind bunkers created by her earth magic.

Unfortunately these bunkers were soon reduced to smoldering ruins by the enemy archers arrows.

"Damn it" Ursa gritted her teeth and raised another bunker as her old one was torn down by a arrow.

"Retreat, fall back!" the higher ranking knight ordered.

Every bone in Ursa's body was telling her to obey her orders but still she just couldn't as she thought " Chris and Mulengu are both out there, without me they are probably on the verge of death... i can't leave them".

"You girl, you heard your orders" the knight called to her.

Ursa's armour that was worse for wear and covered in all manners of dirt and crack's.

" Dad and mom are gonna kill me" she really hated to see their reaction in this state.

"Hey kid, didn't you hear a damn thing i said !" the knight was literally spitting saliva as he yelled at her.

The images of her two idiot friends flashed through her head and granted the conviction that she sought to make her next decision " I am sorry sir, I can't".

"What the hell do you mean you can't. If you stay, your gonna get torn to shreds!".

A smile danced across her face as she felt a familiar adrenaline rush strengthen her muscles " Who said anything about staying put".

"What?" the knight demanded confused.

"I am not staying put" Ursa began stretch her legs " I am going to run right through him !".

She never waited for the knight to tell her, his thoughts on this suicide plan before she took off into the newly created no man's land like a rocket.

She rushed forward her eyes scanning for the archer who had hidden himself. She used every ounce of her training under Morigan to dodged the many arrows that flew towards her at speeds that outstripped sound itself.

"Deus damn it where is he?" she knew that she could never dodge these arrows forever and unless she cut off their source she would be a porcupine soon.

Nine months of hell training under the red headed elf who Chris called his aunt had actually paid off for Ursa. Even though Morigan's training was more like torture.

A sharp pain to her right shoulder drew her out of her thoughts. She moved leftwards to get away from the arrow that grazed her between her armours joints and drew a little blood.

The sound of more shockwaves alerted her upwards where twenty arrows descended as if shot down by god's themselves.

"How in the... " She didn't have much time to think as she was soon dodging more hypersonic arrows but alas four had managed to sneak up to her and were near her face by two inches " These are too close, i can't dodge them... i am dead".

The darkness surprisingly did not follow as something collided into the arrows destroying them and the forced of it knocked ursa down hard onto the floor.

"What... what... what the... what the hell was that?" she was dumbfounded.

"Hey kid" the knight called from his cover bearing a crossbolt with the rest of the knights "Stop gawking and get up already!".

She obeyed the order as more arrows came from many angles against her but the knights on her side shot them down.

"We've got you covered now get this guy!".

"Yes sir!" she gave the knights thumbs up before she drew her bow.

She had kept it strapped upon her back during her sprint. Had she held it during her original rush here, her reflexes would have been negatively affected and death would surely soon followed.

But now she didn't have to worry about dodging all of the arrow fire on her own, with the knights covering her. She could focus more on finding this elusive archer and introduce him to the cold tip of one of her arrows.

"Now to find you and go save my idiot friends!" .


The Artimes facility may have been in the process of being torn apart by the fighting between the two factions inside but the biggest damage came from the clash's between Natalia Ddraig and Nimue.

The two raced through the facility at such powerful speeds that even lightning would be like a snail in compression to a bullet.

"Stop running coward !" Natalia called out to the flee water spirit.

Nimue ignored her call to battle and it enraged her to no end. With a single swing of the sword of judgement a wave of water materialized from the blade and flew forward knocking Nimue upwards through the roof.

Natalia put more speed into her legs as she raced through the hole that she had created.

"I see your done running" she found Nimue bruised and holding her left leg that had some red stains.

"Looks like i've drawn blood" this thought made her more giddy than she should have been.

"Of course fake, I have decided to end this here and now" Nimue smirked as two arming swords materialised in her hands.

"She's going to try and fight me in melee again?"

Natalia would have attacked her immediately. But she wouldn't take that risk, especially since she knew of Nimue's magical skills and she knew that the idea that Nimue would fight her up close again without a trick was foolishness.

"Come then you watery tart" Natalia smirked waiting for Nimue to make the first of the move that she was sure that she could counter.


Before they had stormed the facility a small briefing naming the blue prints of the prison was held. Chris knew the areas that the most important prisoners were kept.

"Oh, come one!" he shouted in frustration as that area was now a chaotic high pitched battle ground. The roars of men, women and beasts filling every nook and cranny of the whole level accompanied by the collision of weapons of any sorts as if they were instruments of music accompanying the battle cries to form a bloody symphony.

The urge to turn and look for another way to locate his father was deep inside him but that didn't seem possible.

With a deep sigh he taped his damaged helmet " The things i do for family".

With a roar he jumped into the ocean of battle, and like a true ocean he found himself overwhelmed and pushed from side to side as if he was being batted from side to side by great weaves.

But this wasn't his first full scale battle, and as such he was soon quick upon his feet slashing Lucius-aurora at anyone who bore the silver armor of the lunar nation. Chris almost felt like he was hacking down weeds in a garden with his sword considering the number of warrior's he had just struck down in rapid succession.

The chaos of battle drowned out his senses to anything other than what was being shown before him. This almost tranquil state was shuttered by a sudden blow to his head that forced him down upon one knee. He looked up to see what had nearly cracked open his skull had his helmet not been present.

Stalking towards him like some kind of devil from hell emerging to claim his immortal soul was Juno and her bone spikes sending a shiver down his spine

" Ddraig! " her roar sounded like that of the reaper himself.

" How the hell did you know that it was me?" his new armor was different from his old one and it bore no similarities to anything Juno had seen him in also he a helmet on.

"As if i would forget that sword" she answered as her fingers slowly trailed the scar he gave her.

"That makes sense " he thought as he readied himself.

He was at the ready with his muscles packed like a compressed spring. All the pressure built up was realised within a single burst as the first of Juno's spikes shot forward. Chris shot raced forward with his eyes focused on Juno whilst he dodged every one of the flying spikes.

As soon as he was close enough he swung Lucius-aurora in a side swiping motion that would relieved Juno of her head had she not blocked it with one of her spikes.

Chris shot his free left hand forward and grabbed Juno's head before planting his knee into her face with enough force to sending her shooting through a solid stone pillar.

He wasted no time and shot forward again past many potential attackers who swung their swords, axes, spears and hummers at him. But spending months dodging Morigan's spear had made him far more agile than before and also fast enough to cross the fifty meters that separated him from Juno in a single second.

With a mighty roar he swung Lucius-aurora in a downwards motion with all his strength and this time Juno's attempts to block it with her spikes failed as the blade cut cleanly through them without any resistance of any sorts and the sword only stopped after it had lodged itself in her right shoulder decorating it in a new coating of blood.

"You bastard!" Juno's screeching assaulted his ears while she fell to her knees and her face twisted to one of absolute agony.

"I am sor..." he couldn't stand to see another living being in such pain and this slight moment of hesitation was enough for Juno to push towards him even if his sword cut deeper into her flesh.

Her hands grabbed hold of his helmet and she began to pull against it while Chris who couldn't properly use his sword at such a close range struggled against her mad attempts at ripping off his helmet.

As they continued Chris managed to wrench Lucius-aurora free but it slipped from his grip as Juno pushed him into the remains of the pillar that he had once thrown her through.

As the contest of strength continued it was clear that Chris was the stronger if the two and with his quick reflexes he managed to maneuver his left leg behind Juno's and trip her to the floor. As soon as she crashed upon the earth Juno found her face the recipient to a series of punches and downwards elbows that rocked her hard and created a crater.

His body burned with a new fire as his right fist was encased in a bright golden light that made him hit harder and dislocate Juno's jaw with a loud crack. Juno remained broken by that last punch as she coughed out blood, her left eye was swollen and the shoulder was covered in blood from the wound his sword left.

"Damn that hurt" Chris struggled to readjust his helmet though his eyes never left Juno who still lay upon the ground cross-eyed and no doubt knocked out of her senses.

"Listen Juno, i think that we should call our rivalry to an end right here and now. If anyone asks we shall just say that the other won. So truce..." He leaned down and patted her non injured shoulder like one would do a friend "...Good answer".

He turned and began to climb out of the crater when he felt it. The increase in air pressure and the feeling like he was swimming in a pool of surging electricity so powerful that it was like a potent Alpha-spell was being cast.

He instinctively reached for Lucius-aurora's mana connection " Damn it, it won't get here in time ".

He grabbed a broken piece of the pillar that became a makeshift dagger in his hands. He turned to find Juno rising while surrounded by a twister of concentrated mana that cooked the air around her. Chris would have gotten closer had it not run the risk of Juno's aura cooking him alive even through his armor.

Juno's body began to shake and tremble as a silver armour with fish like scales invaded her body replacing her older armor and doing away with every wound and bruise he had dealt to her in their short battle. All of this was happening as a silver spear materialised in her hands, it bore wave like designs and mermaid engravings upon which the spearhead rested.

"What in the...".

" DU LAC !" Juno shouted as she launched the spear at Chris as if it was rail gun round by the sonic boom it created as it flew towards him faster than bullet would achieve.

Chris instinctively fell back on his first alphas-spell in his defense. He raised both his arms as he felt mana flowing through him with the pressure of a waterfall, as the signature flaming lock formed in front of him he roared out for all to hear "LOCK-SHIFT".

The spear struck the first of his dimensional shields and even though it packed enough power to instantly liquefy a hundreds of meters of solid concrete and metal to a molten slug, it was nothing against a shield created from layers of reality itself.

He watched as the spear returned to Juno who bore a savage grin like a lioness ready to butcher an antelope. The two of them stared each other down as they inspected the others new abilities before making any other move.

" Where did that come from?" Chris strained and trembled under of the strain of supporting an Alpha-spell as powerful as Lock-shift.

"Neat trick Juno, surprised that you didn't bust it out the moment you had a chance earlier ".

" I could say the same about you Ddraig " Juno stood in a ready battle stance with her new spear pointed directly at him "Had you used that little barrier earlier. I would have busted out Lancelot a little faster and not allowed you to even lay a finger on my face".

" Juno look, i know that we are in a Arthurian world..." Chris took a moment to cough as the weight of keeping Lock-Shift going was tearing at his strength "I can't drop the shield or else i am dead, that spear of hers. I don't know much about it, but i can sense that my armour couldn't survive a direct hit".

" What's the matter Ddraig, can't supply enough mana to your brick house " she taunted and jeered at him but Chris had developed a bit of thick skin a long time ago so he just ignored her.

"Like i was saying, i know that we are in a world of king Arthur and fancy knights and crafty lady's but did you just name your spear after Lancelot of all people. I mean come on, try to be less predictable" he shook his head disappointed in her lack of originality.

"It isn't just a fancy name, it is Lancelot" Juno had the type of smile that Chris saw on people who knew something you didn't and were reveling in you're ignorance.

"What do you mean that it is Lancelot?" he could feel his connection to Lucius-aurora increase as the sword was nearing him "I need to keep her talking... I can't keep this thing going for ever".

"Oh, you don't know " she appeared to relax a little bit " These knights can have their very essence torn apart and then they can be rebuilt into whatever role director Nimue desires".

"That spear was a person " his stomach churned as he saw her nod whilst she beamed with pride " And you took their lives without any sort of reasonable justification".

" We don't have to explain ourselves to you Avalonian's " she sneered.

"You don't need to, all you scam have the same excuses for these acts of unwarranted aggression" Chris felt the familiar grip of Lucius-aurora materialising in his hand before he dispersed Lock-Shift.

He shot towards his foe once more intent of ending her stay in the world of the living.

He swung for her slightly exposed neck that was neither covered by helmet or breastplate, that would have ended this battle here and now. Had Juno's spear not intercepted the blow and sent his sword moving in the opposite direction as she twisted and thrust her spear towards the center of his head smacking him dead center in the forehead and denting his helmet as it launched him through the molten slug and into the other room.

" My eye's!" He roared as some of molten rock had gotten into his helmet and leaked into his eyes giving him an irritating sting that forced him to tear off the helmet and wipe his eyes clean of the hot substance.

The roof above him broke open as warriors from his side and the Lunar nation side continued their battle unimpeded with even more fury than before.

Chris stumbled to his feet as he caught sight of Juno racing towards him. Her spear shot towards him like a scorpion stingers and he managed to catch the spearhead which thankfully didn't have enough force behind the thrust to pierce his gauntlets.

With a firm grip upon the spear he kicked his helmet towards Juno's face and she slapped it aside, this gave him enough room to push kick her in the chest sending her crashing backwards with enough force that the spear was tugged out of Chris hand even leaving a large scrape around it.

He wasted no time and rushed for Juno with his sword swinging again downwards hoping to deliver enough force to break anything important in her skull. This was again was stopped by the butt of her spear that she swung hard enough to reverse his swords momentum before Chris felt a powerful force colliding into his left thigh that tore through one of the deepest dents Excalibur had left in his armour, clothe and flesh.

"Arrrrrrrrrr!" he screamed as Juno twisted her spear and letting out a gash of blood as she damaged his flesh and muscles.

"Focus, focus, FOCUS!" He called over and over in his head "Fight the pain!".

Fighting through the pain he swung sideways and with her spear still in his thigh she couldn't stop Lucius-aurora from colliding into her helmet strong enough to knock her back by a few meters.

Chris gritted his teeth as he pulled the spear from his leg and letting out more blood " Why is it that every time i fight you, i always end up with foreign instruments in my body... that sounded wrong ".

Juno had now risen to her feet and behind her reality rippled as fifty bone shards shot through. Chris began to sprint for safety though he had a limp in his step that slowed him down and made dodging everyone of the shards harder than it would be.

He propelled himself up the left wall until he was many meters up the wall still using his instincts, speed and sword to ward off all the spikes that came flying like rounds from a machine gun.

He caught another spike that was aimed for his head and threw it back at Juno, it managed to strike her head with enough force to knock her backwards. This served his intention and distracted her enough fot Chris to launch himself downwards towards her while he roared " Lock-Shift! ".

The shields formed around him stopping all the spikes that would have turned him to a pincushion while Lucius-aurora was raised ready to swing down and cut Juno down. As he got closer and closer to his foe who could not react in time as Chris's shield fell, that allowed Lucius-aurora to swing forward with all of his strength.

The sound of his swords collision with metal rocked Chris to the bone "What?".

His sword had missed Juno's throat by an inch thanks to a new sword that was gold in colour and held by a large seven foot tall knight dressed in a gold and silver armour with a lion head helmet.

"Juno, are you alright?" the knights voice was that of a woman.

"Of course Zodiac Leo" Juno answered shaken from her near brush with death.

"Good" the knight answered before turning to Chris " Now onto you..".

Chris wasn't fast enough to intercept the armored fist that struck the left side of his helmet with enough force to he to send him crashing upon his back. The blow left a bruise upon his face as well as leaving his head spinning.

He managed to roll back onto his feet and avoided the hulking knight who would have crashed down feet first upon him and obliterated him like she did the floor that now looked like it was a victim of bombing raids.

"I suppose that you still have some life left inside of you" the knight sounded bored before lazily launching herself forward " Let's see if i can remedy that boy".

Chris soon found himself dodging all the blows from this knight, he jumped, ducked, sidestepped, slid and even flipped over the knight who seemed to be getting faster with each second forcing Chris to use all the dodging skills Morigan taught him to avoid the giant blade.

He wanted to dodge again when something happened, his leg wound burst out in pain again causing him to scream as he tripped to the ground leaving him defenseless to the giant knight who chuckled "Those were some nice tricks you had back there, but it appears that you end here against the Lion Zodiac Leo!".

Like a condemned man before the executioners axe he watched as the blade began to fall to his head quite ironically this is the death he tried to subject Juno to just a few minutes ago.

Suddenly like a bolt of lighting flashing in the sky something collided with knight. This thing knocked the knight back enough to send them crashing into Juno who managed to catch her ally stunned and silent.

The thing was an elf, hunched over in rage like a mad beast of the wild with gritting teeth and burning eyes showing a maliciously rage behind them " Don't you ever touch my friends or else i shall destroy you!".

The realisation of who it was knocked the wind out of Chris "Pyrrha?".

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