The throne room had always been a dull and boring place for Ishtar Ddraig. She always avoided the cold lifeless hall of politics unless she had to. She wondered how she would manage to seat here as Queen one day.

Today the halls were colder and the faces more downcast with scowls from the anger boiling within them, her parents however were the worst of all.

Her father looked exhausted and beaten down making the slight grey in his hair extremely noticeable, her mother had a look of rage barely bottled and close to showing her true might.

Ishtar flinched remembering the last she saw such fury in her mother's eyes, it had been when her mother had faced her other half in battle and used the divine Excalibur to burn the entire surface of a planet.

"...and so our systems have pinpointed their location as being within the Nexus" her uncle Aro had an uncharacteristic level of seriousness in him.

"I almost pity Zodiac" she had only seen him like this when a dark pallet swapped version of the woman sited on the throne reigned chaos on Avalon and caused the lose of brother to another universe.

"Why dose this always happen to you Christian" she thought as she rested deeper into her chair feeling her head hurt from the stress " Maybe I should put a leash on him".

"Excuse me for being ignorant Kagira, but what is Nexus?" The provincial minister of the north western province of Oceaguard. The minister was a short and small elf with a long silver beard.

At any normal time Aro would make a witty remark that would annoy whoever was speaking to him.

"The Nexus..." he stopped and looked at her parents who nodded in approval " It's a strange universe that our Wizards discovered about 87 years ago . We know that a few thousand years ago it experienced a large influx of both light and dark energy that utterly changed it into how can i most explain it... a realm of collective myths".

"Collective myth?" she had no idea what that meant.

" Is the Prince well in it?" A district minister from the Summer lands just north of the Imperial lands asked.

"When we investigated the Nexus and it is easily survivable" Aro sighed as his posture hunched even more probably exhausted from the search for her brother " We are getting a team ready to go and retrieve the prince but until then we have to deal to the Lunar nation".

"I suggest a more suitable and diplomatic aproc..." the female Imparetor offering this never got to say her piece before a large banging sound echoed through the room.

All eyes fell upon a young woman of nineteen with a good athletic build, short brown hair that made her look slightly boyish, a familiar pair of golden eyes and full body green and red armour as well as a bronze cross in hand which had a blue and yellow banner upon it.

"Joan" Ishtar whispered as she felt a new headache forming from the addition of the volatile element that was her sister.

"How dare you try and make peace with them" her younger sister and Christian's twin was shaking with her normal righteous fury that showed from the glowing white aura that surrounded her body as she growled like a wild beast.

"It's times like these that i regret her training under the apostles" the twelve apostles were the twelve heads of the church in Avalon.

They were extremely powerful people trained in the use of Deus's divine energy, her sister Joan had trained in that as well and was amongst the few who could use the power of the divine.

"Why must she always be so intense" for someone named after a saint, Joan's temperament was violent, loud, bombastic and the total antithesis to the idea of serenity and grace by any stretch of the definition.

When she wasn't on knights duty Jeanne's clothing options and general behavior could easily have her be mistaken for a young thug.

"Princess please.." Imparetor Priam who she served under tried to calm her down.

"Don't you princess me!" her hands were now emitting heat thanks to her fire magic that caused everyone around her to move back for safety in case she lost control and exploded " Those future dead people hurt my brother and they need to pay in blood, Deus Vault!".

"Joan, please" the soft and somewhat cold voice of her mother calmed down the girl who was emitting both divine and fire energy "Calm down, this is a hard time but your brother has survived and thrived in similar situations. i know that you want to move but please, when we make a move we are to be calculated and disciplined. If we make a rushed mistake, it could cost us a lot.

Joan wanted to protest what her mother just said but a quick grab to the shoulder by Ishtar stopped her "Relax, his survived something like this before and...".

With a huff Joan removed herself from Ishtar's strong hand grip before she stormed out of the room with the crowd of knights, wizards and ministers who were just arriving wisely giving the family Joan room to make her exit.

Ishtar turned to give chase to her hot head sister, in case the foolish girl ended up having another one of her episodes and injured someone.

"Ishtar?" her father called to her stopping her before she could go a step further.

"I have to go make sure she doesn't do anything... Joan like" she explained to him, by the realisation that grew upon his face her father absolutely understood her reasons.

The node of approval by him gave her the right to leave the room and go searching for her sister.

Finding the angry raging righteous warrior know as Joan Ddraig was a bit hard considering that there wasn't a trail of destruction left in her wake like all the other times but she did eventually find her in most unlikely place.

The new royal gardens were still a breath taking sight for Ishtar. The personalized forest always had a breath of fresh air and she was sure Joan felt so too because she found the hothead leaning against a tree with both eyes shut and her breathing controlled, probably meditating.

"What do you want?" at least there wasn't any hostility in her voice.

"Just wanted to make sure that you didn't stir up the Divine Crusade on a crazy mission to take down the entire Lunar nation on your own" she might have been joking but it was something that she could see her sister doing.

"So what if i did!" Joan predictably snapped at her.

"Why is getting a rise out of you so damn easy" she shook her head in disappointment at her sister's easy to push buttons.

"Why shouldn't i have a rise, my brother is in danger and instead of acting, you all in there talking about shearing tea the the enemy, have you no pride or shame !".

"And our brother has survived this before and he can do it again. Have some faith in him" she held her ground against her younger sibling.

"You don't understand".

"Please Joan, do tell me what don't i understand?" She didn't raise her voice incase it set her sister off.

"You don't understand what it's like to lose your twin again!" And that failed spectacularly as Joan's hair burst into flames that consumed the tree behind her, the flames died out as soon as they started by Joan.

Ishtar took a deep breath before speaking, choosing her words wisely " I understand more than you know. He is my younger brother and i was the one who lost him again".

Both sisters flinched on the memory of the day their brother was lost to the greater Multiverse after their mothers dark aspect attacked the old capital and the resulting Worm Hole threw him to earth for five long years. It had been Ishtar's greatest shame and her greatest failure, until today it was.

"You didn't lose him. We all did, i remember the fires and the screaming and i just ran without even bothering to check on the brother i promised to protect... i was a coward and a fraud, telling him to always stand by me but when push came to shove i ran... I just ran, and i didn't look back. I am a coward" a tear rolled down Joan's cheek as she spoke.

"No you weren't, the chaos did that to all of us. His not upset about it you know, you should talk to him" Ishtar knew that her sister hadn't spoken to Christian properly apart from the usual awkward greetings before she went to the city of Zion, where she was stationed, in order to not face her failure.

"Just like me" she thought.

"How was... is he?" Joan asked in a lowered voice.

"He is different, i guess that's what you expect after five years of separation" she smiled remembering the difference between her younger brothers more meek and sickly self of old with his new more confident self. His not the same shy kid in need of protection we remember, he has grown".

"I know... how are him and mom doing... I mean... you know?" this question was important, if anyone had the most traumatic memory of their mothers dark aspect it was him and after it took them years to finally get close to their mothers light aspect it made sense that he would be a little bit antagonist towards her.

"They seem okay enough...i don't know to be honest. I know mom is a bit unhappy with how he throws himself into any mission no matter how dangerous. But i don't think he hates her at all.... maybe those five years away from home helped him him mellow out better than we did" she mentally flinched as she remembered her younger angst filled self.

Joan's smile surprised Ishtar " You are calling her mom again".

"Oh yeah" the nicknamed goddess of war blushed embarrassed as she looked away trying to hide her face "I remember when she showed up, the light side i mean... It was right after Christian was lost to us and i didn't trust her one bit... I thought it was just a trick to by the dark side to worm it's way into dad's heart after every thing we lost, even with the tests that proved her right i didn't bye it, but then i saw her willing to save lives at the coast of her own life, something no evil person could ever do".

She looked to Joan but instantly she could tell something was wrong by the way Joan stood looking into the sky with a serious expression like she could see something no one could resting in the skies above them.

"It must be her divine visions" Joan's divine visions are a gift from her training in divine magic that allowed her to view things hidden from normal eyes.

"What's wrong?" She asked just to make sure that is was a divine vision.

"My divine visions" Joan answered with a cold whisper " I can sense something. It's big and bad flying over us".

"How big?" Lionheart materialised in Ishtar's hand as she readied for possible battle over them if the cities defences didn't stop it.

The skies answered that for her by being ripped wide open like a cloth would be into an endless darkness from which ten large dark structures began to descend at a slow pace.

"Very big" Joan answered her previous question but she could see for herself.

"Are those pyramids, and why haven't they been destroyed by the city defenses yet?" Ishtar had been there when her parents and the Wizard council built Prime, she knew about the many internal defence systems that existed in the city and the pyramid should have been shot down.

The large floating pyramids began to glow green before large green beams of energy began to descend upon the city before an invisible force held them back and colouring the skies with a second bright green dome that cast a green shade upon the entire city of Prime.

"That isn't the city's shield dome" Ishtar should have been relived but she was more alarmed than anything else.

"No" Joan answered her wide eyed " That feels like father's energy".

If you had been around someone for so long you could sense or recognise large concentrations of their distinct magical energy that had their own unique signature to it.

"We need to get back to the throne room" Joan didn't object Ishtar's order and the two began to race out of the garden.

High magical energy can increase the amount of pressure in the air. The feeling of the great air pressure was cracking the walls, caving in the roof and breaking all the windows.

The crushing sensation they were feeling dissipated as loud crashing explosions filled the air with loud sound that accompanied the earthquakes that rocked the palace.

"Father's protection shield... has it been breached?" the amount of shock and disbelief Ishtar was feeling could not be described.

"Impossible" Joan could only whisper this equally in shock "It can't be right, nothing is that stro......".

"Dodge... dodge... dodge.." the small voice in her head repeated as her instincts made her grab her sister and jumped to the left side of the corridor avoiding a spear made of earth that would have killed one of them.

"Thank you Skylar" she great fully thanked her animus Skylar whose animus connection to her allowed her to use his precognition danger sense for a full fifteen minutes before she needed to cool down for another fifteen minutes to use her other animus power.

"You sensed that?" a calm relaxed male voice asked sounding impressed from the other side of the corridor "But what else were we to expect from the woman who shut Minos up. that was you right?".

From the other side two figures appeared, the first was a fae dressed in an odd bulky silver and purple armor with spear whose tip was a bone from some kind of creature.

The second one had brown skin, long pointy ears, glowing embers in his eyes and black horns that were a clear give away that he was an elf though his hair was completely silver unlike a large amount of his kind who were predominantly redheads. The elf wore clothing befitting a pharaoh of old with a long golden rod covered in strange markings in hand.

"Zodiac" she didn't need much to guess who it was, after all they mentioned Minos.

"Oh, you have it all figured out already" the silver armoured man leaned upon his spear with the most smug expression plastered upon his face, it reminded her of Minos " Damn check it out Set the girl is actually smart and more than a pretty face".

Set didn't seem to share his comrades enthusiasm " Focus Ajax, we are not here to play games".

"Oh, buddy your no fun" Ajax twirled his spear around in his left hand " We have two cute girls in front of us and you don't even have it in you to try and lay on the charm, I am embarrassed by you my young protégé".

His partner Set just sighed. obviously this type of conversation happened more often than he wanted it to and it reminded Ishtar too much of Sun when he opened his mouth to spout out whatever nonsense of the day he had at that particular moment.

"What is the meaning of this?" the fire in Joan's fire was beginning to start again as sparks flew off her fingers.

"I guess intelligence doesn't run well in your family princess" Ajax or whatever the hell he called himself yawned bored with her already or maybe he was aiming to anger her which in Ishtar's opinion was suicide.

"What!" the floor under Joan was melting from her rage as the air and earth around her began to cook and boil.

Ishtar could feel the heat touching her flesh and it made her flinch from the slight pain caused by the heat.

"Hey, you daft " Ajax continued with his taunting with the biggest grin upon his face while Set sighed and rolled his eyes " Or maybe you want me to repeat myself in a language you will understand dumbo".

"Take them down quickly" Ishtar at this point was more than ready to set her sister loose upon this fool " We have to reach the throne room quickly".

Joan wasted no time on going on the offensive as a burst of flames in her hand created a sword with a hilt and pummel made of flames while the blade was a magnificent white energy that hummed.

"She has gotten so well in divine energy that she can manipulate it into a sword " she knew how difficult such energies were to manipulate.

"I am going to disembowel you like a pig" Joan said with a murderous grin as she rushed her future victim.

Ajax may have been smiling before but now he had a look of pure undiluted terror plastered upon his face as the fire demon known as Joan Ddraig attacked him over and over again with a mixture of skill and brutal stiff strikes that would leave horrible if not fatal injuries if they struck home.

The blade might have been made from blue steel, but concentrated divine energy would made short work of even blue steel.

Ishtar focused her attention on the other man. Whose face held interest as his eyes went over her body again and again as if he was studying her or her armour's magical code or...

"Hey stop looking at my like that you pervert!" she bellowed at him though he didn't seem bothered by one bit which only served to infuriate her.

"That armor that your wearing" he spoke as his rod began to glow with large amounts of Mana that practically rolled off if it in waves" It is most interesting, i have never seen anything like it before... don't worry, i shall study well after i take it from you".

"You can try" she coldly said to him as she tightened her grip around Lionhearts hilt.

He smiled at her " I love a good challenge".

Ishtar ended her animus connection to Skylar in order to cool down and gain a new animus power before she took off against Set.

She shot forward at hypersonic speeds in the hope that she could blitz her opponent but her sword Lionheart crashed against a wall of earth that formed in front of Set.

"Arise, all eternal lands of sand " her opponents whispers were followed by a large amount of ungodly magic being poured out into the world, It was so intense that it nearly overpowered all of her sense's.

"Is that an Alpha-spell? " She jumped backwards from him as reality around her began to shift, bend and morph like it was being stretched, squashed and finally reconstructed into all sorts of angles, shapes and sizes.

The corridors vanished and gave way to a large ever expanding desert that stretched out as far as her eyes could see with a blistering hot sun beating down on her and a long river running across the land with some green vegetation running along the river and a black obsidian pyramids just over the horizon.

"Welcome to my world of eternal sand" Set said as he looked at her with his arms raised in pride like a child showing off their toys to their friends for the first time and excepting praise.

"To much like Venus" the similarities between this little display and her youngest sibling was too unnerving for Ishtar.

"A pocket world Alpha-spell. These are extremely complex and mana hogging Alpha-spell's... for you to just create one and cast it speaks of your ability as a wizard" she was impressed and she would admit it.

"Thank you for your recognition princess Ishtar, not many people understand the complexity of pocket world's " he politely responded to her with a big smile, pleased by her praise.

"He seems polite and nice enough" Ishtar thought as she returned to her battle stance "If only we had met in much better circumstances, we would have been allies".

" Now Ishtar of Avalon fall!" Set roared as the sand beneath her began to shift as golden bolts of electricity mixed with the sand and raced towards her.

Ishtar instantly poured large amounts of her own mana into Lionheart that glowed even brighter as it vibrated in her hands from all of the built up mana swelling on the inside of it before she slammed her sword into the ground with all of her strength.

Lionheart's energy poured downwards into the earth and it struck with the force of a bomb. She sent all the sand flying back, leaving her within a twenty meter deep crater.

"Impressive" Set whispered before clenching his fist unleashing multiple tendrils of sand from the earth.

"Damn you, AGNI!" Lionheart began to alter in her hand into a bow made completely from fire.

She notched her bowstring and an arrow made completely from fire formed, she let louse her arrow which took off with a sonic boom.

The arrow began to steadily increase its velocity past the sand tendrils so fast that the sand was blown apart. The arrow continued it's race towards Set, but it stopped when a wall of sand erupted from the ground and stopped it.

"Impressive" Set said as he began to hover within the air.

"I need to hit him either fast enough before he create a shield or hard enough to punch through the shield " she thought.

With an outstretched hand she called out another one of her most powerful weapons " ECKESACHS".

Within her right hand a six foot long crimson coloured great sword materialised replacing Agni. She charged at Set, knowing that the weapon in her hand would cut through the shield regardless of how magically powerful it was.

As she charged a massive golden bolt shot out of the sand and towards her. She swung the blade Eckesachs and it cut through the very fabric of creation itself, opening a wide gap outside of the universe into which the bolt entered before the gap closed.

"Amazing, a truly exceptional blade" Set was so overtaken with joy and awe at the display that he clapped like an excited child.

She neared her foe didn't bother to move ever confident in his protection but within those few nano seconds as Eckesach struck the sand and the reality around it was cut in half. Ishtar entered the great darkness and she could feel them, the dark things that stood above creation.

She used Eckesach once more to open a door past the sand and to to Set who looked at her in terror. She swung for his head but for a wizard he proved his physical prowess by ducking out of the way.

He made a punching gesture and from below a sand fist erupted and the impact sent her flying into the air.

"AN, FIRST TEMPLE OPEN! " she roared as she felt Mana coursing through her and the sky around her twisted and bent before she vanished once more.

Ishtar found herself in the first temple, it was a large expansive structure made from complete white marble leading to a large garden in the centre. It's walls and pillars had many beautiful engraving's depicting her and her animus across many important events of their lives, the windows were multicoloured like rainbows and it had many water springs providing fresh water and statutes and paintings that could rival the work of the greatest renaissance artist and emerge superior.

"My lady" a deep and rich voice called to her with respect.

A large lion perhaps as big as a truck and completely ash grey with a black mane with emerald eyes that almost seemed to sparkle walked towards her, this was one of her many animus.

"Greyroar" she greeted him respectfully with a bow "Old friend with whom i have faced a thousand battles".

"What do you require my lady?" the lion sat down to listen to of her requests as he done in battles before this one.

"I need to help with a foe. His sand is too fast and i need a mount that is fast enough".

The lion smiled showing off his fangs egger to return to battle " I am in need of a stretch and i honestly need one good story to one up that feathered chicken Skylar".

"Then let's do it" Ishtar said as she mounted Greyroar and she began to twist and open the pocket world.

Ishtar flew out riding Greyroar while Ishtar used Agni to fire more arrows upon him turning a good portion of the desert to glass.

She smirked as she watched panic upon his face as his sand was reduced by the glass.

Set raised his staff and shouted "APEP! ".

The sands began to shake and tremble halting Greyroar and Ishtar in their offensive charge though Ishtar would occasionally fire an arrow at Set to stop him from taking advantage of this.

"My lady, there is something below" Greyroar bellowed as his eyes focused to the shifting sand.

Ishtar never got a chance to react before a twenty meters wide and a hundred meters long red serpent erupted from the ground like some ghoul from it's grave.

"I am going to need something more than my arrows to kill that thing" it's magical code was truly impressive and added upon with its massive size was making her question if her attacks would work with Agni as her weapon.

"Greyroar, are ready to charge into danger once more" she informed her companion as she eyed the beast towering over her like a living skyscraper.

"I always am my lady" Greyroar looked at the serpent with full contempt " Beast, i refuse to let such a thing as you to disrespect my masters honor!".

Greyroar took off after it with Ishtar off his back so fast the that a great trail of fire surrounded them.

Greyroar continued to propel himself against the large serpent that began to hiss as the air around it began to boil as if the sun's temperature had drastically increased with an invisible moisture that soaked the earth.

"What is that?" the moment Ishtar sensed it she held onto Greyroars mane and pulled him back from the charge.

"My lady" Greyroar asked in confused.

He hadn't sensed it because of the gift of áthiktos, the untouchable hide protecting him from such things after all he is a namean lion " It's poison, it would not have touched your invulnerable hide, but my flesh and bones would have been nothing but ash".

"Your animus isn't touched by my Apeps death breath, most interesting. Is he some manner of magical Avalonian beast only found in these lands, in all my years studding magical beasts i have never encountered any quite like him, especially that mana aura around that seems to repel everything from him... most fascinating".

"Enough with you!" Greyroar roared as he smacked back the tail of the serpent. His claws cut through the serpents hide and Ishtar thanked Deus that she wasn't brought close enough to be touched by the poison.

"I believe that this battle has gone on long enough. Forgive me my lady, but it must be done" Set said as he raised his hand and then she sensed it, a hot burning sensation around her as the world burned and sun got brighter in the sky.

"What is happening?!" Greyroar demanded in panic.

"He is pulling this pocket world closer to it's sun" she replied feeling a similar panic as she knew that many pocket worlds had physical celestial objects instead of illusions, and while very few of them matched the real thing, being thrown into a sun no matter how small would kill her.

"Indeed i am, forgive me my lady, but this is where it ends" Set said, she couldn't even look up to him as the sun was too bright it blinded her.

"Greyroar, go" she told her mount as she kept off of him.

"No my lady, i truly could no..." She couldn't let his thick headedness continue and she cut him from this world Greyroar shimmered out of existence back to the first temple.

She felt her hands burn from Mana as she replaced Agni with one of her strongest arms. Ebih, a long spear made completely of reddish stone.

She filled the spear with so much Mana that she almost felt her strength leave her before she threw the spear into the air at the sun.

She could not see the impact of her power against his, but she felt it. The impact produced a shockwave so powerful that it brought her to her knees as more and more shockwaves flew through the pocket world, tearing through the very fabric that composed it.

"Amazing, truly Amazing!" Set shouted on the top of his lungs as the biggest shockwave finally tore everything apart in a display of power that Ishtar feared would have seared the flesh from her bones.

The brightness, heat and lights vanished and returned to the corridor which was... um... How could it be put... not as was she left. It was torn apart, melted and had large holes that led outside. This place looked like it had survived a war and Ishtar knew who most likely brought the war.

"And that is what happens if you mess with me dead man!" Joan was now stomping her beaten downed opponent whose armour was partly melted from the intense flames that surrounded her body.

"Joan" she called to her pyromaniac sibling who still hadn't stopped stomping Ajax into a deep crater.

"what, can't you see that i am busy!" she turned seeing her older sibling and she deflated down with her flames vanishing instantaneously as her twisted enraged face became more calm and friendly " Oh, hey sis. So how did your fight go".

"The way she flips like that unnerves me" Ishtar still decided not to show her sister the uncomfortable face she should have been wearing after Joan's switch.

"We should leave" Ishtar felt a bit of pity for Ajax who had two black eyes, a swollen lip and five missing teeth after the pain train known as Joan Ddraig ran him over, clearly backtracked and ran over him a couple of more times just for extra measure.

Not far from him, she could Set who was unconscious but he had a smile upon his face, the display of power he saw must have been the best thing in his life.

"Oh, sure thing" Joan finished it with a final unnecessary stomp to Ajax's face that came off with a sickening thud noise that made Ishtar flinch as she could almost feel the impact " Now let's go".

"Some times you worry me Joan, you worry me" were the only words that could escape her mouth before they all turned to leave.

The rest of the corridor was heavily damaged from what would appear to be shelling from heavy artillery and the gate to the throne room had been ripped right off of their hinges resting besides many unconscious knight who stood guard here.

"This can't be good" she could see even Hector on the ground unconscious with his armor beaten apart and with a large hole torn into his shield.

The two walked into the throne room that had bodies laying unconscious everywhere, the inside was a torn and destroyed room barely resembling its past glory.

The only person standing was a fae woman dressed in completely snow white armour, a strange looking silver double handed longsword that seemed so familiar to Ishtar that she couldn't shake it off and a silk blue cape that flowed gracefully with the wind. Giving the woman the type of appearance held by many paints of classical hero's from the greatest of tales or in their possible case an antagonist.

"You" Joan called to the strange woman seeming more reserved and careful than her usual hot headed self "Who are you?".

The woman turned their way and by the way she looked at Joan, she wasn't impressed or intimidated by the fire saint, both girls couldn't help but flinch as they were directly reminded of their mothers dark side that would on encounters hold a similar look " So these are your the daughters, can't say that i am impressed".

The two looked at each other confused before an important thought came to them "Where's mother and father"

They looked around for a few seconds but their parents weren't visible anywhere in the pile of unconscious bodies that littered the floor or even on the thrones that were only things left intact.

"Enough of this" Joan stepped forward forward with a murderous grin, ignoring Ishtar's calls for her to wait before she yelled out the word's " SIEGE BREAKE !".

She stabbed her sword into the earth Ishtar felt it. The massive build up of magical energy followed by an army of ethereal knights on horse back and an infantry behind them tore through the floor charging the woman.

The woman just made a slapping gesture and the army near instantly vanished like a small piece of sand to a powerful wind with the dispersed Mana just vanishing without anything happening.

"Did she just cancel such a powerful attack" Ishtar looked on in awe as the woman stood there unharmed and seemingly annoyed above all else " I've seen magical nullification before but to just cancel out an Alpha-spell like that is on an all other level ".

"A simple trick like that won't harm me child" the woman rolled her eyes " I hope that your parents survive Albion so that i can face a true challenge because you two clearly aren't any thing more than simple fodder".

"We can attack her, but there is the high possibility that won't work. After losing that Alpha-spell, i doubt that Joan can crank out anything more powerful" the strain of using so much mana could be felt in the both of them as their muscles began to strain under them "If she is as strong as i suspect, then she must be faster than we are and her Alpha-spell's could most definitely be more powerful than ours... I have one shot at this".

Mana could be felt in one's body as it was flowing and Ishtar could feel something similar as high voltages of electricity were surging through her body as her armor and weapons vanished from existence leaving a Ishtar Ddraig in nothing but her civilian clothing, drained of everything and she collapsed.

"Sister" Joan shouted concerned as she caught her before Ishtar could hit the floor " What is happening?".

"My most powerful's... draining" Ishtar whispered like a person who hadn't had water down their throat in weeks as she looked to the skies now visible because the throne rooms roof was ripped off as she declared the name of this Alpha-spell


The skies darkened and lighting flashed brightly enough to colour certain areas hidden by the blackened nimbus clouds as a large bronze beast the size of a mountain descended upon the royal grounds and sections of the city. Its nostrils breathed out tornadoes and the sounds it created drove many deaf as windows were shuttered.

Her most powerful Alpha-spell, the union of her total Mana, her armor, weapons and the fusion of all of her animus tougher to create the unstoppable beast known as the Bull of heaven....

To be continued...

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