Fear was an emotion Chris had grown accustomed to over a very long time of dodging death. He could now deal the weak feeling to his knees and the sweat drenching chill that came with sensation of possibly looking death in the eye.

Right now he felt a strange primal fear from the man standing besides Juno. He had the aura of a ruthless killer around him that made every bone in Chris body to want to breakdown in fear and from the anxious looks on everyone's faces he could tell that they felt it too, well everyone else that is except team Atlas who simply glared at the man with their weapons on stand by.

" Could he be using some kind of fear aura? " He thought as he steeled his grip of his sword " I haven't met someone who can one this potent before... Deus, i can barely feel Lucius-aurora in my hand right now"

Though now that Chris looked at them he realised that their elusive fourth member was now visible. She was a fae in ruby red shoes that sent out massive amounts of mana.

" Those shoes" Chris studied them trying to gleam at their mystic code but he could only read a quarter percentage of it, and it was enough to surprise him " Someone made high level magical item's into shoes? ".

"State your name and business here and then get on the ground with your hands on your backs, your under arrest" Ishtar's voice was oozing both power and authority as did her face that no sane being would dare question.

This was a serious Ishtar with no teasing or childish jokes. She was focused, ready to strike with her full power at the drop of a coin like a serpent poised to strike. This was Ishtar the knight on duty and she was serious, this was the one who had earned the terrifying monicker of goddess of war.

The man could clearly tell this as well because he eyed her up and down with a look of interest and somewhat amusement as insulting as it sounds and to Chris it was insulting.

"His gonna regret this" Chris had seen this happen before. Whenever cocky people challenged his sister to a fight and they ended up catching a Hammurabi to the face.

"Forgive my lack of manners oh princess, and allow me to properly introduce myself. My name is Minos of Zodiac and i am sure your brother is well acquainted with the young lady besides me, Juno " the man smiled showing off his pristine white teeth that Chris wanted to knock out.

"A pleasure. You are aware that you are trespassing on sovereign Avalonian soil?".

"Oh my lady, i am most aware" his grin still remained in its polite facade.

"But i am afraid that someone or two here holds the key to our goals and we cannot depart your land until the blood of the king sleeping under mountain is with us. It was quite a hassle getting to you here and well...we just can't leave empty handed".

"Enough, now surrender peaceful and we won't have any trouble. Think of your next words and actions very carefully Minos of Zodiac, for they are important to your future survival" Ishtar ordered with thunder in her voice.

Minos seemed disappointed one second and then suddenly his face morphed into a sly grin and then a murderous smirk like a mad man going through multiple fazes of insanity, which sent all manner of unwanted shivers down Chris spine.

"Oh, you truly have the blood of the bears son inside you" he said and a cruel crooked smile grew.

Ishtar never had the opportunity to ask what ever the hell that meant like everyone else as the Worm Hole began to distort and twist into many angles, many shapes and many new colours.

"Oh my..." Chris could only think those words as he beheld in awe the might of nature before him.

After a few seconds of the cosmic display a small group of sixty mounted warriors clad in ashen grey armour bearing war lances with iron metal tips. Those things looked like they could punch through him should they hit their mark.

In the corner of his right eye he could see the forth Atlas teammate with the slippers sending the SSD officers away to safety.

"What are you?!" Ishtar demanded as a bright gold and purple energy burst appeared in her right hand and morphed into a bronze arming sword with a lion head pummel.

"This is the Tiamats true power" as a young child, Chris had done extensive research on one of his grandparents many powerful creations. He knew more about this legendary weapon than his own.

The legendary armor had taken two hundred years to be completed by two of the greatest magical beings in Avalon's history. This thing was forged to hold and power magical weapons that could on have effects capable of matching some powerful Alpha-spell's like his own Golau-Outlivion.

"Hold those things" she ordered them while an aura of bronze coloured energy surrounded her sword " I will use Lionheart to cleave him in two after i make him spill his beans".

"If that be so my lady" Minos called to her with a short one handed sword in his hand " You shall do quite nicely. She told us not to hurt you people to badly but then you won't need more than one hand for what's in store for you".

No one had time to try and stop Ishtar as she blasted forward leaving a sonic boom in her race to face down Minos who likewise was burrowing towards her like a hypersonic jet.

Juno and the strange mounted calvary followed in tow looking to intercept Chris and the other's from joining Ishtar.

"Damn" Chris cursed Ishtar for such a reckless strategy as he drew Lucius-aurora to meet the approaching enemy.

The mounted warrior's were fast but Chris managed to get out of the way of the large metal lance that would have most definitely dug into his armour had it struck him.

He grabbed one of the warrior's legs and pulled the knight off the mount and flat onto the ground. He prepared himself as the knight jumped back up with lance in hand, challenging him to close quarter combat.

Before Chris and the warrior could attack each other the earth in front of them exploded. The explosion let out tons of debris that was half molten rock from the heat of the explosion.

"Taking on an enemy on you're own idiot" Ursa said from behind with her bow in hand.

"Well, you missed?" He wasn't sure what to say and that was the best that could come out of his mouth.

"Intentionally, idiot" Ursa drew her bow string once more and an energy arrow materialized " I am not that bad ".

Chris didn't doubt Ursa's skill in any way. Back on earth she had trained in almost any skill form she could actually learn, be it mixed martial arts, fencing and archery. In fact her skills with bow far outmatched anything he could hope to accomplish as a marksman with any kind of range weapon.

"And to think even when i once hit a target from a thousand meters in the dark, i still wasn't on her level. The energy cores are truly a marvel" he thought.

The energy core's made them stronger, faster and more healthy as well as granting them a longer life spans.

These enhancement as Ursa had once told him, made combat as she knew it all the more interesting and at times more frustrating.

She could break all conventional laws of physics should she be fighting or moving.

He remembered her saying "Ever since i came to this place many laws of physics keep become suggestions and not rules".

She had even to theorized that energy cores warped reality around the person who possessed them " It explains how at times we can run at above mach seven speeds and hold a conversation with someone while never damaging that much of the environment ".

"Hey, Ddraig stop spacing out" Ursa slammed her bow into the back of his head, disorienting him.

"Sorry" he got back into a proper stance " Look's like our buddies brought back up ".

The warrior was joined by two others who remained on their mounts and appeared to be contemplating a attack strategy against the two of them.

"How about we give our three musketeers here a proper Avalonian welcome" he tightened his grip of Lucius-aurora and readied himself to charge.

"Well after you Athos" Ursa answered with a light grin on her face.

"Then cover me well Porthos " Chris never got to attack as large bolt's of red energy shot from the left and struck the Warrior's, knocking one of down to the ground for good.

"Why did no one invite poor Aramis to the party" Mulengu's body was surging with red electric bolts and his accent was a comical attempt at sounding French.

"How long have you been hiding there just to make that reference?" Ursa asked as with superhuman reflexes she turned her body and instantly shot a enemy who had tried to sneak up on her.

Her arrow masterfully went through the slits of the enemies helmet. The man or woman screamed as blood leaked from the helmet and they slumped to the ground dead.

"Long enough" Mulengu replied.

"Now that we have the complete set, shall we" Chris wasn't interested in any more interruptions.

"Wait, what about Pyrrha?" Mulengu asked but Chris wouldn't have it.

He took off after the knights leaving both a sonic book and the instant words "We have the complete set!".

Chris ran right into a surprise lance from one of the knights. The impact of the metal rode colliding with his gut, even though it was armored was enough to knock the wind out if him.

He dropped to the ground gasping for air as it felt like hot metal had been plunged into his gut. He looked to where the lance had struck him expecting a open wound but fate was on his side and it was only a deep dent.

He managed to roll out of the way and avoid the lance once more from going through his exposed skull. With some grace he managed to leg sweep the warrior to the ground while he reached for Lucius-aurora and with great swing plunged it into the knights chest and through lungs or heart it didn't matter, he knew that he had hit something important.

"These guys must be using some very cheap armor if Lucius-aurora could cut through it like that " as he got up he could see Ursa moving around and around attacking foes as she fired her arrows at them.

Unfortunately the warrior proved himself to fast for her. Each arrow was block with the large lance that was being swung around as if it was a weightless twig.

"How are you even lifting that thing, much less swinging it around like that?" She jumped backwards and fired more arrows that were like wise blocked "Ever heard of inertia, center of mass, gravity...".

Her attacker didn't answer but simply charged at her with intent to impel her through with the lance. Ursa in response stomped her foot into the earth and the ground shook as if an earthquake had struck.

From beneath the charging knight a large pillar of stone shot forth, lifting the knight into the air and dropping him and his mount on the ground.

" Her earth elemental magic has gotten better " Chris thought as he watched her shake the earth to throw the enemy off.

To the right he could see Mulengu swinging his sword Harbinger as red roots shot out from the earth while surging with a similar red energy that Mulengu had. The root's ensnared another one of their attacks and brought him to his knees while Harbinger found their head and Mulengu struck hard enough that the helm caved in deep enough that the victims brain should have been damaged.

Chris didn't have time to critic his friends elemental skills because his own challenge was once again charging at him. He charged at the mounted warrior charging towards him.

He leaped forward and landed near the lance that he grabbed and pulled with all of his might. The lances owner fell off their mount and lost the grip of their lance.

Chris lifted it and rammed it through it's owners head. He let it go and left it still through the skull.

But he couldn't have time to rest as he saw three more opponents rushing him with lances drawn. Chris decided that it was time to test his own elemental magic.

Crafting a magical spell wither it was simple elemental magic or a complex Alpha-spell was like weaving a tapestry of magical codes. Every spell was unique to a person because of how they made it, even it had a similar effect to another.

Chris didn't consider himself a masterful spell crafter but he was a fast one. As they neared he could feel his brain putting together the familiar mystic lines to create his elemental spell.

Chris took a deep breath and then he breathed out. A large wave of mist rolled out of his mouth and rolled over the the charging Ford . As soon as the mist had cleared all the knights were nothing more than statues made completely of ice. Where there had been flesh and metal was pure ice.

Across the battle field he could see Siegfried who was a surprisingly nimble and agile fighter despite his slightly muscle bound build that fit more of brawler like his father.

He showed this agility as he danced around the two foes who charged at him while upon their mounts hoping to strike an exposed body part with their great lances.

This would fortunately not work as his Drachenhaut stopped the lances from even grazing his skin.

Siegfried still dodged and parried other blows. He slid under one of the horses to avoid a blow but the other knight had flanked and the lance's instantly slammed into his skull at full forces.

Had he been an ordinary man the lance would have gone through his skull killing him instantly, but he was Siegfried the invincible and he hadn't gained that name for nothing.

"I wish that i could tell you that i felt that" he said before grasping a hold of the lance and pulling the its holder off their mount and into the embrace of his sword, Balmung.

Chris could feel the shockwaves created by Ishtar in her battle with the man calling himself Minos. Even thirty to forty meters in the air their battle was still rearranging the features of the ground below.

"That's one hell of a fight" he heard Mulengu say as he knocked back another enemy.

"This is what a upper rank knight is like. It's both awe inspiring and terrifying at the same time" Chris said as he remembered every famous top knight he knew about.

From far he could see Sun Wukong redirected standing over s heap of downed enemies. More rushed him, and they found themselves dead or unconscious upon the ground.

"None can best me, i am invincible!" the monkey king proclaimed himself " having fun yet friends ".

" Not yet my friend" Siegfried answered before he pointed at Atlas's fourth member who was flying through the air with an irritated expression on her face " I don't think Dorothy is having that much fun either ".

" That girl is a real stick in the mud. Maybe i should get her hobby other than her books, that should loosen her up" Sun spoke as he turned to smack another enemy and their horse with his staff into the air like a baseball.

"Why do i have such strange friends?" Siegfried asked out loud.

"I don't think that they are that bad" Chris said as he formed a ice wall to protect himself from a lance.

"Oh trust me they are" Siegfried answered "Do any of your friends fight fire giant's nude, just because".

"I don't have a answer for that honestly" Chris landed besides Siegfried as he had finished ramming knocking out one of their enemies who had lost their helmet.

One of the foes charged Siegfried with a sword. This one was different, he was a large person maybe nine feet in height and he bore a large great sword so big you could slice through an elephant with it.

While his mount was a dark horse with red eyes and a row of fangs for teeth. The creature looked like it had been summoned from the flamming pits of hell itself.

"A monster".

Chris could recognise a monster from anywhere. Knights spent seventy percent of their time dealing with the darkness spawned beasts that ravaged the land.

He could feel his monster hunter blessing acting up and increasing his strength while he felt an instinct telling him to attack the beasts left side.

All knights upon graduation where granted a magical blessing that was called monster hunter. It granted them the ability to track monsters just based on even the thinnest trail of magical energy, extra speed, extra defense, extra strength, more awareness close to precognition at times and even extra damage depending on how many monsters they had slayed.

He knew that Siegfried had killed many a great beasts like Hydra's, Vampires, Ghouls, Giants, Basilisks and Dullahans but his greatest accomplishment that elevated him and his monster hunter blessing into the level of conceptual nonsense was the fact that he killed a high Dragon like his father once had before.

Dragons are powerful beasts at their weakest and the high dragons weaker only than the dragon king Fafnir were more walking cosmic storms given sentience.

This made Siegfried a walking anti draconic weapon. Though that was unnecessary for the giant swordsman and his monstrous mount who soon met Balmung and were both cleaved in two.

Chris turned his attention from the attackers and he could see one of them drawing a sword that was flowing with such magical energy that it assaulted his senses just to try and read the magical code.

"That's almost like a Alpha-spell ".

The attacker aimed it Sun and Dorothy who now fought back to back against the enemy knights and couldn't see it coming.

Chris felt fear and panic swell inside him like air pressure in a volcano. He opened his mouth to scream for them to look out as he charged the knight ready to use his own Alpha-spell upon him but.

He heard Siegfried utter the words "Drachenfeuer !".

Soon two large black draconic wings sprung out of Siegfried's back making him appear larger. His eyes were now glowing orange, his canines turned to large sharp fangs, his fingernails became claws and his throat glowed a bright purple as if a fire was resting behind that layer of skin.

Siegfried opened his mouth before a wide torrent of purple and orange dragon fire sprayed forward, curving up the earth as they traveled to their target the knight in question.

Chris might have been standing away from Siegfried. But even he could feel the pure destructive power of this Alpha-spell as the earth he stood upon was turn to molten rock and the air he breathed burned.

The flames collided into it's victims turning them instantly to ash. Though their ashes were lost within the lake of magma Drachenfeuer had created.

The sound of metal clashing against metal filled the air once more as Chris assaulted another dismounted enemy with a relentlessly fury with every blow.

His opponent suddenly screamed out while a splash of blood splattered across Chris face like hot thick copper smelling water.

The warrior fell to the ground with a large white stake having impelled him clean through the chest from his back.

"I am sorry, but i wasn't interested in waiting for your long monotonous slag fest to end" Juno walked to him after she kicked the dead knight aside like it was trash. It disgusted him to see someone treat a comrade in such a way.

"So this is about the whole eye thing..." it sounded stupid but he had now only noticed the long jagged scar across her left eye that Lucius-aurora had curved into her flesh not so long ago.

Though the eye was still intact the white scar contrasted so much with her purple fae skin tone that it screamed for attention from all who saw it.

"Oh, don't worry" her smile was now ear to ear and it tensed every muscle in his body " We can get even can't we?".

"We can?".

"Why yes, we can" the sound of something shredding as the space around her distorted and like spears being pushed through water multiple bone spikes pushed out facing him.

"Do tell me. How many cuts should i make or how many times should i punch a hole through you before you beg for death?" She asked him with her rather unsettling chuckle.

"I don't think i have much of a experts opinion on that".

Instinct is a funny thing, at times you don't have to be thinking of a plan but your body just acts upon muscle memory alone. Like creating an ice wall to protect yourself against against a hail storm of bone shards all hell bent on tearing you limb from limb.

And then your ice wall instantly shuttered as a piercing pain explodes into the back of your shoulder blade because you stupidly turned to protect your face, leaving you screaming in agony.

"Oh come on, again!".

Chris couldn't believe that one of her damn bone had found a way to get into his flesh again. The pain from the bone was paralysing, his entire right arm was numb from the hot pain.

"Well at the very least you could have bought me dinner first before you boned me. Now people are going to have a bad first impression about us".

He didn't know if Juno's almost genuine laughter at his joke was a good thing or if it made the situation even more terrifying.

"Oh, your so funny" the space distorted once more as a jagged blade made a bone emerged.

It was a crude and twisted weapon that seemed be a blade/spike mixture created to cruelly rend flesh apart. "Now this joke needs a bloody punchline".

"That wasn't very funny. Maybe we can take it slow this time and get to know each other before any boning of any kind happens. I mean are we even attracted to each other?".

Though a evident fury took her body, Juno continued to smile laugh and giggle while her eyes turned blank like the spark life had left them.

"I probably shouldn't have told her that she wasn't funny, though i was only telling the truth?" Chris tensed as she slowly stalked towards him. His knuckles turned white from how tightly he held Lucius-aurora in dreaded anticipation of what was to come.

Then like a long grueling count to a release she attacked shuttering the sound barrier as she approached him with her bone blade.

he managed to parry the thrust and even cut half way through the bone before slamming his head into hers at full force staggering her from the headbutt. Though it still made his brain spin in his skull.

" I can't let her recover from this" he thought as he readied to press his advantage.

His blade was already in swing for her exposed neck when the force of a explosion rocked the area by hundreds of meters. The air pressure released shook him to his core, the heat was blistering, the sound almost pierced his eardrums and the ground beneath them was bent and malformed.

He stood stunned and blinded in the carnage. But he could tell what had caused this, he could still feel their blows in the air.

One of the most fundamental rules of combat he had learned over his years is never to get your eyes off your opponent. The hard clubbing feeling in his back that sent him crashing down hard was yet another punishment for not following the golden rule.

"You know little prince" he managed to crawl away and turn to the sight of Juno slowly stalking towards him.

Her smile ever present " I am going to enjoying tearing you up after the boss has your stupid blood".

"You are more sick than i thought Juno" he managed to say as he slowly pulled himself up to avoid aggravating the bone spike in his back.

Unfortunately Juno was not in the mood to speak anymore and she just attacked him while she continued laughing like she had just heard the greatest joke known in the Multiverse.

Her bone blade soon met again with Lucius-aurora for a test of might and Chris lost as a pain flared up in his shoulder from the bone still in lodged there.

The constricting muscles tightly hugged the bone shard allowing it to dig into even more flesh and allow a new out pouring of fresh warm blood.

His scream of agony filled his ears along with him creating a trench through solid rock from the force that Juno's pushing strength propelled his body.

"Damn it, damn it" he crawled as far as possible from her as he also pulled out the shard with grant of pain though his tears still leaked from his eyes and more blood soaked his torso his armor.

"This isn't the same as last time" Juno yawned clearly bored " You where at least entertaining then".

"How about i stab you in your shoulder and then you can get to judge" he hissed slowly rising to his feet, trying not to give away the weakness he felt from the injury that was still raking his body in pain and his right arm was on fire from the pain.

"cute" Juno said as one would to the sight of a little puppy trying to be intimidating. Chris unfortunately didn't have the time to weep over his pride.

"I can't parry hits with my shoulder like this, need to play the dodging game".

He looked at her as serious as ever before he began jumping backwards, ducking and weaving out of the way to avoid her bone spikes that not only increased in speed but in number as well.

" I know something that can end this but I need to build it first".


The name Ishtar Ddraig or as many called her the goddess of war was a name that carried power, respect, fear, awe and validation to many Avalonian's for different reasons.

For knights and other services men and women it was her tactical thinking and her combat prowess that could be shown through her high success rate and her many wins over many types of enemies .

She was born possessing a rear Alpha-spell known as a Blood-chain, it's a hereditary near impossible to gain Alpha-spell which had to be created by someone truly powerful in your families bloodline making it only something people with extremely legendary magic users in their ancestry could posses and even then only one person in many generations like her could activate it either at birth or under some very potent magical conditions that were near impossible to fulfil.

Unfortunately Blood-chain's unlike Alpha-spell's aren't custom made for their user's specially but rather their creators. It's extremely draining to use properly and if you did master after many years like Ishtar did never once creating a normal Alpha-spell of her own, you would never reach its full potential.

Her Blood-chain spectra as she called is a dimensional warping ability that allowed her to create pocket dimensions and even fold space. She spent years working on this Blood-chain that she never had the time to master elemental magic, until she came across a solution in the name of Animus magic.

To protect herself further she gained the Tiamat armour a powerful weapon that could spawn other powerful weapons and she trained tirelessly to master them whether on the ground, at sea or in the air like she was now.

The crown princess was blitzing across the dark thundering skies with fae wings sprouted on her back thanks to her fae blood from her great grandmother.

Her foe Minos as he called himself was no slouch in battle either. The man was as strong, fast and as skilled she was though that was to be expected from a member of Zodiac if what she heard from Aro about the group was true.

This unit of the Lunar nation military was the equivalent of a special forces or knights of Avalon. They were talked about as dangerous and many in Avalon had a sneaking suspicion that their attackers after the rescue of their vessel of Sophia from the northern islands was Zodiac and seeing that girl who had part of that force here proved it.

"My lady, i think your attention at to be here" she narrowly dodged shard's of twisted metal that seemed to shoot from Minos armor like some sort of defensive and offensive feature of it "I was beginning to think that you lost all and utter interest in me and that hurt my feelings".

"You really do love to hear yourself talk" she cautiously watched the man levitating a few meters away from her thanks to a pair black wings of his own.

"Well when you have a voice like mine you can never get enough of it".

"Is that what you tell yourself".

"Every morning of every day" his smile grew seeing nothing wrong with what he said.

"Fine, you want to talk, tell me what you are doing here?" She needed to get this motor mouth to say something useful.

Minos began to chuckle at her before he made a slashing gesture with his sword and a wave of a black ink like substance raced forward.

"Is that darkness?!" the sight of the familiar dark ink like energy caused her to stiffen in fear for bit remembering the horrors it brought upon her family.

"Agni" she called once more on another of her weapons.

A bow made completely of fire replaced her sword and she began to shoot arrows that like the bow were made completely from fire.

The arrow's split into more and more arrows that all consumed the dreaded substance. But as soon as she finished she felt an instinctual need to place her arm protectively over her head and as she did shards collided with her metal armoured arm before bouncing off.

"Thanks Blitz" she felt a swell of warmth and pride for her animus.

While Ishtar couldn't learn magical elementals she could learn animus magic and coupled with her pocket dimensions called the eight temples of AN. Allowed her to have a place where to place her animus, like Blitz the thunder bird that gave her a sixth sense.

She looked at Minos and fired more arrows but the man flew around her in a very skillful manner that showed that he wasn't new to combat in the skies.

She raised her hand and switched Agni with yet another of her extremely powerful weapons "Clarent!".

Within her hands one of the greatest amongst her blades was formed. Like her younger brothers Lucius-aurora, Clarent was a copy of her mother's divine weapon Excalibur.

Clarent was a two handed long sword that was coloured grey with intricate runes running down the hilt and shaft. The hilt in question was golden with a red ruby Phoenix upon it that almost seemed to burn in the sky.

"Nice sword, seems familiar though..." Minos eyed it as if thinking of what it reminded him of.

"Then let me properly introduce you two" she rushed him.

Her blade cut through every blast of darkness that Minos fired while she got closer and closer to her victim.

Minos with a simple wave of his hand created a large dome of darkness that leaked a near overwhelming amount of mana with a complex mystic code from the glimpse of it that she caught.

Clarent touched the dome of darkness it's true power as the sword of sealing was revealed. The darkness was drawn from this space time and sealed into another dimension leaving Minos exposed and confused.

"Now Answer My Damn Question!" She shifted Clarent into a large double sided stone axe "By Hammurabi, i order you to answer me truthfully or you shall turn to stone through my judgment".

Her wing vanished before she plummeted to the ground and her axe was first thing embedded into the earth unleashing a wave of mana that created a large dome of purple energy in a thirty five meter radius around them.

"So a curse that turns me to stone" Minos scoffed before he too landed "Seeing as i am alright, it looks like my defences are just too powerful for your poultry curse princess".

Ishtar smirked at him " Let's find out fool, i have only carried out the conditions for your defeat".

The weapon Hammurabi was one of her most powerful weapons for its devastating curse. It only needed her to set a rule, declare it and fill the earth with tons of magical energy, powering the magical code.

All she needed was a hit wither direct or indirect as Minos soon learned when he blocked the stone axe with with his sword and almost instantly he could feel as his arms blood vessels, flesh, bone and muscles were transmuted into stone.

His screamed in pure pants soiling terror before retreating from her. This was a stark contrast from the over confident man who had been taunting her a few minutes ago without shred of fear to a shrieking man wetting himself in fear like so many before him.

" What have you done to me, you whore!?".

"I warned you" she said as she walked towards him and use Hammurabi to behead should he not cooperate with her " Now answer me".

"Screw you" Minos face was twisted into rage and agony as his stone arm crumbled to dust, leaving nothing but a healed stump "I am taking the kid anyway, his king's blood too anyway".

"The kid..." she stopped following his eyes to the form of a fighter trying to escape another one firing bones " ...Christian".

A snap of a finger from his remaining hand, a blackness overtook the land as the spacial singularity collapsed upon itself unleashing a cosmic storm that blinded all who were there.


The high pressure winds blinded the prince from everything as he kept his eyes closed and shielded by his arms.

He never knew where the hand came from but he felt it at the back of his neck slamming him into the earth.

"I've got the brat let's go Juno" the voice while distorted by the roaring winds, reached him.

Even though he struggled against the grip, it was too strong and it kept his face buried in the earth.

"Damn it, i need to get the hell away from him even if that means" he could not feel his sword to channel his Alpha-Spell.

But he didn't need the sword. He felt his body begin to heat up as he began to internally build up the tapestry that was his Alpha-Spell.

"Golau-Outlivion !" He shouted as he felt his body explode.

In the collapsing cosmic distortion a bright explosion of aurora coloured energy ripped through pushing away and consuming the very existence of the spacial singularity.

The two cosmic phenomenon's clashed before they both just stopped, vanishing from the world as if they had never existed. With only the thousands of meters worth of molten rock and glass as reminders of their existence.

A new warmth of the sun touched the earth as it was no longer hidden by dark clouds.

Ishtar Ddraig filled the silence with screams of "Christian, Christian, where are you!?".

"Mulengu, Ursa, Christian!?" Pyrrha called to other absent teammates while the rest of team Atlas looked around over turning everything they would come across " Christian, please talk to me!".

"Their gone" Ishtar whispered falling to her knees her eyes blank and lifeless as repeated the cold truth like a mantra of failure" his gone... his gone...his gone...".

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