The silence in the throne room was tense amongst all the officials who eagerly awaited the report on the breach of their borders.

Chris had dug himself into his seat comfortably with his eyes focused on his uncle Aro who had decided to start drinking an extremely "well hidden" bottles of whiskey in the centre of the room, before giving the report that hadn't been released yet...five days after the damn breach happened.

In the waiting time Chris began to think about cutting his hair "These things are getting too long. Maybe i can trim the spikes down a bit ".

The doors to the throne room opened wide drawing everyone from their talks, thoughts and general boredom as his parents walked into the room with three extra people trailing behind them while the imperial guards flanked them.

The first two were the ones he had tried and failed to have contact with for days now, Thor and the fae he brought. She bore the strange golden egg in her arm's that she cradled carefully like one would a child.

Again that thing still radiated vast amounts of Mana like a large city spanning inferno.

"It must be a powerful magical item. Maybe that's what they sent him to retrieve" one didn't need to be a genius to put two and two together.

The other was a woman clearly in her mid to early twenties, standing at six feet with great well built frame. Her hair was light brown shade like his though it was of a lighter shade and it reached her shoulders in braids that were tied together by bronze chains.

Another striking feature of hers that mirrored him were her golden eyes.

She wore a bronze full body armour with two metal lion heads on her shoulders, a glowing purple star upon her chest as well as several purple orbs upon her palms, and on her shoulders, placed as the eyes to her lion head's.

This woman was Ishtar Ddraig, crown princess of Avalon and his older sister. She was also one of the greatest knights he knew. Chris could admit without any shame whatsoever that she was someone he could never beat.

While Ishtar led Thor and the Fae to some sits close to the thrones, his parents sat upon their thrones commencing the meeting.

Chris tried to hide his child-like smirk at the knowledge that for once he was earlier for a meeting and he now had a counter to his mother's scoldings upon the matter anytime he felt like it.

Aro took his whiskey bottle and threw it into his personal trashcan that he forced his assistant to carry for him everywhere in case he needed it, which was all the time.

Everyone who knew him rolled their eye's at his behaviour, though knowing Aro for so long this kind of thing just became normal after a while.

"As you may all know five days ago our borders were breached and a foreign hostile force launched an attack on knight units sent to investigate".

Aro snapped his fingers as multiple holographic images of videos, images, maps and documents materialised as wide screens in the room.

" About a four months ago a great magical disruption was felt in the northern ice island's. We sent many of our agent's to investigate it, one of them was Aeris StormCloud".

Chris was greatly interested in what was being said " Magical disruptions happen all the time. What could honestly draw our attention to such an extent of sending someone to an active warzone?".

"The disruption was caused by this" Aro pointed at the egg " A moon dragon egg. Our study of the other kingdoms have shown us that they hold moon dragon's in high regard as holy figures with enough political authority to make the very king's and queens of the kingdoms bow. Should it hatch the people who control it will have enough fire power, political and religious authority to end this war, as well as near limitless raw mana capable of turning the tide war".

A dead silence filled the room as they looked at the egg and all thoughts no matter how wild or overblown had the basic component of " we could end this war" laid into them.

This was what Avalon was dreaming of since they had moved to this world at war. The war's with the Phantom King and his mother's darkness had strained them in man power, money and equipment, to the point that one year on and they weren't even at fifty percent of their old power.

It was obvious that joining this war, which many held as inevitable was going to damage their recovering state.

"We are waiting to hatch the egg and with the moon dragons authority we can call for a summit meeting with the other kingdoms and then we can work on a transition to peace" the King stated his voice booming across the throne room with a barely hidden excitement.

" We are hoping to end this war before any more attacks reach our home soil. We have had an attacking enemy force fly right past our warding shield's, this does not bold well for our peoples confidence in their security and our enemies view on our power" his father continued.

Chris looked at the girl with Thor who was looking down shy from the attention and Chris sympathised with her on what he was about to do.

"And who is she ?" he asked pointing at the girl who panicked now that absolutely everyone was looking at her like she was a novelty of sorts "I remember her at the breach but there isn't a report on who she is".

The girl who seemed to shrink further and further the crowd continued to drill holes into her with their eyes. Until his mother nodded at her with the same motherly warmth that Chris had enjoyed in his younger years, until, the accident.

The aura of support aided the girl who stood tall and upright with her fear seemingly buried.

Chris smiled bitter sweetly at the smile that had been missing for a large chunk of his life and he was now getting reacquainted with though it just didn't feel the same.

Finally the girl spoke with a firm voice "My name is Hana and i am a vessel of Sophia and it is a pleasure to meet you Christian Ddraig son of Natalia and Roland Ddraig".

" please call me Chris ".

He always preferred Chris and he forced everyone to address him by that though his family didn't seem to get the massage that he tried his hardest to make as obvious the sun hanging in the sky.

"And what's a vessel of Sophia exactly?" He had never heard of such a thing before.

"I am a representative of Sophia, a being or avatar of her eternal will to interface with this new world. I have many sisters each birthed and gifted to kingdom as guide's and watchers in your new paths".

"Excuse me?" He asked confused as he wondered whatever that malarkey was "It's probably my fault for trying to ask about this stuff anyway. I should have learned to go with the flow long ago".

"We are proposing the strengthening of our military forces in the meantime. Our new class five ranger Battleship's are at eighty percent working capacity..." Aro spoke cutting Chris's conversation with Hana.

"Another increase on the military budget. Haven't we thrown enough Geld to be wasted by the military machine, Aro?" One of the parliamentarians asked clearly not happy with the military budget.

Aro with a heavy sigh walked up to the man with the same hunched over couldn't give a damn posture he always had and asked " We are surrounded by five nations engaged in a planet wide war that is coming to our door step and we are still recovering from a near extinction level event that would have killed us all, so tell me, what do you propose we do genius?".

"Well Silver Hawk..." they tried to argue back at him but Aro cut them off with a dismissive wave.

"Are spread thinner than a butter. The type for knives and whispers in the shadows is clearly coming to an end. Soon actual armies will be deployed and there isn't much my agents can do to stop it. So tell me, what is your move".

The man being reprimanded remained silent, embarrassed by Aro who had gotten in his face. Aro simply sighed before he returned to his presentation on better battleships.

Chris was listening to everything they said as the discussion changed from new military projects, to new agriculture plans to feed the people who would be caught up the inevitable fight should land battles ever happen.

The meeting went on for six hours until it was midday. The council was allowed exit for lunch and any other possible duties they had left unchecked before being summoned here.

Chris could see Aro leaving to go drown his kidney and liver in more alcohol and cause doctors to rip out their hair in shear frustration at his consistent disregard for his health.

"Hey kid" he was close to tearing his attention from Aro had the older Fae not called him.

"Uncle Aro, how are you?" he had gotten to know his uncle Aro well over his return.

He had given him and his team some rushed training in Silver Hawk agent training. It had been on a two month trip to the deep blue woods, were Aro's hidden manor could be found.

"Still adamant on staying with the knights core ?" Aro had his eyes fixed entirely on Chris and he could tell that Aro was reading him like a book.

"Yes sir" Chris nervously scratched his neck nervously, feeling about having to turn down Aro's offer again.

"Still sticking with your dream" Aro said with a slight chuckle.

"My what?".

"Your dream, Trust me kid when you were still a a child you wouldn't shut about how you wanted to be one of the ten Paladins ".

The ten Paladins were the ten highest ranking knights in their respective knight rankings and their position was something Chris aimed for his entire life because.

"I want to do something for my people, i want to protect everyone to best of my abilities. I know that sounds cliche and corny's my dream to be a symbol of hope to others, to be a light in the darkness, just like mom and dad were" he hoped Aro understood his wish, even though it did sound pretty childish.

"Well, at least you are being honest, no matter how sappy and clich├ęd that honesty is. But if you ever change your mind, be sure to give Silver-hawk a try. There are some spots in the 77 program for you and the others. We can do a lot of good and perhaps give you a different perspective on things" Aro said with eyes still scanning Chris curiously

"I am gonna think about it".

"Sure thing kid. Take care" Aro said as he left and soon the throne room was near empty with only Thor, Hana, Chris, Ishtar and the King and Queen remaining.

"Hey, man..." Chris felt awkward around Thor after all he had made some rather unfortunate remarks about his betrayal of their one rule.

"It's been a long time" the two awkwardly hugged like all boys did when they were playing at being men.

"I know you guys are upset about the whole lying thing and i wanted to tell you. it's just that i never wanted you to get worried and knowing you guys would interfere and probably storm no man's land looking for me" Thor sounded honest enough and Chris understood his reasoning.

"It's okay" Chris was about to tell Thor about everything that happened when he wasn't around but his echo began to vibrate "Just give me a second with this stupid thing".

He pulled it up and it had a massage from Ursa reading: New mission from Imparetor Paladin Sigurd. Get to Specter now.

"Rain check on that" he turned to leave but a walking piece of armour blocked his way with arms spread wide

"Leaving without giving your big sister Ishtar a hug" his sister had what could only be described as some bastardised attempt at smiling, he wasn't quite sure.

"I am not hugging you Ishtar".

Ishtar pouted like a child who had just their toys confiscated " But why?".

"Because you are making that unsettling thing with your face. And also because i am not into getting smothered by your armor".

"Oh, come on little brother, is that anyway to treat your own flesh and blood" she sounded hurt, even though she still had that grin thing on her face.

It was quite honestly unnerving and Chris was seconds away from shouting at her to cease trying to traumatize him with that thing she called a smile.

"Yes it is, especially when you still have that" he had a deadpanned expression.

"Oh, that hurt Chrissy".

"Chrissy?!" he nearly chocked on his own saliva.

"Christian, hug your sister, now" his mother called out behind him with a commanding tone of voice.

Sometimes Chris wished his parents didn't have commanding voices that could subjugate his will in such a way. With a heavy sigh he leaned in and hugged Ishtar who enthusiastically drew him into a bone crushing hug.

"Is...ish...i...Ter...l...le...let...g...go...canttt...breath!" he managed to utter as her armor imprinted itself upon his face.

Finally after a hellish eternity of having his face smothered in metal he was freed from the hug to greedily swallow the oxygen in the air.

"I think i should go, i have a mission" he was out of breath and winded.


The voice of his mother halted the crawling prince who had just neared the door whimpering in fear and frustration from the inevitable restrictions she was going to rain upon him.

"Damn it mother, i could almost taste freedom and salvation" he tearfully cursed.

"Ishtar you not busy for this week correct?".

"Yes mother" Ishtar answered while a feeling of dread grew in Chris heart as he could see pity in his father's eyes.

Roland was trying to not look his son in the face as he probably predicted what his wife was about to do and as expected he was smart enough to not interfere.

Chris mouthed the words save me to the man but the fear of the wife left even the mighty king of Avalon spineless and he just shook his head and looked away unable to look into eyes of the son he had betrayed.

"Excellent, I want you to escort your brother on his mission with your team, it would be excellent if they had a veteran team to give them on field advice and show them a thing or two about proper field operations".

"Of course.." Ishtar answered and Chris couldn't contain himself.


"Brother?" Ishtar tilted her head slightly left in confusion.

"Christian, explain yourself" his mother wasn't amused.

"Ahm...well...m...well you see my team is of experienced already. We need not bother her and her prestigious team" the sweat tickling down his face made him look wet.

"Then you won't have any problem showing that to your sister and her team, right?" a slight grin appeared upon her features.

"I just walked into that one didn't i" he knew when he was trapped.

Reluctantly he swallowed his protest while Ishtar pulled him into a headlock..

"We are going to work together, isn't that great little brother" and she still had that damn grin on her face.


Thankfully his armor had been fixed from the hydra battle. Though after seeing the blacksmith lose her temper and treat him like he had intentionally damaged it, he was ready to not put a scratch on this one.

"I am not sure if i can dodge another surprise red hot metal aimed for my face " he shuddered as he remembered how close the blacksmith had come to almost giving him a concussion.

"If i manage to slip through my window, i can bypass her" he was not going to let Ishtar babysit him again, it happened once and once was enough for him.

He had managed to get through his window and climb down to the back garden. He slowly sneaked through every hidden place and back exit just as Aro had taught him until he slipped through a hidden back door to the aircraft bay.

He neared the Specter as fast as he could and his hopefulness only grew as he noticed the opened ramp of the ship open, meaning that the others were inside and ready to leave, giving him time to escape Ishtar.

"Hit the engines and begin... begin... begin... wha..." she was in the ship with her team already drinking his sodas and eat his saved up pizzas but...rude.

" How?".

"I have served on many stealth missions before little brother. I have trained under Aro for years against your two months" she appeared bored while his team stood awkwardly in a corner looking more confused than him, Ursa mouthed we need to talk.

"Can you give a second" he walked to his team without waiting for Ishtar's reply.

"What is going on and why are they here?" Ursa snapped rather quietly at him hoping that Ishtar wouldn't listen.

"My mother wants her to move with us to our mission and babysit us" he answered in whispers.

"Babysit us?" Mulengu asked as he joined them too " Why the hell do we of all people need babysitters ".

"You know what my mother's like".

"Right" Mulengu and Ursa said at once understanding perfectly.

"Hey kids, what are you whispering about?" a foreign voice asked making them jump out of their skins in fright " whoa,whoa, whoa, relax, I'm sorry".

The person was a man in his twenties of with spiky yellow hair and sideburns, he wore an open velvet vest that showed off his sculpted chest as well as a bronze neck collar, bronze bungles on his wrist , his trousers were red buggy pants with black boots, he had a long golden tail coming from his backside and in his hand was a long wooden red staff with intricate gold cap's at both end's.

"You...your Sun Wukong?" Chris couldn't believe his own eyes as he eyed the knight up and down hoping to get a better view of him.

The famous knight nicknamed the unconquered monkey king after he won the prestigious golden swords tournament with an undefeated streak. This knight acted as a inspiration for him.

"I sure am, kid" he smirked while stars of absolute admiration sparkled in Chris's eyes as well as a creeping blush that made the prince appear more and more like a child being given a toy at Christmas morning.

" trading card sir".

The people in the ship watched in awkward surprise as he fumbled around one of the ship's compartments and pulled out a red trading card with the picture of the unconquered monkey king striking a victorious pose printed upon it.

"Sure thing"Sun answered with a smile as he obliged to the blushing prince's request making Chris tremble from the electric excitement running down his spine.

"You still have your fan cards" Ishtar burst into laughter as she pulled him into a head lock and ruffled his hair a little bit " it's so adorable little brother".

"They are not fan cards. They are important data collection tools to tell me all about my fellow knights and their achievements so that i could easily aim to self improve" he wasn't going to take her mocking laying down, he would defend his cards and his honour.

"Oh " Ishtar picked one of the cards from the compartment before he could stop her from seeing what was printed on it "Then do tell, what important data was found in the bikini summer editions?".

The ship took off as it's halls were filled with Ishtar's laughter and Chris whimpering as more and more of his dignity and pride was torn away by the heartless monster he identified as his kin.


Roland Ddraig, Paladin of the first order, High King, Father Bird of the Silver Hawks, father and husband. It was honestly a full time stressful job for the man but it was worth it for the protection of his people and most importantly for the love of his family.

After a long morning though he too needed to relax through a long hot or cold shower to calm his nerves after which he would heat his oat meal to catch up on breakfast and then finally he could rest for an hour.

The long walk through the marble corridor to his room he passed the window that gave him a great eye view of the capital in all its splendor and glory.

The King couldn't help but feel a bit sad as he reminisced about Eclipsia the original capital of Avalon, the place he was born in, trained in, got married in and saw his children born but sadly that place was nothing but cosmic dust now, brought down by a calamity caused by the cursed realm darkness which birthed the Phantom King, the monster that terrorised his peoples for hundreds upon hundreds of years.

He still felt revulsion as he thought of that creature and enemy that had terrorised his parents before him and whose actions had harmed even his children after he defeated it, after it should have been over.

"It's over, he won't hurt us anymore" he wished his parents could be here to hear those words but the Phantom King and his legacy of terror was finally over, he was gone and Natalia was safe.

"I finally beat you, I won" he felt a sense of satisfaction saying those words to his most hated enemy.

Roland buried his thoughts while he lumbered off slouched over in a very unkingly manner. He was sure his mother was rolling her eyes from the far lands and was probably being restrained by his father from coming down and scolding him for having such a bad poster.

The doors to his room had no guards which was fine because he hated people acting like he was so weak to need that much protection. He was one of the strongest people in Avalon and had proved that time and time again, he wasn't some weak flower in constant need of babying.

"Now i know what Christian feels like".

Speaking of his son and his wife Roland knew that their current relationship was a bit rocky with her being a somewhat overbearing mother hen but he hoped they could come to a peace like she did with their other children but those had time so he was willing to give Christian and Natalia time to rebuild those bridges instead of him forcing the matter and causing more harm than good.

Finally he entered his bedroom, that could also describes as its own house with a giant library, gym, bathhouse, cinema and most importantly a large soft bed where the good times went down.

"Nat!" he called to his wife with a heavy sigh of relief from removing the uncomfortable ceremonial armor he wore that had honestly been killing his neck and back since he put it on.

"Natalia we need to talk!" He called out once more.

"Yes Roland, I am coming!" she answered before she exited the library, her favourite spot where all her favourite books about a certain famous knight of welsh mythology existed.

"I..." Roland had faced many threats in his life, some more frightening than most but the one thing he feared the most above all was his wife when she was angry " Damn it man think of the boy, you owe him after your betrayal"

"Is something wrong?" Natalia asked concerned with his facial expressions that showed him to be troubled.

"Naty.. you know that Christian doesn't want you babying him all that much" forcing those words out of his mouth.

The silence before the storm is possibly even worse than the storm in question that was slowly distorting it's face into a fury so cold it burned Roland's very soul.

"Excuse me" her hushed whisper created mist and the room temperature dropped to below zero as some sections of room began to be covered in thin blankets of ice.

"Well that maybe you should see things from his perspective for a bit, to him it might seem like suffocating him" the words weren't chosen wisely and Roland could tell that he had screwed up.

"I am suffocating him" they might have been near the same size in height but Natalia appeared like an enraged giant before him"Our son has had little training, was lucky to pass the knights licensing exam by the skin of his teeth and now throws himself against any danger that comes no matter how absolutely crazy it is for him so tell me Roland...."

The proud Avalonian king in his little corner wept tears of fear as his wife grew angrier and angrier while he whimpered like a frightened defeated puppy.

"Boy, look what you made me do" he thought bracing himself for the storm.


Chris loved his sister, he really did but after hearing more of her unwanted mockery he decided it would be best if he visited the ship's armory just to avoid losing his cool and saying something that he would most definitely regret.

The armory housed the teams extra weapons and armors, he had only a revolver-12 as a extra weapon that had been gifts from Aro.

" He really wants me to be a agent " Chris thought as he looked at the weapons invaded in his locker.

He really didn't need anything other than the blade in his hands in his opinion, that didn't mean that he was incompetent in the use of other arms. His teachers had made sure that all of their students had varying degrees of competence in the use of spears, axes, bows, firearms and even war hammers.

With a heavy sigh he rested on one of the three benches in the armory while he inspected Lucius-aurora out of just pure boredom. Perhaps he could finally completely study its magical code.

"Your a true work of art you know that" he said to inanimate object as he inspected the runic words and symbols imprinted across the blade. He could feel the magical code like a finely crafted tapestry made up of a thousand magical threads all holding the sword together.

Lucius-aurora's magical code was truly a complex maze. If his usual Alpha-spell was like a normal numerical code, Lucius-aurora was built like a quantum super computers code. He could never imagine creating something like it in his life time.

He may have been too enthralled in his weapon but he was still able to hear the door to the armory creaking open as someone entered.

"If it's Ishtar again i swear to Deus".

"Hey" the voice was very clearly not his sister, it was a male with a slightly deep boom to it.

"Siegfried" he welcomed the son of the famed dragon slayer Sigurd.

Siegfried would be best described as a tall young man near Ishtar's age and height with a steady and solid build, a trait he got from both his parents, his hair was silky and blue, it reached his shoulders with the type of flawlessness that would leave most women jealous. He had lizard slit like eyes and draconic horns that strangely made him look very attractive.

Across his back was a large orange and black great sword with draconic engravings across it. It's hilt sported a dragon carving and most importantly the Mana it gave off was choking in its potency.

"Um" he couldn't help but look at the black twisting horns that were unlike the kind elves bore.

"It's the horns" the knight nicknamed the invulnerable acknowledged him and Chris couldn't deny it because his eyes where focused on the horns.

"" The last time he saw Siegfried he never had the horns " How didn't i notice this earlier?".

"My father said that it was normal for someone with my unique biology" Siegfried tugged his horns a bit playfully " I can cut them but honestly i kind of like the horns".

"I think that their pretty cool too" Chris was slightly envious of Siegfried's new look.

"Thanks" draconic knight rubbed his neck blushing from the complement "Trying to hide from Ishtar?".

"Was it that obvious?".

"Well your sister only recently started mellowing out and i guess she isn't really that good at the whole being warm and fuzzy without...".

"Being cringe worthy and coming off as mean spirited" Chris finished the words Siegfried was thinking but was clearly too nervous to say.

"I wouldn't go that far" Siegfried chuckled a little weakly as he too sat down upon one of the other benches before he detached his own sword from his back.

Chris understood perfectly what Siegfried meant to say, after their mother was infected with darkness and her dark half split from her light half to wreak havoc upon Avalon their family was in shambles. Their father threw himself fanatically into saving his wife or what was left of her even though it brought them to blows.

He was ill from his mother's dark half nearly infecting him with darkness and leaving him bedridden and barely conscious for a year. His sisters were depressed and Ishtar had to step up and be the glue that held them together at fifteen. She had to be the mother to them all.

She had to abandon her childhood, making her constantly serious, stiff and stern to a fault, as she became the ultimate order to pull together their families chaos together. This was the personality she kept for years and now she was trying to get a little bit more relaxed and she overdid it every goddamn time he was with her.

"Yeah that" the two remained silent unsure of where to continue with the awkward topic "'s your team doing?".

"We are doing okay, i mean our training from aunt Morigan and uncle Aro really helped prepare us. Your father also showed me some tricks" Chris would always give credit to his teachers at every time for his entire teams capabilities in combat as well as the nightmares that haunted them.

"That's good to know. Wished you had sparing ring in this so that i could see how good you've gotten since the last time i saw you fight" Siegfried sounded impressed as one would be when meeting a student of some of the best fighters in Avalon's history.

"Yeah, and then i would be trounced by your skills and your invulnerable skin. And even then, you have your families horde to call upon. You out counter me at every angle imaginable".

These words should have honestly offended Siegfried but all he did was laugh humoured by the honesty in Chris words.

Though Chris was right, the dragon power Sigurd gained from bathing in the dragon kings blood and eating his flesh had been passed down to his son giving him draconic biology and the most powerful dragon trait of Drachenhaut that made Siegfried immune to all weapons, curses and Alpha-spell's unless they are of a conceptual or reality altering calibre. Hurting Siegfried and his father wasn't easy for anyone unless they were truly powerful.

"Yeah, i know, i know but if you do agree to it then i might lower my Drachenhaut and make things more fair".

"Wait, you can do that?" Chris had never thought that he could actually turn that off.

"My mother gave me this" Siegfried pulled a stone with some markings from his pocket " It seals away my dragon half if i am looking for a good fight though honestly with my team's usual jobs getting rid of that advantage is kind of a bad idea".

"Oh i understand, i mean your team Atlas is in the top ten ranked teams in the Argentum rank and with all those A rank missions you guys must get on a daily basis even i wouldn't want to take those".

Teams are given missions based upon their capabilities and track record, these missions rank for A to E missions. During the war against his mother's dark half, team phantom had proved themselves capable enough to get C rank missions even though they were Aeris fourth class knights at the time.

"Yeah especially with how things have been happening at the northern borders" Siegfried's face morphed from fun and jovial to grim and serious as he spoke.

"I've never seen Siegfried so intense before, whatever's going on must really serious".

"The border?" Chris knew that Avalon due to Sophias reformation of the universe had recreated the continents and Avalon had a long strip of land in the north that connected it to the Lunar nation and that land was the fifth most militarised location in all of Avalon.

"The Lunar empire have been getting bolder with their military presence in the northern strip and many others suspect that they are going to attack us".

Siegfried threw his head back before he began massaging the back of his neck " you can feel the tension in the air every time and don't get me started on the Ocean nations ships that are just trying to start something with close they keep getting to our water's ".

"And i am going to assume that the attack on our home soil hasn't helped at all" it had been pretty obvious with the large build up in military budget at all the long frequent council meetings.

"Well everyone is watching the imaginary doomsday watch now to see if we can make out of this one but to be very frank a collision seems pretty inevitable at this point. There have been a rise with sympathisers of both the sides of the conflict and soon we are going to have to choose a side or be divided by radicals" the dread in Siegfried's voice dripped like a waterfall

"I know that, there have been thousands of petitions by people who want us to join this war. It's rather troubling" Chris had known that his parents and the rest of the government wasn't interested in joining a war they knew nothing about while they were rebuilding from a near doomsday that almost destroyed their entire civilization.

"Listen tiny people including my super cool little brother, report to the meeting area for a mission briefing room now, thank you"

Siegfried chuckled in amusement while Chris felt like coming to tears " I miss her when she was cold, dear Deus please anything but this'.


Pyrrha was the first to report to the meeting area though she was now wishing that she was the last.

The meeting area existed in the centre of the Spectre. Its multiple large screens showed videos, reports and figures for their mission. This was where she had given the team her report on the Hydra.

Right now the cold eyes of Ishtar Ddraig were crushing her soul under the metaphoric weight of a bus. This wasn't the Ishtar who tried to much to be friendly and came across as an uninhibited crazy person high on a sugar rush, but rather this was the Ishtar who gained the name of the war goddess, for she had the paralysing aura of one and a stunning success rate in her known military service, a record far surpassing all other knights in the Argentum rank.

"Pyrrha" she only spoke one word and Pyrrha honestly felt like pissing herself from fright "I see that you have began a healing process with my brother".

"Yes ma'am" the elf spear woman nodded her head whilst she began to sweat bullets from every part of her body.

"Good" Ishtar scanned her like a lion sizing up its future victim " Pyrrha, do you remember the promise that i made to you the last time you hurt my brother".

Pyrrha swallowed her saliva remembering the hell storm she incurred after her accident with Chris that nearly killed him.

Ishtar had attacked the Ulster family and that day Pyrrha felt the raw fear of death for the first time, even though her mother had subdued the raging princess, Ishtar had just bested her elder siblings with ease and leveled their manor to ash, it still haunted Pyrrha along with those words....

"If you ever harm my family, i shall flay you alive, do you understand Ulster" it wasn't a threat, it was a prophecy.

"Yes ma'am" she stuttered and trembled like a twig in the wind. Her eyes looked down unable to look Ishtar in her eyes that were like black holes from which nothing escaped.

Ishtar raised her hand and bolts of gold and purple electricity escaped the armoured fist while a large double headed war axe made completely from stone and chains formed from nothing.

"Good. This is the axe of judgement, Hammurabi. Be sure to not give me a reason to use it".

"Yes ma'am" the sweat flowing off Pyrrha's head could fill an entire bucket at this point.

"That's good to hear" the mighty axe vanished to nothing from which it came while Ishtar forced a smile on her face that ended looking like wolf bearing it's fangs.

"Ishtar we are...oh sweet Deus!" Chris had been the first poor soul to walk in and bear the sight of his sisters ghoul face and his blood curdling scream shook the ship.

"Chris what's wrong?" was the question everyone else asked as they entered the meeting and it was followed by a scream for sweet mercy until Ishtar finally dropped her misshapen abomination of a smile.

It took a few minutes for everyone to calm down and recover after the trauma they just suffered.

"This is our mission" Ursa had been handed the reigns of the briefing while Ishtar sat away in the shame corner for what she did " A few hours ago a class omega Worm Hole opened up, it is our job to guard the SSD team dismantling it on the ground, monsters have been known to reside in these thing's".

Mulengu raised his arm and it looked like he was about to ask something but Ursa answered without hearing his question.

"Worm Holes are massive distortions in space and time that had plagued the kingdom of Avalon since time immemorial. They were ranked from the most dangerous Alpha, medium beta, and weak omega. The SSD or the Spacial Singularities Department is a special taskforce trained and qualified to get rid of them. No more questions. There i have answered your question Mulengu" she snapped.

Mulengu awkwardly put his hand down and they all disbanded as they neared the site.

Chris had never actually seen a Worm Hole or at least he didn't remember, considering everyone told him that he had gone through one but he just couldn't remember it. So right still counted as his first time.

"I would definitely remember this" he said as he watched from the helm were Ursa and Mulengu sat as they approached the sight of cosmic wonder.

The spacial Focal Horizon was truly a sight to behold, from a distance it appeared like an abnormally large stationary tornado that could fit multiple mountain ranges and went so high into the sky it might be reaching space. The high winds strangely weren't pulling anything into it and the world before your eyes appeared cracked and distort.

Like a mirror or camera screen cracked and this was the illogicality caused by the existence of a Worm Hole.

"This is crazy" Ursa said with a face of awe and wonder as she beheld the cosmic phenomenon.

"I know" he answered her just as awestruck "Something like this brought me to earth, wish that could remember it".

"So where do we land" Mulengu asked as he pushed his hand forward across a crack " And this is really trippy".

The ship landed in front of a small camp of tents, vans, trucks and all other forms of tech that was too complicated to be properly described in any constructive manner.

Both teams descended down the opened ramp of the ship, were they met a fae woman dressed in a helmetless hazard suits.

"Welcome, my name is professor Sara Jenkins!" she yelled over the strong thrashing winds that blotted out most sounds as she furiously shook their hand's.

"It's a pleasure professor" Ishtar answer on their behalf " This things seems a little to big for an ordinary omega Worm Hole".

"We know, she's been changing" the doctor answered them as she led them towards the tent holding a lot of computer monitors and other equipment which was all being monitored by other SSD members and wizard's.

"Changing?" Chris had studied Worm Holes once during a slow afternoon and he never learned anything about them changing or in this case getting ten times bigger than their highest recorded height.

"Yes it has been acting funny " the professor explained " It started out at nine thousands meters in height and five thousand meters wide, but its just kept on getting bigger and bigger. So far it is forty times it's ordinary size ".

"That shouldn't be happening" Ursa stated knowing Worm Hole as well because of course she did.

"Have you called this in" Ishtar's face held a deep concern and Chris couldn't blame her, this was very troublesome. The Worm Hole might be turning into something worse.

"Of course, though the connection is a little jumbled thanks to this things distortion spikes!" The Professor had to shout a little higher as the winds picked up.

"I am going to try, we need a larger containment team" Ishtar stated before walking away to make the call.

"Man look at this thing" Sun Wukong said leaning upon his staff as he beheld the sight of the massive Worm Hole " Hey Siegfried, what do you reckon would happen if i touch it?".

"You would probably be shredded down to the quantum level, or if you are lucky, you would thrown halfway across the Multiverse" Siegfried answered his teammate.

"That sounds painful" Mulengu said.

"Doubtful" Ursa added " If you are being torn apart at that level, i quite honestly doubt that you could feel it".

"Wanna try it?" Mulengu had a grin that instantly vanished to a powerful knock upon the head from Ursa who glared at him.

"What the hell are you thinking you fool that is extremely dangerous!" She shouted in outraged.

Chris bloated them from his mind as he felt a hot tingling sensation in his chest as he took in massive wonder before him in all its power and grandeur.

This was ruined by the constant fidgeting of Pyrrha who looked she had just been given horrible news about a loved one.

"What's her problem?" He was nearly about to go ask her to go somewhere else and make herself useful instead of just standing there looking stupid when Ishtar walked back to them with a face drawn in dread.

"Our communication isn't working" she declared to them.

"Distortion spikes?" Sun.

"No our comms are being jammed".

"What?" they all looked at her confused.

"I have an anti-jammer and it picked up someone purposely jamming all communications from here" Ishtar explained the reason for her line of thinking.

"Who would do this?" Chris asked her as his brain searching for logical answers but non came for him.

"I don't know" Ishtar's metal fingers rubbed her chin as she thought " But i have to inform the professor".

"Wait up " Chris called to without thinking, he wanted to help even though that meant putting up with her constant teasing.

"Thank you for letting me joining brother" she had at least a genuine smile "I know that i can be a little overboard at times but it's nice to spend time with you guys".

A smile he hadn't seen in ages as the pressure of keeping her family safe as role model had moulded his oldest sister to never show weakness and being horrible at showing emotions.

"You're family, i am always here for you" he playfully punched her in the shoulder though that damn armour hurt his knuckles.

Though he felt some shame as he remembered what he had previously said and thought about his sister " maybe she just wants us to be a family again like in the old days".

Then it hit, the explosions, the sharp sounds, the feeling of high pressure and heat beating against his flesh made him want to lose his breakfast.

Around him he could see many SSD personal rising up coughing and confused though thankfully their bodies survived the explosive force that could tear apart an elephant and transform it into to a thick red paste.

"People of Avalon!" a slick male voice called over the thundering winds .

Chris followed the voice to the base of the Worm Hole where a human man with long dark strangely silky hair and a black bared that gave him a slight rugged look and he wore obsidian black metal body armour. but it was the mans companion that made Chris spine tingle.


Yes the woman who nearly killed him during the breach stood besides the man. Her face was warped into a bloodthirsty grin while she focused her eyes on him and she made a slitting throat sign to him.

"We Are Your Salvation Made Manifest, We Are Zodiac!".

"Who the heck is Zodiac?" Mulengu asked.


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