...successful extraction of operative. The attacking force are still unidentified though we have high probable cause to suspect the Lunar nation, our.........


Chris crumpled the paper in his hand into a ball in frustration. It had been eighteen hours since the battle and he was currently walking down the hall to the throne room with the crushed mission report still in his hands.


He could still feel the sting from the over sixty tennis ball sized puncture wounds that had littered his entire body thanks that woman.


Possessing the old magic made healing wounds much easier even without the aid of a doctor. His injuries had healed but their sting was still there like a hot metal applied to his flesh.


The knights standing at the gate looked to try and stop him but his scowling face, his hunched lumbering walk made him look like a wounded beast seeking battle on whatever fool was unfortunate enough to draw his anger, stopped them.


"Your majesty is something wrong?" Hector asked him with a bit of confusion in the veterans voice.


"I am fine" Chris's voice had a low growl to it.


He walked passed them and into the throne room without awaiting their replies. The throne room was empty and silent with only one figure on the left throne.


"Christian" from the throne her mother called his name. He always hated his full name, it made him sound too old fashioned.


"Mother" he respectfully bowed to her as was expected from anyone speaking to the King and Queen in their center of their power " How come no one told me that Thor was acting as a spy on a mission to the other kingdoms".


"It was highly confidential information" the one note answer sounded slightly patronising and it annoyed him.


"Confidential, i am the prince of this nation and his friend. I deserved to know when you send my friend on a suicide mission!".


Thor had been gone for a supposed vacation and Chris was happy to give him that but this, lying straight to their faces about this just made him angry "And how come all i get is a stupid report sheet that doesn't even answer anything about what's really going on?".


The report gave zero information apart of the barest of details about the breach. It didn't mention what Thor had been doing, who he had tagged along with, how the Lunar nation had gotten past their defences and who the girl with the egg was.


"Your royal position doesn't afford you that kind of authority and besides such administrative matters are not things you should concern yourself with. Like i said, an Aeris knight has no such clearance" his mother remained unmoving and cold like a statue given life, uncaring, unflinching and radiating authority only a fool would challenge, and Christian Ddraig would that fool.


"Not concern me. You have been dragging me to meetings that have involved all manner of secrets of this level. I am not a child in need of babying mother?" He felt insulted by her thinking that he couldn't handle it.


"Clearly, otherwise you wouldn't have been brought back with dozens of holes in your body if you weren't" she scoffed as she answered him.


"It is an effect of battle, one you should be well aware of mother!" his voice raised slightly as he felt his anger begin to boil over.


It baffled him how his mother a veteran of many battles could not know this most simple of facts.


"And you would dead regardless!" his mother shouted back and it really sent a chill down his spine to hear the raw emotion in her voice " The one time i allow this, you nearly get yourself killed".


" wouldn't be talking like this to Ishtar, Joan or even Venus...What makes me so damn different, why am the one you treat like a glass figurine. I am a knight, i worked an earned my rank like everyone else!" As his rage built up he could feel air around him turning cold as his magic spiked like his emotions.


"You've always treated me like this, but not the others, they would be out in the field without any of this helicopter parenting. After all they are with military units around Avalon working independently of your all seeing eye and ever nagging voice and i am sick of it!".


"Christian Ddraig, that's enough!" a burst of pure power erupted from his mother and it dwarfed his in shear magnitude that it almost felt like it was consuming him.


He was like a matchstick in the middle of a hurricane. The gravity in the area began increasing almost forcing him to his knees under the overwhelming crushing magnitude of her power that was pulling the very breath from his lungs.


"Please leave" her voice softened as the invisible force that had been crushing him vanished and the air returned to his lungs.


"Fine" he tried to sound strong but with his coughing and gasping for air it just came out wrong like he was choking rather speaking, which was true.


So to preserve whatever was left of his dignity after this little confrontation, he turned and walked out, defeated.


After leaving the throne Chris's entire body language screamed murderous rage from his scowl to his manner of walking, which was lessened by his gasping for air and the slight limp he had for his first ten steps, still this made him a object to avoid by all from knights to parliamentarians and servants.


Through his mind the thoughts of "She wouldn't have said to Ishtar or Joan, she thinks i am a weak....a damn failure" played over and over.


Chris was so absorbed in his thoughts that he didn't notice where he was until the sound of metals smashing against each other woke him up to a large stadium sized room filled with a small armory and a few spar rings.


This was the royal training center where the royal knights trained and prepared themselves for any threat against the realm. This grand hall was a place that he frequented to train and be trained with his team.


On the inside he could see such legendary warriors like Sif, his sister Venus's mentor, Turpin Rheims his father's old friend and even Arminius a man many called one of the greatest knights of the current generation of upcoming knights.


They were training to the bone with skills and techniques that would make many warriors envious, after a while of observation Chris was now wishing he could fight just as skillfully.


"Perhaps if i hit something, Maybe i will feel better" he had long ago learned that punching bag was a good stress ball.


He walked to one of the empty rings and entered it alone. The rings had simulations of people recorded in them in order for others to train without a partner. He was about to start the simulations that responded to voice commands when another person entered the ring.


She was a grown woman with a strong athletic figure, her red hair was long and flowing like a river, her ears were longer and pointer than could be considered normal and she had two ram horns on her head, her eyes were like two suns glowing within her socket's.


Any person would recognise her from the ears and horns as an elf while Chris knew her as his aunt Morigan.


Strapped to her right side was her sword and in her right hand was a six foot long spear with a purple wooden shaft and a spearhead as white as milk glass.


"Aunt" he tried to sound respectful but his anger was still lingering.


"Wow, Hector was right. You are a steaming furnace".


Chris just sighed knowing that he was about to be teased by his master. He could have tried to argue but it would serve no good.


Morigan answered with a nod " You okay kid, me thinks you should be resting after your whole nearly dying stick".


"I am fine".


As if disputing his claim his own body flared from its former wounds but he fought through the pain, even though he knew she had a real point. But Christian Ddraig was as stubborn as they come, trait he gained from his mother even if he would never openly admit it.


" I still at eighty percent" that was a lie and he knew it.


"Oh, is that so" Morigan twirled her spear until it was a blur too fast for him to see " Then prove it by fighting me".


Her hungry grin was like a wolf that had cornered its prey and it filled him with a deep primal fear that shook his bones. He knew that the best option for his health was to refuses to fight Morigan as a doctor had literally ordered against it once.


He had enough pain from her training but the thought " if i fight her i can prove that i am not some weak little child and i can rub in mommy's stupid face" creped in like a devil whispering into his ear.


With his pained arms he drew Lucius-aurora and got into one of the many fighting stances he had learned from Morigan and the occasional knight his team could corner and force to teach them through shameless begging.


"You ready boy" the woman was excited and more and more he felt the need to turn, run and save his sorry skin. but he buried those feelings and just shot forward like a rocket swinging his sword at Morigan without warning.


"This may be a dishonourable tactic but the physical and skill difference between us is too broad i need every advantage i can muster".


As far as knights on average went, Chris was fast but to a fighter of Morigan's calibre he was too slow.


His sword strikes for all their skillful accuracy and power was easily deflected by lazy flick's from her spear like she wasn't really giving much of a damn. No matter how he pushed he couldn't throw her foot work off.


Chris wasn't shocked, after all Morigan was a powerful warrior with years of experience and power above him, even with his five years of combat experience, his training sessions with her taught him this reality.


" She is a Paladin for Deus sake, what else did i expect " he thought as he continued.


He fought hard to land so much as a scratch on her to end the match but the woman moved like a blur even to him. She put in zero effort to overpower him with her spear parries that each hurt his wrists every time.


"If she keeps parrying like that i might snap my wrist" he winced in pain as he tried but was again blocked.


Another parry forced him to slide backwards nearly lose his footing and tumbling over. She grinned before she vanished from his sight for a nanosecond and then he knew " She is using her true speed!".


The thoughts happened as he was suddenly face first planted upon the ground from a very powerful blow to the back of his head that jumbled his senses. Morigan had rarely used her true speed against him and today he learned why, her reflexes were so fast his eyes couldn't follow them at all.


He jumped back to put some distance between them and thankfully Morigan didn't close gap and beat him while he was down.


"I should be upset that she is taking things easy" he was no fool and could tell when he was being toyed with.


After all through out their entire fight, she had rarely gone on of offensive but rather she was on the defensive most of the time and she never pressed any advantage like now.


"I need to reach for my elemental magic now".


Chris had learned everything about elemental from Morigan who was a master with the title of the Crow witch.


The art of using elemental magic was not as complex as creating a Alpha-spell but it wasn't too easy either, it took him hours of hard work training his body and learning more about the nature of the element he aimed to learned.


His hands were soon covered in a cold mist before he slammed them into the earth and set off a wave of ice mist so cold that it instantly froze over everything it touched.


His strength in the element of ice was because it was his true elemental affinity, this is an element that one was connected to on a spiritual level and that they would always excel at.


Sadly it was no much against Morigans elemental fire, a column of fire shot from her palm and it consumed the mist instantly like a small boat would be swallowed by a great tsunami wave.


Faster than he could react Chris felt his limbs clamped down upon by a strange hands that gripped him down in place, twenty hands made completely from vines and roots had erupted from the earth. These strange limbs held him down no matter how much he fought to unbind himself from their iron grip.


"Damn it her forest magic how did i not see this....also what the hell are these things made out of...they won't budge a single bit".


As master with a large reserves of mana, Morigan could afford to learn and use more than one type of elemental magic and Chris was now bound by it. Only two types of elemental magic can be mastered by any elf or human no matter how much Mana that they had.


He cursed silently as he tugged at the roots and veins that still overpowered him despite his great strength.


"As i have told you a million times kid be mindful of your environment" his teacher didn't seem to be in a particularly big hurry to end this lesson by her casual demeanor.


He began to take deep breaths as he felt his Mana flow through him like an equally cold and hot liquid rushing through him at high speeds.


Mana control, the technique of properly distributing magical energy across your body in the rights proportions, it is a technique that was used in order to best manipulate the elements with the proper amount of energy.


He could feel ice growing around his body and freezing the roots and vines as well as the magic within them. With a final great push he broke out of the bindings though he was slightly bruised in the areas that they had bound him.


"You know lad" she was now behind him leaning on her spear with all the relaxation in the world.


"Here i was hoping you could use those Alpha-spell's i have spent all these months teaching you. I mean your ice element ain't bad, you have learned proper mana control but freezing magic isn't going to help you win here".


"Oh yeah, let me use the Alpha spells that you taught me against you" he rolled away from her while his body flared in more pain "the same Alpha spells that you know all so well and can easily counter".


Alpha spells are magical spells personally customised for whatever powerful effect the user wanted from large fire storms, enhanced physical attributes or even trapping people in personal pocket dimensions.


"To bad, kid" she got into position for her to go on the offensive " they are your best weapons against me. But if you don't believe me, how about another demonstration of their true might if you have so easily forgotten".


The look in her eyes told him that she wouldn't change her mind and Chris was pretty sure that he was going to be stabbed if he didn't act. That was all the insensitive he needed to create shards made of ice that he threw at Morigan who easily knocked them aside.


But that was what he needed, a distraction that gave him time to jump forward and delivered a series of kicks and punches that were easily stopped until Morigan grabbed his head and pulled him into a headbutt that he stopped with both his arms crossed over his head acting as a shield though the impact sent him crashing twenty meters back and it nearly shattered his bones.


" Fly oh Revens!" Morigan shouted while she was engulfed in a bright red mist that had fire and red electricity surging across it. As powered spells Alpha-spell's could only work if their name was released by their creator.


Chris eyes widened in fear as he recognised the thing she used for dodge practice, that he had only dodged successfully four times out of a hundred times that it landed. Sometimes he honestly regretted asking her train him and his entire team.


He raised his hand before her and poured every ounce of Mana into it. In his mind the spell was a pattern of code that solidified into a large shield made of bright blue fire
" Lock-Shift".


Creating a Alpha-spell was different from using elemental magic, it felt like a large voltage of electricity rushing through him and like his palms were burning.


He had developed this shield after watching Morigans Twilight shield Alpha-spell that was a large dom made out of a near hundred multi dimensional walls. His own lock shift created two dimensional fields around him.


By the time his lock shift formed the mist had all reached him and he could hear a flock of revens in the mist beating against his shield but his shield was more a layer of reality than a physical object.


The contest of power lasted for two minutes before the mist dispersed to nothingness while Chris was on the ground moaning from the pain of all the energy that he had used.


Morigan approach her downed student " Oh my, a two layered dimensional field. That almost looks like my Twilight shield. Please don't tell me that you have been committing plagiarism now"


A groan of pain was the only reply Chris could muster.


"And what a power draining rip off it is" she was now leaning down to face him " Don't worry, it gets easier the more you use it. Oh and by the way boy " she wasn't even winded as would be expected from someone with her monstrous energy reserves.


" If you are interested in hitting something that doesn't hit back as hard as i do say yes" He cried in pain still flat on his back meaning yes.


"Just one condition then" she was turning around " You have to work with my daughter. Get yourself to a healer and be by your Specter in twenty minutes and be sure to play nice or else we shall have another spar... okay just one more Alpha-spell technique and we can call it a day".

Chris scream of fear filled the training arena though none of training knights who knew Morigan weren't shocked or foolish enough to come to the young man's aid or risk joining Morigan's training.

Over southern Avalon, in the province known as the Shadow land's, a mountain standing at five thousand meters walked. Each of its steps shook the earth like a mighty earthquake had struck it.

"How long?" from a hundred kilometres away a soldier watched. He like all other avalonian service men and women wore a heavy full body armour that looked like something out of a futuristic fantasy shooter game.

"They have a team on the way by twenty" his companion answered him.


"Good. I don't want that thing to reach the nearby settlements or else we are gonna be looking at billions of Geld in damages and should it get anywhere near the shadow cities, i can't imagine the damage that would cause ".




Chris found the spectre with its ramp open meaning his team where inside awaiting him. He took a deep breath calming his steeled nerves before he walked up the metal ramp that thumbed from the sound of his feet.


"There goes my attempt at a discrete entrance" he thought with a heavy sigh.


"And this is where we keep our fire arms" he could hear Ursa's voice as he reached the inside of the Specter.


Inside he could see Ursa showing Pyrrha around as Mulengu was playing one of the Mmorpgs he installed into the Spectres computer, he was completely enthralled by it ignoring both Ursa and Pyrrha.


As soon as Chris walked in they all turned towards him and there was a look on Pyrrha's face that he couldn't read so he just ignored it.


He cleared his throat before speaking " Greetings...we...we should take off..." he walked past them all never spearing a glance for anyone as he more or less sprinted to the cockpit.


Piloting the specter wasn't that hard for him, parts of a knights training and exam involved being a rider. He could drive vehicles, fly crafts and beasts of both land and air.


"How are you feeling?" Ursa asked as she sat next to him on the left pilot seat " I mean the last i saw you. You had lost gallons of blood".


" I am good" physically, yes, emotionally was a bit different story.


"Now that is a lie. It's so obvious that you and Pyrrha have as much compatibility like water and oil. So spill, what happened?" He cursed Ursa for knowing him too well.


"Look, its nothing".


"Chris remember the rule" Ursa used her strong stern voice, the same kind she used when giving orders during missions " No secrets".


"'s...just...when i was eight and my mother fully split into an entity of darkness and light. The darkness tried to corrupt me by forcefully shoving dangerous dark energy into my body. it didn't work at all and they were side effects".


"Side effects, What kind?" Her voice became low.


"Imagine having to live your life with knowledge that your muscles, bones and tendons were nothing more than mushed mincemeat tied together by powerful magic. Now imagine always getting sick and having every heavy action feel like your body is being torn apart with painkillers being a staple of your diet all day, everyday" .


The memories of his past were painful to say the least and he would have preferred to keep them dead and buried.


"Sounds like a crappy childhood".


"It was my childhood".


"And Pyrrha, where does she fit in all this?" .


"She was that one kid who thought beating on the kid who could fall over dead any second was funny".


Ursa winched understanding maybe why he acted like this " But if you're body was fragile then...".


"Sometimes words cut better than sword's".


"She seemed...nice back there. Do you think she changed?" Ursa spoke in a low tone.


Chris had heard this one a million times since he returned from Morigan, his mother, and every one else, words like ' oh, Pyrrha is nice now', ' she has changed' and 'you two should definitely make up, i mean forget her nearly killing you".


"She may have... but just keep her away from me" he respected Morigan enough to do this but it didn't mean that he would try to socialize with her unless he had to.


"Hey, about Thor..." she rubbed her arm also feeling uncomfortable.


"That traitor,what about him?".


"Chris don't say that, Thor's still our friend" she snapped at him.


"Ursa he broke the rule" Chris wasn't pleased at all about her defending the liar " He kept such a huge secret from us. One that could have gotten him killed, i mean come on, to be on such a mission required months of preparation and training and during all that he didn't bother to tell us his team, his friends... his family".


"Maybe he was worried about us getting involved and getting hurt?" he could tell Ursa wanted to believe this so he dropped it, but he wasn't sure, they were a team and most importantly friends... friends shared such things.


" sorry team i have news on our mission" Pyrrha pocked her head out of the door to the cockpit before leaving in a rush clearly to avoid his glare.


"Well" Ursa rose to her feet while Chris placed the spectre in autopilot " Chris, i..I hope that you and Pyrrha sort this out. Anger and resentment doesn't suit you".


They arrived at the heart of the specter where all the computers showed a monster that was shaped like a large crocodile with six separate heads that stood facing upwards like serpents, but this wasn't the beast's best feature but rather it's size dwarfed the mountain ranges around it.


"Okay what in cubed law is that?" Ursa was taken aback by the monster " I mean, i have seen some pretty stupid nonsense tell physics to go die here but this is just a step too far".


"This is a Hydra, these dark beast's were monsters spawned by the Phantom King hundreds of years ago to serve as his armies tank's" as Pyrrha explained and Chris couldn't help but scowl at the thought of the Phantom King.


"Wait tanks?" now Mulengu decided to come into the conversation "As in some dude a couple of years ago a dude had these large multi headed abominations in his army. What the hell was he fighting, gods?".


"Not some dude, it's the Phantom King and yes these were some of the tanks of his army" Chris corrected him before Ursa could and knowing her it would turn into a six hour long lecture that he wasn't interested in having "and as for who he was fighting, it was everyone in our local Multiverse".


"Who the freak is the Phantom King?" Mulengu question gave Chris a headache.


"Dude come on.." Chris whimpered knowing Ursa was about let loose her wraith of infinite wisdom.


"Mulengu, how do you not know one of Avalon's oldest and greatest threats who made his bread and butter driving universe's into darkness like you know what happened to earth".


"Well how was i supposed to know that... people don't talk about him, and least i remind you miss Falcon that after our planet went the way of the dinosaur and some of our people went with what i am sure was a star trek civilization, we came into a world fighting a woman who surface wiped half of the planet before it too went the way of the dinosaur.. and then there was the whole knights entrance exam thing and now i am rumbling...look the point is that i haven't had time".


"Oh, but you have had all the time in the world to play video games. Read a damn book!".


"But i have you to tell me that".


"Excuse me?!" Ursa was now incensed and Chris could see how uncomfortable Pyrrha was whilst to him this was unfortunately normal "Do i look like a living wiki to you".


"Why yes you kind of are" with how Ursa loved sprouting facts, Chris agreed though heaven forbid he would never say that out loud.


"That's it i will kill you!" She lunged forward her fists mid swing.


"I mean you just explained the Phantom King to me in under a minute. Congrats to me for my plan to leach off your knowledge is a success".


Ursa stopped her soon to be assault on Mulengu whilst looking like she was having a mental short circuit "I just don't...i just... damn it".


Finally he was able to step in and stop the circus show and allow Pyrrha to continue with her presentation.


" They have survived the Phantom Kings death in their home reality and since the Phantom King tied its doors to Avalon they occasionally leak into our world with all other manner of other Night terrors " she pointed at the image of the beast as she finished explaining.


These Night terrors are what knights were created to fight in the old age of his grandparents and they are why nearly all the old noble houses were dead and buried with the exception of a few like the Ulster house from which Pyrrha came from.


"This one has come out of the shadow lands" Pyrrha explained and the name of those forsaken name his spins shiver.


"Shadow cities?. We are going into the Shadow land's aren't we?" Mulengu asked with the same kind of complaining voice all knights had when they were sent to the the blighted province.


"Yes it is but we will be landing at the edges" Pyrrha answered " now i....".


"Suggest we land about a couple kilometre away and open fire on it with our best techniques till that thing is ash and then call it a day" Chris had acted on instinct.


While Ursa is the usual planner, when she wasn't acting he did and since she was silent he acted like he was supposed to.


It was only after an awkward silent minute that he realised what he did " Oh... sorry" that was like swallowing his own vomit.


"The Hydra's ability to heal can bring it back from a drop of blood" Pyrrha began to explained the holes in his plan.


She removed her spear from her back " My Alpha-spell Wailing-Banshee has the power to stop healing abilities and should someone be exposed to it longer it will enforce conceptual death upon them. But we need a clear shot for it's heart in order to kill a monster with so much magical power".


"That doesn't sound hard" Ursa stated.


"Don't jinx it" Mulengu said to her and Chris agreed with him.


As the Specter landed at it's chosen destination the team prepared to disembarked. Chris's strapped on an extra pare of armor from the armoury as he prepared to face the beast.


"Let's go team" Pyrrha cheered with her arms in the air and Chris had to look away to hide his disgust.


"This isn't her team".


Though he did wonder where the hell her team was. After all future would be knights trained in teams to prepare them for the cores team based units. he remembered that at Kingsorder academy she had a team of stooges who always followed her around.


" They should have been promoted to Argentum rank by now, chances are the war didn't end well for them " the thought darkened his heart.


The Specters ramp opened and they exited it to find sixteen large yellow tanks that lacked wheels and hovered over the ground next to them.


"Your majesty?" the soldiers clearly couldn't believe what they were seeing, the Prince himself was here to deal with the matter at hand.


"It's Aeris Ddraig, sir" Chris said as he respectfully shook the commanders hand.


"Well in that case welcome to the Shadow land's, Aeris Ddraig" the Shadow land's were not a good sight to behold.


The temperature was very cold, the land as far as he could see south wards was nothing but gray dead sand and the barren mountains that each rose thousands of meters into the air. The skies were covered with a thick layer of clouds that shield large potion's of the land from the sun.


"Cursed land" he thought as he looked further to where it seemed darker, to where those cities stood.


"Not much of a sight is she" the commanding officer said.


"Well, it's the Shadow land's" he answered him drawn a chuckle from the troops " What do you have for us sir?".


"Right over there sir?" the commander pointed at the creature which was easily visible from a few hundred kilometres away. In its wake they could see former mountains now brought low from the Hydra's rampage.


"We are supposed to fight that" Mulengu whispered " I think that we should go home".


Chris turned to the others " Everyone we move out, remember the plan. We tear through it's chest....".


"And my spear shall put it to death" Pyrrha added with a smile clearly enjoying her little rhythm while Chris felt a blood vessel in his head nearly pop.


"And then i can be rid of you for this day" he whispered looking forward to the sweet realise awaiting him.


"What?" Pyrrha must have picked up on that because her face fell into the sad meter.


"I said let's go".


The four knights shot forth with sonic booms as they broke the sound barrier. They moved so fast that they turned into blurs that tore up the environment upon which their feet touched to propel themselves further as they approached the giant beast.


They neared the beast with their weapons ready to hail down fire upon it when... the ground erupted from the large armoured tail that came in their direction.


"Look out!" Chris shouted his words were enhanced fast enough to be heard by his hypersonic teammates over the hundreds of decimals of sound produced by the Hydra's roar.


The four ran around thousands of building sized rocks that flew at them at several times the speed of sound like a hail storm of wild ballistic missiles.


The dust waves that came with them didn't impede Chris vision. He could see Pyrrha who was like a jet, running around, jumping over, sliding under and over the boulders with slick near unstoppable movements. She was faster than him, that he would admit even though it felt like drinking vinegar mixed with salt, oil and tears to swallow this truth.


On his right Mulengu's entire body was coated in a surge of red electricity as he used his sword Harbinger to cut each bolder he came across in half.


He generated an energy that made him stronger and faster than his new Avalonian physiology should have allowed him to be without training.


Out of all of them though he could tell Ursa was slightly straggling to move as skillfully as the rest of them. Even though knights were could produce more magical energy than normal making them stronger than your normal civilian, they needed to train and fight to increase their power.


In the sky the eyes of the Hydra looked down upon them as it finally spotted the blurs whose speed had torn open the dust clouds. The slit irises focused on the pests that dared to challenge it in rage and anger.


Each head opened its mouth and roared, the sound released shook the earth with pressure that could easily rip apart a skyscraper in a matter of seconds, the blitzing Avalonian's powered through the sonic pressure with all of their might.


He focused the energy from his core into Lucius-aurora as he visualised the mystic code beginning to take shape from the ground up until his sword had changed changed into a giant rod of blue violent energy that looked like a cross between lightning and fire.


"GOLAU OUTLIVION !" With that shout the compressed energy shot forward as a large beam that in a second neared the beast.


One of the Hydra's heads opened it's mouth and green tinted flames met his beam and began to devour it. But an Alpha-Spell spell could not only be channeled by a weapon, as Chris showed when a second Golau-Outlivion burst out of his free left hand, turning his gauntlet to ash and striking the creature.


The true power of his Alpha-spell the light oblivion didn't just punch a hole into the beast or burn it's it began to consume the very existence of the beasts, effectively erasing what it hit from existence.


"MOS-O-TUNIYA!" Mulengu shouted as his blade had also become a rod of violent red energy that began to violently vibrate uncontrollably in his hands as if it was trying to escape his grip.


He swung his blade up wards and up in the air a cut over the tapestry of reality occurred. Like the great water fall this Alpha-spell was named after a wave of violent red energy poured out like a waterfall that engulfed the creature causing it to scream as the chaos energies stripped flesh from bone.


Next was Ursa, she pulled the bow string to Boudicca her bow, the arrow that materialised was different from her normal ones, it was a completely white hot arrow with purple vertical stripes that grew brighter in every passing moment.


"URSA MAJOR!" Rather than shoot the beast directly she aimed for the skies letting the arrow loose with a sonic boom.


In under two seconds her arrow had entered the clouds and vanished before a bright explosion of light began to fill the skies glowing brighter and brighter until it was a second sun before it began to descend as fast as a meteorite.


The blinding ball of energy landed upon the Hydra and exploded with the force of a multiple nuclear bombs, coating the beast in destructive energy that served to further expose its skeleton and internal organs for all to see.


"WAILING BANSHEE!!" Pyrrha roared as her spear flew through the air at overwhelming hypersonic speeds before it struck the beating muscle known as the Hydra's heart. Upon the spear piercing through the hearts muscle exterior and hooking itself in the Hydra roared as its red exposed and burnt flesh became cold and pale as it lost the spark of life.


The Hydra roared once more in defiance as it slammed itself against the nearest mountains flattening them before it fell silent as its body became fully stiff and lifeless. The furious curse of the Wailing-Banshee had forced the very concept of death upon it.


Pyrrha raised her hand and the spear flew out of the heart and back into her hand just like her mother's did.


"Was that it?" Mulengu asked seeming strangely disappointed.


Pyrrha struck her spear into a rock and the blood upon it dissolved the stone near instantly while a sulphur like smell filled the air and Chris decided that he would have a breathing mask should he ever fight a Hydra again.


" So what do we do with this?" Ursa asked her eyes scanning the dead monster with a hunger Chris knew all too well.


"Well you can try not cutting it open to study it" he said and Ursa just pouted.


Ursa was most well balanced person on the team, but her need to science everything could lead to all new levels of creepiness and uncomfortable moments.


Pyrrha looked at them confused while Mulengu just answered her unspoken question " We are new here and Ursa wants to play doctor Frankenstein on everything".


"I do not".


"Ursa you tried feeding us tiny cameras to get a good look of our new digestive systems" Mulengu gave her a deadpanned look as he spoke " In our sleep ".


"Okay" the small archer pouted upset that she couldn't carry out research " By the way who taught you that trick?".


"My older brother Cuchulain" Pyrrha answered while Chris began to think.


"That technique was similar to the Grasp of Death" he had never seen the Alpha-Spell in person per say but he had studied the trading cards and the knights weekly articles enough to recognise the similarities " We should go and inform the commander about...".


The great roar that grew from nothing drowned out his voice. The team turned to face the beast, the colour red returned to its exposed flesh that instantly sealed up as millions of tons of flesh regrew where there wasn't flesh. And it rose up to it's feet resurrected with many more heads growling in anger and probably swearing vengeance in the Hydra's tongue.


"Pyrrha what is going on?" Ursa readied her bow while the spear woman could only look dumbfounded.


"That's impossible" the red haired elf kept uttering these word's over and over again like a mantra " This has...I have killed many Hydras since i started with that Alpha-spell it shouldn't be alive".


"Maybe you should have tried harder" Chris knew it, she screwed up, he should have never agreed to this ridiculous idea " Damn it Pyrrha is this why your team isn't here any more, is this why they dumped you or did you get them killed!".


"Chris!" And"dude!" Were shouted by both Mulengu and Ursa while one of the Hydra's heads began to move and shake.


The beasts heads looked down at them while all of its mouths began to open wide and out shot a a torrent of green flames down upon them.


The torrent of hot flames struck the targets right on the center as was intended.


It had more force than several hydrogen bombs as it caused a dome of concentrated fire to engulfed three mountains and the energy completely pulverised them to dust while the earth cooked leaving nothing but an twelve thousand meter wide crater of scorched nothingness.


From the air the large rock fragments that had been knocked into the air began to rain down like meteorites in the masses burying everything unfortunate enough to still have remained under the power of the blast.




In his waking, pain was the only sensation that Chris could feel as he pushed out off the rocks and boulders that lay upon him.


Chris cleaned his eyes for dirt though he could feel it everywhere from his hair to his underwear and the air. His left sleeve was torn off while his armor was dented and peeled off in parts.


Across his forehead was a large gash that allowed blood to escape like the other cuts across his body. His left arm was completely bruised and now looked purple and broken while it hang on limply, he could still use it but the pain wouldn't be worth it right now.


"Probably should have used lock shift" where his first thoughts as he coughed out dust.


"God that hurt" he could not see the sun through the large boulders that had created a dome around them. But his eyes like all other Avalonian's could see in the dark just fine to a certain degree.


He called out " Hello, is anyone out there!".


He kept calling as he wandered around the darkness, He had to dodge more than a few falling boulders that were loosened from above but still he kept moving in the dust filled air that was so hot it could turn normal steel to a molten liquid.


And then the sound of coughing echoed over the crumbling sound. The air felt crispy from the hot dust particles that could set normal human lungs on fire.


"Hey, is anyone there!!" Chris rushed forward to the source of the sound even though the new pain in his ribs and left arm stung and slowed him down.


" Here " Mulengu's voice answered guiding him to his team who looked just like him.


Ursa's armor was nothing but barely held together scraps, her lips were busted open and the right side of her face was bruised. She was laying on the ground coughing in pain as she clearly regained consciousness.


Mulengu mean while had blood running down his nose while his right arm was completely bruised as well and his breastplates back was blown off leaving his horribly bruised back exposed.


Pyrrha had a black eye, many cuts and scraps as well a few left fingers that were clearly broken by their shape, she leaned on her spear while she limped on her right leg that Chris suspected was also broken.


"Hey, are you okay?" He tried to help Ursa get up but she screamed in pain from him unfortunately grasping hold of one of her bruises.


" Sorry, sorry, " he apologized panicked.


"What happened?" Pyrrha asked confused and shocked to her core if her body language was anything to go by.


"We nearly died that's what happened" Mulengu replied sarcastically as he leaned by a rock to support himself as he winched in pain.


"That or instant kill technique was having performance issues" Chris muttered under his breath.


Pyrrha looked downcast "I am sorry"


"Sorry, sorry!" Chris didn't know what possessed him but he reached forward and grabbed Pyrrha by throat and he began to choke the life out of her " You almost killed me again you bit...".


"Alright, that's enough!" Ursa shouted forcing herself to her feet as Mulengu joined her in pulling Chris off Pyrrha " Chris, enough please".


"Excuse me?" Chris was going in to choke Pyrrha again but Mulengu and Ursa stood in his way.


"You have to lay off Pyrrha now" Ursa demanded " I get it you are hurt by what she did and i can't pretend to understand your pain but this bitterness is eating away at you, I mean you just tried to choke her to death for Deus sake?".


"Don't try and lecture me Falcon, you have no idea what she did!" He wanted to punch the large boulders out of rage but that would have brought down millions of tons on their heads.


"You are right" Pyrrha's voice sounded... broken, he didn't know why but it sounded like that it was nothing like the Pyrrha he once knew back then " I know that I have no right to have your forgiveness and for us to be friends again".


" Sorry doesn't cut it" he grinded his teeth together before he spoke as he took deep breathes as his anger began to vanish and he slowly felt whatever adrenaline he had slowly melt away.


"I know i betrayed our friendship and after the the incident...".


"You what, Pyrrha you nearly killed me after keeping me locked in metal box for three whole damn days" his voice was raspy from the dust " Do you know what it's like to be abandoned to die?!".


"I know..." her answer was cut short by his outburst question " Then why Pyrrha, why did i deserve your hate and anger. Tell me, what did i do to you!?".


"BECAUSE OF YOUR MOTHER!" the volume of Pyrrha's voice shook the boulders worrying Chris and the others who looked around in fear of the rocks coming down upon them.


"She put my mother in a coma. I was afraid that i would lose her and then my dad abandoned our family to join her supporters...i know my actions aren't justified. I didn't mean to hurt you, it was an accident, I didn't know.........I didn't mean...but please i am not a monster".


Chris never knew why she suddenly hated him. She had been his friend one moment and from his perspective she turned on him even when he was just as much a victim.


"When you're a knight who is known to have nearly killed a kid everyone thinks that your damn sociopath who is going to kill them or who is in league with the dark one like your traitor of a father" she said with a rather bitter laugh "Especially when it's the prince of all people, and my team, that's another issues in the endless abyss Pyrrha's constant failures".


Then he felt it in his chest, was it pity that was swelling up perhaps moved by her words. Or was it the fact that his anger had melted away and all he felt was exhaustion.


He could see the looks Mulengu and Ursa's face's, they wanted no, they needed him to not blow up again, not that he had the necessary emotional fuel right now but he thought


" Remember Chris you are doing this for them not her".


"I am sorry" he finally relented " I never knew".


"It's okay, i deserved it".


" it's okay and i forgive you".


"I am sorry too".


"That's sweet and all guys, but what about the Hydra?" Mulengu kind of ruined the moment.


"We need to try something new, our previous plan failed" Ursa added "Spectacularly might i add".


"We can't just try to atomise it" Chris remembered what Pyrrha the expert with ten kills said so then there wasn't much a gigatons strategy would do " It only needs a small fraction of its flesh to come back and this one is strange".


"I know" Pyrrha was clearly thinking about something but what he didn't know " I used my eye of the triple Morigan and it looked different from the other Hydra's like it was built with a completely different mystical code".


"Eye of triple Morigan?" the three asked her.


"It's something my ma taught me, a way to see magical composition and Mystic codes".


"Is there anyway that we can hurt this thing ?" Ursa asked and Chris could see the frustration on the face of the woman who expected to have every answer before her.


He could see her brains wheels turning as she thought of all the magical books she had read since coming to Avalon to have an answer.


"I think if we over load it with magical energy" Pyrrha answered.


"Didn't our Alpha-spell's sort of pump raw magical energy into its body and it still came back" Chris hated to be the nay sayer but it was true.


"No, i mean using my death concept Alpha-spell with stronger magical energy backing it" the red haired elf explained " after all people have resistance to magical energy depending on how much they can output but that resistance can be chipped away at and overcome with continuous or higher powered spells".


"That is true" Chris remembered that lesson from Morigan and he was sure that the others did too.


"Alright then how do we do this?" Mulengu asked.


"I know a way" the elf's words peaked their attention " First i have to use my Alpha-spell and then you guys shall use your attacks on the same spot and as that happens I shall remotely control and channel the magical energy into the Wailing-Banshee making it stronger".


"Let's do this" Ursa said before she asked " by the way is anyone else feeling that stinging feeling?".


"Yeah i do" Mulengu answered while Chris finally noticed the slight stinging feeling at best.


"Oh that's just the radiation" Pyrrha's rather casual answer made Ursa do a double take.


"What!?" the archer almost chocked on her own saliva.


"Oh yeah, Hydra fire is completely coated in gama radiation" the elf answered not giving it mind "They practically radiate you know the radiation".


"Isn't that harmful?" Mulengu had one fear and it was the affects of radiation poisoning as he ranted to Chris all to many time's.


"No it isn't" the elf was looking around for an exit "I have been baked in this stuff many times before and i am fine".


"You have no idea how much i love your people's power Chris" Ursa told him as she began to practicality salivate "This means i can carry out all sort of studies without getting cancer".


"Stop being a creep" Mulengu said as he flicked her upon her forehead.


Chris knew that they needed to escape but how would they do that in their current weakened states " Can't exactly punch our way out and we cant use our Alpha-spell's in such an enclosed area".


"Stand back guys I got this" Ursa drew on her bow string and an energy arrow formed and with ease she let it loose before it punched a house sized hole through the few hundred meter's of rock.


" Or we could just do that" with his sword in his left arm Chris led them out.


Outside the land looked like it had been ravaged by a thousand nuclear bombs while the Hydra lumbered back on its original path of destruction.


"So we just have to catch up with it" Ursa didn't look or sound happy at the prospect of running and Chris could agree, with his broken arm and the rest of his pain racked body this would hurt like hell.


The creature stopped it's march forward and one of its heads turned and looked at them with its red fire like eyes.


"Guys, it's looking at us" Mulengu whispered as the beasts eyes focused on them " So nobody make a sound, maybe it won't think of us as threat ".


One of the Hydra's mouths opened and out shot another stream of fire intent to murder them and the with the remains of their strength the team flung themselves across to the sides avoiding the fire that created a deep trench of magma.


The hydra turned around and began to lumber towards them as it's mouths prepared to strike them again.


"Guys i don't think we might survive another one these" Ursa winched in pain as she spoke.


"I know" Chris replied " we have to hit it up close".


"Come on " Pyrrha rose again and she placed her injured leg on the ground making her grit her teeth from the pain " Let's do this".


"Get ready" Chris got into a running position like the rest of them " three, two, one!".


Across the land they streaked at the beast avoiding its breath of fire. At the lead Pyrrha as the fastest that led them with her spear glowing bright red as the Alpha-spell was ready for deployment.


"Need a boost?" Chris asked her, he knew that she couldn't make the jump with her broken leg.


She nodded as his arms wrapped around her waist, Chris dug in his feet into the earth before he pushed off like a rocket before he threw her at the Hydra's chest.


His throwing force sent her flying at the beast like a missile while she roared as her mystic code was complete.


Her spear now thrown with the full might of her strength struck the Hydra's chest, through scales the spear dug until it had passed through a few hundred meters of flesh before striking the heart.


"Now!!" she ordered as she landed or rather crash landed upon the ground as the three Alpha-spell's struck at once . Pyrrha had left the extra mystic code on her spear that absorbed the raw magical energy boosting the Alpha-spell to levels far exceeding it's usual power.


The Hydra never got to fight for life this time as its heart and brains stopped operating instantaneously. Its blood went cold and the beast fell hard upon its belly from the kiss of death caused by the Wailing-Banshee .


" Did it work?" Mulengu cautiously approached the dead monster and pocked the dead carcass with his finger.


"It did" Pyrrha answered winded while everyone else sat or fell down in their weakness or pain "Christian, thank you for forgiving me even after all the stupid things i did" .


"You're welcome..." Chris wanted to tell her goodbye right now but Mulengu and Ursa where here hopeful and happy and that pity within him had grown.


"Can't believe i am doing this".


" Hey Pyrrha " he called to her his voice low " You don't have a team right? ".


"Yes" she answered as Chris took deep breathe hating the next words he would utter.


"Why don't you join our team?" Internally he was praying that she said no.


"Are you serious" Pyrrha looked like she was on the verge of tears.


"Yes" he said "NO" he meant.


"Thank you, thank you" with tears in her eyes she threw her arms around Chris shoulders drawing him into a hug as her tears soaked his shirt that was exposed from the torn pieces of his armour.


"Guess that's a welcome to the family" Mulengu said excited like Ursa not noticing Chris scowl " welcome to team Phantom Pyrrha Troy".


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