The lands of northern Avalon were called the grey lands for their cloudy weather that made the skies dim and grey.


This land was dotted with thousands of mountains that all rose out of the earth like massive earthen spikes, as far as one could see mountains would be present, with highest of them reaching nine thousand meters into the sky.


Across the wet stony earth, two people fled as fast as they could. They streaked across the earth easily surpassing the speed of sound.


Behind them, many more blurs gave chase with equally fast speed as the two with only a few meters saving their targets from capture.


"Go, I shall hold them!" the male between the two stated to his companion who tried to stop and argue but he silenced her " No, if you and it are captured, all is lost!".


With a hesitant node his companion took off leaving him awaiting the shadows that chased them. In the heaven's the skies darkened from nimbus clouds heralding yet another storm over these stormy lands and the man outstretched his hand to the heavens calling down hundreds of orange lightning bolts upon the earth like some deity of old.




The aircraft bay at the palace was a wide and tall structure next to the landing strip. It was filled with hundreds of flying crafts of every shape, size, and design ranging from complex city block wide combat carriers, jets, and simple single person vessels.


But Chris was looking for one very specific aircraft and after ten minutes of getting lost in the massive maze he found it.


The large silver vessel was worthy of any knight. He eyed his personal ship reading out its name written in bright neon green, Spectre it said.


He placed his hand on it and he could feel a warm tickle on his palm as the ship scanned it. Reading not just his fingerprints, but his magical signature and even his genetic code.


He walked into the ship that was built for war and a bit of luxury like a comfy couch, a fridge with food and all the hidden compartments where he kept his hidden sweets and cards collection.


It had an armory on the left filled with extra weapons and armor. To the right where medic sets, and civilian clothing.


As he entered the lights went on illuminating his armor. The armour in question was composed of a blue breastplate with two golden metal lines running across his abdomen. He had blue coloured pouldrons and gauntlets that were colored blue with black fingers.


His thighs were protected with blue plate thigh guards that had golden lines running vertically down it. His knee-high boots were made completely from a blue plate that was only blue up to his ankles and then from there they were black. He wore black pants and a black shirt with a blue hood that had a golden line running across the edge.


The armor was amongst the best forged. Made from blue steel, it made him well protected against both physical and magical threats thanks to the armor's magical properties.


On his left hang his sword, Lucius-aurora. It was a two handed long sword with a blade made out of a blue steel as well, it slightly shimmered like his mother's sword Excalibur did. It bore a golden hilt that had small engraved images of a Phoenix with fiery wings outstretched, his family's sigil.


The sword was gifted to him upon his most recent birthday after his old one was broken. Though that is a story for a different time.


From what he found out about it, the blade is variation or copy of his mother's blade Excalibur. Five different variations existed.


The opening of the ramp drew him out of his musings and back to the real world, as two figures slowly walked up the ramp to meet him.


The first one was a woman, nineteen of age, she was shorter than him, being in the five foot range. Her short hair was a deep shade of purple. She had completely black lipstick that contrasted her light chocolate brown skin tone and she wore a slick purple and black armor similar to his own.


In her right hand was an English longbow that was coloured purple with green runes running down its shaft.


The other one was a young man of a similar age and height to Chris. He had black hair and slight stubble on his chin and his skin was a slightly darker shade than the girl's. His own armor was mixture of crimson red and black.


Strapped to his side was a red and black hilted arming sword. It had two red ruby's installed on both sides of the hilt.


The two were Ursa Falcon and Mulengu Mulengu They were Chris's closest friends, sworn shields and his teammates.


The three along with their other friend Thor met on earth when Chris was stuck there a few years ago and with Ursa's money from her families tech manufacturing company they fought what turned out to be early manifestations of the darkness on that doomed world, until a giant hell portal opened, sucked in the planet and only five billion people were saved by cosmic solar system sized dragons... until an Avalonian aid ship arrived and took some refugees to Avalon while the rest were taken by the dragons to some refugee Multiverse out there far from their was as stupid and acid trip worthy as it sounds.


"I told you that we'd be late" the angry Ursa stomped her foot onto the ground while glaring holes in Mulengu's head as he looked at her with his cheeks puffed up trying to let out the same type of laugh Chris was holding in " what's so bloody funny you daft boy".


"I am's just your accent" Mulengu struggled to hold it in "It makes you sound like an angry leprechaun".


"Really" she wasn't at all amused and Chris tried to look away but the sound of Mulengu's snorts of near withheld laughter made him join too as he imagined angry Ursa dressed up like a leprechaun cursing at everything she came across.


" We have known each other for three years and you guys still find the accent funny...what's wrong with my Irish accent?".


"Oh nothing" Chris was now tearing up as it felt like the repressed laughter was tickling his libs.


"So says the man who's parents and family sound like they walked out of a Shakespearean play while he sounds like an American trying and failing to sound Shakespearean" Ursa snapped at him.


"That's not true, right?" he didn't sound like that did, he was sure of it.


"Well.." Mulengu made a few awkward hand waves " when we first met I thought you were American or American like with a British accent thrown in, just being honest I mean your accent isn't thick at all but....".


"Oh, really Mr i am from southern Africa yet I don't sound like it" Chris snapped at Mulengu.


"Okay, for the last time, i come from Zambia, one of the best African English speaking countries in Africa. We don't have accents, heck even our native languages have low accents" Mulengu defended himself.


A long silence passed them by before Ursa spoke: " we all sound funny don't we" while Mulengu replied " oh yeah" and Chris nodded in agreement.


"Hey no offense intended over the whole voice thing" Mulengu apologized to Ursa.


"It's nothing" Ursa smiled and playfully punched his left shoulder "besides we all sound stupid, you included".


Mulengu sighed just deciding to give her win as Chris suspected he would "Fair enough".


The ramp closed and Ursa walked to the pilots seat and began to start the ship's antigravity setting that made it hover from the ground thanks to the anti gravity crystals that composed it's base.


"So what's the job?" Ursa asked as she took her seat in the cockpit and took off the Specter leaving a sonic boom as the ship entered hypersonic speeds as it's cruising speed. Though the entire of the ship was hexed not to reflect those lightening speeds.


Flying manually at these speeds should have been impossible for an ordinary human being. That was true for a year ago she had been a normal human being similar to all people from the dead planet formally known as Earth, but then she was gifted the old magic by his parents like his grandparents had done to the natural inhabitants of Avalon.


"Is it a magic forest eating people, a Vampire, a group of Furies, Ghouls or even an Oni ?" She asked him.


"Or is it a Dullahan going around trying to behead everyone" Mulengu added rubbing his neck as they all shuddered from that particular unpleasant memory.


"I wish its was, but it's worse" Chris had remembered all those cases and truly they were strange and disturbing at times.


He tapped the metal table in the center and a holographic image of all the files, images and videos of the breach went up from it's connection with the Silver Hawks server's.


" About Six hours ago the western border was breached by an extremely fast UFO...and no before you ask they aren't alien crafts" the excitement in both of his friends died as if they had been drenched in water.


"Stop ruining fan Ddraig!" Mulengu shouted as Ursa booed him while giving him a thumbs down gesture.


"I am know, whatever, they are cloaked and near impossible to pinpoint but our Wizard's have managed set up a general area that there in" he said pulling the holographic image of the area.


"So we don't know where they are directly but we know the general area," Ursa asked for clear confirmation "that's a decent start if not anything".


"Yes," Chris answered confirming her assumption.


"So what's the plan?" Mulengu asked him "I mean having a general area is fine but that is a lot of land to cover and whoever it is could have slipped us by. That's without considering all those mountains that they could hide in".


"We are going to land at the setup base and then we shall join units acting as a full net sweep from all directions so that we box them in" Chris answered and now that he was finished "Why are you guys late anyway?".


Ursa cringed while giving him and Mulengu a stink eye " Someone decided that he wanted to make a chimera surprise".


The chimera surprise was a drink Chris taught Mulengu to make when they got to Avalon. It was a smoothie made up of random ingredients put together to create a mixed cocktail. The boys loved it and Ursa found it disgusting.


"Came on Ursa, this was just a medium recipe it wasn't that bad" Mulengu tried to defend his choice of beverage.


Ursa scowled and her nose's slight twitching indicating that she could still smell the chimera surprise.


"Your damn medium recipe was a blended abomination of squid tentacles, an onion, chili peppers, cabbages, shrimp, mayonnaise, chicken and finally mushrooms. There was nothing medium about that garbage".


"Hey, you take that back. There is nothing wrong with appreciating a good meal from another land, or do you have a problem with Avalonian culture Ursa?" Mulengu pointed his finger accusingly at her, though the manner in which he did it was over exaggerated.


"Stop your goal post shifting Mulengu".


"Okay, Ursa I get its bad to you but you have never tried it and Mulengu dude come on, stop fighting her on this" Chris decided to step in "So this is how dad feels".


Though Chris personally loved chimera surprise, it was a meal all children in Avalon had as far back as their infancy. His mother would always make some for his siblings and him every morning when they were younger.


"And murder my test buds!" Ursa sounded outraged at the notion of even touching the stuff " Besides it's both your faults for making every morning smell like was getting everything from the fish and spice market rubbed in my face!".


"Fine whatever" Mulengu dropped the argument in order to avoid Ursa tearing him to pieces.


"This thing is gonna be big right?" Mulengu asked as he took a seat.


"Yes of course" Chris wasn't sure where this question was leading off to.


"Well, then whose leading it?".


" Imparetor Paladin Sigurd Nibelungenlied " Chris answered still confused.


" Who?" It was Ursa who asked equally as confused as Mulengu "I mean, i know that Imparetor and Paladin are knighthoods highest ranks but Sigurd Nibelungenlied is not a name that i am familiar with".


" I will give you guys a pass since you're new here" he began racking his mind for the best information on the man " Sigurd Nibelungenlied, his kind of my uncle. Old childhood friend of my dad and all that, anyway he fought in the War of Fire against the gold dragon armies. no these aren't like dragon's that saved us when earth went boom, they are more small scale and distractive to boot. He personally killed their king Fafnir in single combat and eat his heart before bathing in his blood ".


Mulengu and Ursa's face's showed general disgust at his last words and Ursa asked " Why would he do that?".


"I don't know, i haven't thought about asking him the disgusting details but i know that it made him just as much dragon as man".


" Chris you're family members are strange " Mulengu stated the obvious.


"If only you knew" Chris could only say.




They arrived to the north and they could see large tents, armored vehicles and large flying crafts were used as makeshift command center's that numbered in the hundreds. From above it looked like a busy swarm of ants around a nest going in and out without missing a beat in their routine.


" Now i see why they call it the Gray lands. It looks depressing" Mulengu said pointing at the cloudy and gloomy skies.


"You should see it when it rains" Chris told him as his eyes fixed on the main command center that he had contacted on the way here.


The Specter descended quietly onto the ground creating only a slight thud sound from an over hundred ton metal aircraft landing upon the bare earth.


The ramp opened and the three exited the craft and walked through the sea of knights and soldiers whose eyes, pointing and whispering Chris could feel.


"Hey, you okay?" Mulengu asked him as he slang his left arm around his friend's shoulder to calm him down and not let Chris fear be shown to the thousands who had just turned him into a sight piece.


", why?" Chris cursed his fear of crowds as he was now walking funny like he had the sudden need to pee.


"Oh, nothing, nothing" Mulengu pulled a cloth from his pocket and wiped Chris's face despite his protests "Just this. calm down".


The cloth was now drenched in enough sweat that it looked like it had been submerged into a body of water.


"It's nothing" he couldn't stand the shame and so he began walking faster towards the tent in order to escape the eyes and pointing fingers.


He sprinted towards the command center as fast as he could without making it obvious that he was running from them. They managed to reach the tent that was acting as the main command center.


It was a large tent capable of covering twenty houses, the guards at the door question him before entry and he introduced himself as a Aeris Knight.


The room was filled with technicians and high ranking officials walking around, talking as they focused on hundreds of holographic screens that showed images from space, live images from teams on the ground, live conversions with Wizard's who were still trying to cast pinpointing spells. The atmosphere in the room was hot, thick and heavy.


Chris sucked in his breath before he walked through all the noise to the center of the tent were a knight in black and violet scaled armor stood.


The man had ashen grey shoulder length hair and a thick beard rested upon his chin. His eyes were red slits like a lizard of some sort and by his side was a long sword with a hilt shaped like a dragon with its wings extended as a cross guard.


"Imparetor Paladin Nibelungenlied" Chris greeted another one of his uncles with his fist resting on his chest.


"Nephew, you have arrived" his uncle drew him into a strong hug and Chris could feel the scales on his uncle's skin that was hidden from the eye.


The act of bathing in Fafnir's blood and eating the dragon kings heart had truly made him as much dragon as he was man.


"Un... uncle... i need air" he gasped out his words from Sigurd's bone crushing hugs. The older man finally let go, leaving Chris gasping for air.


"Ah, these must be your friends" he turned to the two and pulled them both into the hug that should have counted as torture from how crushing it was" It is most wonderful to meet you. As Christian's friends you are now family and I will accept no other title but uncle just to be clear".


"Y...yes... Impa... uncle, uncle!" they shouted when he hugged them tighter at the mistake of nearly referring to him as Imparetor.


"Uncle we have come for our orders" Chris had finished refilling his lungs with sweet oxygen while Mulengu and Ursa were still gasping for it.


"Good, very good" Sigurd supported Chris's option to go on missions and was the one who gave him jobs, until a particularly nasty visit from his friend Natalia that leveled an island for him to get the message.


"Our fifth unit is about to be deployed to the Weeping mountains right now, I suggest that you go join that contingent" his uncle answered as he pointed at a image of many barren mountains with thin layers of water rolling off their snow covered tops.


"They are hoping to use the mountains to hide them" he could see it clearly.


"Too bad for them that these are the Grey lands. I was born in these mountains and i have hunted the most elusive mountain elk here, these men shall be easy to hunt" a grin grew upon Imperator Sigurds face.


"Who is our commanding officer" Chris wanted to know who he would answer to.


"This gentleman" his uncle snapped his fingers and the holographic image of a young man dressed in red armor " Augustine is his name and he is one of the best officers I have".


"Of course uncle, thank you" Chris and his friends bowed respectfully before leaving the commander and the tent in search of the ship.


"We are going on a mission with under the leadership of Augustine the invincible" the excitement in Chris's eyes was as evident as a shower of shooting stars.


"Who?" Ursa never knew much about the knights of Avalon on the individual level, even though she belonged to the order.


Chris turned and gave her a look that asked her if she was truly serious by that question.


Ursa just answered with " look I am not the one who collects their trading cards".


"The cards...are... important because... because... strategic... strategic... under..."


"You don't have an excuse do you?" Ursa asked him after the failed defense of his nine hundred trading cards.


Every single Avalonian knight from the greatest to the most unknown had trading cards with their pictures, weapons, feats and biography imprinted upon them. Trading cards also served as a sort of ranking system for knights in terms of combat prowess and achievements.


Only the greatest knights had platinum, super rare cards and the lowest cards were bronze and a dime a dozen.


Chris had been collecting them like a mad man since his return after finding his original stash from five years ago missing. He never knew what happened to them.


"Speaking of which why don't we have trading cards?" Mulengu asked them.


"Please don't tell you have joined the league of hoarding too?" Ursa groined at the possibility of having to not only deal with Chris the dragon hoarder but Mulengu as well.


"No, I have been searching for our trading cards and we don't have them, heck even Chris the prince doesn't have one".


"I know" Chris answered as he felt a familiar headache forming from the reason why " My mom is paranoid that having such things will make my stalkers crazier. I understand her concerns after being groped in public more than once and a list of other things i'd would rather forget. It's just that her actions were a little too extreme.


"That doesn't make any sense," Mulengu said agreeing with him.


"Yeah, I know right, the only person doing the stalking is the guy with over nine hundred cards of people" Ursa had the grin while Chris's face became red and he shouted....


"I am not a stalker!".


"Found it" Mulengu called pointing at the larger craft left of them that was being entered by knights.


The three walked towards the craft that was larger than the Specter. They joined the procession of knights who entered the ship before the ramp closed.


Inside the ship, the three took seats on the sides to avoid being seen. The amount of good that did was nothing. Everyone looked at them and the whispers made Chris feel even more awkward.


"Is that who i think it is?" one voice asked amongst the legion of whispers.


"No way it's him" went another.


"I thought that he would be bigger" came another.


" Hello, Christian" the voice of a girl said and this voice he knew, this voice he dreaded.


Chris looked up to a girl with short red hair gelled up into a mohawk, her ears were long and pointy while she had two black short horns on her head similar to a rams and like many elves, her skin was light brown and finally her eyes were like glowing embers of coal.


She was dressed in black clothing with ring mail, upon which she wore a red and silver breastplate. She wore red gauntlets and across her back was strapped a spear covered in a brown leather covering and a green spearhead. By her side was strapped a silver one handed arming sword.


"Pyrrha Troy" his voice was strained from anger and an obvious disdain so thick that it should have manifested into true venom.


To anyone who knew the two of them, Chris and Pyrrha shared a strained relationship on the best of days and on the worst Chris cursed her with death.


The two were technically cousins through Morigan who was Pyrrha's mother and who the rest of the Ddriag family treated like an official aunt, though no blood relation existed between the two.


The two never had a great relationship after his mother's darkness went rogue and let's just say Chris found himself the defenseless target of her bullying. He grew to hate Pyrrha with a burning passion even after five years.


"Christian, it's nice to see you again" Pyrrha sounded awkward trying to speak to him while Chris's face twisted into a scowl.


"What do you want?" his voice had a slight growl to it.


"I just wanted to say hello. I haven't gotten to visit since well...".


"Since Kingsorder" Chris answered bluntly with the incident that still haunted him etched into his mind.


Pyrrha lowered her face in shame though Chris didn't notice and if he had he just wouldn't care "Chris... it's been five years and i... i just want us to start afresh".


"Alright then, how about you stand over there and pretend that I don't exist while I stand here and do the exact same thing" he didn't even bother to pretend to be nice about what he said.


" Alright then, it was nice seeing you" Pyrrha slowly walked away leaving Chris with a snort and a high held face.


"Can you believe her" he turned Mulengu and Ursa who had questioned looks.


Ursa just shook her head while Mulengu whispered "What was going on between you two. Is she your ex or something?".


Chris was about to answer when the speaker system in the craft flared up " Prepare for a crash landing, I repeat to prepare for a crash landing. We have taken a hit and we are about to fall into the heavy fire!".


Everyone strapped themselves into their seats as they felt the craft swing around in the air over and over again until a earthquake like thud from the presumed landing traveled through the ship and shook them all to the bone.


"Thank Deus that's over" Mulengu whispered after he swallowed back the remaining chimera surprise that nearly escaped his mouth and surprised whoever was unlucky enough for it to land upon.


Then the right side of the ship exploded inwards sending pieces of shrapnel flying in at high speeds while leaving a large hole in the side of the ship.


Then dozens of energy beams shot into the craft just as fast as the shrapnel and they cut through anything either knights or parts of the ship.


Chris ripped off his seat belt like all the others around him and dove left to avoid being shredded like so many unfortunate knight's before him.


From the panicked screams, carnage and bodies of the injured or those trapped in the wreckage Chris caught sight of Augustine running to the hole, a wall of fire formed around his body burning all the projectiles that struck him.


He stood in the possession and drew his bowstring. From his bowstring, an arrow of golden energy formed. All Avalonian bows were built with enough magical energy to form energy arrows when the string was pulled.


He let loose the arrows that crossed hundreds of meters in a few seconds and whenever they struck the ground, it resulted in explosions that tore apart large chunks of the earth. The projectiles being fired into the ship stopped.


"Move out!" Augustine ordered as he led the charge out of the craft with the other knights in tow.


Chris rose to his knees avoiding the getting trampled upon by the troops. He pulled Lucius-aurora from its scabbard before he joined the charge into the open battlefield.


Many knights in front of him had shields raised and those shields seemed to be releasing shields of energy that stopped the projectiles that should have cut through them.


A great roar was heard from the place that the projectiles originated. The ground trembled and a charge warriors clad in plate from head to toe upon great stags and flying tanks.


"Do we have any clue on who they are?" Chris had neared the front and he asked Augustine who was powering up another arrow.


The archer turned to him was clearly taken aback recognizing him before regaining his wits" Nothing, they must be a mercenary group or foreign black op's".


Soon the enemy calvary charge collided with the shields sending forth a shock wave that tore the earth from underneath the knights, some were flung back while others were buried under a ton of rock and dirt. Chris was amongst those who found themselves buried under rubble.


"Hey, get up!" dazed Chris felt two hands grab him and help him to his feet. He looked slowly and weakly at the distorted face of his rescuer, Her hair was red and her face covered in dirt but still beautiful.


"Pyrrha?" He couldn't believe his own eyes.


"Hey, are you okay" she began to help him regain standing strength before he felt her forcefully shove him to the left while she rolled back avoiding the downwards thrust of a lance from an enemy rider.


As soon as Pyrrha arose she unhooked her spear and with the nimbleness and skills befitting the daughter of Morigan she blocked every blow from the giant with skill and ease even though each blow surpassed the speed of sound.


The two combatants vanished into the chaos of battle while Chris remained there as his wits returned to him.


A shadow flew across him and up in the air he could see a humanoid with large draconic wings propelling it through the air. The creature he knew as his uncle Sigurd, and rather than join the battle below, he flew forward to a series of mountains to the west.


From these mountains hundreds of artillery rounds shot towards Sigurd, but every shot that landed no matter how strong was easily shrugged off.


Sigurd answered by drawing blade and with a single swing of his blade, seven mountains were left nothing more than giant craters upon the earth with the Lunar empire troops within them sent from the land of the living.


"Well aren't you all defenseless" a female voice whispered behind his ear.


He turned around and found a young fae woman, her hair put in pigtails while she was dressed in all red metal armor with a great axe in hand.


"Always focus on your environment you fool " he thought cursing himself as he remembered the vital lesson Morigan and Aro had beaten into him.


Chris would have called her cute if she didn't have a sinister smile "My name is Juno and what's yours my good friend?".


" Christian " he would not fully disclose his identity to an enemy combatant.


"Christian, i hope you give me cause to remember that name" she said raising her axe.


Thankfully Chris acted on split second instincts and used Lucius-aurora to block her axe.


The impact of both weapons colliding with eachother created a shock wave so powerful it tore apart the very ground that they were standing upon and nearly caused them to lose balance.


"You have fight in you, good" the woman Juno increased her axes strikes from every angle but Chris parried them all.


Chris might not have been combat prodigy but he had five years experience fighting monsters on earth and some of the best training from Morigan in weapons and hand to hand by Aro. He wasn't some defenseless nor was he a novice.


He kept parrying all of Juno's hypersonic slashes while he danced around her looking for an opening to strike to land a killing strike but no opportunity presented itself.


"Run more and more you worm!!" her words were spitefully filled with laughter, she was clearly enjoying this and it made him uncomfortable.


He pulled back and with a twist of his free hand, a ice dagger materialized that he threw at her, forcing Juno to disengage and dodge the shard.


"That was some quick elemental magic" Juno said catching her breath and Chris would have attacked her was not equally gassed.


"Lady, you ain't seen nothing yet" he slammed Lucius-aurora into the earth and out sprouted spikes made from ice that would have impelled Juno but she swung her axe creating a shockwave that tore the ice spikes to fragments.


He moved back creating a wall of solid ice that took Juno's axe instead of him. He kept dodging, weaving and dancing around the axe that meant to shred open his flesh and deliver him to deaths embrace.


Chris began to force a large quantity of magical energy into his sword and swung it into collision with Juno's axe unleashing a burst of blue energy upon impact.


The heat from the energy cooked the earth beneath him until it was a molten liquid before the energy and it's pressure. Juno slid back from the attack with nothing but slight bruising on her fingers.


"!" she roared in outrage from her 'wound' but Chris did not let up. He attacked her with all of his strength behind his swing's even though this use of his magic was starting to lessen his strength.


Each time Juno used her axe to parry Lucius-aurora she was pushed back while Chris kept coming never losing his momentum. The two didn't even notice that they were being moved from the rest of the main battle.


"If I keep up with the pressure she shall crack. I must outlast her" Chris thought as he added more force to his swing.


"You beast!" Juno's face was a murderous snarl similar to a hungry wolf " I shall skin you're soul!".


Chris had heard many strange things said to him before, but now he just had to ask " How?".


He never knew what happened until he felt a great pain in his leg, looking down he could see a white boney spike that had exited a hole in the fabric of reality itself had penetrated his left thigh from the front, punching through his armor as if it didn't exist.


"My spikes are made of dragon bone, very few armor's can stand before that" Juno's face was both murderous and amused "I will rip the flesh from your very bone".


" What about murdering my soul" he knew laughing this off was stupid, but he didn't threaten to skin another's soul.


Two giant rips in reality opened up one her right and another her left. From them, fifty spikes flew out and Chris readied himself.


He managed to deflect half of them under a few seconds but the others struck his shoulders, legs and a few caught his abdomen and chest forcing him to his knees as his body leaked blood like a fountain of crimson and he screamed as the pain was finally registered in his brain after the initial shock.


"Oh, little baby. does that hurt" she mock played concern.


"Damn you.." Chris tried to rip out one of the spikes but the pain was too much and he failed " you know... you know that was just... damn".


"I am so happy that you still have a sense of humor" from one of the rips she pulled a bone that was shaped like a crude knife " I shall enjoy curving you up".


"Then make sure to get my good side" Chris was hoping that the wisecrack would end his bone shaking fear but it did not such thing. He hated it, the fear that came with it, it shook him like a reed in a storm.


Juno began laughing like a madwoman while she raised the spike and Chris could only close his eyes as he awaited his fate. Until he felt the earth give away, the heat and a powerful blunt force knock him back.


He opened his eyes and found himself covered in dust far from a deep crater with Juno in it coated with surges of electricity.


"What the hell?" He asked.


"Hey, you okay" a familiar voice called to him. Chris looked to his right and there was a man slightly older than him with red flowing locks of hair and a slight red stubble growing on his face. He wore a bunch of tattered civilian clothing and in his hands was a large double sided bronze hammer with a head the size of a car engine and a handle almost as tall as him.


"Thor, what the hell.." Chris could always recognize his friend.


"Bastard's!" Juno rushed out of the crater.


"Damn it!" Chris thought before he shot forward ripping apart his damaged flesh as his sword was swung wildly. He didn't know what he hit but he knew he hit something from the sound of splitting flesh, spilling blood and most importantly Juno's scream of agony that mirrored the one he had from her spikes.


She screamed as she fell backward into the crater leave Chris's broken body to crash while Thor rushed to his side. From the crater, a green flash flared before vanishing with the screaming woman who seemed to scream more from anger than actual pain.


"Thor...Thor..." Chris called out to his friend.


"Hey, you will be okay" Thor carefully placed Chris on his back.


Chris looked behind Thor a fae girl holding a golden egg emerged from clear hiding. His eyes went on the egg that was pulsing with the magical energy of such a powerful degree it matched his parents.


"Thor, what is going on?" Chris asked him with a thousand questions flying through his mind..........



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