The Bounty Hunter

by MothEmperor07

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Warning This fiction contains:
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The Bounty Hunter. A man who was lucky enough to get a unique class of his own. The class of 'Protean'.

I am the Bounty Hunter.

Earth as we know it ceased to exist, replaced by an archaic system resembling RPGs. I was lucky enough to get an extraordinary class, never seen before or after that. But the circumstances that led to me getting that class expanded the darkness already present in my heart.

Now, I fight only for myself! As long as you pay enough, I will do the job you require me to do. Even if it involves killing and looting the dead of their riches!

Am  I evil? No! I like to think of myself as pragmatic.

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Why is this trending

Reviewed at: Broken

Oof. This is.. not good. The story is aiming for the "I've been betrayed so now I'm all evil and will kill everyone" approach. The mechanics aren't interesting, the story is pretty thin, and the dialog. Well. Here's a quote.

“What I want, Mr. Client, is everything you own, including your life. And I have it. That’s my due. Goodbye, Mr.Client.”

Stilted and unrealistic would be the best way to describe it.

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I absolutely love this concept. The story is well written so far, with little grammatical errors. The characters aren't cheezy or stereotypical at all, which I really like. I recommend reading it yourself.

Scott Fenton
  • Overall Score

I have enjoyed the story so far. A bit 2 demensional, but it is hard to put down. 

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A bit different

Reviewed at: Refusal

I struggle to understand the requirements for an MC when people throw 0.5* around - cool, smart, rational... Here we have a somewhat sociopathic loner who finds himself quite by accident in a position of immense power and 'the dialog is stilted and unrealistic'. The Donald still seems to get a charge out of being prez and have you seen the tweets? So did we all get damaged by Dirty Harry - sure, but this is a totally fantastic situation and you expect realism - how tf would you even define it? It's readible and somewhat interesting and early days - let's wait and see.