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I played video games so much that my own life became a game! Why did I receive this power? And why do I have a quest whose failure penalty is the destruction of the universe?

Crossover between Dragonball and The Gamer. Slow boil.

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it's a realy good fanfiction

Reviewed at: Chapter 11

it's a really good fanfiction that is not limited to the plot of the original as the hero ten live his own adventure even if it merge sometimes with the original plotline

Omnis Ra
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Well thought out idea

Reviewed at: Chapter 2

Story is good. Even though there are some grammar problems it doesn't take away from the story.

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yes, I don't believe it either

Reviewed at: Chapter 8

In a shocking turn of events, this dragon ball x The Gamer fan fiction is actually pretty good. yes, really, I'm surprised too.

The character is 14 and it shows but not really in a bad way, combats alright, going through the original dragon ball story/world is pretty fun and personally, I enjoy the system in place here even if it is mostly copied from The Gamer.

The honest con here is that on emotional impact, it's a swing and a miss but seeing as it's suppose to be a more fun light hearted story, that may not entirely be unintentional. 

The story follows the adventures of Ten as he meets classic characters of the original dragonball series such as ox king, master roshi and child chi chi as he tries to make full use of his system to grow strong enough, fast enough, to complete the very ambitious and ambigious quest of "Save The Universe". Only time will tell what threats loom and what characters we'll be running into.

At the end of the days, it's fun. As of 8 chapters in/100-ish pages, I'm enjoying reading this. There's good original material to work with tbf, but what's fun is fun. 

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The Fanfiction holds the originality of the Dragonball series and expands on a plotline often overlooked, the Dragonball saga. The story is really good and I hope the author continues this until the end.

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Fun Gamer Story

Reviewed at: Chapter 17

Dragon Ball is a very stupid universe, and this story keeps faithful to that. There isn't much thought or creativity put into world building, just dumb fun. It's the kind of story that you can just zone out to, very relax, and rather comfy.


My complaints with this story can be boiled down to four things: There is little experimentation with powers, that's not how emotions work, the fights suck, and the worldbuilding, just all of the world building.

Before I start ripping on the story I should give credit where it's due, I have yet to find filler content. If you like anime, this story will be like a best of reel for you.

Lets start with characters:

So, the main character is Ten, a young boy with a missing dad, and a single mom. He's a rather typical 14-year old nerd. He was born and raised in the DBZ universe. He gets gamer powers, goes on an adventure to save the universe. Insert ludicrous ease to complete years of work in a few days and you've got his character mostly down.


Supporting characters don't really contribute that much, and their development, as well as their interactions with the MC happen mostly off screen.

The emotions of all characters, MC included, feel incredibly fake, like something you can beat, and or, hug into submission; It's Dragon Ball expectation for this weren't really high anyway.

Next let's talk about the powers:

The powers don't have any crunch to them, no math is really involved, no character planning, no speacilization, and no draw backs. The MC just 'works hard' and gets stats in everything.

The MC does not seek skills out even though he could, they are unlocked by chance. The skills that he does have are not experimented with outside of extreme circumstances, there aren't fun an unique combinations or applications. There aren't really skill evolutions. The skills are mostly just passive buffs.

Now to the fighting:

The characters do the exact opposite of what actual fighters would do and it frustrates me. It frustrates me a lot. I'm not going to rant, but I really want to.

Finally the world building:

Magic and Ki are both real. Gods, demons, spirits, other realms, they are all real. Despite this secular society not only exists, but also denies the existence of anything 'supernatural'. That scientists in this world habitually deny the reality in front of them is perhaps the single most infuriating thing about this story.

Mostly it's just DBZ though, unsupervised children making trips across the world in small motor boats when commercial airlines exist, extra dimensional technology use for bigger bags and nothing else, only one country on the planet, terrorists that are obviously evil, but the government is too weak to stop them, fucking children stopping the terrorists.

In a word; Bullshit.


So in summary, the story isn't new, or original, or done all that well, but it's good enough for a bit of fun. 

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Holy shit its awesome

Reviewed at: Chapter 14

Honestly, this story was a surprising delight. The author manages to really expand on the world with his OC and brings in characters in a very natural way. There is little forced melding of the original story. Great development and I cannot wait for the next chapters