A New life with the choice of destruction or creation in a new world(hiatus)

A New life with the choice of destruction or creation in a new world(hiatus)

by hiyu

have you ever wonder what kind of feeling you would have the moment you were killed?

Would you feel hated? anger? Regret? Sorrow? Helplessness? Confusion? Happiness? Or all of them?

You all maybe wondering right now 'what is this person talking about?'

well I don't want to bore you with my pointless back story so I make this a short introduction.

I am Danial fang and I am a 16 year old lazy boy with no interest other than entertainment that I like which is fantasy and anything that doesn't exist in real life since you all should know how boring real life when you don't have much people to talk to but I don't like talking much as well so It is properly just me that is weird about this issue.

though I do think I am a very average person other than the fact that I am a loner and dislike hanging out or talking with people I don't know but anyway the situation is that I die.

The story goes like this.

I was walking home from the grocery store like in any story it was a fine day or a normal one if you will.

But than I suddenly hear several gun fire from out of nowhere behind me on the street and as anybody would.

I tried to turn around to see what happen but it was too late because I felt a sharp pain on the back of my head than my conscious blackout in an instant.

I didn't even I have my life flash past my eyes because I died to fast for that to happen.

so to me it was a feeling of confusion at the moment of my death.

The end.

well that is how i thought it was suppose to be but that is not end of it since my soul was destroy in a void and remade then only to get ship to a new world with magic as a hybrid of a*********.
i will keep this new race a secret until chapter one
WARNING there will be gore, disturbing scene, and mature sex scene.
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Bloody Holy Fucking HELL!!! Fantasy World with NEW RULES n LORE!!

After a long time a New Fantasy series with all new Rules n World Lore!!! Anyone who wants no training arc and skip directly to action aka OP-ness can go on right ahead and start reading.


1. You have your typical Reincarnation setting with a whole new twist, read it to understand.

2. Gender Bender(Sexless?) fans anyone??

3. Rich Fantasy background with the whole Multi-verse as base.

4. With regards to action a LOT  can be expected based on the huge Info dump(any fans here??).

5. Multiple arcs “can” be expected depending on Author!

6. Characters are plenty already and have already made an impact and mostly everyone can be described as Eccentric  I guess, needs to improve here I think. Still lots of time to improve as any major interaction has yet to occur.

7. The MC seems to be the most the most interesting of any characters in this whole website and that's saying a lot I guess, but that’s my opinion. Read novel to understand his/her personality more!

8. Lots of Philosophical  view on good n evil??


Also my fav Chapter is 2.2 ( This review is till Chapter 2.4, will update later if chapter is released regularly )

[Spoiler]  “On a Final  note, There are many Gods and existences beyond them but there’s only one True Creator,refer chapter 2.4, and our MC’s goal is to defeat and become the True Creator and the funny thing thing is that each and everyone wants to kill our Cute Loli MC ? So there’s no shortage of enemies before our MC even starts her adventure”


Awsome story (why did you stop?)

Got to the interesting parts and you stopped? ): 

Other then that it looked like it had an amazing start my only problem are a few grammatical errors and also that once she finished her training you said a sneeze can destroy the world? and she is only on the 3rd demension ruler lvl atm? kinda OP on a new level LOL


I enjoyed it. 



Add more point to gore and mature

Ps. can u make more gore and mature i pretty hardcore when into gore or mature story :P


well its really enjoyable to read

i originally want to give 5 stars but that gender bender tag  is not to my liking.. hopefully she will trasform to a man in the future.. as for the story and characters... its great... but  i think the author has dropped this ff.. been long time since the last update..