Evil Genius: Ascendance

by JeremyZenith

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Romance Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead Male Lead Secret Identity Super Heroes Villainous Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

[The cover and title are both temporary. Cover by David Edwards in a non-profit capacity, will be removed on request]

Carter Cain lives in a world of superheroes but he's not happy. That's because the most famous superhero in St. Newton is Captain Maximum who accidentally killed Carter's parents as a child. Raised by abusive foster parents and spending more time in jail than outside only made him more bitter, and he dreams of revenge against the world. Instead, he's stuck scrubbing toilets as a janitor for a laboratory.

When a freak accident gives Carter super-intelligence and psychic powers, he could become a superhero and fight for justice. Instead, he's going to become a supervillain. His goals are killing Captain Maximum and taking over the city, in that order, and he's not going to stop until he does. Get ready to see the birth of a genius supervillain from the ground up.

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So I am reviewing at chapter 6, and so far I have liked the story. I'm not an English professor so I can't judge the grammar, but I don't have a problem reading it. The only issue is that it is too short, and I hope the author continues. 

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An advanced premise executed masterfuly

Reviewed at: 1: Chapter 7

This is incredible!

The characters are distinct and well detailed. With believable grievances and reactions to each other 5/5 for Character and Style

The setting and goals are well established and beautifully communicated by the author and characters. 5/5 for Story and Grammar.

Judging this work on things outside the novel's scope and goals like the guy above is why legitimate talents leave the internet novel space.

Lord Reader
  • Overall Score

Villainy with a vendetta

Reviewed at: 1: Chapter 6

All around has good quality writing and the concept is more interesting then nought. I would say less plot armor for the MC and that is it.