Cheating Monster

Cheating Monster

by Mickr4

Book 1 - Cheating Monster: The mightiest tadpole.
Book 2 - Cheating Monster: The mightiest spore.

A comedy taking itself seriously.
Follow Kneeko, a formerly dead man who used to live as a digitized consciousness, dwelling in online worlds commonly known as VRMMOs, who has now returned to the real world with a new body. He now live a comfortable life, working for his father's company as a 'competition crusher'.
His job description, ""to hack and create chaos in their competitor's VRMMO worlds."

Everything would seem as if he Kneeko had finally met a good ending, but how did having lived for over 10,000 in-game years affect his ancient mind.
Author's note: Those who know my work know to always expect the unexpected... Things are not always what they seems to be.
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - The end of the world ago
Chapter 2 - Strength in numbers ago
Chapter 3 - Cheat if you can ago
Chapter 4 - I'll take all 3 choices ago
Chapter 5 - Immortality ago
Chapter 6 - Wallet warrior ago
Chapter 7 - Her first kiss? ago
Chapter 7.5 - Finding answers ago
Chapter 8 - Cracking mask ago
Chapter 9 - Mathematically optimal ago
Chapter 10 - Who's dumb ago
Chapter 11 - Rich and famous ago
Chapter 12 - Getting down to business ago
Chapter 13 - Got myself a stalker ago
Chapter 14 - Got myself a mother ago
Chapter 15 - The beginning of a journey ago
Chapter 16 - The magic of Alterlife2 ago
Chapter 17 - Welcome to Niardo ago
Chapter 18 - Tokens of my affection ago
Chapter 19 - Explosive farts ago
Chapter 20 - Filling the toolbox ago
Chapter 21 - Getting to know each others ago
Chapter 22 - Meeting with relatives ago
Chapter 23 - Busted ago
Chapter 24 - Enigma ago
Chapter 25 - Enraged ago
Chapter 26 - The power of money ago
Chapter 27 - The power of love ago
Chapter 28 - Kneeko the demon ago
- Current skills - ago
Chapter 29 - The hardship of beauty ago
Chapter 30 - I will miss you ago
Chapter 31 - Chronicle of the iridescent dragoness ago
Chapter 32 - Zombies and trumpets ago
Chapter 33 - When shit hit the fan (Part1) ago
Chapter 34 - When shit hit the fan (Part2) ago
Chapter 35 - I missed you ago
Chapter 36 - Flintstones Rip-off ago
Chapter 37 - Meeting the neighbour V2 ago
Chapter 38 - Reunion V2 ago
Chapter 39 - More people, more trouble V2 ago
Quick Update ago
Chapter 40 - I love her ago
Chapter 41 - Scientific approach ago
Chapter 42 - Irene's return ago
Chapter 43 - Making history ago
Chapter 44 - Independence day? ago
Chapter 45 - Kneeko the hacker? ago
Chapter 46 - Transcendence ago
Chapter 47 - Back on my feet ago
Chapter 48 - Overused rape scenario ago
Chapter 49 - It's raining men, hallelujah ago
Chapter 50 - The 'good' Samaritan ago
Chapter 51 - All hail the king ago
Chapter 52 - I'll fix your wife's hole ago
Chapter 53 - Nothing personal ago
Chapter 54 - A stalker's obsession ago
Chapter 55 - New nemesis ago
Chapter 56 - Reunion ago
Chapter 57 - Honey moon ago
Chapter 58 - The lost piece ago
Chapter 59 - Our first pet ago
Chapter 60 - A good owner ago
Chapter 61 - Anti-Climactic ago
Chapter 62 - Emergency evacuation ago
End of book 1 ago
Updates ago
(Book2) Chapter 1 - Prologue ago
(Book2) Chapter 2 - The perfect family ago
(Book2) Chapter 3 - Getting started ago
(Book2) Chapter 4 - The bloodiest chapter ago
(Book2) Chapter 5 - The impossible challenge ago
(Book2) Chapter 6 - Birds of a feather flock together ago

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We miss you Mickr4, please return to us!

This story is amazing and shouldn't be dropped right when our MC is about to wreak face in another adventure

Zombie Unicorne

Full of unexpected surprises and twists.

Man, this story is great! With so many plot twist and the unpredictability of the world and as well the unpredictable nature of the MC(Being a super A.I construct that had a bit too much crack and all) Anything you would expect that would happen would turn out the opposite. LUV it. Do check it out.


The story isn’t following any fixed path or heading to any fixed point.(At least the kind that would lead to the supposed “EndGame”) That’s not a bad thing though, like I said, this story is “unpredictable”. Not bieng tied to any set-path gives this fic the excuse to be whatever and go whenever. Which make sense because this is a RPG, what do you do when you just started playing a RPG game? You start by exploring that’s what. That’s what the story’s main premises right now. Explore and do random quests. “Complete freedom” is what this story screams out. 


The characters are the most developed I’ve seen in a while. Every characters have their own motivation, desires and dreams. None-of them are 2 dimensional moffos. The MC is a eccentric and pretty much unrelatable but that is to be expected and I believe it’s intentional. Pretty much in the MC’s backstory is him getting everything he ever wanted, Money, status, immunity to crimes, fast cars, bling, drugs and women, he got them all in excess, but because of this he became the spoiled and twisted rich boy kind. He is rather apathetic to everything and everyone. Plus, he goes wherever where the wind blows and when he finds anything amusing, he pretty much curbstomp that said ‘thing’. He is not at all OP , he hasn’t ‘overpower’ anyone and anything(excluding the mob monster and the fodder) If anything, he has pretty much been lucky and delivered low blows, yup he doesn’t overpower anyone but he actually “CHEATS  and delivers cheap shot to bring his enemy down. He’s a cheater which is much better than being simply OP. He uses his “cheat sheet” rather cleverly(like the time with the Auction or something) 

The rest of the gang are the most developed I’ve seen. None of them are 2 dimensional moffos. They are rather fleshed out with rich back story, couple that with their believable motivation and desires. Some of the characters are rather generic at first but first impression are rather unreliable, every characters aren’t what they seem and the prospect of discovering what they truly are is rather enjoyable.

The MC and his interaction with these characters are amusing as hell. 


No problem with the style and grammar. Simple would be the word that I would describe it with.


Great fic The only complaint that I’m dissatisfied with is the lack of a mature tag. Because anything that would be considered graphic and “mature” would be quickly be white-washed and glossed over, though, your glossed is integrated rather cleverly with the use of dark-humor( With a 1st person perspective, we see what the MC sees, because of his callous attitude to everything, its rather effective at putting everything under the rug without it bieng unnatural)  and comedy aspect, I salute for you’re skill…..but still the, lack of description……is….rather unsatisfactory……Well maybe this is just my bias talking but the lack of a mature tag is limiting this fiction’s full potential. 


Edit: Yosh! you added the Mature tag! I hope to see more description in anything that could be considered mature(the steamy kind and all) And if you plan to revamp the story, then I hope you add the content that you cut out, back. 




I just want to say that i highly recommend this


Loved it. The book 1 ending wasn't great but overall I loved reading it. Made me laugh many times. Hopefully there will be book 2(pretty please * puppy dog eyes * )


There are definitely some things that need to be addressed.


The grammar in this story is a bit lacking occasionally. There are strange word choices and the occasional run on but nothing that really detracts from enjoying it too much.


But, the issue with this story is the MC. In several instances it seems like the author's creativity is floundering as there are strange and abrupt shifts in character behavior. His backstory is shallow and doesn't really influence the story in a meaningful way; there is no depth at all to him. Occasionally I find myself wondering if the author actually understands the character he wrote given his background.


There are also issues with the plot. It seems at points during the story the author suddenly realized that he wrote himself into a corner and therefore tries to plug plot holes before they become relevant. Its a messy style of writing that isn't conducive to any sort of story continuity.


It clear that there are plenty of influences in this story and it shows, especially connections to manga and anime. In effect this causes characters to become bland as even someone who doesn't read or watch these things  is familiar enough with tropes and generalizations (because we're on the internet) about these characters to know whats coming.


With that being said, if the author happens to read this, let me tell you that there is imagination and creativity to be seen here and with more experience and a lot of love I think you could produce some good work down the road.

Mr Magic


i really like this story a lot it has very similar elements to many other story's but it takes it in another direction and is very funny and i think the whole cheating thing is very smart and well done i really hope the main character will become the most awesome monster

Sincerely Mr Magic  


I wounder when I can see a new chapter PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NEW CHAPTER


I really like this light novel the characters are easy to like and have a good backstory the story itself is well followed and assumed in it's entirity BUT if I have one problem now it's the long ass wait for the next chapter when will it be done? (Sorry for my grammar I am french therefore I have a few problems with it)

Red Kaiser

This one here is just OP at doing what he does best..

The story is great,,character is not weak ass type and just GREA


I cannot express how interesting this ended up being. I found it to be very thorough and really the level of cliche or tropes were minimal and in fact made fun of many of them.


The characters were thorough. They had depth and very interesting personalities. Each character was unique and special. And we were honestly able to identify with them very well.

The writing style was a fast clip pacing and really pushed to forward at mach speed. You WANTED to know what happened next. You really didn't want to sit and wait haha.


Bottom line this was an excellent story. I truly do give it a 5/5 stars.