40 Thousand Reasons

by Pef

Fan Fiction ONGOING Action Fantasy Horror Sci-fi Grimdark Space Opera Strategy War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

The Immaterium poisons everything, the living and the machine. The Tau, the Necrons and the Eldar chip away at humanity. 

In the dark future of 40th Millennium there is only war.

And if you somehow still survive, the Tyranids will eat everyone anyway. 

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Retribution - Chapter One ago
Warp ago
Fabricator ago
Foreshadow ago
Fringe ago
Pirates ago
Liberation ago
Barter ago
Amusement ago
Pact ago
Escort ago
Krak ago
Chance ago
Surprise ago
Rossete ago
Battleship ago
Sorcery ago
Pharos ago
Discovery ago
Kraken ago
Revelation ago
Fist ago
Exterminatus ago
Raid ago
Size matters ago
Goodness ago
Peace ago
Doctor ago
Overlord ago
Shard - Chapter 30 ago
Deimos - Chapter 31 ago
Canticle - Chapter 32 ago
Serpent - Chapter 33 ago
Insertion - Chapter 34 ago
Vortex - Chapter 35 ago
Iron Hand - Chapter 36 ago
Recruiting - Chapter 37 ago
Bed story - Chapter 38 ago
STC - Chapter 39 ago
Promise - Chapter 40 ago
Wolves - Chapter 41 ago
Ironclad - Chapter 42 ago
Machines - Chapter 43 ago
Puppy - Chapter 44 ago
Ogryn - Chapter 45 ago
Canis - Chapter 46 ago
Lorgar - Chapter 47 ago
Enslaver - Chapter 48 ago
Fishing - Chapter 49 ago
Backup - Chapter 50 ago
Profit - Chapter 51 ago
Battle Barge - Chapter 52 ago
Blind - Chapter 53 ago
Chance - Chapter 54 ago
Horde - Chapter 55 ago
Naya - Chapter 56 ago
Judgement - Chapter 57 ago
Easy - Chapter 58 ago
Listen - Chapter 59 ago
Bone Kingdom - Chapter 60 ago
Teleport - Chapter 61 ago
Aegida - Chapter 62 ago
Fair Chance - Chapter 63 ago
Bad news - Chapter 64 ago
Rage - Chapter 65 ago
Faith - Chapter 66 ago
Farseer - Chapter 67 ago
Dark Eldar - Chapter 68 ago
Mind over matter - Chapter 69 ago
Cosmic Trade - Chapter 70 ago
Red Thirst - Chapter 71 ago
Bastard - Chapter 72 ago
Reality - Chapter 73 ago
Eldar strike back - Chapter 74 ago
Surrender - Chapter 75 ago
Victory - Chapter 76 ago
Duty - 77 ago
Miracle - 78 ago
Badab War - 79 ago
Magog - Chapter 80 ago
Angstrom - Chapter 81 ago
Lamenters - Chapter 82 ago
Master - Chapter 83 ago
Eternal - Chapter 84 ago
Repair - Chapter 85 ago
Scorpion - Chapter 86 ago
Null - Chapter 87 ago
Failure - Chapter 88 ago
Cheater - Chapter 89 ago
Silence - Chapter 90 ago
Hollow - Chapter 91 ago
Gauntlet - Chapter 92 ago
Dawn Blade - Chapter 93 ago
Treaty - Chapter 94 ago
Present - Chapter 95 ago
Last Stand - Chapter 96 ago
Epic - Chapter 97 ago
Khaine - Chapter 98 ago
Khan - Chapter 99 ago
Edge - Chapter 100 ago
Paranoid - Chapter 101 ago
Necklace - Chapter 102 ago
Knowledge - Chapter 103 ago
Option B - Chapter 104 ago
Second Phase - Chapter 105 ago
Shadow - Chapter 106 ago
Vampire - Chapter 107 ago
Flail - Chapter 108 ago
Elixa - Chapter 109 ago
Holy spear - Chapter 110 ago
Engine - Chapter 111 ago
Cain - Chapter 112 ago
Grapes - Chapter 113 ago
Phase - Chapter 114 ago
Triplex - Chapter 115 ago
Coming storm - Chapter 116 ago
Sanction - Chapter 117 ago
Splinter - Chapter 118 ago
Moloch ago

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Better than most, and part of a very limited genre.

Reviewed at: Fist

This review may contain minor spoilers. You have been warned.


 Forty Thousand Reasons is a Warhammer 40K Fanfic, complete with self-insert character who, by the standards of the setting, has lucked out big time. In a first-person perspective, we follow Pef, the son and heir to a Rogue Trader captain operating on the border of Imperial Space.

 After his father suddenly and admittedly rather conveniently dies, Pef is left to take up the reins of his Rogue Trader house, attempting to guide his people toward fame and fortune while avoiding the ire of the many powerful Imperial factions, such as the Mechanicus, the Imperial Navy, and the Inquisition.

 Of course, being a story with a self-insert MC, everything goes right a major portion of the time, people practically shower him with gifts, he's an absolute prodigy of naval warfare, and he's banging hot chicks left, right, and center, not to mention the fact that he's a techno-genius and manages to improve the performance of every STC he comes across by somewhere between ten and a thousand percent.

 Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the story. I'm enjoying it, in fact. It's just very obvious that it needs a massive amount of polish. It's standard first-draft stuff, and a solid base to build something truly great on.

I will now break down my reasoning for scoring the fiction in the manner I have.


It always takes me a minute or two to pinpoint the exact issues I have with a writer's style. It's a bit of an ephemeral thing, but I think I've grasped it with the following.

 The goings-on and happenstance of the scenes are laid out like a recipe, one after another with hardly any emotion in them. You'd think that with the first-person perspective, you'd get some descriptions of his surroundings, but nothing so much as the color of someone's robes or the look of a set of power armor has been shown. A major part of human perception is sight, and none of that is being described to us. What does this world look like? Are its oceans green, its atmosphere tinged purple, its continents laid out like a particularly misshapen gerbil?

The lack of any kind of description, anywhere, cheapens the entire story. We don't get to read about how the Magos's vox crackles angrily at the very suggestion that they lend a Titan to some damn fool Rogue Trader, we just hear a mostly monotone conversation spiked with miniscule attempts at inflection.

In summation, the story feels lifeless. Please, I am begging you, inject some personality into the people and places. The story you are trying to tell will thank you for it, as will all your readers.


There are very few if any grammatical errors, and none large enough that I remeber them. This is a very precious and rare occurence, and we would do well to look upon it with a degree of reverence. I would read a poorly-written story with excellent grammar a thousand times before I would read a well-written story with atrocious grammar. It really is that big of a deal, and is the reason I stuck with this story instead of rejecting it out of hand.

Good job on that one, Author. Keep it up.


My major gripe in this area is that everything feels too convenient and easy for the protagonist. Everything falls neatly into place, as though some higher power is arranging things just so. Seeing as this is, again, a self-insert story, that higher power is likely known as Author.

This would be just fine, if not for the simple fact that the world does not work like that. Everything must be worked for in order to be obtained, from the lowliest lasrifle to the mightiest battlefleet. This story would be so much better if all the work put into recovering, refurbishing, and refitting was touched upon, instead of being taken for granted.

Imagine what could be written about trying to convince the Forge World representative that what you have is in fact a legitimate STC instead of a cobbled-together schematic slapped together from a dozen different sources. Imagine the politicking it would take to convince a Space Marine chapter to not only take you seriously, but to consider helping your designs along. Imagine the careful line you'd need to walk with the Inquisition's own eyes upon you between surviving another day and actually implementing some form of lasting change, hopefully for the better.

We get none of this, because it's all handed to the MC without much more than a moment's thought. And that dissapoints me.

In addition to all that, things simply move too fast without giving the impression of having moved at all. Again, better descriptions are paramount; without them, we have a bland, soggy biscuit of a story, with everything blending into everything else.

To end this segment off, I'd like to touch on the references made to a sort of character customization screen, which the MC mentions several times. This of course implies it's one of those portal fantasy stories, but doesn't give us enough of that plot point to warrant its inclusion. I would advise the author to either fully commit to the theme and embrace it, or disregard it entirely. A more thorough explanation of exactly what's going on with that is necessary for it to do any more than annoy the reader.


Being a blatant self-insert (the character's name, Pef, is that of the author), the main character has a great many flaws. As mentioned before, he manages to somehow be some form of incredible genius with whom lady luck is practically married.

He spends the time not dedicated to managing his House trying to collect as many schematics as possible, and refining them as best as he is able. This is not a poor character trait, rather it's an admirable one, but the quite frankly ludicrous claims he makes about the effect of his alterations are simply obnoxious. Three hundred percent increase in whatever-it-was, my ass.

This experimentation and the results thereof would be more believable if a narration of the process were provided, something detailed enough to intrigue but not heavy enough to turn away readers.

It would also make much more sense if the process were treated more as an ongoing research project that occasionally produces marginal increases than an all-at-once one and done magical technological cure-all. We as the readers can only take so much of "My thing is just better than yours, because it is" before we throw down the book in disgust at yet another wish-fulfilment slopfest and go find something more worth reading.

Another problem is the protagonist's name. People, especially people of note, in the 40K universe do not have names like Pef. They have large, grandiose names, often evoking a very latin or aristocratic theme. Names are important, Author. They are the first impression we have of a character, and they must fit. A Rogue Trader has a name like Julianus Hildebrant, Petronius Kempon, or Calligos Haddaway, something that implies an amount of wealth measured in worlds. Nobody's going to take seriously a Rogue Trader named Steve. The more syllables packed into the least space, the better.


I'm sure I could write more if I really wanted, it's not as though I'm lacking in material, but it's getting rather late now so I'll end this here. The story is promising, but needs a good rework in almost every respect. I see it as a first draft, and a fair one at that, but a first draft without further editing and follow-up is doomed to pass away into the aether without acknowledgement. I wish the Author luck in remedying these weaknesses, or at least in finding a good editor.

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Overall I like this, but Pef's narration style of storytelling can be grating. There honestly is not enough 40k fanfics and those that do exist usually have not been updated in years. So, while Pef's story isnt an ideal to me I'm definitly going to read it just like I did for his Starwars novel because he provides niche fanfics I enjoy. 

This all said Pef could use a good editor or sounding board for ideas. No clue if he is trying to take his writing full-time but I wish him luck in finding the tools to get better at this stuff. 

  • Overall Score

Pef once again brings us along on his deep dive in a fantastically flushed out fictional universe. I thought myself to be a fan of Warhammer but this story has shown just how shallow my understanding is compared to Pefs and the amount of research he must be doing to continue to wow me with characters I have and haven't heard of. 

With that being said there has been improvement in the quality and quantity of character interactions but it is still shy of the amount I would like to see in this story. Leaving the story feeling more of a highlight reel than an adventure.


If you are a fan of Warhammer or Pefs other works then I would suggest giving this now massive work of fanfiction a read.  


  • Overall Score

Best 40k novel I've read, ever.

Reviewed at: Second Phase - Chapter 105

Gets better in later chapters - frankly i'd read initial chapters a while ago and it's not fresh enough in memory to offer an opinion. I'd left it for a while and picked it up again yesterday. Was awake till 4:30 am, binging.


To author:

Thank you for this amazing series. Please don't drop this.

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A well done and moderately well-executed Warhammer 40K crackfic


Grammar: Very little grammatical or spelling errors whatsoever that I can point out in this story that would hinder your reading experience. 5/5


Style: This story is a very unserious crackfic fanfiction of Warhammer 40K that is more on the comedic side rather than the usual Warhammer dark and gritty. So it's not a story for those who are preferential towards more serious types of stories 4/5


Story: The story is set in the Warhammer 40K universe and mostly just focuses on the adventures of the self-inserted Lord Pef and his quest of doing whatever he wants from blowing up Orks to messing with canon.

It does, of course, have an actual plotline, like creating his own empire of blanks and ensuring the survival of humanity, but it all sort of just falls on the wayside and is mostly done in the background by the side characters while Lord Pef focuses on his travels, messing with everyone and essentially becoming the Deus ex machina of the universe.

The story while funny and interesting is slowly becoming boring and repetitive as the MC simply repeats his actions, again and again, simply following the same pattern.

Everything also simply falls into Pef's lap thanks to various plotholes, plot armour and his knowledge of how the story is supposed to go. Making even the most absurd of obstacles become mere nuisances that are eliminated in a heartbeat creating no real excitement except for those who like to read how the MC so easily obliterates and overpowers their foes, regardless of the odds.

There is also heavy use of lore in this story so unless your a fan of WH40K or have read up on the lore extensively, then'll you have some difficulty with some of the terms or items used/shown in the story 3/5


Characters: The characters in the story both side and main are all, unfortunately, one dimensional, rather bland, at times interesting and other times just carbon copies of each other. So much so that it only takes the most basic and simple of explanations to describe most characters in their entirety. 

None of the characters in the story are really fleshed out enough to be called anything but one dimensional and most are simply static and unchanging. The tech-priests being worst of them as they are all essentially copies of one another in both actions and reactions making them exceedingly predictable and thus boring after a while. 

For the more hardcore fans of WH40K there's also the fact that many of in-universe characters are very OOC (out of character). The biggest example of which are the Astartes in this story. They have become gullible, stupid and easily cowed weaklings that easily fall prey to literally anyone without guidance (Lord Pef). So be warned 2.5/5


Overall: A fun read that's great at the start that slowly becomes repetitive as the story progresses. I would recommend it as a past-time read for a good laugh or two. I wouldn't recommend it for people who like more plot-driven stories and WH40K fans who dislike canon divergence and OOC (out of character) characters.

This is the type of story for those people who like stories like Overlord where the main protagonist (Ainz) is so powerful that there is literally zero threats that can actually harm him and where the most interesting part or main attraction of the story is how he overpowers everyone who stands in his way and how his 'powerful' enemies are simply helpess lambs for slaughter against him  3.5/5

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Reads like an RPG that's on easy mode

Reviewed at: Liberation

And there's nothing wrong with that.

There are constant reminders of how grimdark the overall sitiuation is, but the main character keeps on dealing with his local challenges fairly easily, and snowballing his empire/fleet. But it handles that well.

Other than that, the grammar has a few mistakes, and the characters are somewhat flat.

  • Overall Score

Do Not stop your stories randomly.

Reviewed at: Warp

Man, I have been reading your other works whenever they come out. I am really requesting you to finish your stories. They are always entertaining to read and I would be really happy if you would bring a worthy glorious death to your main characters.

People, please read these stories only if you wish to see epic alternative universes where MC is nearly as good as "I, Cato Sicarius" of Ultramarines second company and do not grumble about this being not closer to lore.

  • Overall Score

flippin yes that is the stuff

Reviewed at: Escort

awesome been waiting for a goo w40k fic on this site for ages a few got close but this is closest by far with a bit of pef flare of course

Foolish Luke
  • Overall Score

This is a good story, a little rough around the edges but a very enjoyable to read overall.

Updated as the original complaint is no longer relevant

  • Overall Score

Its good. Love me some 40k

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