The Human Game

by The Wr1ter

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Romance LitRPG
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

While backpacking in the Canadian Rockies during a thunder storm Neil Fischer took a wrong turn and wound up more lost than anyone has been before.


Now on a new planet in a deep jungle Neil will have to survive monsters, animals, ancient ruins, magic and beautiful snake girls.


Story will have sexual content, chapters with adult content will be marked.


Updates coming as I am able to give them.

Please drop a rating for the story and stay safe!

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The Wr1ter

The Wr1ter

Top List #1000
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Word Count (12)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Super Lost ago
Chapter 2 - The Rift ago
Chapter 3 - Acid Burn ago
Chapter 4 - Enter the Snake Girl ago
Chapter 5 - Other Perspective ago
Chapter 6 - Washing up ago
Chapter 7 - Potion Making ago
Chapter 8 - Ambush ago
Chapter 9 - Flight and Fight ago
Chapter 10 - The return ago
Chapter 11 - Waking Up ago
Chapter 12 - Good Morning ago
Chapter 13 - Best Morning - Contains Adult Content ago
Chapter 14 - Looking For Adventure ago
Chapter 15 - Get My Tail Straightened out ago
Chapter 16 - Cat Burgler ago
Chapter 17- Search ago
Chapter 18 - Perfect End to a Perfect Day - Adult Content Warning ago
Chapter 19 - Conversation ago
Chapter 20 - Experimentation ago
Chapter - 21 - Going for a run. ago
Chapter 22 - Working ago
Chapter 23 - Meet the neighbors ago
Chapter 24 - Expedition ago
Chapter 25 - Making yourself at home ago
Chapter 26 - Click Click Slide ago
Chapter 27 - Heading Down ago
Chapter 28 - Down the mountain ago
Chapter 29 - Playing tourist ago
Chapter 30 -Recovery ago
Chapter 31 - Talking ago
Chapter 32 - Training ago
Chapter 33 - Practical Applications ago
Chapter 34 - After Action ago
Chapter 35 - Through the field ago
Chapter 36 - Bath Time ago
Bath Time Alternate - Adult Content Warning ago
Chapter 37- Hangovers ago
Chapter 38 - Lucky Throw ago
Chapter 39 - Demolition ago
Chapter - 40 Conversation ago
Chapter 41 - No slip, no slide. ago
Chapter 42 - Welcome to Town ago
Chapter 43 - Late night visitor - Adult content warning ago
Chapter 44 - Rough Morning ago
Chapter 45 - The meeting ago
Chapter 46 ago
Chapter 47 ago
Chapter 48 ago
Chapter 49 - Don't split the party ago
Chapter 50 - The Lair ago

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This is readable but the relationship and the plot aren't very interesting

Reviewed at: Chapter 18 - Perfect End to a Perfect Day - Adult Content Warning

This is an okay story but it doesn't grab your attention. The relationship is bland and starts of pretty fast in a very shallow way. The plot takes a firm backseat and while there are hints that something more interesting may happen sometime in the future it hasn't arrived by chapter 18. Actually, the best chapters are where the main character is not present. Probably a bad sign.

There are also a whole lot of grammar mistakes.


Had to change my review to an advanced review since I think the low scores in each category were undeserved.

The writing style is decent with reasonably well done dialog and I never felt put upon with any info dumps. My biggest complaint is regarding the perspective shifts. The author has an unfortunate habit of showing the same scene from multiple perspectives, which I believe should be done sparingly and only to emphasize truly different interpretations of events. Otherwise, I've quite enjoyed the read every step of the way.

The story has a decent premise (not original, but not overplayed imo) that the author has so far delivered upon. The pacing is good enough that I don't feel like I'm waiting around for things to happen.

As mentioned in other reviews, the supporting characters have a bit more depth than the MC. This feels like it's starting to change over a couple of the recent chapters though, so I have hope for the future.

There are grammar errors (sometimes structuring errors too with misplaced system messages) but none were bad enough to stop me or give me trouble.

tldr; It's a fun read with an author I think is improving.


Fun so far, nothing groundbreaking. (as of chapter 33).


Common sense is not very common

Reviewed at: Chapter 26 - Click Click Slide

The story and grammar is good but it lacks common sense and logic.


The story is great. From what I have read there are very few, if any, grammar mistakes, the story is solid with no plot holes, and so far it has kept me interested throughout my day of reading. I would recommend others to read if they enjoy unconventional isekai stories. And I hope the author continues with what they are doing!


Good writhing but... Not for me.

Reviewed at: Chapter 29 - Playing tourist

Read up to chapter 16, but the story didn't really caught my interest, ymmv.


Interesting and well written if a bit amateurish

Reviewed at: Chapter 26 - Click Click Slide

You can tell that the author doesn't have a lot of experience writing but the characters are compelling the story seems well thought out and so far it's been great! Can't wait for more!


Shame to see this going into hiatus, I liked it.

sadly this wasn't unexpected as most stories in here are left incomplete.


Good for now~ Hoping to see a lot more of chapters xD


Sentences in the first cuple paragraphes are overly long and very cumbersome to read. I almost ditched the story because of that...luckily the readability improved pretty quickly.

Also...I love Lamia's...this earns an extra star just because.


Wing please don't delete my "too short" review.  :D