Polyrhythm Time -- A Bard's Tail

Polyrhythm Time -- A Bard's Tail

by Aretae

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Have you ever met someone who loves what they do so much that they'll skip sleep, food, love and safety to pursue it? What happens if that kind of person encounters a different dimension, yet holds on to their love of music, and specifically of rock drumming.

When the world ended at the end of 2057, Kevin Snackenbridge slept through it. He'd been drumming all night.

-- System eats world -- Monsters and magic --
-- LitRpg -- Practice, not levels and stats --
-- MC Bard -- support class -- low power --
-- MC chooses music over survival skills --

Kevin trips into the Internal Strength Dimension where Thaumaturgy is king. With the help of a talking plant and several vicious monkeys he learns that the rule is "Change or die." Kevin changes, but remains firmly a drummer/Bard in this high fantasy setting. This is Kevin's adventure, and that of the friends he meets.

Kevin has the soul of a real musician. He loves music, specifically rhythm and drumming, and would give his left nut if it would help him drum better. He's a rock drummer, and his language is that of a rock drummer: slanged, duded, and frequently laced with profanity. He focuses on music, and makes decisions that even the author doesn't approve of. However, that means all his decisions are Kevin's decisions, not those of a system-optimizing power-gamer. 

There's points (All of Arc 2) where he wanders aimlessly. Goals seem foreign to him at points. What would you do if you were a musician, and the world fell apart and you no longer had an audience or band-mates.  You'd be kinda lost.  Kevin is.  Arc 2 is a lot of Kevin not knowing what to do, going with the flow, and not being articulate enough to know that he doesn't know what to do.

1. Chapters start short near 500 words, and grow to 12-1500 by ch.100

2. Chapters daily

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Word Count (9)
Table of Contents
110 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
0.1-Aggie ago
0.2-Kevin ago
1.1-Smart Alec ago
1.2-Nuts ago
1.3-Da Da Da Drum ago
1.4-Practice ago
1.5-Where am I ago
1.6-Lessons ago
1.7-Monkeying Around ago
1.8-Bigger Stick ago
1.9-Choices ago
1.10-Choices ago
1.11-Choosing ago
1.12-Chasing Tail ago
1.13-Monkey Business ago
1.14-Two Many Monkeys ago
1.15-Summer School ago
1.16-Head Coach ago
1.17-Going Batty ago
1.18-Is that a stick in your pocket? ago
1.19-Training ago
1.20-Magic ago
1.21-Condensation ago
1.22-Thanks ago
1.23-Buying ago
1.24-Learning to walk ago
1.25-Sounds good ago
1.26-See monkey ago
1.27-Furious George ago
1.28-Duds ago
1.29-Music and Memory ago
1.30-Readiness ago
1.31-Monkey Hunt ago
1.32-Redo ago
1.33-Going Bananas ago
1.34-Kong Hunt ago
1.35-Trial Prep ago
1.36-Final Exam ago
1.37-Sasquatch ago
1.38-Spring Cleaning ago
1.39-Endings ago
2.1-Beginnings ago
2.2-Tom ago
2.3-Southern Hospitality ago
2.4-On The Farm ago
2.5-Movin on ago
2.6-Feelin’ The Heat ago
2.7-Seeing Red ago
2.8-Fishin’ ago
2.9-Smoke ago
2.10-Imagine ago
2.11-The Village ago
2.12-Introductions ago
2.13-Working together ago
2.14-Moving in ago
2.15-Settling ago
2.16-Size ago
2.17-Life sucks ago
2.18-Getting better ago
2.19-Mood ago
2.20-Hooked ago
2.21-Conspiracy ago
2.22-Blood ago
2.23-Yulia ago
2.24-Negotiations ago
2.25-The Beat ago
2.26-Rabbit ago
2.27-Peace ago
2.28-Memories ago
2.29-The Band ago
2.30-Party ago
2.31-West ago
2.32-Continuing ago
2.33-Conundrum ago
2.34-Debate ago
2.35-Doldrums ago
2.36-Wolves ago
2.37-Rescue ago
2.38-Cavalry ago
2.39-Q and A ago
2.40-Faster ago
3.1-Trapped ago
3.2-Offer ago
3.3-Complicity ago
3.4-Concessions ago
3.5-Cavern ago
3.6-Working ago
3.7-Plotting ago
3.8-Groundwork ago
3.9-Almost ago
3.10-Assault ago
3.11-Fight ago
3.12-Zombies ago
3.13-Horde ago
3.14-Cleanup ago
3.15-Going Home ago
3.16-Danae ago
3.17-Quest ago
3.18-Miguel ago
3.19-Application ago
3.20-Tryouts ago
3.21-Travel ago
3.22-Testing ago
3.23-Experience ago
3.24-Scouting ago
Retcons as we move forward ago
3.25 - Information ago
3.26 - Prisonbreak ago
3.27 - Run Away ago
Paused ago

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Commander Kane

Do you even drum, bro?

Reviewed at: 12-Choices

I really like the style. The author is slow-paced, but I like it. The MC isn't some badass by the third chapter and it's nice to see that the author is taking the time to explain things, even if it's a bit telly.

Grammar is the best I've seen on this site, not unlike work from NoDragon and few other others. There are a few problems here and there, mostly due to punctuation, but it's good.

As I said, the story is great. World ends, we're in a different dimension, drums.

Characters! The MC is a Kevin, that you must know. Now, as I myself write a Kevin, I approve the direction the author has taken this MC. Very drum-focused, probably has a little ADHD.

Then there's Alec. Alec's kinda condescending, but not in a way you'd get annoyed by him, unless you're one of the people who think every side character in the story should worship the MC. You...you'd have some problems, then.

All in all, five out of five stories, lots of updates so far, I like where this is going.


i just....what is this?

Reviewed at: 34-Redo

I honestly dont know what to make of this, i mean, its sort of a litrpg, sure, its a transmigration story, it has all the usual themes, its written....well enough.....

but its about a drummer....and not even in the "oh, ive been yeeted to another world better get my shit together" type of person i mean a real, honest to god drummer with the personality to match it, bordering on autism. I believe these creatures are referred to as a "kevin".

i dont know how or why the author has managed to create such a detailed example of one of lifes lowest specimens, and i garuntee the author is not a drummer, because they wrote a book and are clearly literate, but the premise of the character is so rediculous its genuinely worth the read, if for nothing more than a sideshow attraction.

Seriously though, its well written, fairly amusing and got that little spark of something that keeps you coming back to check in on it. it is absolutely slow paced, but things are starting to pick up, and id love to see how far this trope can go in the standard transmigration story.

Keep it up, you are definitely doing....something? i think?



I'm hooked. Premise after premise building to ...

Reviewed at: 76-Doldrums

At chapter 8 I wrote this -
I'm hooked. Premise after premise building to ... I don't know what YET
Cheeky, smart, a bit demanding. I'm all in.
May I have some more. Please.

Now, at 67, I am so glad to be on this ride. I want to learn about this world. I want to be in this world. I find myself curious about how I would approach my "build." I wonder where the author is going to take it, and how the orders of magnitude will unfurl ...

Rock On! 

Major Vex

Started reading 'cause I was bored.  Almost stopped immediately because it starts with a song recommendation to start each chapter.... Allow me to explain, there's been about a dozen KU & RR books that start with that kind of thing that I've tried reading and each one was a babble of an Adderall addicted author who should've payed attention in english class.   This turned out to be the diamond in the rough compared to those.   YES, the style is a bit free flow writing (matches MC) but it's still entertaining and a fun read after the first 78 small chapters.

I recommend this book for a fun light entertaining read.  I'll keep reading to see how it progresses.

At the time of this review, there's nothing that warrants the "sexual content" tag. 


Quirky and awesome

Reviewed at: 63-Blood

Definitely one of the more interesting stories I've read on RRL.  The author does a great job portraying a musically-obsessed drummer in a new, magical world.  Worldbuilding, mechanics, etc. all work well.  But really, I came and stayed for the strange yet somehow incredibly endearing protagonist.  Strongly recommended.

Emerald OKeefe

This is one of a minority of stories where I didn't notice the grammar and spelling mistakes. I know there were a few but after 66 chapters I can honestly say I could count them on two hands.


i LOVE all the puns. I may not have gotten all the musical references but I got all the othe puns.

This is a happy story for the most part. Even happy stories have to have some sad or there is no conflict to resolve.


Lawrence Yan

Extraodinary! Drumming and meditation, what a great combination.

I really think you have something going here, not only for the novelty of the main character in this story, but also because of the on-point grammar and great narrative flow you've constructed so far. 

It's a very polished piece already as it is, and I think you probably could even directly publish this into a book once you've finished. I can tell that the author has some form of writing background for sure.


Just found and binged this tonight.  Really entertaining and well written.  First arc completes the tutorial, so you can see its a relatively slow paced story, but there's action interspersed throughout.  The pace of the story doesn't feel slow as the MC is driven, just in an odd direction.  There's humor without trying too hard.  The writing is really clean; I barely saw any errors.  

Overall, nothing to complain about with this story, other than the fact that there's not more of it.  


Probably too technical for most readers on RR to get into.

With that said if you are into this kinda thing then this is definitely the story for you!

  • Interesting way of bringing in a 'system'.
  • Marvellous writing and impeccable grammar.
  • Unique MC - drummers are a strange breed!
  • Sassy tutorial guide
  • Plus it updates almost everyday, so there's always something more to read!


Overall an excellently written novel!

Cheers Artae :)



I enjoyed this.  The MC is a bit irritating for the first few chapters until you start to get his obession, but after that it is enjoyable.  

I only have two problems with this story. 

The first is that the main character mostly talks about music from the 70's through the 90's ... which is fine.  But considering that the setting is a proffessional musician from 2050 well... I find it doubtful that a serious musican would be that obsessed with the "oldies".  It would be a bit like David Grohl, Meg White, or Brian Denvendorf being obsessed to the exclusion of all else with Bennie Goodman and Ragtime music. 

Maybe his Five Guys and their Schticks (sounds like a burger joint) is a band kind of like Postmodern Jukebox doing an old take on a new thing.  Maybe late 20th century music was a kind of golden age that was short. I don't know.  

My second problem is a bit more prosaic.  If the MC is going to dwell on the music he dwells on, where is Tom Waits?  Tom Waits is a God, though not a drumming god and deserves a place of honor among the pantheon.