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1/19/2017: Unedited, over descriptive rewrite. I wonder how many chapters it'll take for someone to notice this~

Six years have passed since my birth, and my parents are worried for me. The reason?

Pretty much because my birth had the exact same scenario that occurred in my previous life. The doctor had labelled me as ‘retarded,’ due to a couple of reasons. Not only that, but I also have not let out my voice ever since the day of my birth, worrying my parents even further. But this is pretty much what happened during my birth;

After I was pulled out of the darkness that was supposedly my mother’s womb, I tried to open my eyes to see what was going on. Unfortunately, I was unable to see anything at all. My vision was blurred, and I could hardly make out what colors were around me at the moment. I could barely even move my body, but strangely, I can still feel mana flowing through me. Since I wasn’t able to use my sight, I decide to use magic instead.

Using one of my [Wind Spells], [Clairvoyant eyes], I was able to create an ethereal ‘Third Eye’ that granted me vision of my surrounding area at the cost of losing vision from my real eyes for the duration of the spell. I wasn’t able to use them anyway, so I wasn’t really losing anything from using this spell.

When I was finally able to see again due to this spell, I was shown a bird eye’s view of the room my body was in. Right away, I can see a beautiful woman lying in a bed, and a man standing next to her holding a newborn baby. It seems that she had just given birth, and that the man next to her was a doctor. Since I couldn’t see anyone else in the room, I could only assume that I was the newborn child that the doctor was holding.

It seems like I’ve been reincarnated, which surprised me greatly. Never have I ever heard of something like this happening in my previous life, yet here I am in the body of another. As I was about to stop using [Clairvoyant Eyes], I suddenly notice a detail on my new body that shocked me greatly. I was missing a certain something in the lower part of my body. Seeing it gone, it must mean that I’ve been played by fate. Since I was reincarnated as a female.

Now, it’s not like I have anything against women. But being one isn’t something I wished for. This is mainly due to body physique, something that would affect me greatly since I was used to the larger body frame of a male. The area that is affected most by this is mainly combat; I would have to get used to the body of an agile fighter relying on speed rather than a warrior that fights with raw strength. Getting used to something like that would take a while, even if I started training from a young age. Trying to overwrite 20 years of a certain combat style will be difficult, after all. If it wasn't for that, I could care less about whether I had breasts or not.

Letting out a mental sigh, I cut off the ‘Third Eye’ and my vision becomes extremely blurry again. I felt the doctor wiping my body before doing a series of random things to my body. I simply remained as still as possible without uttering a sound, only to find out later that he was examining my body’s functions and reflexes. So my decision of remaining still contributed to one of the facts that I was retarded, along with my silence.

After the doctor was done with his tests, I was handed over to another pair of arms, which I assume were my mother’s. After a few minutes, I hear the two yelling at each other in the language I was quite familiar with. Something about how I should be in the custody of the hospital to check for any further problems and figure out if I can be healed early. But I completely ignore that, as my body was getting tired. Before long, I found myself asleep in the warm arms of my mother, only waking up after I’ve been taken back to the house.

Given the name, ‘Aria Brynhildr,’ this was how my new life started off as a newborn human.

Despite being told about my ‘disabilities,’ my parents still raised me dotingly. This was something new to me, since my previous family wasn’t as loving. Unfortunately, this also meant they spent a lot of time monitoring me, making sure I didn’t hurt myself in anyway possible. Their surveillance over me has relaxed ever since my fourth birthday, finally giving me chances to research what happened after my death. For the next couple of years onwards, I spent most of my time studying like this.

Basically, it’s been approximately two millenniums since the war of between humans and demons, which was called the [Demon War]. The bodies of both the [Demon Lord] and I were never found, strangely, but the rest of the world took it as complete, mutual destruction. Right afterwards, they eradicated the ‘evil’ that was the [Demon Race], and peace was supposed to return to the world. It never did, though, due to the greed and corruption of humans in power.

With the force threatening the human race now gone, allying kingdoms no longer have any reason to work together. The extinction of the [Demon Race] had lead to new opportunities for land and resources, which lead to conflict between the powering countries of Sykerion. Eventually, the great war between the humans which would later be called the [Sykerion War]  started and lasted for an entire century, leading to a death count much higher than the previous war.
Ending with a tactical explosion onto the most powerful country at the time, the war finally came to a stop. With history written from the perspective of the victor, the winning countries being the ‘good guys,’ the losing ones being the ‘tyrannical villains.’ Thankfully, the world finally underwent an era of peace for an entire millennium. At the same time, technology advanced at a rapid pace with inventions I would have never even dreamed of.

At some point, they developed technology that utilized ‘electricity,’ something that greatly increased the potential of the human race to unknown heights. Devices such as ‘computers’ and ‘phones’ were created, carriages were replaced with ‘motor vehicles’ such as cars, motorbikes and such. Weapon technology has also greatly advanced, introducing a new type of weapon known as ‘guns.’

The world remained somewhat peaceful compared to my time, other than the occasional terrorist group that attempts to pull the world into chaos. Unfortunately, it was impossible to maintain this peace, due to a sudden event announced by the [System]. The exact message was not recorded in the books, but the announcement was the cause of a large scale change throughout the world.

Several strange structures were erected randomly, standing several stories tall. Forests, deserts, swamps, and other natural landscapes were transformed completely. On top of these changes, several new species of hostile animals were inhabiting these areas, which were classified as [Monsters]. These areas were labelled as [Dungeons], an area where hostile creatures were gathered for unknown reasons.

Many expeditions were lead by several different kingdoms to try and ‘clear’ these dungeons, but nearly every attempt was met with extreme casualties. Even if they were successful in clearing the dungeon, they were unable to destroy it. At best, they were able to make it dormant by reaching the core of the dungeon and deactivate it by defeating the [Dungeon Master]. This causes the monsters created by the dungeon to be unable to leave its territory, allowing people to set up settlements nearby without worry.

Countries began giving out rewards and bounties for the capture of these dungeons, and many small mercenary groups were formed at around this time. These consisted mostly of combatants who were confident in their skill, driven by factors such as greed or experience to become stronger. As the mercenary groups continued to explore the various dungeons throughout the world, they discovered that by exploring the weaker ones first, one can get stronger and train their abilities before entering the more powerful dungeons.

This discovery lead to the creation of the [Adventurer’s Guild], an organization that mainly handled dungeon exploration and monster subjugations. The members of this organization were known as [Adventurers], and requests could be made to them via [Guild Halls]. Although they were small at first, it expanded at an exponential rate, and soon enough became a worldwide organization within a century. In the present day, nearly every city and town has erected their own [Guild Halls] for adventurers.

Over the course of three centuries, due to the influence of [Adventurers], every known dungeon on Sykerion had been conquered, and the voice of the [System] resounded through the world once again. This time, someone actually had the thought to write down what they heard, which was;

"Conditions for [World Gates] has been fulfilled. Access to [Worlds] has been granted. [Sykerion System] has been upgraded. [Stat Allocation] is now accessible. Level limit has been increased by 100. Stat limit has been increased by 2,000."

Just like when the [Dungeons] first spawned, several strange structures were formed around the world. They were large in size, and was shaped as a circular gate. These were referred to as [World Gates] by the system, and just like the name implied, they were portals that led people to worlds different from ours. Excited to explore them, adventurers quickly travelled through them and came back with information about where each gate brought them to. Most of them were just planets that had several more dungeons and monsters, while a few of them brought us to worlds that had civilization of different races.

The rest of the history about Sykerion mainly consisted of famous adventurers that have accomplished amazing feats, and the development of this world’s relations to the other worlds. The [World System] for Sykerion has been developed several times since then, and the current level cap is now 1000. Something I could have never dreamed of during the time I was alive. I’m honestly amazed at these developments, and extremely excited, hoping that I grow up faster. I want to quickly become independent, and explore these dungeons and worlds that I’ve never been to!

Although I got pumped up, my excitement quickly went away due to the fact that I can’t influence my rate of growth. Whether I like it or not, I’m a six year old child at the moment, and there’s no way I’m going to be able to become independent any time soon. Maybe I should start talking to my parents soon, considering that I haven’t used my vocal chords ever since I had been reincarnated.

As if my social skills weren’t bad enough, here I am refusing to even talk to my parents. I should probably try and change myself before it’s too late. But before that, I need to fix some things that may compromise my position as a normal human being. Since I want to explore new dungeons and the other worlds peacefully, I’m going to have to try and hide this ridiculous status of mine. When I examined first my status a couple of years ago, I nearly flipped the table I was eating off of, completely baffled by what appeared on the screen. I mean, look at this, it’s just unbelievable!
Name Aria Brynhildr
Age 6 Years Old
Gender Female
Titles [Elementalist] [Heartless] [Fallen Hero] [Demon Slayer] [Immortal Slayer] [Devil Slayer] [Boundless] [Army of One] [World Power]
Classes [Mystical Knight] [Martial Warlord] [Absolute Destroyer]
Level 3122
Health 5,277,025
Mana 7,370,625
Strength 65,157
Agility 67,663
Arcanery 62,735
To start off, it seems like I’ve kept all my titles and skills from my previous life. On top of that, they’ve been upgraded heavily due to the large amount of experience I obtained from defeating the [Demon Lord], which seems a bit too excessive in my opinion, because reaching this level from just merely defeating him meant that his level would’ve been somewhere above 5000. Which would've been well beyond 500 times my strength at the time, so me defeating him would’ve been impossible.

The more likely explanation is that the [System] granted me bonus experience for random achievements that I didn’t know. I can vaguely remember hearing it say that I obtained some broken amount of experience from winning the battle when I died, and it probably announced what I've accomplished in order to obtain that much experience. Unfortunately, the only listener during that would’ve been my cold, dead body.

Well, leaving that aside, it seems like I’ve obtained a new title along with my upgraded status. Also, my title as the [Hero] is now [Fallen Hero]. Probably to rub in the fact that I died. The new title was called [New Game Plus], and it basically allows me to surpass both the level limit and the ability limit, hence why my current status was 3 times larger than the [World System]’s level limit. The condition for it was to accomplish the impossible it seems, which was defeating the [Demon Lord] on my own in this case.

This skill is also the reason why I’m even able to stand here today. It granted me a second life, allowing me to be reborn some random amount of time after my death. At this point, it feels like the [System]’s saying to me; Have a carefree, easy life now, Thoth. You’ve earnt it.

Thanking the [System] in my head, I will go along as intended and just casually live my current life. In all honestly, I don’t want to be recognized everywhere I go, and consistently invited by countries and kingdoms to join them. My war potential was pretty much akin to several armies just by being on my own, so there was no end to the assassination, blackmail and coercion attempts from the various super powers during my previous life. This time, I’ll do what I can to avoid living a life like that!

Though I say that, a goal like that is practically impossible. Especially since I’m absolutely dying from waiting to explore dungeons and encounter monsters I’ve never fought before, my combat ability will be revealed whether I like it or not. The best I can do is just delay the inevitable interest of powerful organizations. In that case, I’ll change my goal a bit. I’ll do my best to hold off attracting any major attention for as long as I can!

First things first, I’m going to need to find a way to either hide my status, or just curse myself to reduce my abilities greatly. Fortunately, I was able to find a quick solution to this problem. Currently, in front of me, there is a roll of cloth bandages in front of me. If one were to look at it, they would literally see a deathly miasma leaking from it, obviously indicating that it was cursed heavily.

As to where I got this dangerous item, the answer to that would be my father's study. He seems to be working as some sort of ‘Magic Researcher’ for someone pretty influential, since he often brings in ancient relics and cursed items like these to study them. These items were locked up in a storage room that had several magi barriers to prevent intruders from entering and stealing anything. It was also to prevent me from carelessly entering and touching the artifacts.

Sadly, barriers at that level had no way to stop me. I just simply disabled them during the night while my parents were sleeping, and took the cursed item just like that. Of course I restored the barriers upon leaving, before returning to my room. I hid the item under my mattress until morning, concealing the miasma by using magic. Now it's the afternoon, so my mother is currently out shopping for grocery, and my father is busy in his study. Right now, I should be clear to figure out how this item worked without getting caught.

Unfortunately, I did not recognize this item, so I had no idea what it does exactly. As far as I saw, this was the most dangerous, curse-like item within the stash of artifacts that didn't have a chance of killing me or destroying this house. Since I have no idea what to do, the first thing I'll do is unroll it. Upon doing so, it revealed a series of demonic symbols drawn in the inside of the cloth. The source of the miasma most likely comes from here.

After rolling out the full length of the cloth, I spend a bit of time examine the symbols to figure out what they do exactly. It took me a few minutes to understand that they basically drain a massive portion of the user’s stats in return for increased growth.

I decide to try wrapping a small portion of it on my forearm to see how effective it is. At least, I wanted to do that, but as I began doing so, the cloth suddenly began wrapping itself around my body on its own. Within five seconds, the bandage managed to completely cover my body from head to toe, turning me into a mummy.

Finally getting over my shock from the abnormal scene that just happened, I immediately try pulling off the cloth, but even with my extreme strength, it wouldn't tear at all. Right afterwards, I try to dispel it with the highest form of anti-curse magic that I had in my arsenal, but even that failed to accomplish anything. Who the heck designed this stupid thing!? The old Demon Lord himself!?

This isn't good at all, I need to do something about this before my parents see me… is what I thought until I heard the door to my open. The person who opened it? My mother who just got back from shopping.

A note from Yubi

This new Royalroad makes editing on an ipad the hardest thing to do... I can't even figure out how to use the spoilers properly...

Anyway, I know I've been gone for... a year. Yes. A year. As my way of trying to get momentum to return to writing, I will rewrite the early chapters of volume one, before proceeding back to volume two, though I cannot guarantee my return completely. I apologize deeply for being gone for as long as I was, and I would put up a picture of me in a dogeza, except I hate having my appearance on the internet, so I won't.

We'll see whether or not I'll be able to return over the next few weeks, but I promise all of you that if I have to leave for good, I'll change the title so as to notify any new readers that this project is completely DROPPED.

So once again, please be patient with me as I attempt to return to my former self as a determined writer to share my fantasies with the rest of the world.

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