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Warning This fiction contains:
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Who said being a God was easy. If you started omniscient; omnipotent and omnipresent then it might be.

However, without those powers it would be a different story entirely. 

This is that story. Adam is thrown into a new world with no choice and no instructions. At least he is a God, whatever that means...

Lovely Royal Road readers:

Imagine a tutorial with no instructions and no idea what the game was meant to be and what you are trying to achieve. All you know is that you are a God (whatever that means). So this is quite slow to start; mainly world building for me; a bit of base building by the MC and some good old minion development.

I'm developing/practicing my writing and love the format of RR to get it out of my head. So hopefully it gets better with time as I get better. All feedback welcome - but please critique and tell me why you don't like it (if you don't) I'd rather a 1-star review than a 2-star(plus) rating! 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Day One ago
Day Two - Where am I? ago
Day Two - What's experience? ago
Day Two - Wait, there's magic? ago
Day Two - God Class? ago
Night Two ago
Day Three - Learning to run ago
Day Three - Time-keeping ago
Day Four - Is that a build? ago
Day Four - Person ago
Day Five - Perseverence ago
Observation One ago
Day Six - Firestarter ago
Day Seven - Shipwreck ago
Day Eight - Follower ago
Day Eight - Home ago
Day Nine - Ma ago
Day Ten - Blessings ago
Day Ten - Create ago
Day Ten - Traits ago
Observation Two ago
Day Eleven - Mine ago
Day Eleven - New class ago
Day Twelve - Fire ago
Day Twelve - Forest, outer ago
Day Twelve - Map ago
Day Twelve - Fa, Soh ago
Day Twelve - Bacon ago
Day Thirteen - Dagger ago
Day Thirteen - Healer ago
Day Fourteen - Respawn ago
Day Fourteen - Razorback ago
Day Fourteen - Recovery ago
Day Fourteen - Leader ago
Day Fifteen - Delegation ago
Day Fifteen - Cave ago
Night Fifteen - Mine II ago
Night Fifteen - Recruits (M) ago
Observation Three ago
Day Sixteen - Bowyer ago
Day Sixteen - Archer ago
Day Sixteen - Slimes ago
Day Seventeen - Spear ago
Day Seventeen - Weaponsmith ago
Night Seventeen - Slimes II ago
Night Seventeen - Second Wind ago
Day Eighteen - Sword ago
Day Eighteen - Teamwork ago
Night Eighteen - System ago
Day Nineteen - Spellbook ago
Night Nineteen - Camp ago
Night Nineteen - Person ago
Day Twenty - Quarryman ago
Night Twenty - Naming ago
Night Twenty - Fight ago

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I am really enjoying this story, great character development interspersed with excellent description of the game statistics.

My only slight criticism is that there is occasionally too much info about levelling up, which can sometimes slow the pace of the story

Lighthearted, creative and good cliff hangers. Keep up brilliant work. 

  • Overall Score

A glacier moves faster than this story. Chapter after chapter of boring content. It is like sitting through a 20 hour tutorial for a game, being explained to your grandma.

The writing is ok, but god damn it is boring. And adding filler chapter, while the whole story feels like one, really is too much for me.

Samuel Lebot
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The story have a nice pace, not to fast but not slow either, it's funny and light.

The system is interesting and unique.

grammar seems okay (but i'm not a native speaker)

The only bad point is the MC (He is a bit flat).

  • Overall Score

I found the whole concept quite boring honestly. Usually with these kinds of stories there are redeeming qualities that can make the stories even good. UNfortunately there was nothing special about this one (except maybe the author? idk).

I also feel let down about the "god".


Have a 1/2 star for wasting my time