Unto the Breach

by SJ Reaver

Original ONGOING Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead High Fantasy Magic Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Sophia is summoned to another world as a Hero. She and the others fail. Humanity falls before the monstrous horde. She awakens in her seventeen-year-old body, given a second chance by an unlikely ally.

This time she will not become a mere White Wizard and Sage, but ascend to the heights of Grand Archon. Sophia will show her fellow Heroes the path to victory and burn the army of her enemies to ash. 

The demon lords will tremble as they face a foe as terrible and powerful as they are.

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SJ Reaver

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Euclaid Galieane
  • Overall Score

As is typical of SJ Reaver, they have made yet another story that pulls you right in.

And as is typical of SJ Reaver, it will most definitely never have the much lauded 'Completed' status.

It is very saddening.

  • Overall Score

Only downside is this will probably not get finished and will be dropped one  day.

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Four chapters and immediate regret there are no more. 


Story: surprisingly well paced considering the exquisite detail. 

Style: I adore the fatalistic streak that the main character has in regard to what she thinks she can and cannot change. It is maintained and consistent, with just enough hoops to not lead you by the nose.

Grammar: simple errors that probably won't survive an aggressive edit or the next ten commenters that pass through. 

Characters: shaping up to have an entire cast of personalities altogether rich, diverse, and with that special lightning in a bottle quality that can rarely be forced. 

Also, lmfao vr demonstrations. Wait for it...

  • Overall Score

I'm not much of a literary genius in writing, however, this story with its few cliches managed to be smoothly written and transitioned in a way where I'm just starving to wait for the next chapter!


 I seriously hope the author doesn't drop this novel because right now at chapter 9, the story is really great with its introductions and side character development.

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Isekai by way of Machiavelli

Reviewed at: 009 - Zim zaberim ZIM

If you like Isekai/Reincarnation novels, especially with a bit of a dark twist, this is one for you.  To be clear, I don't mean Grimdark.  The world is populated by cheer and sugar gloss as everyone but the MC doesn't know the fate that awaits them.  Imagine Harry Potter if Harry KNEW that Voldemort was going to win and usher in years upon years of darkness unless he did things.  Possibly immoral things.

The story is smooth and reads fast.  Each paragraph draws you into the next and it's a pleasure to read.  Only one POV and that POV is well written.

I didn't notice any problems

It does all the things I like about Isekai, but very well.  The MC is special and powerful, but she's in a doomed world where even infinite power may not be enough.  She has secret knowledge but it's a struggle for her to use it without betraying what she is.  

The world itself feels rich and has history to it.  We know the rough outline of 'what happened last time' but all of the details aren't yet available to us.  We are already seeing signs of change as the story begins to go off of the MC's script, but she's doing everything she can to orchestrate events years down the line to eventually win an impossible war.

If this section could get 6/5 stars it would.

The MC is a calculating survivor trapped in the body of a teenage girl.  Her attempts to pretend to be 'normal' while trying to plan for awful contingencies add a depth and drama to the story that I haven't seen in another Isekai.  The only reason this gets a half star ding is that her friends/companions are not yet fully developed and they feel a bit tropey.  

In short- Read it!

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

A good premise damaged by unrefined story points

Reviewed at: 007 - Black Magic Woman

I find myself disappointed by the MC, who was supposed to have more than two decades of experience of living in a magical world, but end being affected emotionally by the first disgusting man to cross her path to the point of crying.

She was supposed to be at least somewhat wise, but turned out to be a child, with no control over herself, instead of the 40-something year old woman she is. Impressed by shiny baubles, and silky dresses.

She clearly states she doesn't know where the other Archmage's allegiance lies, then proceeds to show her her whole status, basically.

Aside from this ridiculously unbalanced and improbable MC, this story is pretty decent. It's a bit early to judge the story : so far, all we know is that a demon lord took over the world. It's insanely unoriginal, but it's just the bare basic of the story.

The style is decent. Nothing stellar but does the job without wasting words. It goes straight to the point most of the time which is solid, if a bit lacking in poetry and can make the rhythm a bit weird.

Grammar is good, but PLEASE, reread what you write. There are words missing EVERYWHERE, and characters' names are somtimes missing letters.

All in all, not for me. My suspension of disbelief is constantly broken by unrealized expectations and a clear inspiration from wuxia (which I thoroughly despise, but it's my problem, not anyone else's).

Twilight Pages
  • Overall Score

Isekia that doesn't have things lost in translation

Reviewed at: 010 - Gifts Differing

Most of the isekias I read are either LNs or KNs or CNs. Rarely ever do you find a western(as opposed to eastern story telling which is usually more spiritual/emotional) on the isekia genre that doesn't suck ass and try to explain what a menu is, or what strength is, or make a joke about some anime reference no one cares about. 

As long as Sophia doesn't become a "I know everything because future!" type of character and becomes godly at everything, I'll be happy. 

I am very please by this story so far. Let's hope the author doesn't die and get transported to another world or something. 

  • Overall Score

a good read but a bit Similar to "i get a second chance and accidentally become a god" but less OP and the writing style is a bit better. That ones dropped anyway and I'm guessing it's a common troupe either way

  • Overall Score

 Sj Reaver story just pulls you in! One of the best writers from my perspective, I'll give it an overall score of 5 for being as amazing as you are.

  • Overall Score

As of right now, it is a solid start. A redo isekai or a game plus theme. Interestingly, the MC gets a year to better herself before transitioning to the new world, which already has some changes that have shown up for her.

I hope that the author can keep up with the quality shown so far.