Ideascape: An Adventure LitRPG

by Falc0n

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

35 years ago, the Greene wave swept across the world, baffling scientists as to its purpose and origin. Now, that purpose is finally revealed. 

Victoria Gale was bored with the world.

Stuck looking for work just to get by, she was ready for things to change. Just as she gains hope for the future, the world decided to take her plans and put them through the wringer.

Experiencing changes to her body and mind, Vic is forced headfirst into conflict with a changing world, as supers, monsters, mad scientists, and perhaps worst of all, terrible Japanese/wuxia/isekai tropes begin to become reality. 

Join her and many others as they begin an adventure in a new world, that no one is ready for. 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Plotting in the Background (without maniacal laughter) ago
Chapter 1: Lightning Strikes ago
Chapter 2: The First Wave ago
Chapter 3: Preparations ago
Chapter 4: The Second Wave ago
Chapter 5: Preparations part 2; Electric Boogaloo ago
Chapter 6: The (Actual) Adventure Begins (With Lightning) ago
Chapter 7: Ending things. With my fists (sorta) ago
Chapter 8: The Third Wave (with heavy petting) ago
Chapter 9: Looking for Help, and finding more problems ago
Side Story: Howard Greene Meets an Idea ago
Chapter 10: Wherein things are Explained (in great detail) ago
Chapter 11: Shopping Spree (if by shopping you mean killing things) ago
Chapter 12: The Eye of the Storm (Hint; its me) ago
Chapter 13: The Ruins of Zald'Bathatr (How do you say that anyway?) ago
Chapter 14: The Final Wave ago
Chapter 15: Plans for the Future (Oh, so many plans) ago
Chapter 16: Class Selection (Wherein you have like 20 choices, but only one seems legit) ago
Chapter 17: Rank 2, Here We Come! ago
Chapter 18: I get a Job (Just not the one I spent four years and got a degree for) ago
Chapter 19: A fight with a Dragon (But Like, a Friendly One) ago
Side Story: Cheetahkin on a Rampage ago
Chapter 20: Fight against the Gems; Part 1 ago
Chapter 21: Fight against the Gems; Part 2 ago
Chapter 22: Fight against the Gems; Part 3 ago
Chapter 23: Fight against the Gems; Part 4 ago
Side Story: An Idea meets Howard Greene ago
Chapter 24: A Slow Morning after a Wild Night ago
Chapter 25: Training Begins (For real this time) ago
Guild Guides: Chapter 1 - Races and Ranks ago
Chapter 26: A Big Freaking Rope ago
Chapter 27: The Next Chapter ago
Chapter 28: Things Start to Make Sense (This writer is a jerk) ago
Chapter 29: The Fifth Wave? ago
Chapter 30: End in Sight ago
Chapter 31: Big Rope part 2: Electric Boogaloo ago
Chapter 32: A Surprise Trespasser and Some Creepy Spiders ago
Chapter 33: A Fist Full of Spiders ago
Chapter 34: For a Few Spiders More ago
Chapter 35: The Good, The Bad, and More Spiders ago
Chapter 36: Talkin' Bout the Mushroom Grove (Mushroom Grove) ago
Chapter 37: The Grind is Real ago
Side Story: #DragonProblems ago
Chapter 38: The GAINS. EXCELLENT GAINS. ago
Chapter 39: 3 Down, 4 to Go ago
Chapter 40: Floor 4, with Maximum Violence ago
Chapter 41: One Hell of a Boss Fight! ago
Chapter 42: Life, the Universe, and Sweet Loot ago
Chapter 43: A Crowded Hall, and Overwhelming Bureaucracy ago
Chapter 44: Danger on the Horizon ago
Chapter 45: Back to the Ol' Grind ago
Chapter 46: Abnormal Feelings About Shiny Objects ago
Chapter 47: Ever Onward, Ever Deeper ago
Chapter 48: The Spider Shack ago
Chapter 49: Guardians of the Garden ago
Chapter 50: The Guardian of Agility ago
Chapter 51: The Guardian of Strength ago
Chapter 52: The Guardian of Constitution ago
Chapter 53: The Twelfth Floor ago
Chapter 54: The End of Art(s) as we Know It(Them) ago
Chapter 55: Cool Story, Bro ago
Chapter 56: In a Space Out of Time ago
Chapter 57: Tables on Tables ago
Side Story: Meanwhile in Houston ago
Chapter 58: A Trip to the Library ago
Chapter 59: Bizarre Bazaar ago
Chapter 60: Changes on the Horizon ago
Side Story: Stephanie Williams ago
Chapter 61: Conclusions and Resolutions ago
Chapter 62: The Beginning of the End of a Thing ago
Chapter 63: The Final Fight ago
Chapter 64: The Spider Queen and Labyrinth ago
Chapter 65: Saying Goodbye ago
Chapter 66: The Tower, and What Lies Within ago
Chapter 67: Everyone Needs a Training Arc ago
Side Story: Cindy's Vacation ago
Side Story: Cindy's Vacation Part 2 ago
Chapter 68: Meanwhile, Back on the Ranch ago
Chapter 69: Grim News ago
Chapter 70: Building Up to... Something. ago
Chapter 71: The New Hotness ago
Chapter 72: A Chat With Friends ago
Chapter 73: Getting Things Sorted Out ago

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The story started a bit rough but as I've read I can see the improvements as he gets feedback and advice from readers, the MCs struggle with morality was enough to appease the constant issue of people suddenly becoming serial killers in these stories without entering annoying bleeding heart sad person areas. 

The characters are very well done and fleshed out with some having hidden bits that was an unexpected surprise, even though there are quite a few people present in most chapters I'm able to remember who's who. 

Spoiler: Spoiler


Some minor spelling/grammar issues but so far an excellent piece of work and a fine addition to my collection.

Bacon Macleod

Not without its flaws, the main one being a little heavy on the exposition and under usage of 'show don't tell', but those issues have definitely dropped off.


very interesting system, not as completely unique as something like He Who Fights, but it definitely has its own flavour and isn't a derivative mess. I particularly like how easily and naturally it is explained why the system is so damn clearly humanised to RPG and fantasy tropes, I have literally never seen another book explain it as rationally or in a way that makes sense, without hand waving it away as "oh the system just takes a form you find easy to understand". A+++ my dude.


Characters are pretty good, but suffer from the issues of show don't tell at the beginning.


world building is awesome, I would love to see more flash back chapters of HG and Luna explaining their dev process in an organic manner, rather than some of the in character exposition dumps we get. It removes an opportunity for further world building, and hampers actual character development as it's clear the chars are acting as a mouth piece for you to explain things, rather than developing for themselves.

Blue Boxes are done well, I would just say it's almost always better to limit the number of skills, lest you get a bogged down mess later in the book. To many skills means the reader doesn't remember them, skins over the stat block, enables power creep and a gotta catch em all attitude. I would recommend taking an already existing skill and increasing both its size AND scope as it develops to fill a hole in the MCs arsenal, rather than making new skills. This allows a better sense of growth in her already existing skills, and increases the value of new skill gain. Obviously certain skill types are excluded from this, namely resistances and general combat mastery eg. claws, unarmed.

overall a fucking great book, with room for improvement. Overal rating 5/5 as this rating system sucks shit on an algorithm level, and this is better than 99% of content on this site.

Hope to see continual refinement in your writing style, it shows promise! (On that note I recommend any fantasy author, especially amateur, watch ALL of Brandern Sandersons lectures on fantasy writing, they are university level (through a US Ivy League) and available online for free)




Really enjoyed the story so far. 

A few minor spelling/word choice/typo issues here and there but overall very cleanly written.  

System apocalypse style story, changes occuring in waves.  All the changes haven't happened yet, but all kinds of racial changes and magic are definitely there.  

Writing is very descriptive.  Prologue is somewhat slow paced, but definitely more action packed by the current chapter.  


The ideas are there, the execution, not so much

Reviewed at: Chapter 9: Looking for Help, and finding more problems

I was about to write a small novel for this review, but decided I shouldn't bother. Here is the short of it:

Things happen too quickly, blue boxes get annoying, MC and everyone around her adapt way too fast, she doesn't seem to have any internal struggle with any of her decisions. The morality of her decision doesn't matter here, but there's no thought process behind it. 

The system feel uninspired, lot of info just being throw at your face and dialogue could be better.

The story and ideas are there, but it's not shaped properly. I saw some other reviews saying it gets better later on, I heard that a hundred time. It doesn't matter if it does or not, if I read a third of the book and I can't see improvement, then there's a problem and other people will most likely be turned off as well. I'd recommend rewritting the early part and making it flow better. 

Anyhow, thanks for writting this.


So far the Novel has been quite good. Pacing has been good with decent characterization along with natural story progression. The author still hasnt fallen into the narrative trap of making the main character too strong which is nice. My review is upto Chapter 28 so I look foward to the world building the author has in the future. Highly recommend!


This is a pretty well written storie that seems like it has no idea what it wants to be. The rules of the world are constantly changing in very significant ways (with in lore reasons). As of 40 chapters in the story all of the side characters feel like they are their just to be helpful for the plot and the MC. Most egregious for me and why I'm personally thinking of dropping it, is the MC starts out with some interesting abilities and a non-standard style of combat only to oddly change into a kind of run of the mill magical swordsman at around the 40 chapter mark. I've grown so tired of that template of MC that it literally sours me on a story. Only thing I can say is thankfully the MC isn't dual wielding swords and wearing a black coat yet. In summation it's a pretty good story with some serious need of a consistent magic and world system.


The story started as just okay but it has really improved from chapter to chapter. I can tell that the writer is really trying to make a good story and not just half assing it. If you haven't read the story yet I suggest you do.


Picked it up. Binged it. Regret nothing. 

The system is at times confusing but I like it because it's shown that the system is constantly updating and adjusting its own flaws. Vic as a MC is someone I enjoy, her duality of being a loner and needing a group is fun. And many of the 'side characters' are well developed rather then one dimensional. I'm happily looking forward to more.

Warning; Blue Box's abound! If you're not a fan this story isn't for you. I enjoy it.


An enjoyable story with satisfying strength progression.

Spoiler: Spoiler



This is my first review but I enjoyed your story so much that I had to write one. This story certainly has promise! A bit too infodumpy at time but overall a really great experience. Keep up the great work!