I have done another cover on cover thing here for my cover art. I decided to moddel it after a WWII combat pilot's flight logbook. I looked at a few, saw that they tended to be cloth covers and simple lettering, then made the same basic thing. The fun part was getting the edge to look good, like the spine side of a real book. The cloth was easy, it is two cloth patterns that are merged to make it more random and less repetitive. The lettering then merges doen to pick up some textrure. But add a spine to it so that it looks like a book and not just a picture? That takes a little bit. Especially since I don't do art all the time and I was trying out for it. I have gimped things before, but the author of that one kind of irritated me when he decided that save had to be 100% seperate from export for no reson other than his own power trip of being able to tell the world that save and export are conceptiually different.

Well, hopefully that is enough to let me post this. Now to add the artwork.

Cover Art


A note from kjoatmon

Pic has been having fun, if needed, use this link.

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