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""""When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."

A young woman attains the gift that keeps on giving. When real life turns wonky, she realizes that sometimes — scratch that, most of the time things are not what they seem. Thanks to a few shocking revelations she begins her life going in a new direction. After all, things change when you can suddenly see floating windows and helpful messages all over the place. Not to mention leveling up, let's not forget leveling up.

Rating: M 18+ Strong Language

Inspired by The Gamer.
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Ok now. I know that there is mangas/manwhas/novels etc. like this one but this one have others dont have some fucking balls to go along copycat others and still make me smile much more than other examples of same genre. 


Language is good, really good actually. I didnt see any misspells or broken sentences, and you can read and follow the story much better than many novels at this site.


For story, beginning is good also i am pretty sure it will get more interesting and original later on


In a simple sense of word PERFECT

Screw the original this more interesting than that.

I Wellworth the time spent reading 


character, unique and alive 


story good pace


Gramme good



Another tragic tale

i really thought that this story would become known as one of the best stories on rrl, or at least another site. but, like too many stories before it the author just stopped, like other great stories such as re:lovely the author stopped writing a great story that could have been something truly amazing. it honestly makes me sad when this happens.


Good, like really good SO FAR

*atm at chap 9*


So far its got everything i look for in a story, and somethings i did not know i was missing!


Keep up the good quality and content and this will easy be a top 10 story.


Its got my "Thanks for the chapter ^^" seal of approval, and that is close to the highest honor a story on this site can have!


A very interesting story that has an interesting take on the Gamer world. With just enough deviations to make it interesting and enough similarities to make it feel like its own story and Not some failed fusion. 


The characters in this story are by far it's best aspect and had me interested from the first chapter. With a Spunky horny lesbian as your main character what more is there to want.


The grammar and language used in this story is exceptional with no large grammar or spelling mistakes that caught my attention and a great use of the english vocabulary


 All in all this is a great story and is definitely worth a read


I love this story especially the lesbian love story.. :P

************************* SPOLIERS*****************************maybe***


Ok fun things aside. The story which has taken the concept based on The Gamer manga but thats it, it is entirely different from that story. This story is like the fantasy world operated by the MIB…
The MC gets the gamer quirk i.e. only the MC gets to have blue screen lol, you can even grind up for levels and items sitting at home and you become powerful from the outside too.
Then there is the part where mc gets into trouble in the Aybss World due to her love life style lol.
Also the story progress such that there is no stupid Starting Arc and its direct Action Arc and also you don’t need to wait for the whole story for the MC to confess her love life, that one part plays a great role in story for me, no shy/dumb/thickheaded MC.
Read the story for the rest.
Also there is no NSFW scenes hope to get in Side Story?

Anyways great work author. The MC character is also fleshed out properly in all types of situations…

Just waiting for regular chapters? Daily? Thx ?


Better than the source material. I think The Gamer is a fun read but honestly it’s pretty cliche, this story takes the same general setting and goes in a much more original direction. The characters are great. They’re all  rich and real, the humor is actually funny. Just the right amount of sex.


Cultist Tested, Cultist Approved

I  recommend this series to any non-bigot, especially those who have read The Gamer and/or Re:Lovely.  I'll be honest, I got sick of The Gamer. I don't see that happening here. 

Ok, so review time.  It can't be perfect, so... umm... ok.  Characters are not given much lead in.  In fact, foreshadowing is left almost entirely to 'well, the reader probably read The Gamer.  I can only assume more things will happen at once later in the story, when adhering to The Gamer is less important.

Other than that, brilliant.  Style, great.  Characters, all well done.  Grammar, probably good.  I didn't notice anything.  Main character is making good decisions without needing an obvious reality check.  Beautiful.  Please don't stop. 


I like this a lot, please don't stop writing this beauty.


cookies tons of cookies for author

Very good can't wait for more. Give the author tons of cookies.